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Setting Up Share to Gab Button

There are 2 methods to insert a Share to Gab button in your website:

1) Inserting the combo HTML/CSS code into your website in the header and body is the most efficient method since you only have to do it once and it will automatically adjust the Share to Gab button for every page in your website, sparing you the work of having to insert the code for the Share to Gab button on every page of your website.

If you have administrative access and can insert code into your header, check out this page:

2) But if you want to customize the Share to Gab button for every page of your website, so that it presents differently in each page or if you don’t have administrative access to your site so that you cannot insert code into the head of your site, you can insert a Share to Gab button for each page of your site, page by page, using the method below. I don’t have administrative access, so I have to use the page by page method below. It’s a lot of work and I try to streamline it by copying the image code for the Share to Gab button onto Notepad and tweaking that code (because every page or post of your site has a different URL) for each page as I insert that code into each page as I work page by page.

If you’re lazy or don’t care about having a customized Share to Gab button that is super easy for your website visitors to use, you can just use the image method below and use the same image code for each page, by having the inserted image code (in the body HTML of each page of your site) set up so that each page opens up to the Gab home page ( Once the visitor is on the Gab home page, all the visitor has to do is copy and paste the URL of your website’s page that they’re on (from your site) into their own Gab timeline and then hit 2 returns and compose the rest of their post on Gab onto their own Gab timeline.


If you don’t have administrative access or are unable to insert code into your header, you can insert an HTML snippet into your body HTML (or using your website’s block editor or other editor), as follows:

1) Create an image that will be your Share to Gab button and size it how you want and place it in your page where you want.

You’re welcome to borrow my Share to Gab image, if you want. Just download it to your computer and then upload it to your site:

OR you can use one of Gab’s images:

2) Now you need to create the URL that is the URL of the new page your image opens up to, and you paste this URL for your image as the URL that opens up to a new page.

3) Basically, use this URL

4) Where all the x’s are is where you insert the URL of the page ( that hosts the Share to Gab image, which is the image (when you click on it) that you want to open up to a new window. So it will look like this:

5) Notice that you omit the https:// at the beginning of the URL you added onto

6) Now you need to make it so that your image opens up to a new page with the URL you created in #4. You can do this with your block editor or using your HTML editor.

7) If you use your HTML editor, it’s real simple. Just look for the following code in the image that is your Share to Gab image and insert the URL you created in #4 there: <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

8) Now publish your page and test your Share to Gab button. It should work great! I know this works for WordPress sites, and would probably work for most sites.

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