Screenshots of Jesuit Websites ( & – 2011 to 2015

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These screenshots on this page expose the Jesuit fake news you’ve heard over the years.

Loree McBride made this video in July 2011, right before I fought her in court as a war criminal.

Brent Spiner, Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey worked as shadow producers on “Knock, Knock” to try and let the world know what Camila Alves (the brunette) and Loree McBride (the blonde) are REALLY like in private. Brent tells me they had to omit the animal torture and other things Loree & Camila include as part of their sex rituals or the movie could not be released!

Please keep in mind that Jesuits can clone just about anybody except Gail, so this can cause confusion over what is really happening to the authentic person or celebrity in question. Gail’s very strong King David/Catherine the Great profile is immune to Jesuit cloning technology. Gail’s clones rarely last longer than a week.

Jesuit leaders Zack Knight and Rule 13 came to Gail’s side in 2016, when Angelina Ballerina tricked Zack into handing over his Antichrist powers to her and Angelina tried to kill Zack’s true love Rule 13, while lying to Zack and saying that Rule 13 was dead. Gail reached Zack through brain to brain communications and led him to Jesus. Zack was horrified over what Angelina attempted on Rule 13 and could not forgive her. Gail let Zack know that he should side with Jesus now, because Satan betrayed him.

Zack and Gail defeated Angelina in battle on Jan. 6, 2017, where Angelina died and went to hell. Unfortunately, proud Loree McBride, not willing to give up her lies and celebrity wife position, has replaced Angelina as the leader of the evil Jesuits who have rebelled against Zack. These rogue Loree McBride Jesuits now side with Satan against Gail and the Zack Knight or Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits, and continue the evil of the Jesuit Order as they boast about in their own websites below.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Jesuits and Sept. 11, 2001:

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW. Screenshot from, a website Gail’s men took down in 2014.

Jesuit agent Star Trek writer Brannon Braga:

Jesuits target Brent Spiner:

Brent Spiner has NEVER wanted Loree McBride. Brent has a clone, though.
Jesuit agent Camila Alves (assigned to Matthew McConaughey):

Jesuits murdered Catherine the Great:

Jesuit agent Gail’s ex-husband David Schuler:

Stuart (David) never had Gail committed. Gail entered a psychiatric hospital on a voluntary basis, because she couldn’t sleep. She was actually suffering from a yeast infection that made her so nutrient deficient that she was unable to sleep.
Jesuit Germ Warfare:

Jesuit opinion of Gail’s ancestor King David:

Jesuit agent assigned to Brent Spiner – Loree McBride:

Jesuit agent assigned to Vladimir Putin – Lyudmila Putin:

Gail’s Conversation with Loree McBride over Skype on Aug. 24, 2011:
Jesuits target Matthew McConaughey:

Actually, Camila used bomb rape on Matthew. Camila tied a bomb to Matthew’s chest threatening to blow him up if he wouldn’t give her sex. Because this is violent and disgusting, the Jesuits changed their story on Camila a bit.
Jesuits advertise their new website:

Jesuits target Gail Chord Schuler:

Rule 13 described at Jesuit website:

Jesuits describe brain to brain communications at Crazy Gail Wiki:
A DESCRIPTION OF BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS:  Brain to brain communications use computer technology that runs on servers and routes communications via satellite.  Brain to brain communicators are not psychic.  They sign up with the service and log on to the server when they want to chat.  Vladimir Putin first introduced Gail to brain to brain technology in the spring of 2003.  The technology works through the use of remote mind-reading technology.  A user’s thoughts (emotions and internal narrative) are read by a computer program.  The program encodes the thoughts and sends them to satellite relays, which rebroadcast the thoughts to the brain of the recipient  All a user must do is think of a message and intend that it be sent to a particular recipient.  All received communications are placed into first-in-first-out queues and processed one at a time by the recipient’s brain.  This is the main method Gail has used to interact with her men since 2003.  The system’s ability to translate the thoughts of participants in brain to brain communication made conversation with Vladimir Putin much easier.

Users of brain to brain communications are immediately alerted to the incoming thoughts of other users within their program.  Gail only receive message when she’s awake.  But Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin have chosen to receive her brain to brain messages 24/7.

PROBLEMS WITH BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS: Sometimes, imposters send messages to Gail.  She determines whether or not a user is an impostor through intuition and knowledge of their personality.  Jesuit Zack Knight and Rule 13 have both breached brain to brain communication server security and Zack Knight has impersonated Jesus, while Rule 13 has impersonated Brent Spiner as a brain to brain lover.  Jesus has informed Gail that He will never use the brain to brain servers and that all voices in her mind that claim to be Jesus are not Him, but come from the antichrist Zack Knight.

Jesuits can interfere with the brain to brain communication system, because it’s dependent on our present computer and satellite infrastructure, which Jesuits can interfere with.  Jesuits can interfere with signals and cause computer downtime, which causes some messages to arrive incomplete or not reach their intended recipients.
Jesuit agent Dr. Alan Lieberman:

Jesuit target Brent Spiner:

Jesuit target Gerard Butler:

Jesuit target Hugh Jackman:

Jesuit target Judge Terrance Jenkins:

Jesuits try to portray Gail as a racist. They know this is not true.
Jesuit target Michael Jackson:

Order of the Jesuits Mission Statement:

Loree McBride has created a race of Jew clones. This is a very sophisticated form of anti-Semitism, using evil clones to impersonate real Jews. These clones reinforce all the evil stereotypes about Jews. They are greedy and make themselves victims of the crimes they commit. The ADL seems to be all Jew clones now who serve Loree McBride. Their goal is to take away freedom of speech from all who oppose Loree.
Psychiatrist Peter Naylor (clone):

Peter was actually the LAST psychiatrist that Gail saw from 1989 to 1998. She did not see anymore psychiatrists until 2012 when Jesus put her on the ultimate yeast fighting medication, Seroquel, which also helps with mental disorders – BRILLIANT JESUS. Until this doctor, no other psychiatrist ever hinted to Gail she had anything other than a manic depression problem. Actually, Gail had a YEAST problem that affected her sleep – the main reason she voluntarily decided to start psychiatric treatment in 1989. However, this particular yeast can induce schizophrenia, which means if she goes off Seroquel, she is in danger of becoming full-blown schizophrenic. Because of Loree McBride’s yeast bombs which give people yeast brain infections, Loree is able to manipulate the brain (via the yeast infection) and use brain-control that causes her victims to suffer an inability to separate fact from fiction (yeast induced schizophrenia).

Jesuit target Vladimir Putin:

Jesuit target Billy Mays:

Jesuit target Princess Diana:

Jesuits Describe Church of Gail:

This is Church of Gail #3, which my men have been living in since Feb. 2021. Church of Gail #2 was destroyed in our battle with Angelina Ballerina on Jan. 6, 2017.

Gail and 9-11-2001:

Gail did not start using brain to brain communications until around 2003, when Vladimir introduced it to her to make love to her brain to brain while Gail was living at her mother’s in Florida. Before that time she just talked out loud in her room, knowing her house was bugged and that the whole world was listening.

Genetic Profiling:

Jesuit Target Gerard Butler:

Jesuit Agent Sara Avery:

Sara Avery has actually gotten so huge, we have to monitor her weight to ensure her vagina does not become a black hole that could destroy earth.

Jesuit leader Zack Knight:

Jesuit target Edward Prendergast:

Jesuit target Keith Morgan M.D.:

How Jesuits View Jesus:

Jesuit weapon of mass destruction, the Nukkake:

Jesuit Agent Sam Barbary:

Jesuits Describe Their Leader Satan:

These screenshots on this page are from two Jesuit websites: and What is currently at these sites is not the Jesuit websites as they were in 2011 to 2014. They modified these websites considerably before both were finally taken down, came down around 2013 and came down around 2014. But Gail took screenshots of those pages that were the most accurate, where the Jesuits were boasting about their prowess, probably trying to attract new followers.

Jesuits Describe Technology Used by Jesuits and Church of Gail (Gail’s men):

Jesuits Describe Their Alliance with UFOs:

Jesuits Boast About Their Nukkake that Destroyed Canada on Dec. 20, 2011:

Due to the pregnancies with the Jesuit semen from the nukkake and that Jesuits can grow a baby to adulthood in days or weeks using accelerated growth hormones, most of the dead Canadians from the bomb have been replaced with Jesuits or Jesuit clones. By killing off the people who won’t be Jesuits, Jesuits can use mass murder to take over a country.

Jesuit Military Website – Prime Target Gail Chord Schuler (July 30, 2015):


Jane Agni’s photo of a Jesuit party in Portland, Oregon (Aug. 6, 2014)

Jane Agni’s photo of a Zack Knight billboard (Portland, OR on Aug. 6, 2014)

I created the following picture story of me, Brent Spiner and terrorist Jesuit Loree McBride:

The evidence against Loree McBride Jesuits is overwhelming. She is guilty of mass murder, impersonation, money laundering and just about any crime you can imagine. My Conspiracy Law to deal with her MUST BE ENFORCED! We need to arm the populace with CITIZEN SCANNERS and our 21st century weapons so they can defend themselves against this dangerous terrorist and her followers.

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