Brent Spiner, Loree McBride, Gail Chord Schuler History

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Brent states to me that he has adored me since 1990. Jesuits assigned Loree McBride in 1992 to destroy his love for me. Willing to die for the Jesuit General (her boss), Loree McBride impregnated herself (artificial insemination) using Brent’s stolen semen (2001), and uses this baby born in 2002 as a weapon against Brent’s love for me. In 2001, Loree McBride blew up a woman in a car, telling Brent it was me. Jesuits invented cloning and discovered mind-reading technology before anyone else, (see my Royal Ancestry web page for more about Jesuit technology). All of this groundbreaking technology has been kept secret from the world, because the Jesuits own the press.

Loree uses her baby (conceived through artificial insemination with Brent’s stolen semen) as her weapon.

Vladimir Putin’s real wife Larisa died in 2000, right after Vladimir became Russian President. Brent Spiner has never had willing and knowing sex with the blonde Loree McBride.

The Jesuit Order has launched billions of dollars into mass media campaigns to promote their lies that Brent is married to (or has had willing and knowing sex with) Loree and Vladimir is married to Lyudmila.

Brent states that about 95% of Loree’s photos with Brent are fake or “touched up” to sweeten her. The only genuine photo of Brent looking into Loree’s eyes, is one where he stared at her like she was a viper (Germany 1996), while she stared straight ahead with defiance and a self-righteous stare like ice. The Germans noticed her “attitude” and commented on it (December 1996)–but all this has disappeared from the Internet, because it exposed her failed attempt to seduce/rape Italian film star Franco Nero in December 1996, like she raped Brent Spiner in September 1992 (see my Loree McBride’s Treachery web page).

Brent doesn’t look into Loree McBride’s eyes, because he’s not in love with her, has never had willing and knowing sex with her, and she’s never been his wife. Just about all the photos of them together on the Web are fake, with bodies pasted onto backgrounds, facial expressions altered, and other deceptions. Any organization (the Jesuit Order) that invented cloning and discovered mind-reading technology, would have no problem coming up with convincing fake photographs. She’s maintained her girlfriend status with Brent through extortion. She threatens to go to the tabloids with her Jesuit-contrived “evidence” that Brent’s used her for sex only and she threatens to kill me, if Brent won’t agree to make public statements or appearances about her as his girlfriend/wife. Read Gail’s books and this website for details.

45 minutes and 28 seconds into Brent Spiner’s 2008 Dave Rabbit radio interview, Brent nervously said this (about Loree McBride): “My ugh. . .girlfriend has this. . .ugh. . .I call her that ’cause we can never think of anything else to call each other, since we’re not married. We’ve been together –forever. Um. . .She. . .ugh. . .she really gets irritated with me, if I, if there’s even the hint of being surly when somebody comes up and says something nice to me– or recognizes me. She really has no patience with me rolling my eyes or anything. She doesn’t get it. . .I like being an actor, but being a celebrity is a whole other thing. . You never get quite used to being treated as if you’re something special. . ..She really doesn’t have any patience for that, whatsoever, and she lectures me and says, “You should be really happy that people recognize you.” And he’s made willing and knowing love (from 1994 to ?) to a PUBLICIST? No legally valid public government records indicated Brent Spiner was married to Loree McBride (until the Brent Spiner clone stole the real Brent’s identity around 2014 and onwards), so why did all these Jesuit websites that claim they were married? The real Brent Spiner (not his clone) does not feel he’s married to Loree.

Loree McBride, an anti-Semitic Jesuit, will come up as Jewish Brent’s wife, if you do an Internet search for Brent Spiner’s wife. But she’s mysteriously missing from www.theRealBrent (Brent’s website).

From my birth, the Jesuits knew Jewish Howard Hughes (with a strong king David genetic profile) was my great uncle. They made sure I received none of his estate at his death and didn’t get a dime of his money. They knew Howard Hughes, and Howard Hughes’s great niece (myself) would never support Jesuit goals, so people like myself must be eliminated and discredited. This explains my life and why Brent’s love for me is the Jesuits’ supreme focus.

The filthy rich Jesuits, masters with the news media, know that a lie presented over and over again becomes the truth to the public–and have flooded the media with a billion dollar campaign of images, fake photos and statements about Brent and Loree as a married or sexual couple, so that these lies have become truth to the world–yes, Brent and Loree are really married or have had a sexual relationship. But these are lies (anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda). When he made love to Loree in September 1992, under the influence of Jesuit mind-control drugs, he thought it was ME he made love to. When he awakened from the drug rape and realized Loree had drug raped him and had sex with him (while he thought he was making love to me), he contemplated suicide, and cried his eyes out. Loree’s September 1992 drug rape of Brent occurred during the Star Trek :The Next Generation episode called “A Fistful of Datas”, where you can see he struggles with depression on his face. Loree McBride’s job (from the very beginning of her “relationship” with Brent) has been to annihilate his relationship with Howard Hughes’s great niece (me).

Silver Skies’s love scenes reflect the dynamics of my twenty-eight year spiritual relationship with actor Brent Spiner. Much of the chemistry between my two romantic leads, Dor and Brianna, reflects the spiritual chemistry between Brent and myself.

At this website, I’ve brought the valleys and mountaintops in the hearts of actor Brent Spiner (whom I’ve had a relationship with since June 1991) and Russian President (Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin (whom I’ve had a relationship with since September 2001). The facades and performances forced on them by Jesuits have devastated them.

Our psychiatrists have determined that Vladimir battled depression (2006 to 2009), and even prepared a suicide video (May 2008) for a suicide that would appear a natural death–just because his love for the forbidden woman (me)–forced him into the Lyudmila charade.

A Jesuit woman Loree McBride has committed crimes against Jews (myself and Brent) and Jesuits orchestrated the Nazi Holocaust. Brent has not had a willing and knowing sexual relationship with this Jesuit. This Jesuit woman (Loree McBride) plasters lies and fake photographs with Brent (as the Hollywood “playboy”) worldwide to make it appear Brent’s had knowing and willing sex with her, to extort him into appearances or statements about her as his sexual partner (to destroy his love for the woman with the genes of king David–me). Doctored photos of Brent, to make him appear a shallow “Hollywood playboy”, contrasts with manly Brent Spiner in his music albums “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” and “Dreamland”. He made this music for me, not Loree McBride.

I believe the Jesuits of the powerful Roman Catholic Church have controlled and run the United States ever since they established the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. (early twentieth century); therefore, no one can publish or broadcast anything (through the established routes) that goes against their agenda, so I published and wrote this myself.

My life story is copyrighted and I own the copyright (see Novel Silver Skies page), because I am the author and creator of this website. Jesuits, who believe they are ABOVE all laws that oppose them, have violated copyright and have taken portions of this website and put it on their website Crazy Gail Wiki (taken down in 2014), and have defamed me as a paranoid schizophrenic. They want to discredit me as paranoid schizophrenic and then frame their defamation and destruction of me on good men who are committed to me. The website (taken down in 2014) was my men’s website and should not be confused with (taken down in 2014) or (taken down in 2014), which were Jesuit websites. Jesuits try to cleverly lump all these websites together as ONE GROUP, but we are dealing with THREE groups: 1) the Jesuits, who were behind and, 2) my website, which is THIS ONE, 3) my men’s website, which was Taking my website down will NOT stop the stubborn Jesuits. It will only mean that truth has again been silenced and that only Jesuit, murderous lies prosper on the Internet.

My relationship with Brent inspired me to write Silver Skies, and though I started it in 1993, I didn’t finish until 2005. A perfectionist with my writings, it takes me years to finish a book. The most powerful organization on earth (the Jesuit Order) bans my writings, so I never use readers or editors, and do all my own rewrites and edits. So I need to put the manuscript aside to develop some distance to it, before I do the final polish. Therefore, it takes me years to finish.


I had no father when I grew up. My men tell me that my paternal grandfather was the brother of Howard Hughes. I found out about my great uncle because of Brent. Brent wondered why my thoughts and writings consumed him, why he could not forget me. He knew that there was something about me, and then he discovered my incredible genes, and that my great uncle was Howard Hughes.

So Brent had to play Bob in the movie (The Aviator) about my great uncle Howard Hughes. Brent just had to be in the movie about my great uncle, because he wanted to honor the love of his life (me–the great niece of Howard Hughes). Apparently, Howard Hughes knew about his brother, because in the movie that Howard Hughes managed, called The Carpetbaggers, the Howard Hughes character’s last name was Cord (Gail CHORD).

View a photo of myself taken around 1991 or 1992 in my Lynnwood, Washington apartment (same apartment where Brent came to my door). I was about 34 or 35. No make-up. I had a subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine from 1991 to around 1996. RETURN TO MAIN PAGE>

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