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Andrew Torba appeared on a July 10, 2021 interview discussing his life and what motivates him. I perceive he is a good man and that’s why I’ve made his Gab my official social network site. Alex Jones is a little too hyped up for me, but he’s a good man, too. By the way, most gays I know are good people and they are not pedophiles and Dan Bongino is in my Presidential Cabinet. Excuse the quality of the video, but I was thinking of making this totally audio and decided a super compressed video would be better than that. I can only upload up to 64 MB for this site.

Due to Facebook’s flagrant violations of Gail’s Conspiracy Law and banning her (for 24 hours, in violation of Conspiracy Law) from posting the truth about Loree McBride’s coronavirus and deadly coronavirus vaccine, Gail has pretty much divorced herself from Facebook and Twitter and will limit her social media engagement to YouTube, BitChute and Gab. She will leave her Facebook and Twitter sites up, but will pretty much ignore them.

Those who want in-depth news about Gail’s latest activities will need to become her Patreon supporter in order to listen to her daily vlog for ten dollars a month and/or to participate in her weekly Discord at five dollars a month.

Though Gail has taken over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Microsoft, we have learned that Jesuits have deep roots in all these organizations and it is impossible to completely remove evil Jesuit influence from them. Gail took over Google, Apple and Microsoft on May 5, 2021. She took over Facebook and Twitter on July 9, 2021. Even after taking over Google, she has not been able to get one hundred percent enforcement of her Conspiracy Law with them. Uprooting Jesuit influence from these organizations is like trying to uproot an old tree with deep roots all over the world. Therefore, the best strategy is to start her own social media platform and since Gail recently added Andrew Torba of Gab as the CEO of Gail’s Gabrielle Chana Credit Union, she has decided to make his Gab her official social media networking site.

Zack Knight is doing a great job as Big Tech Administrator, but Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Microsoft have deep Jesuit roots and we need to start our own social media network, and so Gail has adopted Gab for that purpose.

What this means is that whenever Facebook, Twitter or other sites violate Gail’s Conspiracy Law and we fine them, the fines will be used to assist Gab in their finances to ensure they stay afloat and that Gail’s supporters have a way to exercise their freedom of speech. Our goal is to make Gab as good as Facebook and Twitter and give Facebook and Twitter some healthy competition, as well as creating a site where freedom of speech is honored! Gail finds it interesting that Gab almost reads like Gabrielle Chana, which is Gail’s writer name! It’s like this was divinely ordained.

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