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This law was created on March 7, 2018, with an update regarding the use of unhealthy elements in attacks on the population and the elimination of United States style Common Core from all educational programs and education about the lie of “white privilege” on March 8, 2018.

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14.0a For the purpose of Conspiracy Law, rape is defined as any sexual act or sexual lifestyle forced upon an innocent person against their will and/or knowledge. Forced is defined as willingly and knowingly using brain control, lawsuits, fines, drugs, threat to life, health or financial (economic) well being, slander, defamation, harassment of innocent sentient beings, or any willing and knowing (direct or indirect) act or attempted act that causes an innocent sentient being to choose something they would not have chosen if not for the act or attempted act used to make them compliant to the one who uses force against them. Slavery is defined as any act or attempted act which forces an innocent person to violate their free will and autonomy as a person while trying to choose a path or attitude for his life that does not hurt innocents. Innocents are defined as any person who is not a willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit and who is not willingly and knowingly committing or intending to commit a crime (as defined by Conspiracy Law). Rape is defined as willingly and knowingly forcing a sexual act or sexual lifestyle upon an innocent person against their will and/or knowledge. Tyranny is defined as willingly and knowingly forcing one’s religion upon an innocent person against their will and/or knowledge, like taking the guns from an innocent person to satisfy your religion of gun control or not protecting innocents by allowing criminals to have guns to promote your religion of gun rights. Pollution is defined as any willing and knowing act (germ or biological warfare, industrial waste, etc.) which harms the environment and innocent sentient beings to the extent that innocent sentient beings are sickened or items they consume (eat or drink) are made unsafe and unhealthy. A religion is defined as any belief system which guides a person, even if that belief system is atheistic. This includes pro and anti-gun control positions which are religions about the nature of violence. Toxic people are defined as people who are usually Loree McBride Jesuits who willingly and knowingly try to force alpha males into being beta males or Christians into being atheists or who try to force any innocent person over to their religion or lifestyle against their will and/or knowledge, and who try to make slaves of these innocent people, who must obey the toxic person or change their religion or lifestyle to honor the toxic person. These toxic people concoct lawsuits and lies against alpha males and Christians to try and make them compliant to these toxic people and their lifestyles.

14.0a1 A conspiracy is defined as any group of people who band together with the willing and knowing intent to violate Conspiracy Law and to make it void or to weaken it in the society that they serve or influence.

14.0b We have a serious rape and tyranny problem in our culture. Innocent masculine men are being forced by toxic people into being a Beta male, Christians forced to be atheists, even though they prefer to be an Alpha male or a Christian. This is a form of slavery, rape and tyranny against Alpha males and Christians and won’t be tolerated. Each man or sentient being should have the freedom to be an Alpha, Beta, homosexual, atheist, Christian or whatever innocent person he/she wants to be without force from toxic people to conform to a toxic person’s agenda. To curb this epidemic of slavery and rape against Alpha males and Christians or anybody whose freedom is being impinged, Citizen Scanners will be programmed to detect when force or slavery is being used against an innocent sentient being by using mind/emotion reads to detect toxic people, and if so, a fine of one million dollars will be brought against the conspiracy of toxic people behind the force. All members of that conspiracy will be hit with the fine, and their bank accounts seized, so that the fine can be met, with the most guilty paying most or all of the fine. The government will use this money to pay for government operations and to help out innocent victims of this conspiracy. Any willing and knowing use of funds by the government using funds seized from conspiracies with the intent to violate Conspiracy Law will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to the violator. The government must take serious action to quell the onslaught of force and slavery used against innocents, especially alpha males and Christians, with toxic people trying to force them to change their lifestyle and to be slaves to toxic people trying to force them into the toxic person’s lifestyle or religion.

14.0b1 When we fine a conspiracy, it must be determined if any members of that conspiracy are willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits, if so, they must be executed as Jesuit Conspirators under Conspiracy Law. It is death penalty under Conspiracy Law to be a Loree McBride Jesuit.

14.0c SJW or social justice warrior is defined as any toxic person who willingly and knowingly tries to force their religion or sexual attitude or lifestyle on innocents, or who use rape, acts of slavery and tyranny and harassment (including legal harassment) against innocents to willingly and knowingly try to force/defame innocent sentient beings to their version of righteousness. All fraudulent lawsuits brought against innocent Alpha males by SJWs will bring a fine of a million dollars against the SJW for harassment to create a climate of intolerance against Alpha males. The SJW is almost always part of a SJW conspiracy and all members of that SJW’s conspiracy will be fined the million dollar fine for taxing our legal system with lawsuits designed to harass, intimidate and defame innocents to create a climate of intolerance against those who are not SJWs. Lawsuits against Alpha males are really getting out of hand and the government must take action to stop this tirade against innocents. It is against Conspiracy Law to be a SJW. This is considered tyranny and all toxic people who are SJWs will be considered part of a conspiracy of tyranny and all members of this conspiracy will be fined one million dollars as a group for each act of tyranny, rape, slavery and/or pollution or harassment they bring against innocents. Harassment is defined as willing and knowing rioting, threats, physical violence, extortion or intimidation (including legal intimidation) used to try and force somebody to adopt your religion. The government will seize SJW bank accounts to withdraw the fine. The fine must be extracted in accordance with Conspiracy Law (as outlined in Sect. 14.0x of this document), with the most guilty in that conspiracy paying the bulk of the fine. However, because many of these people are brainwashed clones who actually believe they are serving the public good, this Sect. 14.0c or any fines against any conspiracy (with the exception of willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit conspiracies) will not be enforced until we know that this person has taken a course on what is a SJW and why it is against the law to be a SJW.

14.0d All high schools in a Conspiracy Law honoring country must offer a course on healthy sexuality and religion (called the SJW course), and on what is considered a SJW and why it is an infringement on the freedom of those who don’t agree with their ideology to be a SJW (as defined by this document). Psychiatrist Gerard Butler and pastor/former agnostic Brent Spiner M.D. will create the course/curriculum on healthy sexuality and religion, which will define various versions of healthy sexuality and religion, to include healthy homosexuality, healthy polygamous sexuality, healthy monogamous sexuality, healthy marriage views, healthy contraception, healthy attitudes towards diversity of sexual expression. Healthy is defined as the attitude/approach towards sexuality/religion that encourages the most tolerant and accepting attitudes towards religion and sexuality so that all belief systems that don’t negate the freedom of all innocent religions should be encouraged. What is healthy will downplay violence, murder and crimes against innocents. Brent and Gerard should feel free to get help in the creation of the curriculum/course, but should give the final approval to the course before it is finalized. Once they have approved the course, it will be a mandatory course to all citizens of a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. It will be offered in various versions to accommodate the educational level of all the citizens. It is basically a course on true tolerance, which is law that must be enforced under Conspiracy Law. We outlaw intolerance under Conspiracy Law as a form of tyranny, so the public needs to know what tyranny is so that when they are fined, the fine will be just. Various religious views (including evangelicalism, Christianity, atheism, Satanism) will also be presented with the pros and cons for each religion and sexuality presented in the course. The most important part of the course is that each group must be presented accurately and truthfully to the students. This course is designed to encourage critical thinking and debate. Each group should feel free to express their religious beliefs without punishment, so long as they practice their religion without tyranny. We will encourage debate and discussion comparing the various forms, but no group can threaten another group or try to force one group to adopt one’s view over another view. The course will teach young people the various options they can choose for their sexuality and religion, but will not force them to choose one way but rather give them all the options for each way and allow them to choose the way that they feel most comfortable with, with no coercion from the teacher to choose one way over another. The teacher’s role is to present options and present the pros and cons of each version of sexuality and religion according to the curriculum designed by Gerard Butler M.D. and Brent Spiner M.D., the psychiatrist/physicians who are on Gail Chord Schuler’s marriage list. The goal of the course will be to promote tolerance and acceptance of all forms of sexuality and religion that do not harm innocents and to allow each version of innocent sexuality or religion to feel unthreatened as they practice their version of sexuality or religion, as long as they don’t try to force others to their version of sexuality or religion. The purpose for this course is to counter the attacks by the liberal groups to ban freedom of speech for those who are not liberal. This is tyranny and won’t be tolerated.

14.0e The SJW course must be ready by March 14, 2018. It will be started in all high schools in Conspiracy Law honoring nations. It will also be mandatory for all citizens of all Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Those who are determined to be SJWs by our Citizen Scanners must be the first to enroll in this mandatory course. They can take it online, by mail, in the classroom, or any way that courses are taught in the year 2018 or afterwards.

14.0f The Teacher Corps under Conspiracy Law will be teachers trained specifically for this course, preferably using people already in the field of education, who will be trained on how to conduct the course. Every member of the Teacher Corps is considered a Law Enforcement official under Conspiracy Law and must have all the qualifications of a Law Enforcement person under Conspiracy Law. Each teacher must honor the curriculum designed by Brent Spiner & Gerard Butler and failure to do so, will bring a fine against that teacher or school (depending on who is the guilty party in violating the curriculum). The teacher must present a neutral space for discussion and debate and stop any use of force against participants to choose one way or another. The course must be kept as simple as possible, so that it can be completed quickly and those who take it will understand completely what is a SJW under Conspiracy Law and why it is illegal to be a SJW under Conspiracy Law. The course must teach that the concept of “white privilege” is a lie and is used by Loree McBride Jesuits to create an environment of intolerance against white males and Christians, to eliminate blockades against Loree McBride’s goal for world power. At the same time, the course must also address the problem of police brutality against blacks. While blacks are not as persecuted as they were over a hundred years ago, they still face discrimination, especially from law enforcement. The course must use material from Brannon Howse (which is very good about the lie of “white privilege”) in the curriculum. So while “white privilege” is a lie. It is also a lie that blacks do NOT suffer discrimination, especially from law enforcement. We have a unique problem today in that whites AND blacks AND true Christians are being discriminated against by the Loree McBride Jesuit ELITE. It is our goal to remove all forms of discrimination against any group that suffers discrimination. Today that includes white males and Christians as well as blacks (by law enforcement). However, just because blacks suffer discrimination does not give them the right to be violent against innocents to voice their outrage. If anybody feels they have been discriminated against, they need to write my men at and we will deal with the discrimination according to Conspiracy Law.

14.0fa All courses in all schools, colleges and universities that train people to be SJWs must be removed from the curriculum (this includes Common Core in the United States which is a veiled attempt to make all students SJWs), or that college or university or school will lose its accreditation. The Federal Government must not influence the education in schools on a national level (by withholding or granting monies or other favors to influence education), other than to ensure that the SJW course (as described in Conspiracy Law) is offered at all schools (high school and up). The SJW course must be taught at any school that teaches anybody how to be a productive citizen of their country. Further, any schools or colleges that refuse to remove courses (or the United States equivalent of Common Core) that encourage SJW activity will be fined by the government, depending on the severity of the violation. A Citizen Scanner will be used to determine who is willingly and knowingly behind the violation and those are the ones who will be fined. Common Core is designed to produce SJWs, or citizens who cannot think rationally and objectively, which is contributing to the SJW epidemic the United States is currently experiencing. Common Core operates under the illusion that there is no absolute truth anywhere, which explains why it offers insane ways to come to conclusions, even arguing that 1 + 1 = 2 is a way to approach truth in mathematics and perhaps there are other answers to 1 + 1 =2, perhaps it could equal 4 or so on. This is insane and is designed to produce government clones or robots, the typical type of person who becomes a SJW.

14.0g However, even though an arrest cannot be made until a SJW has taken the course, warnings can be given to SJWs who violate Conspiracy Law and when a warning is given out, that SJW will be required to take the course at once or be arrested. Once they take the course, if they do a repeat violation as a SJW, they will be arrested and fined according to Conspiracy Law. Tyranny and bullying and SJW behavior will not be tolerated under Conspiracy Law!

14.0h To show how the law works. Let’s say a gay couple wants to have a cake baked for their wedding from a Christian baker who feels homosexual marriage is wrong. Forced is defined as using brain control, lawsuits, fines, drugs, threat to life, health or financial (economic) well being, slander, defamation, etc. of innocent sentient beings, or any willing and knowing (direct or indirect) act or attempted act that causes an innocent sentient being to choose something they would not have chosen if not for the act or attempted act used to make them compliant to the one who uses force against them. In this case, the gay couple is trying to force the innocent Christian into an act they would not do if they have total freedom. The gay couple cannot force the Christian to bake their cake, they must find another baker to do their cake. However, if the Christian baker took money to bake the cake, not knowing the couple was gay and refused to give the gay couple the cake after they were paid to bake the cake, that makes the Christian baker, no longer innocent, cuz they are guilty of theft. Of course, if the Christian baker refunds the gay couple for their cake and then refuses to give them the cake, then the gay couple may need to go elsewhere, unless something else makes the Christian baker not innocent – perhaps the wedding is tomorrow and there is not time to find another baker. In this case there was an offer and acceptance (a contract) and the Christian baker is violating the contract, thus making him/her not innocent. So the law, in this instance, would be enforced based on Conspiracy Law, which must determine the innocence of either party and whether tyranny or force is involved, that is the criteria used to determine the legality of the action.

14.0i Conspiracy Law is not perfect, but it’s way better than the current legal system in most countries today.

14.0j All citizens of all Conspiracy Law  honoring nations must take the SJW course by May 2018, unless they can’t due to health, in which case they must take it as soon as possible health permitting. This is especially true of those who have a history of SJW tendencies. We will use Citizen Scanners to determine who the SJWs are; they will be the first who must take this course. Willing and knowing failure to take this course, when the government gives the SJW the notice to do so, will bring a fine against that SJW that will be added onto for each day that SJW is not in compliance. Willing and knowing refusal by any SJW to take the SJW course will cause that person to be jailed and forced to take the course in jail. SJWs are guilty of tyranny which is a crime under Conspiracy Law that violates the freedoms of innocents.

14.0k Those who complete the SJW course quickly will receive bonuses from the government to honor their speedy compliance. The amount of the bonus will depend on the grade they get for the course. Those with higher grades getting a higher bonus.

14.0l Those who willingly and knowingly pollute the environment as defined by Conspiracy Law in this Sect. 14, will be fined according to the severity of their violation. This means every time Loree McBride Jesuits drop a bomb that willingly and knowingly unleashes unhealthy elements, germs, toxins, or pollution to the environment, the Loree McBride Jesuits will be fined, with Loree McBride paying most of the fines herself, her bank account seized and the bank accounts of Loree McBride Jesuits seized, to pay the fine. Unhealthy elements are defined as any substance that cause direct or indirect impairment of (or harm to) mental or physical health and/or that minimize or suppress freedom of choice for the victim, such as brain control germs that allow Loree McBride Jesuits to use brain control on a person causing them to act or have attitudes that are a violation of their autonomy and free choice in that attitude or action. The willing and knowing use of unhealthy elements (causing brain control to be used on innocents) in pollution carry the heaviest fines, with a fine of a billion dollars, with the guilty parties’ bank accounts seized for each willing and knowing attack using brain control unhealthy elements. Any pollution bomb or attack dropped on populations is also grounds for a declaration of war against those who have launched attacks using unhealthy elements, with orders from Empress Gail to execute all those willingly and knowingly behind the use of unhealthy elements on the population. For each pollution bomb dropped by a Loree McBride Jesuit there will be a fine of a million dollars, with bank accounts seized. So while we are rounding up the Loree McBride Jesuits for execution, we will also seize their bank accounts and extract the fine for their pollution to the environment.

14.0m All Conspiracy Law that mentions Zack Knight as an enemy is retracted. Zack is currently on the side of Conspiracy Law, as of Sept. 2016. The term Jesuit in all of Conspiracy Law as of this Mar. 7, 2018 refers to willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits. A pollution bomb is any bomb designed to put unhealthy elements into the air.

14.0x Regarding all of Conspiracy Law. All willing and knowing attempts to enforce Conspiracy Law must not assist Loree McBride Jesuits in their goal for a worldwide takeover or those involved in the enforcement will be given the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. Some law I’ve written is not workable, like my laws regarding the Transportnet in this document. In cases where the law is not workable, I grant permission to my men (Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner, etc.) to ignore that law and only enforce the laws that are workable. A law is considered not workable, when the requirements to enforce that law cannot be met, perhaps because it is not scientifically possible to enforce the law due to inaccurate and unworkable scientific theories that I thought would work for the law. If the law is not a life or death matter, than the law can just be ignored. If the law is a life or death matter, then evidence must be presented by someone qualified in the field (about the law) regarding that law’s unworkability. Once this evidence is presented (under death penalty if the evidence presenter is lying), the law can then be ignored.


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