Loree McBride’s July 18, 2021 Nukkake Murdered MILLIONS in California

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Zack Knight used this video to inform the widows of the five men and their children that Loree McBride’s nukkake murdered them while they gave their lives to save this website.

In an attempt to take out this website, Loree McBride launched a nukkake on the afternoon of July 18, 2021. A nukkake is a Jesuit nuclear bomb that releases a tidal wave of Jesuit semen on its targets. The first nukkake was launched in December 2011. It was a surprise attack that the IT workers who manned the servers that service this website did not expect. Many of the workers in the room chose to leave, but five married men, IT workers, stayed behind in order to save this website. They gave their lives heroically to save this website, so that it could stay up as the official website of the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable), one of the few news sources in the world still reporting the true news.

Antichrist Loree McBride, leader of the evil Loree McBride Jesuits, wants to take down this website, because I report the truth about her coronavirus conspiracy, which she engineered as part of her attempts, working as Satan’s right hand person, to take over the world for Satan.

As I was working on my website, after I did a ton of work, I noticed that my website went offline for several minutes. When it got back online, I noticed that several of my most recent posts were missing. I contacted Zack Knight, who administers the website and asked him why some posts mysteriously disappeared from my site. He let me know that Loree McBride launched a nukkake, apparently, with the intent to take out my website.

Loree is apparently super pissed that I have taken over her Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Apple in an attempt to stop her ability to use these mega corporations to do her criminal bidding. She has used Microsoft to attack computers using malware, which she blames on Russian criminal cyber attacks. In fact, I have instructed people to stop using Microsoft updates for this reason, because Microsoft updates are loaded with Loree’s malware.

She has used the coronavirus plandemic to make it easy to gain complete political power and, because of this, easily rigged the 2020 elections to oust Trump who would not be her puppet. I have exposed her shenanigans here. Even worse, she is trying to force people to take her coronavirus vaccine from hell, which makes you retarded and is actually a form of biological warfare designed to take out her enemies. Vice President Brent Spiner M.D. describes the flu vaccine as designed by the Jesuits to give people the flu and describes the coronavirus vaccine as 100,000 times worse than that flu vaccine! So Jen Psaki in July 2021 was scolding Facebook for not properly censoring people when they told the truth about the coronavirus on Facebook (which she claimed was misinformation) while Jen herself has not had the vaccine. Rule 13 informed me of this.

This video was posted at Gab News on July 19, 2021. Alex Jones says medical people are calling him in droves warning about how the coronavirus is killing people.

Because I made the decision to stop posting at Facebook and Twitter and have made Gab my official social network site, Loree finds it threatening that I am threatening the monopoly she has with Big Tech and threatening to topple that.

In short, she finds my website a threat, because it is becoming very popular and, from what I understand, even outdoes the Google website in the search engines. I made a video to announce to the families of the married men, who gave their lives to save this website, that I gave their deceased husbands the Medal of Honor and have awarded to each of these families at least six million dollars to pay for the loss of their husband.

I am furious over what Loree did. Most of the people who died in California were innocent civilians. Loree targeted Silicon Valley and many women became pregnant. Even though she cleared out all her Jesuits first before wiping out Silicon Valley, she hopes to use this to make martyrs out of Big Tech. You see, they are not allowed to be out from under her control. So if she can’t use them to control us, she must use them as martyrs. Well, I’m exposing her game here. This is a war crime of the first order and I have appointed Adolf Hitler to force all at all the companies I have taken over and all government officials, in all branches of government, to submit to a 24/7 scan to weed out all Loree McBride Jesuits everywhere.

My response to this as U.S. President has been to install 24/7 scans on all government officials and on all at Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and Apple. We must root out these terrorists before they root us out!

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