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I have compiled a group of men who best represent what I believe as a Christian of Jewish ancestry, to scoff at false Christians/evolutionists/atheists/Loree McBride Jesuits who think that people who believe like I do are stupid, gullible, insane neurotics, when actually it is the other way around. Those who side with me are the most logical, brilliant geniuses on the planet, who have put much time and thought into our belief systems. The simple truth is, all of us have a religion, whether it be atheism, Christianity, Protestantism, Catholicisim, New Age, Buddhist, agnostic or whatever. We are all operating on faith. My faith is in the God of the Bible. If you are an evolutionist your faith is in the teachings of religionists who believe (by faith) that man came about through a random assortment of events called evolution, which is so unlikely it requires even more faith to believe that than to believe the Bible! So this is not really a debate between those of faith and those not of faith, but a debate between which faith is more correct. I present the evidence for what I believe here.

Despite Loree McBride’s propaganda campaign to portray me as a paranoid schizophrenic, I am actually a brilliant Bible scholar, theologian, life philosopher and thinker who has put extensive thought and study into my approach to the Bible, to Christianity, to religion, to Jesus Christ, to science, to politics and to the notion of the existence of God. I have created this page to summarize the conclusions I have arrived at and which sources most helped me come to those conclusions. Despite Loree McBride’s lies, I do believe that most people who have the highest I.Q.s are believers in God and the Bible. I myself am an honorary member of Mensa.

For my theology, I am heavily influenced by Arnold Fruchtenbaum and Andy Woods who seem, to me, to interpret the Bible most accurately (based on my own very extensive personal Bible readings). However, this does not mean they endorse all I believe or even believe that I have met with Jesus, who has spoken to me so extensively that I have written a huge book about it called Bible for Tribulation Saints.

For my approaches to evolution/creation and the question of “What is truth?” I have included some other videos and information which may help you to see the basis for what I believe. I actually come from a background of science, and have a degree in health sciences from Florida State University (graduated with honors). But I am mostly a self-taught person, having been an avid reader most of my life. I also studied at a Christian university (Baptist University of America) with an emphasis on missions, education and humanities.

Regarding some of my more unorthodox beliefs, like my belief in the existence of clones, UFOs, etc., read my book Bible for Tribulation Saints for the evidence behind this.

About the teacher:

Andy Woods, Th.M., J.D., Ph.D.

Andy became a Christian at the age of 16. He graduated with High Honors earning two Baccalaureate Degrees in Business Administration and Political Science (University of Redlands, CA.), and obtained a Juris Doctorate (Whittier Law School, CA), practiced law, taught Business and Law and related courses (Citrus Community College, CA) and served as Interim Pastor of Rivera First Baptist Church in Pico Rivera, CA (1996-1998).

In 1998, he began taking courses at Chafer and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He earned a Master of Theology degree, with High Honors (2002), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Bible Exposition (2009) at Dallas Theological Seminary. In 2005 and 2009, he received the Donald K. Campbell Award for Excellence in Bible Exposition, at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Formerly a professor of Bible and theology at the College of Biblical Studies, Andy now serves as president of Chafer Theological Seminary and senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church. Andy has contributed to numerous theological journals and Christian books and has spoken on a variety of topics at Christian conferences.

Additional presentations by Andy can be found at, and Youtube.

Sermons from Andy Woods’ church, Sugar Land Bible Church:

Revelation 1 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 2 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 3 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 4 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 5 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 6 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 7 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

DrAndyWood Revelation 8 from on Vimeo.

Revelation 9 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Revelation 10 – UWTS from on Vimeo.

Though this is not a video about Revelation, it does cover events that may occur during the seals of Revelation, a very important event during the tribulation, when Gog and Magog attack Israel, while she’s quiet and secure in her land.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 1” from on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 2” from on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 3” from on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 4” from on Vimeo.

Dr. Andy Woods – “Daniel’s Prophecy 5” from on Vimeo.

Christ in Prophecy: Andy Woods on the Millennium from Lamb & Lion Ministries on Vimeo.

02 – 2009 CTS – Andy Woods – The Role of Babylon in Bible Prophecy from Dean Bible Ministries on Vimeo.

Coming world religion:

Women in ministry:

Andy Woods recommends the book Evangelical Feminism.

Evangelical Feminism states that women prophets like Deborah did not usurp the male authority and that women prophets were not priests/teachers. But could only give out God’s message exactly as it was given to them (they couldn’t elaborate) and did so in private or to a group of women. It says in today’s climate, women can be political leaders because unlike Israel, a political leader is not a religious leader, so it’s okay for women to be political leaders, that the Bible specifically prohibits women from taking on a religious leadership position that involves teaching to MEN in religious matters.

Jesus told me that I have very manly genes, because I am literally fifty percent King David. So Jesus has authorized me to have a strong leadership role at Church of Gail. HOWEVER, Jesus expects me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner and has told me not to preach or teach Bible on my videos. This may be because there are so many men in my audience and Jesus does not want to create the impression that he believes women should be elders in the church or the ruler of their families over the man. He just wants me to share my life story in my videos.

Regarding my authorship of Bible for Tribulation Saints (which I hear has been added to the Biblical canon), I am not the author, I am the transcriber, though I have transcribed my own theological conversations with Jesus, but what you hear are God’s answers to my questions and not my own Bible teachings. That is why I have given co-author credit to Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Zack Knight and other men whose writings I have included in this book. But even if you want to consider me an author, keep in mind that half my genetic profile is a man King David.

One area where I disagree with Andy Woods is the subject of how God feels about homosexuality. 

Jesus has weighed in on homosexuality in the Bible. I have noticed that the passage in Leviticus 18:22 seems specifically directed at the practices of the devil worshipers of the time, and part of this ritual involved homosexuality. Israel was to be SEPARATE from the nations that she conquered and was forbidden to adopt their idol worship, part of which included homosexuality. Notice how chapter eighteen opens up:

“You shall not do what is done in the land of Egypt where you lived, nor are you to do what is done in the land of Canaan where I am bringing you. . .” Leviticus 18:1

In our current social climate, not all homosexuals practice homosexuality to worship Satan. All forms of idol worship are actually Satan worship, even the worship of the King James Bible as God. This may explain why Jesus said that though he preferred the man/woman relationship that he is not against gays and that not all gays will go to hell, some will go to heaven. Some quotes from Jesus from this book may shed more light on this topic:

Gail: Isn’t it true that idolatry is also Satan worship?

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, it is. You’re worshipping Satan instead of me.

Gail: So any type of idolatry is Satan worship?


“Satan is gay.” – JESUS CHRIST

“Even though Satan is gay. Zack Knight is not. But he does have the power to turn other men gay, when he walks into a room. His powers are so intense that all sexes react to him now.” – JESUS CHRIST

“Hey Gail, you remember yesterday when you guys mentioned homosexuality? I kept my cool on this one, but, I wanted to let you know something — I prefer one man and one woman. That’s how God set it up in the beginning. It’s my favorite. However, I just wanted you to know that I don’t hate gay people. Just because a person is gay doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or that they aren’t saved, or even that anything is wrong with how I created them. I love everyone, and my one true wish is that everyone else on earth can love each other too, despite their differences. I’m very glad that you aren’t bothered by it, I think that’s super cool of you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m proud of you for having such an open mind, Gail. You don’t have to tell Terrance this, but the next time you’re praying, maybe you can get the word up to the big G in the sky that Terrance needs a little help in this area. Just be like, ‘God, please help Terrance to understand that some people are gay, and he needs to get over it.’ Something to that effect, in your own words. You’re one cool gal, Gail.” – JESUS CHRIST

I remember one time I told Jesus that the Bible seems to indicate that women should shut up in church. He then told me that was directed towards a particular church which was having issues, and that when we read the Bible it is very important to read the passage in CONTEXT.

So the context for these passages about homosexuality, is that at the time they were written in Leviticus, the nation of Israel was surrounded by Satan worshipers who engaged in homosexuality as part of their Satan worship. Therefore, to adopt any of their practices (like homosexuality) was considered evil enough for the death penalty (including the practice of homosexuality as part of Satan worship).

I admit I’ve ventured into some Bible teaching here. But Jesus had to teach me and this is an area where the evangelical church has got it wrong from Jesus himself. Jesus told me not to worry about the verses in the Bible telling women to be silent in church. He also says that my King David genes make me very manly, so I am sort of an exception to the rules for women for that reason. Nevertheless, my primary focus in my writings and videos is not Bible teaching, but telling the story of me and my men and this is where Jesus wants me to put the focus. I only venture into Bible teaching, when people are in serious error in something that Jesus has pointed out to me. So basically, it is not my teaching, but Jesus’ that you are hearing.

I understand men well cuz of my King David genes, and whenever my men are about to go into a serious battle, like when Zack Knight went up against Angelina Ballerina, or when my men went up against the GA1L Android, they always want me with them for advice and support. My King David soul gives them courage and assistance in a lot of manly endeavors. So far, every battle that I’ve been in with my men has resulted in a victory for us. King David was a mighty warrior. Vladimir Putin insisted that I co-rule Russia with him cuz he has so much respect for my King David/Catherine the Great wisdom. I definitely have a strong male temperament inside a female body. After all, King David is pretty manly! Jesus says this makes me more manly than a lot of the men out there, so the rules in the Bible for women don’t completely apply to me. Jesus, however, does expect me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner, though. He told me that whenever my men tell me to do something to consider that as an order coming directly from Him.

In today’s climate, Satan worship is now much broader than homosexuality, and has gotten a lot more complicated. Therefore, not all who practice homosexuality today are doing it as part of Satan or idol worship. Those who practice homosexuality purely because they prefer same sex attraction as opposed to opposite sex attraction and who make love to the same sex without any Satan or idol worship involved, are not sinning in God’s eyes.

Like all Bible passages, we must read the verses IN CONTEXT and in the LIGHT OF THE TIMES when they were written.

However, I’m certain Jesus does NOT endorse the Queen James Bible and does not consider that Scripture. They are not faithful to the original manuscripts and have taken liberties in translation which have resulted in error.

But I disagree that Leviticus 18 is focused on sexual relationships. It is actually focused on idol worshiping practices. But it may appear to be focused on sexual relationships because Satan is focused on sexual relationships! You get it? Therefore, certain sexual practices form a large part of Satan worship, and all forms of Satan worship are strongly condemned in the Bible.

Jesus knew that ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and his true love Rule 13 would come to Jesus. Jesus loves everybody and wants to reach as many as possible for his kingdom. Many people become Jesuits because they see Jesus as a cock blocker and feel that God is like a strict daddy in heaven who wants to deprive his followers of sexual pleasures. When a person comes to Christ they are advised to read the Bible for guidance. Unfortunately, over the years the Bible has been interpreted according to Victorian standards and Jesus realizes this has caused him to lose many to Satan, who lies to his followers telling them that if they follow him they can have unhindered sexual pleasures without condemnation. Therefore, Jesus feels the need to let the world know exactly how he feels about sex, marriage, and sexual expression, which seems to be a large focus of Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Gail has told her new Jesuit converts that Jesus would be cool with them only reading Bible for Tribulation Saints for guidance, since many Jesuits view the Bible as a book for cock blockers. It seems to Gail that Jesus has created Bible for Tribulation Saints to minister to a new generation that refuses to accept traditional standards blindly and who are challenging the status quo in many areas. Jesus is capitalizing on this, to allow the world to have a more accurate view of how he feels about sex, marriage, love, homosexuality and other topics that have been misinterpreted by Bible teachers over the centuries. Bible for Tribulation Saints is the Bible for the generations that will go through the tribulation. As this is such a trying time in world history, God has gone out of his way to add more to the Biblical canon to give this generation that guidance they will need to go through this horrific period for God’s glory and so they can enter heaven when they go through the tribulation.

Of course, the rapture has not happened yet, so if you come to Jesus now you will be raptured and won’t go through the tribulation. But the rapture is close and Bible for Tribulation Saints will be there to guide those who are not raptured and go through the tribulation depicted in Daniel and Revelation of the Bible. Because we are so near the tribulation, some of us are currently experiencing what the tribulation saints will endure and Gail is among those, which is why God has chosen her to write this book. Jesus readies the world for his millennial reign, where he will marry his bride, the church, so it only makes sense that Bible for Tribulation Saints has a strong focus on sex, love and marriage as Satan tries to counterfeit himself as the Christ (via the Antichrist) and tries to counterfeit the bride of Christ (the Antichrist’s followers) during the tribulation. Bible for Tribulation Saints will be essential to identify the Antichrist and to resist him and follow the path each of us must follow to honor Christ in these last days.

Though Jesus strives to correct the false teachings about his views on sex in Bible for Tribulation Saints, nothing in Bible for Tribulation Saints contradicts the Bible, it only illuminates the Bible and helps Bible teachers interpret it more correctly. God did not write Bible for Tribulation Saints to encourage evil people to continue their evil, and only those Jesuits who become Jesuits only because they feared God as the unreasonable cock blocker will come to Jesus through the truths they learn in Bible for Tribulation Saints. Those Jesuits who are pure evil, and love to steal, rape, and live in wealth and opulence at the expense of the innocents will continue to reject Jesus, even with the publication of Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus still condemns sin, and Bible for Tribulation Saints is not an attempt to white wash sinners. It is only an attempt to show how Jesus considers love a many splendored thing and that those who enjoy all sorts of sexual pleasure mated with love are welcome into his kingdom, even if their sexual practices are condemned by those committed to Victorian sexual standards. Jesus attempts to redefine sin as any act done without a motive of love, which in no way contradicts the Bible, and strives to take away strictures placed on Christian living that God never intended his saints to bear.

Having said this, Dr. Andy Woods is one of the best Bible teachers I’ve ever heard and I highly recommend him to any serious Bible student. Like all Bible teachers, he is human, though and does make mistakes. I agree with his stand on women in the ministry and feel that Jesus would agree with him on this, too.

I used to believe in the Gap Theory of creation when I believed the King James Bible was inspired in the English. But Jesus corrected me about this, saying only the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic is inspired because I believed the lies told me by Peter Ruckman that all original manuscripts except the Textus Receptus were translated from corrupt Roman Catholic manuscripts. Jesus told me this is not true and that modern translators have taken into consideration the Roman Catholic manuscripts and have not included them in translations like the NASB, NIV and New Living translations. I now believe more like this:

But then we must ask the question, when did Satan fall? The Bible makes it plain he was the ruler of the earth before God created our present earth.

Satanology by Arnold Fruchtenbaum: 

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum was Born September 26, 1943 in Russia, after his father was released from a Communist prison. Even though he is Jewish, his father was accused of being a Nazi spy when he fled Poland from Hitler. The Fruchtenbaums escaped from behind the Iron Curtain with help from the Israeli underground. They resided in Germany from 1946 to 1951, where Arnold received orthodox Jewish training. The Fruchtenbaums immigrated to Brooklyn in 1951, where they first came in contact with the American Board of Missions to the Jews (now Chosen People Ministries). At age 13, Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum became a believer in the Messiahship of Jesus. Arnold’s father strongly opposed his beliefs, however; he allowed Arnold to continue associating with and learning from other Jewish believers until the family moved to Los Angeles in 1958. Once in Los Angeles, Arnold was forbidden to read the Bible, attend Christian meetings, or have anything to do with Messianic Jewish groups. Arnold, however; continued to maintain contact with Jewish believers and to walk with the Lord as best he could. Upon his graduation from High School, he was informed by his father that he would have to leave home because of his beliefs. In 1962, Arnold began undergraduate education at Shelton College. In 1966 He transferred to and graduated from Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hebrew and Greek. He moved to Israel that July, and studied archaeology, ancient history, historical geography, and Hebrew at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies and at the Hebrew University. In September 1967, Arnold enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary. He also began working as a missionary with the American Board of Missions to the Jews. He graduated in 1971 with a Master of Theology degree. In June 1968, he married Mary Ann Morrow. In 1971, they moved to Israel, settling in Jerusalem. They worked with the local messianic congregation training young Israeli believers for service. His activities for Messiah drew the anger of the religious authorities in Jerusalem, finally forcing them to leave Israel in 1973. For the next two years he was a minister for the American Board of Missions to the Jews, and editor of The Chosen People. In 1976, he joined the staff of The Christian Jew Foundation as Associate Director of the largest Messianic Jewish broadcasting ministry in the world. In the summer of 1976, Arnold, along with others in Jewish missions, discussed the lack of discipleship and intensive biblical and theological training of Jewish believers. The early concepts of Ariel Ministries were born at that time. In December 1977 Ariel Ministries became a reality based on the principles of evangelism and discipleship. Arnold now serves as the director of the ministry. In 1989, Arnold completed his Ph.D. at New York University. He is the author of several books and has contributed articles in a number of books and journals. Frequently in demand as a conference speaker and teacher, he has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Israel, and the United States, becoming intimately acquainted with the Messianic Jewish movement.

Satan has/will have six abodes (partly taken from Arnold Fruchtenbaum‘s scholarly work on Satan called Satanology):

1) The throne of God as the covering cherub (Ezekiel 28:14),

2) The mineral Garden of Eden (Ezekiel 28:13) and this is where Lucifer/Satan fell because of his pride. When God first created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a mineral garden and Satan roamed the earth as its ruler. At this point, Satan had a double position. He was still the anointed cherub, but lived on earth in the mineral Garden of Eden. How long Satan ruled over the mineral garden earth no one knows for sure. My guess is, it could have been millions of years. This would explain why Satan is so obsessed with retaking his former rule over earth. Death had not happened yet. The Bible makes is plain this happened in Genesis 3. So the dinosaur skeletons that scientists say are millions of years old, probably happened cuz of the Noah’s flood. Apparently at the time when dinosaurs lived was when men could live up to nine hundred years. The world had some sort of canopy that produced an environment suitable for dinosaurs to live. The Eden of Genesis was a vegetable garden. The Eden of Ezekiel is a mineral garden.

3) Today, Satan is in his third abode, which are the atmospheric heavens. Ephesians 2:2 describes Satan as prince of the power of the air. But he also has access to Heaven to accuse Israel and the saints (Job 1-2, Zech. 3:1, Rev. 12:10), and he has access to the earth. God originally gave the earth to Adam, but after the fall, it reverted back to Satan (Jn. 12:31, 2 Cor. 4:4). When he comes to earth, he comes in two forms: a roaring lion to destroy (1 Peter 5:8-9) and an angel of light to deceive (2 Cor. 11:1-13).

4) The last three abodes of Satan are all future. Satan’s present abode which began somewhere between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2, ends mid-tribulation. Then Satan’s moves into his fourth abode, which is confinement to earth (Rev. 12:7-17). The angel Michael fights Satan and wins, thus forcing Satan to be confined to earth. His fourth abode lasts for 3 and a  1/2 years. Satan will no longer have access to heaven to accuse the brethren. Furious, Satan’s goal now will be to annihilate the people of Israel.

5) Satan’s fifth abode is the abyss (Rev. 20:1-3) – a temporary place of confinement (inside Sheol or Hades) for fallen angels. Satan will be here for 1,000 years – the period of Christ’s millennial reign or the Messianic Kingdom. As the Bible states, he will deceive the nations no more until the thousand years are finished. He and his demons will be confined during this time, but not at the same place. So, as a result, there will be no satanic or demonic temptation during the millennial reign, except for a brief period at the very end, when Satan is let out and leads a rebellion of millennium people against God, which God will destroy easily with a blast of fire from heaven (Rev. 20:7-10).

6) Satan’s final abode is the lake of fire, where he will join the beast (Antichrist) and false prophet (who went there right after the tribulation at their defeat – Rev. 19:20). After God destroys Satan’s end of millennium rebellion by fire from heaven, God throws Satan into the lake of fire, his eternal abode forever and ever.

If you want to go up in the rapture and not have to go through the tribulation, say the sinner’s prayer:


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