President Gail Takes Over Facebook & Twitter

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President Gail considers Facebook and Twitter to be terrorist organizations and will take them over.
Because Facebook did this, President Gail will now take them over. They banned me over a truthful post about germs that are reported on falsely by the Loree McBride lying mainstream news media.

July 9, 2021: UPDATE on July 9, 2021: Because Facebook dared to ban President Gail from posting for 24 hours regarding the TRUTH about Loree McBride’s germs to the world, Gail will take over Facebook and Twitter and fire all their executives who willingly serve Loree McBride. Facebook is flagrantly violating Gail’s law to ban the coronavirus vaccine and had the gall to ban Gail from posting the TRUTH about the coronavirus vaccine and so THEY WILL BE TAKEN OVER, along with Twitter. Gail will not tolerate a ban on freedom to TELL THE TRUTH. This means Zack Knight is now in charge of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and Microsoft. To help him in this monumental task, he can work with Elon Musk and Andrew Torba who are in charge of Gail’s Gabrielle Chana Credit Union.

Facebook executives appear to have committed death penalty violations of Conspiracy Law in that they are not honoring President Gail’s ban on the coronavirus vaccine and we will use our military, if we must, to take them over and force them to honor Conspiracy Law.

President Gail has already taken over Google, Microsoft and Apple and now feels she needs to add Facebook and Twitter to the list. She will use the military, if necessary, to enforce this. Banning people because they tell the truth about the dangers of the coronavirus vaccine is a DEATH PENALTY VIOLATION OF CONSPIRACY LAW. Facebook and Twitter are now considered Loree McBride terrorist organizations and are a threat to public health and safety because they suppress the truth about the coronavirus vaccine and they will be taken over, even if I have to use the military to do so!

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