Pres. Gail Takes Over ICANN & Charter Communications. Vladimir Putin Appointed Worldwide Internet Manager.

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UPDATE ON July 19, 2021: Loree McBride destroyed this page during her nukkake attack on this website’s servers on 7-18-21 and I had to rebuild this page from the bottom up. Millions of innocent civilians died in Loree’s act of terror. Five brave men gave their lives to save this website, but were unable to save this page. Pres. Gail gave them the medal of honor. Loree McBride is the monster from hell! Gail believes that the spy who informed Loree of the location of this website’s servers probably worked for Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, all organizations that we take over (including Facebook and Twitter) must be outfitted with scans to locate Loree McBride Jesuits, so that they are executed. The nukkake Loree used to try and take out this website, killed millions of innocent civilians in California on July 18, 2021.

This was taken from a Feb. 2011 video posted to YouTube., explaining how the global elite (Loree McBride Jesuits) use the Internet Kill Switch to take down our freedom of speech and take down websites they don’t like.
Video taken from Jan. 31, 2011 YouTube video from CBS, which stated: “Congress is considering a bill to expand the President’s authority granting power to pull the plug on the internet at will echoing Egypt’s recent Internet blackout. Daniel Sieberg reports.”


19.0 Gail anticipates that Loree McBride will try to take over ICANN in an attempt to shut down certain websites or Internet Service Providers who don’t fall in line with her control. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN /ˈaɪkæn/ EYE-kan) is an American multistakeholder group and nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation.

19.1 To prevent a possible Loree McBride takeover of ICANN, Gail must take this over or Loree will have the power to deny namespaces to certain websites, giving Loree the power to shut down entire websites or even the entire Internet of certain portions of the world. All nations that are part of our Conspiracy Law network of nations can have representatives in an ICANN Board of Directors. Vladimir Putin will run scans on leaders of each Conspiracy Law honoring country, to assign someone from that country to be the ICANN representative for that country.

19.1a Once Vladimir appoints someone as the representative for a country in the ICANN Board of Directors, he is free to fire them whenever he wants. He has no constraints. The sole purpose for having a ICANN Board of Directors is to allow each nation to be given a hearing and to treat each country who needs Internet service as fairly as possible.

19.1b Those nations that are deemed Loree McBride nations will also have Internet access, but will not be allowed a representative in the ICANN Board of Directors, except for a person from that country who opposes the current evil leadership and wants it toppled to be replaced with a leader who honors Conspiracy Law. We will work with the resistance leader of that country to ensure that Loree is not able to use Internet in that enemy country to undermine our war and communication efforts.

19.2 First off, Gail wants to move the headquarters of ICANN from California to Texas, where Matthew McConaughey is the governor. Loree has too much power in California right now. Though Gail won’t mandate this, she thinks making Donald Trump the American ICANN representative might be a good choice. Also, for security purposes, ICANN will also have a duplicate headquarters at Church of Gail in case there is a terrorist attack at the Texas headquarters, so that we can remain operational.

19.3 The ICANN Board of Directors will meet at least weekly to discuss Internet freedom concerns and ensure that free speech is honored online in ICANN’s practices and that the Internet is not used to promote Loree McBride terrorism.

19.4 To ensure that we always have Internet up Gail will also take over Charter Communications, which operates the Spectrum Internet that Gail uses. This takeover will be more of an oversight and not very controlling unless it becomes necessary. Though Charter Communications AND ANY AND ALL ORGANIZATIONS AND BUILDINGS, INCLUDING GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS AT ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT, THAT WE HAVE TAKEN OVER must allow us to install scans throughout all their offices and areas where their people work to ensure we remove all Jesuits from their company. If we are unable to remove Jesuits, then Charter Communications will be broken up and we will divorce ourselves from the part of the company where there are willing Loree McBride Jesuits and ensure that these Jesuits are executed. Charter Communications will be Gail’s official international Internet provider for all Conspiracy Law honoring nations. They currently have quite a reach in the United States, and Spectrum is one of their subsidiaries. This takeover will in no way impact anyone’s salaries or benefits at Charter Communications, but is meant to ensure that Jesuits do not take over Charter Communications and that Charter Communications are in compliance with Conspiracy Law. Gail needs one reliable Internet Service Provider that is not Jesuit controlled and she has decided that Charter Communications is the best company to work with.

19.4a A GOVERNMENT BUILDING is defined as any building that houses any operation that Gail has taken over or is in charge of (like Gab, Gabrielle Chana Credit Union, etc.), this includes all Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft buildings and any houses of their workers or any place where their workers operate. It also includes any and all buildings (houses, stores, apartment buildings, etc.) within a 10 mile circumference of where Gail lives.

19.4b Those GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS that refuse to allow a 24/7 scan for Jesuits will be destroyed and/or their inhabitants will be executed. If anyone messes with any scanner, once it’s set up, and is not authorized to mess with it, they will be executed ON-THE-SPOT.

19.4c Those willing Loree McBride Jesuits who are located by the scanners will be executed by firing squad publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). We can do it Nazi-style, like how the Nazis handled the Jews during World War II.

19.4d Those who have been made pregnant by any Loree McBride creation or nukkake will have their babies aborted. We will not allow Jesuit babies to be born.

19.4e All GOVERNMENT WORKERS must be under 24/7 scan, no matter where they are and if they disable their scan willingly, they will be executed. A GOVERNMENT WORKER is defined as anyone who works in a GOVERNMENT BUILDING or any operation that Gail has taken over, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Apple. It goes without saying that a GOVERNMENT WORKER would be any person who works for any branch of government inside any Conspiracy Law honoring country at the local, state, district or federal level. It also includes all lawyers, physicians and anyone who is in a position to determine public policy or the health or rights of the citizens of any Conspiracy Law honoring country. It also includes all the assistants of any lawyers, physicians, or anyone who is in a position to determine public policy or the health or rights of the citizens of any Conspiracy Law honoring country. All such people need to be scanned 24/7 everywhere they go and if they refuse the scan, they DIE. Those who are innocent would welcome the scan, because it will help us locate and kill Loree McBride Jesuits. Any GOVERNMENT WORKER who refuses to be scanned, will be executed.

19.4f As a reminder, though we allow retards to live in most cases and only imprison those who violate Conspiracy Law, IF the retard was a willing Loree McBride Jesuit before they became a retard, they will be treated as a willing Loree McBride Jesuit for legal purposes and will be executed like any other willing Loree McBride Jesuit.

19.5 Gail wants to make Charter Communications an International Internet Service Provider and they will be working with ICANN to ensure freedom of speech around the world and to ensure that we are always able to communicate with each other and that Loree cannot shut down the Internet of her enemies. We can also use our control over ICANN and Charter Communications to weed out Loree McBride Jesuits from the world, so they will also be working with our intelligence and military.

19.6 Regarding freedom of speech online, we will allow anyone to have a website who honors Conspiracy Law or who is not a willing Loree McBride Jesuit. In other words, if the website’s main purpose is NOT to serve Loree McBride, the website can stay up and/or the website can stay up if the users of the site are not wholly aligned with Loree McBride. But because Loree McBride Jesuits have infiltrated so many organizations, we cannot shut down the websites of certain organizations like Facebook and Twitter that might have heavy Jesuit infiltration. Basically, our takeover of ICANN and Charter Communications is to ensure that the Internet stays up for those who need to communicate and express their views and who support Conspiracy Law. This will mean that we will have to allow Loree McBride Jesuits to stay online as well, because to totally take them down, we would have to shut down large websites (like Facebook) that host people who don’t deserve to be taken down.

19.7 The Worldwide Internet Manager (currently Vladimir Putin) will ensure that the free speech rights of innocents are maintained and will manage the ICANN and Charter Communications to ensure we always have Internet communications for those who support Conspiracy Law. An innocent is defined as anyone who does not willingly support Loree McBride and/or Satan in their goal to suppress the freedoms of those who strive to honor true love. If the Worldwide Internet Manager or any of the members of the ICANN Board of Directors willingly strives to serve Loree McBride and/or Satan to suppress the freedoms of those who strive to honor true love, they will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). It is very important that the Internet stays up and that those who support Conspiracy Law and Gail are able to communicate freely online and have a voice online. The Worldwide Internet Manager is a Cabinet position and none of the executives or members of Gail’s Cabinet are allowed to get Loree McBride’s coronavirus vaccine which would make them retarded.

19.7a We will allow mergers of other Internet Service Providers with Charter Communications if they honor Conspiracy Law and allow us to scan for Jesuits in their operations and if they honor this 19 section of Conspiracy Law in particular.

19.8 Should Vladimir Putin be incapacitated for whatever reason, he will appoint an Executive Vice President to be his back-up. In fact, he can draft a legal document and appoint several back up Executive Vice Presidents to do his job as Worldwide Internet Manager should this become necessary. 

19.9 Because Internet communications are so important during war, Vladimir can also appoint other executives from our military and other Cabinet positions, like Zack Knight, who is Big Tech Administrator, to work with him as the Worldwide Internet Manager.

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