August 2011 Quebec Trial: Gail Chord Schuler vs. Loree McBride

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TITLE: Order to Nuke Underwater Military City. 13:53 minutes. Date: Aug. 2, 2011. Synopsis: Vladimir Putin contacted me through email to inform me that he discovered the Jesuit plan to use an underwater city to launch upon the world a nuclear holocaust through a million strong Jesuit army. Therefore, Vladimir asked me what we should do, and he asked me to give him permission to hit the button for the missile to destroy the Jesuit military “baby soldier” compound. He informed me that Jesuit technology is so advanced, they can grow babies to adulthood within months, using accelerated growth hormones. I removed this video from YouTube because I was afraid if I kept it up, I’d get a YouTube strike and could lose my YouTube channel.

We should have learned after this trial that taking Jesuits to court is always a waste of time. They have no respect for any laws and think they are above all laws. Gail led Zack Knight and Rule 13 to Jesus in Sept. 2016 and they both side with Gail and Jesus now. Loree McBride, unfortunately, is now the evil Jesuit leader and has been since 2017.

Can read transcripts of my conversation with Zack Knight, when I led him to Jesus in 2016.

Loree McBride posted this at the end of July 2011 and I decided to take her to court. Loree posted this because Brent Spiner had started an online correspondence with me in June 2011. Gail made a movie about how Loree McBride drug raped Brent in Sept. 1992 as her entrance into his life.

This movie called Brent Spiner’s Rape is the true story about how Loree McBride gained her entrance to Brent Spiner’s life in Sept. 1992! Unfortunately, the Jesuits have made so many clones of Brent Spiner and Loree McBride, that they control the narrative; and lies abound online and in mainstream news about the true nature of Brent Spiner’s relationship with Loree McBride.

For information about the most important events in Gail’s life, check out Gail’s Trivia Page.

Loree also posted this at the end of July 2011.

After Loree posted the 2 above videos and started harassing Brent Spiner because he dared to contact the woman he truly loves (Gail), Gail decided to take Loree to court. The trial was called the 2011 Quebec Trial. Judge Terrance Jenkins recorded much of it and what he recorded is below. At this time, the Jesuits launched their website I captured screenshots of the website.

Judge Terrance Jenkins
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

The trial started with the death of 25,326. This alone, should have ended the case. The Jesuits started the trial with an act of terrorism.


Video 5

These are the photos Loree is talking about. The Jesuits sent them to Gail’s email in August 2011. These are photos of the Brent Spiner clone though. Brent told me his testicles are not as large as his clone’s because Brent is not a sex pervert like his clone is. I actually think Brent would like these photos to go out, since they are part of my website presenting historical evidence for my story and anyone who doesn’t have retard emotional IQ can tell that this is the Brent Spiner clone. It also presents evidence that Loree has a retard emotional IQ, making her totally incompatible with Brent Spiner, who, in June 2021, has an emotional IQ 9,000 or higher. Also, as I stated in the trial, Brent made his music albums for me, and listening to Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, (which he made for me from Oct. 1990 to early 1991 after I sent him my album in Sept. 1990) shows that Loree is NOT AT ALL like the woman Brent serenaded to in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back! Brent’s not making any money off of Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back cuz Loree wanted it off the market, because it’s obvious from listening to it that a woman like Loree is NOT Brent’s type. The album reveals Brent as a thoughtful, deep lover totally incompatible with Loree McBride.

I thought Jews were supposed to be CIRCUMCISED. Didn’t have enough time to get circumcised Brent Spiner CLONE? (CLICK ON LINK ABOVE). Guess they had to grow you really fast (using accelerated growth hormones) to impersonate Brent Spiner for the Quebec trial. Most Brent Spiner clones are not over a couple months old literally.

Check out this page for more about this 2011 Quebec trial.

Video 6
Video 7
Video 8
Video 9
Video 10
Video 11

To get the complete story of all the events leading up to the 2011 Quebec trial and the aftermath, including how UFOs abducted Brent Spiner as we executed Loree McBride clones in the execution chamber and how this enabled Gail to lead Brent Spiner to Christ in 2011, read Gail’s book Brent Spiner’s Flames.

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