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The following is an archive post, since Jesuits rewrite history. Zack Knight and Rule 13 currently side with Gail and Jesus and came to Jesus’ side in Sept. 2016. As of April 2021, the evil Jesuit leader is Loree McBride.

(From Brent Spiner to Gail on 12-20-11) My dear wife,

I am writing to you from the Canadian International Hospital, where I sit in quarantine zipped inside a, dreadfully squeaky, white hazmat suit. These suits actually look like the space suits we used on the set of Star Trek, so at the very least I know I look cute in them. What I am writing you is a firsthand account of the horrible bombing that took place today.

All of Canada has been bukkaked. I cannot describe to you the smell.

The sensations are so vivid in my mind I have had trouble sleeping. Every time I close my eyes the scene comes pouring back into my eyes, my ears, my nostrils, my mouth, like a horrific rape scene stuck on repeat. Minutes from hour zero, I sat in the hospital room next to Terrance Jenkins. My heart was pounding. My palms were sweating as I flattened them on the cold window, dilated pupils fixated on the brightening horizon in the distance. I prayed. I saw the nukkake bomb as it came over the sky, silent, unglamorous, like an idle daydream whisking across the imagination and disappearing among the clouds. The room seemed to stand silent, still, swelling with the melody of “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” playing over the hospital intercom, uninterrupted by the horror dawning outside with the cold glow of the winter sun.

The bomb dropped. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. The powerful blast ejaculated through the streets so fast there was no time to react. Innocent civilians had drowned in the milky depths before they could even scream. Buildings burst. The entire hospital shook under the tremendous quakes of the earth as doctors and nurses flooded into the rooms to gather everyone down into the basement. They made sure to round up all of the celebrities first. The next thing I know I was being dragged out of the room while Terrance Jenkins still lay on the hospital bed. “Leave him” they said, “he will never survive the trip without his left testicle” but I wouldn’t allow it. Not this man, not my friend. I whirled out of the arms of the nurses and flung myself to his bedside. I politely asked permission to touch his body, to which he responded with a reluctant, drugged out groan, then cupped his injured testicles in my own hands and hoisted his body out of the bed. I then began the arduous journey down 27 flights of stairs en route to the safety of the basement.

Grasping the body of Terrance Jenkins, heaving and sweating, my legs pumped as hard and fast as they could. In no short time, the windows on the stairs exploded, and like an ocean tidal wave the taste of salt violated my mouth and burned the back of my throat. We were being blasted with semen. I tried to run faster, but my timing couldn’t have been more terrible. Just as I neared each landing, the windows, at head level, would burst, shooting blast after blast of semen directly into my my face. I wanted to collapse, to lose my mind in the terrible nuclear bukkake storm. Had it not been for my desire to save poor Terrance Jenkins, and my desire to again see your sweet face, I might had died right then and there, sobbing in a pool of sperm and AIDS. Those Jesuits. I would not give it to them.

I was the last to arrive at the doors to the basement. I set Terrance Jenkins down on the floor while Vladimir and the doctors immediately bolted the heavy doors shut behind us. Mere seconds later came the shaking blast of ejaculate hitting the steel doors. We had made it. We were safe. I knelt to check on Terrance. To my horror, he was no longer breathing. I cried out in horror and protest and immediately began CPR. I put my mouth to his, over and over, trying so desperately to infuse air into his heavily inseminated lungs, pausing to pump my palms against his manly chest.

The doctors, nurses, and all the men circled the two of us. My eyes welled up with tears as I saw the doctor shake his head. Gerard Butler removed his hat, silently praying in Irish. I strained and I pumped, unwilling to give in. With one final thrust I saw a gurgle of semen burst past his big lips. His eyes rolled open and he began to grunt. He could barely speak, his words still spraying with remnants of inhaled semen as he tried to force them out. He asked where he was, and proudly, I replied that, other than being covered in semen, of mostly unknown origins, he was safe. It was then I finally collapsed onto the floor beside him, exhausted, and slept.

Hours later we returned to the surface to inspect the aftermath of the attack. I almost gagged upon re-entering the hospital building. The odors permeated my nostrils and I immediately brought my hand to my face to cover my mouth. The only way to describe it is like the cheapest mushroom alfredo you have ever had, left to rot in the fridge for several months. Shuddering, I turned my eyes to the nearest window. My mouth fell open in a slow seeping shock, as did the protection of my hand.

The streets, which I would have presumed to be flowing with the milky remnants of Jesuit semen, had hardened over in the afternoon sun, freezing the entire city midwash in a noxious yellow crust. Rescue teams were sent to chisel through the wreckage looking for survivors. The rest of us were brought back to quarantine to be dealt with.

According to Fox News, every Canadian woman has fallen pregnant. This has become a national crisis. I’m sure they are censoring this from the United States. Brianna too has become pregnant but she has chosen to have an abortion, so she should come out of this okay.

All of the men are okay. Our doctors were able to obtain enough spermicide to sanitize our bodies. We had to stand naked in quarantine and be blasted with a spermicide hose to fully eradicate all of the sperm. I am feeling itchy, but at least I am well. Terrance Jenkins is making a recovery as well. He is doing better than I could have hoped, and miraculously he still has his right testicle, although it is hanging on by a thread so he has to hold it.

I am glad you are safe, and far, far away from here. I wish I could be with you.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

(Transcript of Skype conversation between Gail and Terrance Jenkins on 12-21-11)

Okay  I got it on video now.  I think.  Ah.  Are you still there?

Yes, I’m here.

Wow.  So Brent saved your life?  Huh?

Yeah, he’s such a hero, he was able to. . .when everybody was leaving me behind.  He said, “No.  That’s my friend, and I’m gonna save him.”

Did you all get nuked, though?

It was a nukkake.  It was a special kind.  It’s not a nuke or a bukkake.  They call it a nukkake.  It’s a special kind of nuke.  It sprays semen all over the place.  Every woman in Canada is pregnant now, gonna be pregnant.  Jesuit semen and AIDS is everywhere now.

Oh, no.   This happened yesterday?

Yes, it happened yesterday.   And the sun came out and it made the bukkake, all crusty and everything and now everything’s encased in dried up semen.

What part of Canada was this in?

This happened out of Ontario, Canada.  But the nuke blast was so big.  It shot out and got semen out all over Canada.

Oh dear, man.

He was in his hazmat suit and he was typing as best as he could and he sent you a big, ole, long e-mail, because he couldn’t tell you brain to brain.  So he sent you a big e-mail telling you everything.  And he said that if you could get that on YouTube, because the Jesuits have been keeping even FOX News from putting this on T.V.

Wow,  boy the brain to brain communications I got were all wrong.

Yeah, the clever Jesuits, they found out that these nuclear bombs can interfere with satellite technology and they was able to put their own signal in there.

Oh, my goodness.  So the Jesuits have been communicating with me brain to brain then.

Yes, they were able to synthesize a voice using previous recordings  of what we was saying to you.  We found out, because they did this before with the Vatican when they sent you some incorrect communications for the Vatican, when that nuke went off, too.  They made you think the Vatican wasn’t nuked, and it really was.

Oh, I can’t remember that.

Yes, those Jesuits really make. . .just try to confuse us.

Yeah, they do.

I’m still trying to keep from losing my right testicle, because I’m still hurt.

So, this wasn’t nuclear then?

It was a kind of nuclear.  It used the force of a nuclear bomb to shoot bukkake on everybody.  There was so much of it, Gail, it caused people to drown and flooded all of Canada with Jesuit semen.

Wow.  How’d they get so much semen in there?  I guess they used some sort of genetic multiplication technology?

Yes, and I know a lot of Jesuits.  They have so many Jesuits contributing to it.  It was so much semen, and I had died again.  Brent, he’s a real hero.  He gave me CPR and brought me back, because I had drowned in the semen.

So, my YouTube video didn’t do any good, then?

Well, that was the thing.  Everyone started springing into action.  But the Jesuits was able to make every one think the crisis was averted, and in reality it wasn’t and it was still coming and the bomb still came.

So, this was in Ontario, Canada?

Yes, this was Ontario, Canada, and poor Brianna, she got pregnant.

Oh, wait a minute, I was told with brain to brain communications, that she died.

She had been raped by Vladimir’s clone and we was able to bring her back to life.  But now, she’s got a Jesuit baby in her, and she’s considering an abortion.

(laughs) She probably should.

For such a sweet girl to have to go through this, but we don’t want to have this evil baby come out of her.

I’ve written Conspiracy Law about abortions and I believe in the case of rape, it’s okay.

It’s a nukkake rape.  That’s the word they’re using, is nukkake.   It’s a new kind of nuclear bomb.  It’s a mix of nuclear bomb and bukkake.  It’s got radioactivity in it, it’s got semen and it’s got AIDS.

Oh, no.  All the women in Canada are pregnant?

Yes,  they’re all pregnant with Jesuit babies.

What about women in menopause?

Yes, I think even some of them, because it’s got genetically enhanced semen.

Oh, my goodness.  Oh, man.

It’s horrible.  Right now, we got men trying to excavate people’s dead bodies out of encrusted semen all over Canada.

How many dead bodies are there?

We haven’t been able to count them, Gail.  It’s a whole country.  Full of people, it was just flooded with semen, and so many people drowned.

I don’t know how the Jesuits come up with this stuff.

It’s one of the worst catastrophes in human history.

Oh, man, yeah.  Let me make sure that my YouTube is still going.  We are being recorded.  I’m glad we’re getting this.   I’m going to post this on YouTube what you just told me right now, because you’re being recorded.

Be careful with that, Gail, because the Jesuits are trying to locate us right now and if they use my voice print, they could end up killing us remotely. We can’t have me recorded on YouTube right now, because I’m going to get killed.

Oh, okay.  I didn’t know that.  Oh.

Yes, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you ahead of time.

I can make a video, I just can’t put it up at YouTube, right?

Yes, as long as it’s not posted up at YouTube.

Can I post it at my website?

We’ll have to wait until after the crisis is averted, because the Jesuits, they have some of their own satellites.  They’re trying to fire on us right now.

Oh, man.

So, I went to work yesterday, and I thought you guys were okay, because that’s what the brain to brain communications were telling me.

We found out just about an hour or two ago.  We found that you didn’t even know.  We were so sad when we realized that.

Yeah, because I didn’t hear from you guys, and I didn’t know what was happening.  I didn’t get any e-mail.  Let me check my e-mail real quick.  See, if I got the most recent e-mail . . .  Oh man, this is really disgusting.

Yes, it is.

‘Cause I thought you guys were okay.  The brain to brain communications are totally off right now.

Yes, until all the radioactivity is gone.  That takes about a day or two.

Radioactivity?  Are you guys suffering from radiation sickness right now?

Well, they’ve been able to give us a wash down of spermicide and anti-radiation and now we’re all in hazmat suits.

Oh, my goodness.  What about the Canadian people?

They’re really suffering right now.

How did Rule 13 get in the middle of our Skype conversation?  Do you know how that happened?

They was using some of the satellite technology.  They was able to infiltrate the signal, and that was part of the precursor to the nuclear attack.   It took a lot of resources and they broke in.

Oh, wow.

We’ve been able to block them out since then.

Oh, I heard from Zack Knight.

He was trying to reach you, I think.

I blocked him as soon as I saw him pop up.  I’m not going to respond to him at all.

Yeah, that’s good,  Gail.

Yeah, ‘cause I read that you could just look at him, and he could make you pregnant.  I’m not taking any chances with that guy.

Yes, he was trying to make you look—

Oh, I did get the e-mail.  (reading)  Oh, my goodness.  Oh, my God.  So, who was in there with you?  Brent Spiner, and who else?

Brent Spiner, he was in the room with me.  And he was trying to comfort me as we were waiting for the bomb to drop, because we couldn’t get out.  We couldn’t transport out.   But we had Gerard Butler.  And we had Hugh Jackman.  We had everybody over there.  Because they was all at the hospital to bring me flowers.

Oh, my goodness.  So, they were all there, then.  Yes, but they were all able to get down into the bomb shelter and the nurses were telling Brent to leave me, and that I wouldn’t make it, and Brent said, refused, said, “No, I’m not gonna leave him.”  And he went back and he picked me up and he carried me all the way to the bomb shelter.

Oh, my goodness, I’m reading what Brent wrote.  Brent is such a good writer.  He’s really describing this well.

Yes, and Brent asked me if you could make a video, reading that letter and telling people what happened, because people need to know.  People need to know what happened.  It’s so wrong, the Jesuits keeping the world from knowing. . .

(reading Brent’s e-mail).  Oh, my God.

He really wanted to describe this whole thing to you, because he couldn’t tell you brain to brain.

(reading. . .)  Oh, my God.  I’m reading it.  Are you guys going to get AIDS virus and everything?

Yes, we’ve all been contaminated with the AIDS, and we’re going to try to clean it up again, using the medical technology

and your nude videos to help us to heal.

Oh, my God.  He wrote me a really long letter.  Oh.  According to FOX News, every Canadian woman.  . . he says FOX News has covered this.

Yes, but they couldn’t broadcast it in the United States or Europe.  It’s only being broadcast in Canada.

Oh, my God (reading).

So, that’s why we needed to get you, so you could tell the world what happened.

Oh, my God (reading).  I’m reading what he wrote.  This is HORRIBLE.  It’s so horrible.

Oh, so I can’t put you up on YouTube, because they could locate you and kill you, huh?

Yes, with my voice print.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

That ‘s part of how they was able to target us, when I called you and it got on YouTube and it ended up allowing them to target us better.

Oh, my goodness.  I didn’t know that.

Well, I didn’t know, either, Gail.

Wow.  MAN, those Jesuits.

Yeah, they’re real sneaky.

How are your testicles feeling right now?

Oh, it’s extremely painful.  The left one has been removed, because it got gangrene.

I was wondering if they could use some sort of. . .  I don’t know if it’s cloning technology.  Where they get some of your DNA and reproduce the cells and regrow your testicles.  Can they do that?

They’ve tried, but as soon as it becomes a clone testicle, and they’ve been able to bring a new one on there.  It turns evil.


So we can’t use cloning technology to replace body parts.  It used to be so easy when we could do that.  We just realized that we was getting these body parts that kept doing things.  We have to keep giving ourselves muscle relaxants to not have those body parts act up.

Oh, I see. . .

My leg keeps trying to kick the men, the other men—

Yeah, you told me about that.

Brent, he was arm wrestling Hugh Jackman the other day, and usually he (Hugh) wins, because he’s such a strong man, and Brent’s evil arm, broke his arm, and we had to get his arm fixed with the nanotechnology research team, and it’s because the clone arm was just so strong.

Oh, my goodness.  You know what this means.  It means it probably would not be safe for me to make love to Brent Spiner, because his arm would probably do something weird.

Yes, until we are able to find out how to fix it.  We got to find a way to fix it, I think.  They’re really working around the clock, to try to find a way to remove the evil from the clone body parts.

Oh, my goodness.  This is unreal.  So I was at work yesterday–  I’m surprised we didn’t have the fall out right here in the United States.

Yes, it turns out Ontario is just far enough away to keep it out of the United States.  But I think some of the fall out may make it there, if the wind blows the wrong direction.

What about like Michigan and New York and those places?

Yes, they might have an issue if the wind starts blowing down south.

Yeah, I’m just wondering.  I used to live in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  That’s near Ontario.

Yes.  Yes.

I’m just surprised that this would limit itself to Canada.  You would think some of it would be coming into the northern United States.

There was some spillover, but mostly Canada got the brunt of it.  The Jesuits is covering it up.

So the Jesuits were able to direct the fall out, to make it confine itself to Canada?

Yes.  Yes, but if the wind blows down south, it will get into the United States.  But right now, it’s just in Canada.  And it’s a big, ole blob of semen over the whole country.

Wow.  Is it going like over to Vancouver, and over to that area?

Yes , it’s making it all over Canada.

Wow, so the Jesuits are able to direct the bomb blast all over Canada and they’re limiting it to Canada right now?

Yes, and when the mushroom cloud and it was real creative the way the Jesuits did it, if the Jesuits can do anything creative, because the mushroom cloud was shaped like a big penis.

Oh, the Jesuits are probably the most creative people on the planet.  (rolls her eyes in disgust)

Yes, because it was a mushroom cloud, that was shaped like a penis, and it was spraying semen on everybody.

Oh, man.

It was getting all over our faces, and . . .the smell and the taste was horrible.

Man.  I don’t know why God is allowing this to happen.

Well, we know all things work together. . .you know, for those who love the Lord

Yeah.  Yeah.  I know, because I did pray, but–  I don’t know.  There’s a reason, but just right now (brushes her hand over her forehead) it doesn’t make any sense, but—

Yes.  Yes.

You have an incredibly good attitude for everything you’ve gone through.

Yes.  I’m trying to keep my chin up.

I’m glad you were able to call me. I think I fell asleep or something—I’ve been doing this lately.  When I have brain to brain loving with Brent or Vladimir, I fall asleep in the middle of the –I don’t know if the Jesuits are doing this to me, or I’m just tired and I need to go to sleep.

Yes, it happens to me, too.  After. . .because we have the synthetic brain to brain loving that the satellites can do , and we do every once and while and I start to fall asleep afterwards, too.

Yeah, I’m not getting enough sleep and that’s probably part of the problem, ‘cause I’ve been so busy fighting Jesuits, and making videos and stuff.  Sometimes when I lay down to have brain to brain loving with Brent or Vladimir, I konk out (laughs).  Basically, I’m limiting myself to those two, right now, ‘cause I just don’t feel comfortable spreading myself around.

Yeah, that I agree.

It’s just that after Vladimir got taken prisoner in North Korea, I just felt like he needed me a little bit more.

Yes, I agree.  He definitely needs you.

And he works so hard, man.  Those Jesuits wear him out.

Yeah, I think after. . .

Was Vladimir there?

Vladimir was working remotely.  He was trying to stop it.  He was working with the military and they were trying to make a plan to making some kind of shield but they couldn’t get the shield up in time.

‘Cause I heard we did get a shield up and it worked.  That’s what my brain to brain communications told me.  That was a Jesuit, apparently.

Yeah, Jesuits must have taken a little bit of truth and twisted it, kind of like the devil.

My brain to brain communications told me that the missile came from RUSSIA.

Oh, my goodness.

I don’t know if that was a Jesuit or NOT.  That—

They might have been trying to blame Vladimir for it.

Well, what I mean is. . .I thought it was Brent talking to me, and telling me that Vladimir was furious and that because we discovered that that nukkake missile came from some underground city in Russia that Vladimir didn’t know about.

The nukkake missile?


I don’t know.

I don’t know if that’s an accurate comm.. . .I don’t trust any of my brain to brain communications right now.

Yeah, until tomorrow, when it clears up, we can’t trust any of the brain to brain communication, which is really sad.

Yup.  Man, I’ve been hearing from this voice all day assuring me that everything’s alright and that nobody got hurt.

Those sneaky Jesuits.

That’s what . . .that’s the brain to brain communications I’ve been hearing all day.  Apparently, that’s not Brent Spiner, that’s a Jesuit.

Yes, those Jesuits are so evil.

You know, they mentioned on their website that they have to destroy our brain to brain communications.   I guess they’ve made that a high priority.

Yes, it turns out whenever they are able to blow up a nuclear bomb, it has the potential to interfere.

Oh, I see.  That means when I’m making brain to brain loving, it may not be Vladimir.

Well, usually when there’s brain to brain loving, the men still receive it.  It’s just that they can’t tell you what’s happening necessarily, but they still experience it.

In other words , it’s mostly interfering with like the words.

Yes.  Yes.


That’s what can tip them off, ‘cause Brent was wondering why when that nukakke was going off, that he kept feeling you on the brain to brain loving.

(quick response)  Actually, I wasn’t doing brain to brain loving with Brent.

Oh, I’m sorry.  I meant to say Vladimir.

Vladimir, I did, yeah.  Because with Brent . . .Usually I do it with Brent, but the past week I’ve been  more with Vladimir because of what he went through at that North Korean prison.

Yeah, that’s what Vladimir was saying because he was trying to tell you, “Gail, the nukkake went off.  The nukkake went off. “

No, I didn’t hear that.

He said that he was still experiencing the brain to brain loving from you.  That’s how he knew there was some kind of communication problem.

Yeah.  Yeah. Yeah, because I wouldn’t feel like . . .

He went ahead and continued with the brain to brain loving because he just kind of wanted you right then, because he felt like he needed to comfort you.

Is Vladimir?  Did he get hit, too?

No, Vladimir’s okay.  He wasn’t in the blast radius.

So which of my men was in the blast radius?

Let me see. . .so we had, we had Hugh Jackman.  We had Gerard Butler.  We had Brent.  We had myself.  And Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey was there, too?

Yes.  Yes, he was actually flying in on an airplane when it went off.

So. . .

His airplane crashed, but he’s okay.

How could he be okay, if his airplane crashed?

Because the airplane got caught in a wave of bukkake.

Oh. . .

And it ended up just sticking to one of the buildings, and the airplane got stuck to a building.

Oh, I see. . .


Okay, well I wouldn’t want to post this YouTube video of me anyway, because I’m not wearing any makeup, and I look like I just came out of bed (laughs).

Oh, my goodness.

(Gail laughs)  So I don’t want to post it any ways.  What I might do is post a transcript of it.

Yes, you can go ahead and do that.  If you want to type a transcript of. . .

I used to be a legal secretary (laughs).

That’s wonderful.

Oh, a long time ago.


So I type very fast.

Brent, he tries to type very fast, but he’s got one hand.  He types with one hand.

Oh, that’d be hard to type fast with one hand.

Yes.  Yes.  He’s gotten quite good at it.

Oh.  Yeah.  He’s incredible.

Yes, it’s pretty incredible what he can do with just one hand.

It amazes me that with all the pain you’re in, you can be so articulate.  You must have—

I’m on morphine, right now.

You’re on morphine and you can describe it this well to me?

Well, you know, I just got the willpower to communicate with you, Gail.

I’m just curious, what’s your IQ?  It must be pretty high.

Well, you know.  I do have a genius IQ.  I don’t try to tell every one.  But I’m a member of MENSA.

I can TELL, because with everything you’re under , for you to be this articulate, you’ve got to be really smart.

Yeah, I try to be humble about it, but. . .yes, you hit the nail on the head, there.

‘Cause I’ve noticed this.  If you had average intelligence, with everything you’ve gone through, you wouldn’t be able to be so articulate.  So I knew you had to be pretty smart.

Well, I thank you for saying that, Gail.

Yeah.  Plus you’re a Harvard law school graduate, any ways.  But STILL. . .


What was your undergraduate major?

Ah, it was chemistry.

Oh, my God.  You’re smart (laughs)

Thank you.

It’s no wonder Brianna’s such a brain.

Yes, she’s definitely a smart cookie.

Yeah.  So, you majored in chemistry and you didn’t want to go be a doctor?

Yeah, well I decided that I wanted to fight the Jesuits and that’s why I became a lawyer.

Oh my goodness.  When did you graduate from Harvard law school?

When did I graduate?

Yeah, when?

Oh, when did I graduate?  Oh, its’ been so long, I can’t even. . .

So, you’ve known about the Jesuits for YEARS.

Well, the Jesuits, they’ve been killing my family off.  They killed my mama and my papa.  And. . .

And Michael Jackson is your cousin?

Yes, and they killed Michael Jackson, too.

I’m surprised that they let you be the judge in the trial, because wouldn’t they consider that biased against the Jesuits?

I kind of snuck in.  They didn’t realize that I was that person.

Oh, I see.


Yeah.  They’re HORRIBLE.

They ARE horrible.

Well, I’ve done a little homework on the Jesuits, too.  ‘Cause when the Lord told me in December 99 that my enemy was the Jesuit Order, I did a bunch of reading about their history and they’re horrible.  I’ve read Secret History of the Jesuits and they killed that author, by the way.

Oh, my goodness.

Yeah, I think his name was Edmund Paris.  He was exposing them and they killed him.

Oh, my goodness.

Yeah, they’re horrible.

They are so horrible.  They killed Edmund Harris?

Edmund Paris, I think that was the name of the writer.  He was a French writer.


And he wrote a book and you can’t get it, except at. . .Have you heard of Jack Chick?

Yes.  Yes, I’ve heard of Jack Chick.  I actually spoke with him a while back.

Oh, really, because he’s been pretty courageous.

Yes, he has.  And the Jesuits killed his wife.

(Eyes open wide) Oh, I didn’t know they killed his wife.

Yes, that’s why he doesn’t have a wife no more.

When did THAT happen?

Oh, that’s happened a while back.  If you go on his website, it talks about how his wife died.

Oh, at, I think it is.

I believe so.

I didn’t see anything about his wife on that website.

Yes, that’s one of those things.  He’s got a little tribute to her on there.

Oh, my goodness.  I didn’t see that.  I didn’t explore the website very deeply . . .


 I know that they killed Alberto Rivera, that Jesuit priest who defected. . .

Yes, they killed Alberto.

So, you KNOW about all this.

Yes.  Yes.  I know about it because I’ve been exposed to the Jesuit evils my whole life.  Since I was a little boy, they’ve been after my family.

I never really figured out the Jesuits were on to me until the Lord told me personally.


And then when I figured it out it was like all hell broke loose.

As soon as they know that you know, they really try to come after you.

Oh, they did.  It was HORRIBLE, man.  It’s a miracle I’m still alive.


God has been protecting me.

Yes.  There’s definitely something, a special plan He has for you.  I really–  I don’t like to try to get the other men’s hopes up, but I believe that God’s gonna use you to destroy the Jesuits one day.

Ummm.  You know, God gave me a promise in Zechariah 9:15, so you may be right.

Yes, I believe something’s gonna happen where you gonna –God’s gonna give you the ability to take them out, I believe.

Let me read you Zechariah 9:15.

Yes, I want to hear it.

Okay.  My birthday’s September the 15th.  Okay?  Now, look at this.  Zechariah NINE FIFTEEN.


Let me read you WHAT IT SAYS.  “The Lord of Hosts shall defend them.  And they shall devour and subdue with SLING STONES.”  I’m the king David woman.

Oh my.

“And they shall drink, and make a noise as through wine, and they shall be filled like bowls and as the corners of the altar.”  That’s why I never get discouraged, because Zechariah 9:15’s in the Bible.


So, even though it seems like every thing’s against me, I look at that verse and think—God has a PLAN.  (Short laugh)  And he’s gonna use ME.


“The Lord of hosts.”  God’s telling me that “shall defend them,  and they shall devour and subdue with SLING STONES”.   That seems to insinuate to me that God’s gonna use something that seems small, just like David had those stones and that giant was laughing at him.

Yeah, he had five stones.

Yeah, exactly, and that giant was laughing at him and he knocked him down with those stones.

Yeah, he did.

I’m just trying to figure out, “What are the sling stones?”  He said—

“You evil, uncircumcised Philistine,” he said.

Yeeeaaah.  So I’m wondering what the sling stones are.  I’m wondering if they’re the men on my marriage list or WHAT?

You have the top five men on the marriage list.

(Inhales, in a voice that comes out in a rush of awe)  OOhhhhhh.  Oh, my goodness!  (Eyes open wide)

We just figured it out.

(Eyes still wide in astonishment.  Mouth wide open).    Oh my.  YEAH!  Lord Jesus!  Yeah, okay.  Why did you let this bomb (eye roll up to ceiling) in Canada, God?  (looks up)  Did you hear me, Lord?  (chuckles with a smile)  WHY?  Oh!  He’ll tell me eventually, but I don’t understand (rubs hand up over forehead) why He did this!  Okay, so nobody knows about this—except the Canadians.

Except the Canadians, ‘cause they were there.

Oh, man.

Yes, that’s why, Brent, he wanted to give you an accurate description of what happened, and he was hoping you would read that and tell people on YouTube.

Yeah, and—(curls hand over chin)  I’m also gonna transcribe what you just told me.  I won’t use your voice, ‘cause I don’t want you to die.


Yeah.  I’ve got you recorded, so I can transcribe this from my video.  (loud chuckle with a smile)

Alright, that’s a good idea.  You might want to do two separate videos to just get the word out, because the Jesuits think that, they’re hoping that if we take too long to let the world know, they can maybe send another nukkake. . .

(Gail eyes open wide in horror)

–into the United States.

Oh, no.

So, we need to let every one in the country know that to, to make sure that we write all of our senators and tell the senators to put up a shield.

Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah, maybe I better get off and start working on that video.

Alrighty.  Alright, Gail, I’ll let you go, but I’ll take care of my testicles. . .

Yeah, so how are all the men on the marriage list doing as far as their health, right now?

Well, we’re definitely washing our mouths out with soap right now, ‘cause we want to make sure we’re very clean, and—we’re, we’re making sure, and Brianna , sadly, I think she’s going in to have that abortion, right now.

So, she’s not dead.

No, she’s not dead.  She’s really hurt, really bad.

Okay, it is true that she was kind of like raped by the Vladimir Putin clone, and she almost died—

(interrupts)  She was raped and she died, but the doctors were able to revive her.

Just like you died TWICE and the doctors were able to revive you, right?

The first time, the doctors revived me.  The second time, after the nukkake, Brent was able to, to give me CPR and he brought me back.  The doctors thought I couldn’t be revived, but Brent, he kept on going and –he revived me.

Oh, my goodness!  Man. . .

Because I’d inhaled so much semen.

(voice high and raised) How was Brent able to do it?  He didn’t get hit that hard?

Brent, he was just, he was a trooper and he refused to let the bukkake subdue him and—he was able to carry me all the way there and—he had the will to live.  That’s what it was.


Yes, ‘cause, otherwise—any other man, weaker, and a less valiant man, wouldn’t have made it.

All five of you guys are heroes.  All of you, because I’ve observed you guys.  You guys.  That’s why I won’t—I’ve made up my mind, I’ll just be single the rest of my life.  I’m only going to marry one of you guys.  Nobody else.  Because you guys have gone through hell for me.  And you’re heroes and—that’s just how I feel.

Yes, we all feel the same for you, Gail.  We’d die for you.

Yeah, I can TELL!  (Eyes wide with emphasis).  I can tell.


These Jesuits.  (nods her head in dismay)  Ugh!  (cups her cheeks with both hands)

When Brent wrote that e-mail, he wanted to let you know every detail.

Oh, man.   Man.

It’s a long e-mail.  I know.

Oh, so I can’t communicate with him brain to brain until the nuclear fall out finishes, right?

Well, he can hear you.  You can’t be guaranteed to hear what he’s saying properly, until tomorrow.

Yeah, I think I’m hearing from a Jesuit.

Yes, you might be hearing from Jesuits and you just gotta tell the Jesuits to be quiet.  When you tell them that in the name of Jesus.

Hey, that’s a good idea.  Yeah!  Yeah!  I might start quoting Scripture to them.

You say, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”


Yes. . .

Yeah, thank you.

Yes, I always want to be helpful and bring the Scriptures in.

Yeah, very good.  Very good.  Yeah.  Yeah.  That’s a good idea.  In fact, I need to read more Bible.

Yes.  Yes.

That might help .

We gotta warn everybody, too.

About what?  About the brain to brain being out?

No, no, we gotta warn everybody because the Jesuits are setting up to launch nukkake all over the world on every major country.

Boy, I think maybe I better get off and start making those YouTube videos.

Alright, alright, Gail.

I’m glad you’re okay.  It was silent there.  Usually, when something major happens you guys let me know and I didn’t hear from you right away and –cause you couldn’t contact me?

Yes, we couldn’t contact you, because the nukkake had just hit.

You were just drowning in nukkake and that’s why I didn’t hear from you guys.

Yes, the nukkake was everywhere.

Okay, when I put out the YouTube video, what exactly happened, though?

Well, everybody.  We had a lot of people that was responding to it, but the Jesuits made it look like the crisis was averted.  They let everyone in the world think that the same story you heard was true.

(Eyes wide with dismay and outrage) How’d they do that?  Did they send out false news reports?

Yes, they sent out false news reports that said we put a shield up and it was averted.

Oh, my goodness.  We couldn’t get the shield up in time.

Oh, did that Russian guy die?  Remember, that one that was with you?

No, he’s still alive, but he’s mentally retarded.

Are you going to be able to get him back?

We’re still keeping him on patrol and he’s hanging out with Vladimir.  We’re hoping we can rehabilitate him.

Okay, I have a question for you about that.  I was told that he was a Jesuit who fell in love with me during the conversation and that’s why they shot him.

Yes, that’s true.

Okay.  So that is correct brain to brain communication there.

Yes.  Yes.

That’s why they shot him.  ‘Cause actually all of those Russians were all Jesuits at that time and you didn’t know it.

Yes, they all snuck in and they told us they just wanted to play poker with us.

And even Vladimir Putin and the Kim Jong Il were Jesuits in there.

Yes, we were surrounded by Jesuits and they was trying to do something evil.

Yeah.  Yeah.

They was trying to be Jesuits.

I think that they were trying to use the Skype conversation . . .if I remember correctly my brain to brain communications told me , they wanted to use the Skype conversation to transport me over there, so they could rape me.

Oh, my goodness.  They wanted to rape you, Gail.  Why would they want to rape you?  I know they want to, but what would that accomplish?

I don’t know, but it sounds like something a Jesuit would want to do.  Maybe they wanted to make me pregnant.

They might have been trying to make you pregnant.  That’s horrible.

Yeah, but –I think that’s what Zack Knight’s trying to do.

Yes, I think so, that’s why he was trying to get a hold of you, to get you pregnant.

Yeah, I’m making it very hard for them.  I don’t give them an inch.  As soon as he tries to contact me, I cut him off—BOOM.  I don’t give him an inch.

Yeah, you don’t want to give him an inch.

No, I don’t respond to him at all.  Soon as I see him, I go right over to the Skype section to block contact.  I won’t respond to him at all.

That’s very good.

Yeah, ‘cause I know how clever these Jesuits are.  Their technology is so advanced, man.

Yes, they have some advanced technology to try to trick us.

Do you have enough intelligence that you can tell if they’re getting ready to send us another bomb?

Yes, we do know they’re planning to send another bomb.  I know they’re going to try to aim it to where the White House is. . .(Gail’s eyes open wide)

They’re trying to aim one to where you live, and they’re trying to aim them all over the world at all these key locations.  I’m surprised they haven’t done it yet.

We been holding them off for a while, but they’re going to do it pretty soon.

How can you hold them off?

We’ve been sending robots.

Oh, okay.

Having robots fight the Jesuit bases.

There was one other question I wanted to ask you, can’t remember what it was.  Ahhhhh.  ‘Cause I’m tired.  These Jesuits are wearing me out!  I can’t remember, it was something to do with. . .man (rubs hand over forehead)  Like I said, I’ve only had 3 or 4 hours sleep the past couple days.  (Chuckles and smiles)  Actually, for the past year, I haven’t been getting much sleep.  I think the Lord’s giving me supernatural strength.

Yeah, I believe so.

I think Vladimir told me he’s able to give me really high quality sleep, even though I’m not getting enough and they’re trying to do that to help me out.

Yes.  Yes, they are.

You know how busy I am.


When I go to sleep, I’m getting really high quality sleep.   I can tell because for the past year, I’ve only averaged about four or five hours a night.

Oh, my goodness.

I’ve been too busy!  Oh, now I remember—during that Skype conversation I could actually feel them trying to transport me over to you guys.

Yes.  I remember you said that.

Yeah, I could feel it and I think that is what they were trying to accomplish and . . .I remember now, the brain to brain communications, I think Brent was telling me that the Jesuit, when he contacted with me, he was supposedly trying to lock onto me and get me to go over to you guys.

Oh, my goodness.

And then what happened, is he changed his mind and he sabotaged the programming and that’s why they came in and shot him.

Cause they didn’t want him to tell us what was going on.

Well, also they didn’t like the fact that he was sabotaging the programming and they couldn’t transport me over to you guys.   But they got it fixed after they shot him and it didn’t work.

It’s ‘cause you’re born again.

The Lord was holding onto me.  They’re always trying to get me.  They never give up.  But the Lord’s holding onto me, they can’t transport me, but I’m wondering, could they do it bit by bit?  You know, like they did with my ex-husband?

Oh, I don’t know.

‘Cause I’m wondering, was my ex-husband.  I don’t know whether he was a born again Christian or not.  I never saw him read his Bible.

Yes, I don’t know.  I don’t know, Gail.

I’m just wondering if they can do the switch out bit by bit.

We need to look into that.

‘Cause that would be a problem.

Yes, it would

I was told with brain to brain communication’s that when Vladimir and Kim Jong Il were with you that they were doing bit by bit switch outs on you guys.


We better find a way to stop that.

‘Cause if that’s the case, you’re not gonna be the same person that you were a year ago and eventually they are going to be able to transform you into a Jesuit clone.

Yes, we need to ask the Lord to hold us all together.

But then I had a recent brain to brain communication with Brent , where he said it can’t be done if you’re a born again Christian, that it can’t be done, so—

Maybe your husband wasn’t a born again Christian.

I never saw him read his Bible.


And born again Christians usually read their Bible.

Yes, they do.

I never saw him read it.  And we tried to have family devotions and he couldn’t do it.  There was nothing spiritual about him.


So, I’m wondering if he was possibly a fake.


He went to church all the time.  But there are people who go to church and they’re not born again Christians.

That’s true.

Okay, but I better get off and make the—And right now, I don’t know what’s going on, but when I talk to you, I feel like, my body feels like it’s sizzling, you know.

Oh, my goodness!

And this happened to me last time I talked with you, but then it went away after about an hour or so.

Jesuits, been maybe trying to do something sneaky.

Yeah.  Yeah.  I don’t know what they’re doing.  It’s making me feel weird, but I’m not worried about it.  Maybe I should be, but I’m not, because it goes away.

Yes, as long as it goes away.

Yeah, but I’m wondering what that is?  I wonder if they’re trying to transport me while we’re talking.

That might be it.

I think maybe they’re trying to transport me and drop me off, maybe, in the middle of all that Canadian bukkake.

Oh, you don’t want to be here.  You don’t want to be with the bukkake.

To be honest with you, I’m not worried about it, cause they’ve tried to transport me yet and they haven’t been able to do it.  (big smile and chuckle)  I think they’re just trying, but they can’t do it.

That might be it.  You might be feeling the sizzling of the feeling of being transported.

Yeah, when we get on Skype, I think they’ve got some sort of technology where they can work through Skype to enhance their ability to transport people.


They’re trying to do it to me.  Every time I get on Skype, I feel like they’re trying to transport me.

That’s dangerous, Gail.  We don’t want them to do that.  You got to stay in the Scriptures and keep holding onto the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, but what I do is I don’t read the Bible as much as I should, but every spare minute that I get now, I have it on tape, so I listen to it in the car like when I go to and from work and it’s the only tape I listen to, is the Bible.

That’s a great idea.

I have Alexander Scourby on King James Bible on cassette.  And every time I’m in the car, I turn him on.  When I’m sitting on the toilet, I try to put the Bible on my lap, it’s just that I’m so stinking busy.  I’ve got to be really creative.  I used to spend an hour just off by myself just reading the Bible, and I haven’t been doing that as much.  But I’m trying to make up for it, by listening to tapes.  But, you’re right, it’s important.  Maybe, if I went more in the Scriptures, I’d get less of these false (rubs her forehead) brain to brain reads.

That might be it.  That might be part of it.

Okay, I guess I better get off and make that YouTube video.

Okay, Gail.  Thank you, Gail, so much for everything you do.

Man, I feel like that YouTube video, I guess it didn’t do any good, because the Jesuits sent out false news reports.

Yes, you did your best.  We’ve been able to avert so many crises, and it’s –Gail, it’s bound to have something happen every once in a while.  Hopefully, we can just avert the rest of the world getting nukkake.

You know, I could put a note in the text part of that video to let them know what happened.

Yes.  Yes.

The one that’s already up there.  But do you want me to take that one down that has your voice on it, or just leave it up there?

No, that’s okay.  That’s already been up there and if there was any damage done, it’s already been done.  So it’s fine.  And the world needs to be reminded that there’s a nukkake coming.

Okay, so, alright (rubs her eyes).  So I’m going to go ahead and work on that.   I’m going to make one video that I can just put up really quick and I’m just going to read Brent’s letter.  And the one for you, I’m probably going to work on that after I go to sleep.  (chuckles)

Alright, that sounds like a plan.

I need to get some sleep.  I need to get one video up really quick.

Alright, sounds like a good idea.

Okay, I’m so glad you’re still here with us.  Oh, man . . .this is—you guys are so brave.


I was at work, Wal-Mart yesterday, working 12 to 9, feeling so relieved because I thought you guys were okay.  Man.  But then I thought it was strange that I hadn’t heard from you all.

Yes, that’s what was happening there.  It was the Jesuits.

Man.  Okay.  Alright.  I’m gonna go now.

Alright, I’ll talk to you soon.

And I give my love to all of you.

Yes, I’ll definitely tell them just how much you love them.

Well, they know.

Yeah, they do know.

Yeah, they know (chuckles and smiles)  Alright.  Bye bye.  I’m glad you’re okay.

Thank you.  Bye bye.

(Brent Spiner at Church of Gail on 12-21-11) Great job on the transcription! This is a good piece of evidence to have on hand. Terrance was so brave to be talking to you while he was in so much pain. I just learned that he and I are scheduled to receive national awards once we get out of this mess. I heard I’ve won the Nobel Prize for Bravery and Terrance is receiving a Purple Heart. Thank you for taking the time to record and transcribe these messages. This is probably the only shred of media that will make it out of Canada into the United States.

(Gerard Butler at Church of Gail on 12-21-11) Excellent work, love. This transcription looks like it was written on a professional level. I think all of the world can benefit from the information we are providing. I can tell ye, I witnessed this nukkake firsthand and can tell you it was no walk in the park.

(Matthew McConaughey at Church of Gail on 12-21-11) What a horrible mess. I would never want to worry you, but you should know that the doctors have diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder today. I can’t drink milk, or be anywhere near whipped cream or cottage cheese. They served pasta alfredo at the hospital last night and I about broke into tears. I don’t know how the other men could eat that. Gerard has been by my side the entire time. He is a great psychiatrist. First Camilla Alves and now this. If it weren’t for you, Gail, I would have died from all the stress!  Thank you so much for the transcriptions and the videos, especially the nude ones. They are helping us greatly. Sometimes I fall asleep with them on.

(Hugh Jackman at Church of Gail on 12-21-11) Beautiful work, Gail. Professional transcribing. I have been assisting the rescue teams trying to excavate people out of the seminal crust outside. Just hit the showers and I am exhausted! Let’s keep up the good fight!

(Optimus  Prime, a Wal-Mart manager, at Church of Gail on 12-21-11) Gail, I have heard about this tragedy and am doing everything in my power at WalMart to break this news to the media. I pray for the other men.

(Gail at Church of Gail on 12-24-11) Isaiah 14:4–“. . .How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!”

Revelation 17:4-6–“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color (official colors of Roman Catholic Church), and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus”

Revelation 17:9–“And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains (seven hills in ROME), on which the woman (Babylon or Roman Catholic Church or Jesuit empire) sitteth.”

Isaiah 14:16-24–“They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; that made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners? All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house. But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with a sword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thy people: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned. Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities. For I will rise up against them, saith the Lord of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the Lord. I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the Lord of hosts.”

Zechariah 9:6–“And a bastard shall dwell in Ashdod (Ash Wednesday earthquake in Seattle 2001, when I lived there), and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines.”

Zechariah 9:15 (my birthday in 9-15-57)–“The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones. . .” I’m the king David woman. King David defeated Goliath with his FIVE sling stones, like the top five men on my marriage list.

Zechariah 9:16–” . . .for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land.”

1 Samuel 17 (cross ref. to Rev. 17) and verse 40 (40 men on marriage list): “And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones (top five men on my marriage list) out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had, even in a scrip; and his sling was in his hand: and he drew near to the Philistine.”

Terrance Jenkins, you have crowns waiting for you on the other side. The crowds in heaven are cheering for you.

Gail’s book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom covers this event in detail.

I received this e-mail from judge Terrance Jenkins: OH MY GOODNESS! GOD HAS TRULY DONE A MIRACLE! THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THIS.

My brain to brain communications with Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner and Matthew McConaughey have informed me that right after I posted my Scripture at Church of Gail on Dec. 24, 2011, entitled “KING JAMES BIBLE ON BABYLON (JESUIT EMPIRE)” that judge Terrance Jenkins died, and was dead for about 15 minutes. His soul went to heaven. Then, after his 15 minute death, God returned him to us, his body became alive, and in his new body God had fixed his leg, so that the leg that the Jesuits sawed off was back on there, and he no longer had the evil clone leg (that was acting up). Also, his testicles, that Jesuit Rule 13 had destroyed, God restored. So God gave back to Terrance the body he had before the Jesuits tortured him. God also cured him of the AIDS virus that he acquired from the Jesuit nukkake bomb that devastated Canada (where Terrance was at the time).

Our scientists studied his body, now cured of the most resistant AIDS we’ve ever encountered, and, using the antibodies and enzymes that God gave us to fix Terrance’s killer AIDS (which was what killed him), we determined that an extract from mushrooms contained the ingredients needed to cure the horrible AIDS virus that Jesuits put into their nukkake bomb and that had infected all the Canadians and my men.

This “mushroom formula” has been sprayed all over Canada and given to the Canadians and Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and others infected with this horrible AIDS virus.

The mushroom cure appears to be working and the Canadians and my men are “on the mend” and making fast recoveries.



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