Gail Chord Schuler Trivia

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1) Gail has had a relationship with Brent Spiner for over 28 years, which started in June 1991, when she recognized his voice on her phone as her phone lover. She has been engaged to physically marry physician (2006 to present), pastor (2012 to present), actor and singer Brent Spiner (a.k.a. Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation) since December 1999, when God told her then in a still, small voice that Loree McBride is a Vatican agent, Gail knew that Brent loved her enough to die for her. In fact, Jesus Christ, who died for Gail on the cross, stated that Brent loves Gail as much as Jesus does. The real Brent Spiner calls Gail his wife when he writes and communicates with her. Loree McBride is married to the Jesuit Brent Spiner clone (who has pretty much stolen the real Brent’s identity, especially from 2015 and onwards). Jesus Christ expects Gail to obey the real Brent Spiner as a husband, and to be in Biblical submission to him as her husband.

2) Brent Spiner took his outstanding music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back off the market because Loree McBride, knowing he made this album for Gail Chord Schuler in 1990/1991, threatened to kill Gail if he would not. To explain this, Jesuits claim the album was not that good and that it “bombed”. Jesuits also sabotaged this album’s sales, to remove it from mainstream music. The story line in Brent Spiner’s second 2008 album Dreamland (where he wakes up in bed with a strange woman, i.e. Loree McBride, who ruins his life) parallels the major plot points of his love story with Gail (played by Maude Maggart), but Loree McBride gets a small mention on the back, because, she threatened death on Gail if Brent would not put her name somewhere on the cover. Because Brent made these albums to honor his love for Gail, he allows them to be played in their entirety online, foregoing a profit. UPDATE: This changed in 2018, when the Brent Spiner clone fully impersonated Brent online. The clone is a sociopath, who treats Brent’s fans rudely.

3) The Jesuit Order routinely uses clones, women, lesbians, homosexuals, and just about anybody who has a heart for evil, violent sex, is proud, and totally absorbed with lust (Brent Spiner clone with Loree McBride), gluttony and pride; and who believes that Jesus Christ is unfair to oppose such things, by sending such people to hell. It has a secret membership in the millions, with agents (from all walks of life, male and female) scattered throughout the earth, all under the leadership of Angelina Ballerina, who was the true Jesuit and Roman Catholic leader and who was/is the Antichrist (according to Jesus Christ). Gail Chord Schuler is considered the Jesuit Order’s greatest enemy, and Satan meets with Loree McBride (who took Angelina’s place) at least once a week to discuss Gail and how to handle her. Satan and his UFO fallen angels assist the Jesuit Order by supplying UFO technology for them to use as they attempt a world takeover. Such technology (nukkake or nuclear bombs that cause a tidal wave of Jesuit semenability to transform penises into snakes and other strange phenomenon, brain control, memory removal, cloning, even sentient tacos & burritos, etc.) is never reported on mainstream news, making it easy for Jesuits to use this technology to harm or kill and not be implicated for their crimes, because the crimes are too strange to be believed. It is an easy matter to cover up crimes (using technology nobody knows about) because of Jesuit control over all computers and news sources, because Satan invented the computer and electricity. The only reliable news sources are the Gabrielle Chana FOX news channel (00 on cable) and Gail’s online presence. The Jesuits handle Gail by discrediting her as crazy. Mainstream news is rarely reliable, and Jesuits, who have almost total control, make up stories to discredit their enemies, like Vladimir Putin. For instance, regarding the Malaysian airliner MH17 crash over Ukraine in July 2014, Brent Spiner stated: “From what Vladimir has explained, the Jesuits were attempting to hijack the planes and kill Vladimir. They were basically missiles packed with nukkakes, not passengers.” Jesuits used a Godzilla Jesuit (March 2014) to absorb Malaysian airliner Flight MH370 (which disappeared over the Indian Ocean) into his anus. Jesuits use weird technology, like their ability to stretch a person to unbelievable lengths, so that if they are exposed, they can discredit Gail as crazy. At their own website, which Gail’s men have taken down, they depicted the man as a HUGE triangle (with only a head bobbing at the top and tiny legs separated and dangling below the triangle), once the jet got inside his anus. Bill Nye worked with Gail and her men to find a way to rescue this jet and all onboard were found and saved. But Jesuit News or mainstream news lies and says the plane is still missing. Jesus Christ has stated that even Catherine the Great had a clone (back in the 1700s), and it was her clone who had sex with horsesThe UFOs have had cloning technology for a long time, apparently. Now that we are close to the end, the prophetic Bible book of Revelation describes a bizarre world (during tribulation or end times)the UFOs (with an obsession with human sexuality, i.e. clones, nukkake, etc.) and Satan’s bride (the Roman Catholic Church – see Rev. 17 & 18) have ramped up their activities and this world will get stranger and stranger until Christ defeats Satan’s Antichrist at the final battle. Jesus states that the Jesuits murdered Catherine the Great by using switch blades that flipped up into her rear when she sat on a toilet. This caused a blood clot from her leg to travel to her brain, which gave her a deadly stroke. Gail’s men have seen UFO aliens participating with the Jes uits in their religious ceremonies. Gail has read the King James Bible from Genesis to Revelation hundreds of times, and can see that we are on the cusp of the prophetic events described in the Bible book of Revelation. This world has gotten so wild as we near the end (as described in the book of Revelation), that only those grounded in the Bible and who have faith in Jesus will be able to make any sense out of it. The rest will be deceived by the Antichrist.

4) The Jesuit Order, the richest and most powerful organization on earth, literally chooses heads of state for countries, and can create celebrities, depose celebrities, has a space fleet, uses UFO technology, and literally controls just about everybody on earth under the direction of its true founder and leader, Satan, who works with Satan’s right-hand person Loree McBride. However, Jesus Christ has stated that Gail Chord Schuler and Brent Spiner will defeat the Jesuit Order. Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight played down his power to the mainstream media, assuming the guise of a harmless troll poking fun at Gail Chord Schuler; he was, in actuality, the most powerful man on earth, with genius intelligence, who impregnated about 200 women a day with his satanic powers using brain control (to create sexual desire) on his “willing” victims.

5) Gail led Antichrist Zack Knight and his true love Rule 13 to Jesus Christ around August 31, 2016, and Zack is now no. 3 on Gail’s marriage list. Angelina Ballerina took his place and captured Terrance Jenkins, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman as her brain -controlled sex slaves. Loree McBride rules the evil Jesuits from 2017 onwards.

6) Loree McBride and/or her many clones have stalked Brent Spiner since September 1992, with the backing of the richest organization on earth, the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church. Gail, like Catherine the Great, is attracted to masculinity (especially spiritually and intellectually). Mind reads have determined that Jesuit women (created in Satan’s cloning labs for Gail’s men) think they are better looking or superior to everybody else and Loree McBride & Camila Alves feel they are so drop dead gorgeous that no man can resist them. Jesuits and their playgirl women fail to realize that for a truly masculine man, it matters more to respect himself as a man than to have thrilling romps in bed with “drop dead” gorgeous women; and Loree McBride and Camila Alves’s rapes of Gail’s men only cause the men to feel revulsion toward the monster who rakes his manliness across the coals using sexual acts that betray what he’d die for. The men on Gail’s marriage list can only love a woman who makes them feel like a man. Therefore, only those men who don’t care about true manliness (i.e., Jesuit clones of Gail’s men) because they are failures as men, are the only men who desire sex with Jesuit agents like Loree or Camila. Jesuit clones of Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, etc. (created in Satan’s cloning labs) are shallow, vulgar playboys, with no true manliness (who Gail would never want), who live only for sexual pleasure. Gail, created to be the recipient of Jesus Christ’s semen in the millennium (as the wife of Brent Spiner), is attracted to masculine men like Jesus Christ. However, Jesus Christ has stated that he cannot make love to a human woman. His bride is the church. Though Jesus Christ has six-pack abs, he is humble when he converses with Gail and her men, and loved Gail enough to die for her. Because all the men on Gail’s marriage list must have deep manliness, like Jesus Christ, to be attractive to Gail; any wimpy man who would desire a violent and vain playgirl for a companion, Gail would NEVER want for a husband. If Gail truly believed that the real Brent Spiner ever desired sex with Loree McBride as herself or the real Matthew McConaughey ever desired sex with Camila Alves as herself, Gail would order Brent and Matthew off her marriage list in a second. Brent Spiner has stated that all photos of him looking happy with Loree McBride are photo shop lies. He only maintained Loree as a girlfriend in the 1990s to protect Gail, because Loree threatened to harm Gail if Brent would not play Loree’s game. Brent says that a lesser man than himself, would have dropped Loree and Gail and the whole mess a long time ago, but because he loves Gail enough to die for her, he played Loree’s game to protect Gail. Jesus Christ calls Brent “very brave”. Brent allowed a psychopath (Loree McBride) into his life only to protect Gail. Now, the Brent Spiner clone steals brave Brent Spiner’s identity. You can always spot the clone, because he lacks depth of feeling in his eyes. The real Brent (whose eyes have the manliness and soul of the Brent Spiner on the cover to his album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back) is the Brent that Gail fell head over heels in love with in 1991, with a love that has soared to the heavens for 25 years.

7) Jesus Christ, along with Brent Spiner & psychiatrist Gerard Butler, choose the men (on the waiting list to marry Gail), called Gail’s marriage list. A deep and abiding masculinity and a willingness to heroically die for Gail (if need be) are mandatory to be on the list, because Gail (created to receive Jesus Christ’s semen in the millennium) only finds those with manliness like Jesus Christ compatible with her heart. Jesus Christ is very selective about which woman (Gail) receives his semen in the millennium, because using Gail’s marriage partner (the vast and great Brent Spiner), he will flow his semen THROUGH GAIL AND BRENT into his bride, the church. Jesus has stated that he has put much of himself in Brent Spiner. Therefore, any man who desires Gail for marriage must be vast and great, like Christ himself, making those who qualify for Gail’s marriage list, to be like men who have been inducted into a type of Great Men Hall of Fame. Jesus Christ (who marries Gail as part of his bride, the church) shares the number one spot with Brent Spiner. Jesus Christ takes pride in his steel & velvet vastness and expects the men on the list to be like him. Because the Jesuit clones of Gail’s heroic men are treacherous wimps (Brent Spiner clone with Loree McBride), none of them makes the list.

8) Steven Spielberg is one of Gail’s biggest fans and usually makes a movie from all her writings (often working with other famous Hollywood directors and producers, like Martin Scorsese or George Lucas), most of which garner Academy Awards, shown to the Hollywood elite in a secret ceremony after the main ceremony. These Academy Awards are covered on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). Steven Spielberg, and the actors and those involved in these productions, do the work for free (as a labor of love). The first such secret ceremony happened after the 2006 Oscars, with the movie Silver Skies (based on Gail’s novel Silver Skies) taking all the honors. Silver Skies has been shown at independent film festivals and at select theaters. As a result of these secret Oscar ceremonies, Gail is well known throughout mainstream Hollywood, and has garnered the sympathy and love of many Hollywood stars, who are now on her extensive marriage list. When Brent Spiner fell in love with Gail in 1990, he had no idea his then unknown pen pal married long-distance lover, would become just as famous or more famous than he is. Gail only learned how to write to honor this vast lover who entered her life in 1990 and 1991, never dreaming or caring about fame. The ex-Antichrist Zack Knight, has an honorary PhD in computers – well deserved – because he literally controlled all computer operations with precision and accuracy all over the universe, using his extensive and secret technology (such as clone versions of the Internet that absolutely control how and what people see when they view the Internet, television or any media) to ensure that Jesuit lies prosper and truths dangerous to the Jesuit cause were blocked (or denied) to mainstream viewership. With almost complete computer control, he was able to steal anybody’s money he wanted (without detection) and could prevent any monies he did not want to reach its intended recipient, literally controlling the bank accounts and fortunes of all on earth. Because the Jesuit Order considers Gail its number one enemy, she literally survives on a missionary’s income, despite over 200 famous men who want to marry her and were unable to overcome Zack’s stronghold over all computers. Though Gail is Jesus Christ’s favorite, Jesus absolutely refuses to work with computers, because Satan invented the computer.

9) Gail’s great uncle (aviator and billionaire Howard Hughes) hinted that he had a genetic brother with the last name of Chord when Howard Hughes put himself in the movie The Carpetbaggers, whose aviator and Hollywood mogul main character was patterned after himself (portrayed by George Peppard) and had the last name of Cord. Howard Hughes was raised by his birth father Howard Hughes Sr. married to his step-mother, while his genetic brother Robert was raised by Howard’s birth mother Sabrina Robbins Ellsworth and William Arnold Chord. Howard Hughes and his brother were the products of an out-of-wedlock affair between Howard Hughes Sr. and Sabrina Robbins Ellsworth around 1899 to 1905 (probably in the conservative state of Iowa, making the cover-up even more important for all involved), causing Sabrina disgrace within her orthodox Jewish family, so that all families involved hid the true parentage of Howard Hughes and his brother Robert from public knowledge. The Jesuit Order has gladly cooperated with this cover-up over the years, in order to weaken Gail secretly, to the point that they now have a formidable propaganda empire against her, labeling her as a middle-aged paranoid schizophrenic with emotional holes satisfied by delusions of famous men in love with her. Howard Hughes and his brother separated, with Robert born and raised in Minnesota and Howard Hughes’ birth a mystery (because of the cover up). Hughes’ birthplace is recorded as either Humble or Houston, Texas. The date is also uncertain, though Hughes claimed that his birthday was Christmas Eve. A 1941 affidavit birth certificate of Hughes, signed by his aunt Annette Gano Lummis and Estelle Boughton Sharp, states that he was born on December 24, 1905, in Harris County, Texas. However, his baptismal record of October 7, 1906, in the parish register of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Keokuk, Iowa, has his birth listed as September 24, 1905, without reference to the place of birth in Texas. Howard Hughes’s mental illness, which hastened his death, came about probably because of Jesuit experimentation on his brain to destroy him.

10) Matthew McConaughey (Hollywood star), Brent Spiner and Keanu Reeves (Hollywood star) secretly collaborated together on the script for the 2015 horror thriller Knock Knock to show what Loree McBride (the blonde who claims to be Brent Spiner’s wife) and Camila Alves (the brunette who claims to be Matthew McConaughey’s wife) are really like in private where nobody is filming them for public viewing. Brent stated to Gail that Loree and Camila are both Jesuit psychopaths who have a “director” version that instructs them how to behave in public and another version that is the real person. Brent Spiner also informed Gail that the movie producers had to water down the script or the movie could not be shown, because the real Loree McBride and Camila Alves are worse than how they are in the film!

11) Gail first became aware of Loree McBride by reading about her in the Brent Spiner fanzine Data Entries. Brent Spiner fans would write letters of comment, which Melody Rondeau, the editor, would publish. Many of these fans went to Star Trek conventions and saw Loree McBride there. From 1992 to around 1998, Loree always accompanied Brent to Star Trek conventions, because Paramount Studios forced Brent to sign a contract to make Loree his public girlfriend. In the beginning, Brent refused to attend conventions, and the fans raked him across the coals for this. Though he did relent and start attending around 1990. Gail wrote Brent and stated that she admired him for not being caught up in the Hollywood game and thought that his desire to not attend conventions, showed he had depth and appreciated life’s true values. When Gail first read about Loree, Gail presumed that the “California cute blonde” described was his Paramount business associate, because Brent was calling Gail almost every day, using wrong numbers and his Star Trek co-stars LeVar Burton and Gates McFadden (whose voices she recognized on several occasions). Levar Burton made an especially strong impression on Gail, because the tone of his voice was very respectful to her. Gates came across as quite a comedian. None of the callers actually identified themselves (though they sometimes used fake names), but Gail (with her singing background) has quite an acute ear for voices. Gail did notice that all the fans who described Brent with his unidentified California cute blonde partner, always described him as nervous around her. Jesuits covered this up, by having the writer state that he was nervous because of being at the Star Trek convention, and because he was very shy, but Gail knew her Brent better than that. Gail knew automatically, that whoever this Paramount business associate was, this California cute blonde, that she had a toxic effect on Brent. So Gail’s initial impression of Loree McBride was as a controlling woman who babysat Brent at conventions to guide his convention appearance, which, Gail noticed, made him nervous. The name of the blonde (or her role) was never identified, so Gail didn’t even dream that it could be a romantic partner, because, Brent was deluging Gail with attention on the phone, so it just couldn’t be so! Jealousy has never been a problem with Gail. Whenever she has fallen in love, her attitude has been that if her man preferred another over her, to go ahead and go to the woman he prefers. She never competed with another woman for her man, feeling that if the man really didn’t want her, then she didn’t want the man. This is why, when Gail first learned about Loree McBride, as his girlfriend, in June 1996, she abandoned Brent as a romantic interest for Franco Nero (in September 1996). Gail was devastated when she realized in June 1996 that the cute blonde mentioned in the fanzines that she had read about, was Loree McBride. It made no sense that Brent gave Gail so much attention on the phone, and even made love to Gail on the phone, while he had a girlfriend. Gail would have none of it and abandoned him as a lover when she first learned about Loree. Brent really insulted her she felt, because she prided herself on being a woman who didn’t play games with her men and thought Brent was the same. It did not take her long to figure out that Loree was a shallow woman, because it was obvious that this girlfriend was aware that Brent was calling Gail on the phone. Brent was giving Gail far too much attention on the phone from 1991 to 1994 for his girlfriend not to notice. Whoever she was, besides a girlfriend, Gail automatically concluded she was a shallow game player. And Gail was not impressed by those who wrote letters of comment to Data Entries describing Loree as living at shopping malls. The Brent Spiner fans in the 1990s did not like Loree McBride, describing her as a shallow woman who seemed to love the spotlights, relishing every opportunity to appear with Brent in public. Though they admired her good looks, they seemed puzzled that Brent could not find a woman with more substance. Gail was equally confused (in June 1996), when she first learned that Loree was the cute blonde she read about.

12) Loree McBride called Gail on the phone in July 1993 at midnight and screamed at her with a booming, husky voice, “Hey BITCH, what the FUCK are you doing to my boyfriend!” because Brent had called Gail the day before to make love to Gail over the phone, to make up for his two-week silence with her. Gail thought the woman was some Paramount wacko at the time and laughed it off as some Paramount studios crazy calling her on the phone. Gail was not far off, because Paramount studios forced Brent to sign a contract to have Loree as a girlfriend who must attend Star Trek conventions with him. In actuality, Loree had Brent tied up in his basement for two weeks before he called Gail and made love to her, and was starving him in the hopes to get him to eat her food, so she could give him brain control drugs and have sex with him. It didn’t work and Loree gave up and let Brent go. Brent only gave Loree sex when Loree drug raped him, because Gail was the woman he wanted sex with and Loree had to impersonate Gail to his mind to get sex with Brent.

13) The only time Brent has had sex with Loree McBride was in September 1992, while drugged out and believing that Loree was Gail. Though she was able to pounce upon his erect penis in his sleep (a few times afterwards), he would immediately shove her away in horror. Brent was unable to keep her out of his house, unaware of Star Trek transporter technology, which enabled Loree to enter any home, even without a key. Jesuits used their mind and emotion reading technology, their transporter technology, and their clones (most of which they were able to keep secret until about 2011) to make Loree the stalker from hell that Brent Spiner could never get rid of. Once Jesuits assign a “clone wife” to one of Gail’s men, they can never rid themselves of her. It seems the only way to free Gail’s men from these stalkers, would be the total downfall of the Jesuit Order.

“Maybe this letter should be subtitled: Views from the Couch. . .Crap. I’m working on a PhD in Archetypal Psychology and it shows. I reeeally try to de-jargonize, but am not always successful (and I’ve gotten to the stage where I can’t just have a thought–I’ve got to analyze it to DEATH.)

So. Brent was in Minneapolis/St. Paul for a convention May 1 & 2. Early arrival got my buddy and I first row center seats. There was absolutely nothing of interest (same old-same old merchandise, and retread programming) until he was to come on, so Sandy and I blew that pop stand. We went to the bar for drinks, gossip, and to work on our story outline. When we wandered back to the con, there were three or four hundred people in the room. We settled into our reserved seats, 15 feet from the stage.

A slick/smooth impressario (so smooth he left no impression on me) started the introduction, and I spotted him in the wings. I was surprised at what he really looked like. Intro complete. Brent bounced onto the stage. There he was, skinny, tanned, buzz cut hair and no sideburns, big blue eyes and a smile that really does turn up at the corners. I thought he was kind of pretty.

Sandy turned to me and whispered, ‘Awww! He’s so teeeny!’

‘This,’ I thought, ‘this is where Data comes from? Nah. . .’

I’d read that Brent was a shy kind of guy, reluctant to involve himself with cons and fans. Media babble, I’d thought. Hype. I’d seen Patrick Stewart at a Creation Con. He had 5,000 people absolutely under control. Mr. Stewart was all veneer, polish and reflected surfaces. I expected a Spiner-shaped version of that charismatic performance–an image of the professional Hollywood media figure–Spiner playing Spiner on the stage.

That’s not what happened. Brent seemed real–very genuine. Vulnerable. Even a little fragile. Sitting so close let me pick up some interesting nuances. He looked nervous, apprehensive. He kept looking for reassurance to a very sharp California blonde that came with him. I’d expected Brent to be more distanced. Safer. Instead, I sat right in the center of the front row, got copious quantities of eye contact, and saw that the poor thing was terrified.

He started off with a story about seeing Groucho Marx in New York, which was meant to warm us up. Brent was off balance at first–he rambled, sounded uncomfortable. I really started to feel for him. Although, once he’d gotten a couple of laughs from the audience, he relaxed into it just fine. . .”

-by Nora Langley, a July 19, 1993 letter sent to Melody Rondeau, editor of Data Entries (who published the letter) about a May 1 & 2, 1993 convention where Brent Spiner appeared with Loree McBride as his companion. Gail’s initial impression upon reading this, was that the cute blonde was a business associate, but disliked that she seemed toxic to Brent, like she babysat or controlled him.

UPDATE: Brent also had sex with Loree McBride in Jan. 2017 when Angelina Ballerina kidnapped him and ordered him to have sex with Loree or she’d launched her bomb to Gail’s town on earth, a bomb that could have destroyed the universe three times over. After Brent did his duty to try and save his Gail, he threw up.

14) Gail was born with the genetic profile of 60% Catherine the Great and 50% King David, literally making her the reincarnation of these two historical figures.

15) Gail’s great uncle was aviator and billionaire Howard Hughes, who totally left her out of his will.

16) Her mother worked as a fashion model and won 2nd place in the Miss Tokyo beauty pageant in the 1950s. Gail placed 2nd or won a special Miss Universe beauty pageant in June 2016, setting a world record for oldest beauty pageant winner at age 58, and Jesuits Loree McBride (Brent Spiner’s Jesuit stalker), Camila Alves (Matthew McConaughey’s Jesuit stalker) and Morgan Brown (Gerard  Butler’s Jesuit stalker) were peeved because they didn’t even place, and Jesuits made a statement of outrage right after Gail’s Miss Universe win, using a taxi driver (because Brent drove a taxi while a struggling actor) and did the 2016 Istanbul airport attacks. Loree McBride, Camila Alves and Morgan Brown are clones created in UFO (evil fallen angel) cloning labs, and are the offspring of UFO and humans and have UFO (demon) DNA.

17) She has a list of famous men who want to marry her, including Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin (Russian President), Matthew McConaugheyGerard Butler (Hollywood star), Hugh Jackman (Hollywood star), and many more, with Jesuits news lying about their wives and true marital status.

18) She has an entire news channel called the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel at 00 on cable devoted to her and her men, but it usually does not air in Florida (because Gail lives in Florida) to protect Gail from targeting. Gail’s friend, Jane Agni, has seen it in Los Angeles and Seattle.

19) Her men started a spaceship city church for her called Church of Gail (renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits in April 2017), which Jesus Christ visits on a regular basis.

20) Brent Spiner fell in love with Gail in 1990 from reading Gail’s letters and hearing her sing in his fan mail.

21) 9/11/2001 happened partly because Brent Spiner planned to board a jet that day to go get Gail as his wife.

22) The high school she attended, Miami Palmetto Sr. High, also graduated Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Miss Universe Sylvia Hitchcock.

23) She turned down an acceptance to Air Force Officer’s Training to train to be a missionary.

24) She has only had sex with one man her entire life (her ex husband).

25) Vladimir Putin and his team of scientists discovered brain to brain communication, where Gail and her men can communicate to the other their thoughts and emotions (and sometimes a bit of touch) via satellite signals from one brain to another.

26) The Jesuit Order orchestrated the Cold War to try and keep Russia and the world in the dark about Gail’s Catherine the Great genes.

27) Jesus Christ (son of God) calls Gail his favorite, and has personally delivered two Christmas presents for Gail on behalf of her men. Once, for Christmas 2012, where he delivered a Parallel Bible with the New International Version, New American Standard Bible, New Living Translation and King James Version all-in-one that had been thrown over a bridge and dumped by King James Bible only fanatics, only to have Jesus appear as an eagle, who clutched the boxed Bible and flew to Gail’s apartment, and then appeared as a hippie in a t-shirt and jeans to Gail’s door, saying “Merry Christmas!” to Gail’s neighbors as he lay the package at Gail’s door. Second, for Christmas 2015, where he delivered a gift bouquet of honey roasted peanuts, mixed nuts, crackers and strawberry preserves on behalf of Gail’s men who bought this for her as a Christmas present. Apparently, Jesus wanted to ensure Gail received these presents from her men! To honor the pact he made with Satan (after Satan’s ex-Antichrist Zack Knight tricked Gail in Feb. 2012), he does not allow Gail to see or hear him face to face, lest he invite Satan to do the same. On several occasions, Gail has noticed changes in her apartment that she knows she did not do and she lives by herself. After conversing with her men, she has been told that either Jesus Christ or the ex-Antichrist Zack Knight (or both, usually fighting each other) entered her apartment (via transporter technology) to cause the upheaval. Jesus sometimes allows “evidence” to remain of his tussles with Zack Knight inside Gail’s apartment, so that Gail will realize that Jesus is looking out for her, and that he’s real and not a figment of her imagination. Once Jesus gave Gail’s car a flat tire (October 2013) because he did not want her to go to her dentist, who would be replaced with a Jesuit clone. The dentist advised her to get an implant stating she had a huge cavity in the root of her molar. Jesus said he saw the dentist in heaven and that he’d been murdered and replaced with a clone, and that what she viewed were fake x-rays. Gail quit going to the dentist after this incident, but follows Jesus’s counsel and cleans her teeth every day. She also uses a Sonicaire electric toothbrush daily, and received about a hundred dollars worth of replacement brush heads for free in the mail in 2015 (not sure who paid the bill). By the way, Gail has had no problems with that molar, other than temporary and minor yeast infections in the gums surrounding it, that usually clears up in days, and that was in November 2013 and it’s now May 2016!

28) Most of the men who want to marry Gail become victims of Jesuit women, who are created in cloning labs to attack Gail’s men and extort them into relationships with them.

29) Jesus Christ will give both Brent Spiner and Gail Chord Schuler his Jesus Christ white glowing semen as a wedding present to them both as he officiates the wedding between Brent and Gail for their millennial marriage. However, there will be no babies, because those in the “next life” cannot have babies.

30) Jesuits murdered Hollywood star Robin Williams and set it up as a suicide, because Robin Williams had serious plans to marry Gail.

31) Gail has won Nobel Prizes in Literature and other fields, but is unable to get her prizes due to Jesuit dominance on the earth.

32) Gail and her writings have garnered many Academy Awards, and Matthew McConaughey’s first Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2006 Oscars in a secret ceremony conducted after the main Oscar ceremony) was for playing Dor Ben Habakkuk, from the movie version of her novel Silver Skies.

33) A UFO abducted Brent Spiner, and he communicated with Gail brain to brain while on the UFO. Gail, who knew the UFOs were fallen angelsbecause of Baptist preachers’ messages about this, prayed and asked Jesus to save her Brent from the fallen angels who had abducted her Brent, and shortly after this, the UFO dumped Brent off in the Egyptian desert. Gail explained to Brent that the UFOs are Satan’s fallen angels and they could abduct him because he was not a born again Christian, and led Brent to Jesus Christ (Sept. 2011). Though Gail is not obsessed with UFOs and has never seen one (probably because she is Jesus Christ’s favorite), she knows they exist and that they promote Satan and his lies (using clones, computers, the Internet, and their comrade the ex-Antichrist and Roman Catholic head Zack Knight who met with them often, borrowing their technology to assist him in his deceptions and goals for a world takeover). The UFOs have all been neutralized inside semen bubbles in Satan’s ocean in deep space. The Gail Shield which protects Gail in August 2016 caused a super nukkake which Zack Knight launched to ricochet back onto the Jesuit and UFO fleet and neutralize them. However, new Antichrist Angelina Ballerina has resurrected all the Jesuits destroyed by the Gail Shield. After Angelina’s defeat on Jan. 6, 2017, Loree McBride rules the evil Jesuit Order against her former leader Zack Knight, ruler of the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits.

34) Just about all of the men who want to marry Gail have Jesuit clones who impersonate them to promote Jesuit lies and undermine Gail.

35) Jesuits get much of their technology from UFOs, who Jesus Christ has described as Satan’s fallen angels.

36) The first nukkake (nuclear bomb with semen in it) launched on the world almost killed off Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, and the top men on Gail’s marriage list and literally wiped out Canada. But because of the radiation, no camera works during a nukkake attack.

37) Gail has a shield which is an extension of her genetic profile, which seems to be expanding into the universe and destroying Jesuit strongholds. This shield began expanding as soon as Gail (and her men and supporters) started obeying commandments Jesus Christ gave her in March 2016, which Jesus named the Gail Commandments, instructing Gail to take her Seroquel (as prescribed) every day at the same time, walk outdoors daily, clean her apartment and self daily, eat a balanced diet, sleep at least eight hours a night, only spend money on food and bills, take no more than a vitamin and allergy OTC medicine a day, save her money, and make a YouTube video at least once a week to archive her life for future tribulation saints. Seroquel, which Jesus Christ created just for Gail, works on her systemic yeast infection (curing it and preventing relapses). However, Jesuits keep from mainstream medicine that Seroquel is more than an antipsychotic, so that they can continue to use their super yeast to infect people. Gail has faithfully taken Seroquel daily since July 2012, which has cured her systemic yeast infection, but needs to remain on it for life to prevent relapses.

38) Jesuits have created obese clones so large, that one named Sara Avery has put the earth in danger of a black hole through her vagina acting as a suction. Sara has to poop in a volcano and cannot fit inside a house.

39) The Jesuit leader Angelina Ballerina was an Antichrist from August 2016 to Jan. 6, 2017. Jesus calls the Antichrist Satan’s right hand man, and credits Satan with the invention of electricity and computers. Therefore, people can only see the version of the Internet and mass media that supports Jesuit lies and propaganda, unless they are able to access the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel at 00 on cable or choose to believe what they read at Gail Chord Schuler’s sites. Jesuits handle Gail by discrediting her as a paranoid schizophrenic, using their almost absolute control over all computer operations to accomplish this. Jesus Christ refuses to use computers, because Satan invented computers.

40) Jesuit Camila Alves has so bankrupted the real Matthew McConaughey, that he literally needed welfare assistance. Jesuit Loree McBride owns Brent Spiner’s house, using Jesuit transporter technology like Star Trek to enter any home she pleases, and a fake marriage license with a signature from the Jesuit Brent Spiner clone, enables her to use Brent’s credit cards and withdraw monies from Brent’s bank accounts.

41) All of Gail’s men live on a spaceship city called Church of Gail to be protected from Jesuit stalkers. Jesus Christ built Church of Gail for Gail’s men and their supporters. Unfortunately, Gail is unable to live on Church of Gail, because to enter and leave it requires use of Star Trek-like transporter technology and Jesuits have detectors for Gail’s genetic profile programmed into all transporter technology, so that if she uses transporters, she will disintegrate and vanish (die) during the transport. Even approaching Church of Gail via a spacecraft or space pod, would bring on the entire Jesuit fleet to attack her space pod, because Jesuits always have a lock on Gail’s location.

42) According to a machine on Church of Gail that measures I.Q., Gail has the highest I.Q. of any woman on earth. When they measured her I.Q., it was so high, it broke the machine. No I.Q. test can accurately capture her I.Q., where a lot of it is emotional I.Q. Brent Spiner’s I.Q. is exactly the same as Gail’s, making them total soulmates.

43) Jesus Christ has created sex dummies (human-like robots or androids without sentience) for Gail’s men to make love to, while they wait to acquire Gail (should she choose to marry one of them). Keanu Reeves’s sex dummy escaped in 2012 and Jesuits captured it and gave it sentience. It decided it wanted to rule the universe and found a way to give itself singularity, threatening the very existence of humanity. The only way it (the GA1L Android) was defeated was after it had annihilated the Jesuit space fleet and Church of Gail and dragged her conquests up to the throne of God in heaven as a trophy. The GA1L Android next tried to take on God, which led to her defeat. While Church of Gail and the Jesuits joined forces to defeat the GA1L Android, Jesuit leader Rule 13 became BFF with Gail. Though Jesuit leader and ex-Antichrist Zack Knight and the Jesuits accepted Christ as their Savior right before their final battle with the GA1L Android, and just about all died in that battle, Jesus Christ resurrected all who died, and removed their memories of any events in their life 24 hours before they died. Anything that happened in that 24 hours does not count for eternity, so the only Jesuits who got saved were those who accepted Christ before that 24 hours or who will accept Christ after that 24 hours, according to Jesus.

44) Jesus Christ has stated that Gail and her men will defeat the Jesuits and that Brent Spiner will be her husband on this present-day earth as well as in the millennium, though Jesus Christ always refers to Brent as Gail’s husband. Jesus Christ states, “Brent has never wanted Loree McBride,” and describes Loree McBride as too prideful.

45) Jesus Christ allowed Gail’s men to enter heaven to help them build a house in heaven for her step-dad Bill Fuller, who passed away in March 2014, to welcome him when he arrived to heaven. Their physical body went into a comatose state at Church of Gail for this, while their souls transported between heaven and earth, as some of them were needed on earth for duties during this time, such as Vladimir Putin for the Winter Olympics at Sochi. Bill sometimes talks to Gail from heaven, and has been having a blast with Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and some others who have gone on before the rest of Gail’s men. Now that the house is built, Gail’s men pretty much stay on earth now.

46) Gail, born 9-15-57 is in the Bible in Zechariah 9:15 as the sling stones woman, and in Isaiah 57:9 (King James Bible) as the woman alive while the Whore (the Jesuits) go to town with cloning technology (or using messenger RNA to create clones, using bases or to debase themselves, suggesting a NEGATIVE connotation regarding clones).

47) When Gail wrote the ending to her novel Silver Skies in 2005, which depicts her leads married in the millennium, her novel became a prophecy. Jesus Christ says he inspired Gail to write Silver Skies, making it a prophecy. She would learn in 2012, that she and Brent will be married in the millennium with Jesus Christ officiating their marriage ceremony.

48) In 1994, out of 122 possible duty stations, God moved Gail’s family to Brent Spiner’s hometown (1994 to 1997), as part of a military transfer, enabling Gail to set her novel Silver Skies in the town where Brent grew up, because she often traveled to Bellaire, TX to take notes for scenes set in Houston in her novel, and even visited the synagogue that Brent’s mother Sylvia attends for research for the setting for her novel Silver Skies. Of course, Gail did not tell her then husband that Houston was Brent’s hometown. Gail would learn about Loree McBride in June 1996 from reading the Houston Chronicle’s society page, which often featured Brent’s mother Sylvia, who lived in Houston still.

49) Loree McBride’s alleged son with Brent Spiner was conceived around 9/11/2001, right at the time that Brent tried to board a jet to be with Gail in Florida. In actuality, Loree was artificially inseminated, using semen stolen from her September 1992 drug rape of Brent Spiner. The real Brent Spiner has never wanted Loree McBride and could only be tricked into having sex with her when his mind and body were raped. While he made love to Loree in a drugged out state in September 1992, he was dreaming that he was having sex with Gail. Loree McBride and the Jesuit Brent Spiner clone are married and engage in group sex with violence and with animals. Many Loree McBride and Brent Spiner clones have already been executed.

50) Levar Burton killed Loree McBride clone #1 in September 1992 at Paramount Studios, to stop her drug rapes of Brent Spiner, because Paramount Studios kept letting her into the studio to stalk, torment and drug rape Brent Spiner.

51) Loree McBride clone #4 has been captured on audio murdering people with a flame torch at the Quebec trial, at Judge Terrance Jenkins YouTube channel. Brent Spiner’s voice can also be heard in the background in one of these videos, when he states that Loree McBride is the woman he is afraid of, not Gail. Loree McBride clone #5 was then used to continue the trial.

52) When the Loree McBride clones were being executed after the August 2011 Quebec trial, they escaped using Star Trek-like transporter technology into a UFO, taking Brent Spiner with them. This is when Gail and her men first became aware of the existence of transporter technology, which Jesuits had been using for years secretly.

53) Brent Spiner and Gail were not aware that Brent Spiner had clones until the 2011 Quebec trial, when the Brent Spiner clone partially switched out with the real Brent in the court bathroom, enabling Loree McBride to force the real Brent against his will to have sex with Loree in the court bathroom right in the middle of the trial. The Jesuits replaced the real Brent’s body with the clone’s, except for Brent’s penis, forcing Brent to have sex with Loree McBride (a woman who terrifies him). Loree, in an orgasmic ecstasy, bit Brent’s penis in half, causing it to dangle for the rest of the trial, and then had the gall to want more sex with Brent, who was almost castrated. When UFOs abducted Brent, they healed his penis.

54) Brent Spiner has personally executed several Loree McBride clones and several clones of himself, but Jesuit clones are like cockroaches. They pop up everywhere.

55) The ex-Antichrist Zack Knight used clone versions of the Internet to control what everybody saw online and to steal everybody’s monies, by modifying websites and financial records online (to cover up his thefts) and channeling stolen proceeds secretly to Jesuit banks.

56) All three of the babies Camila Alves has had with Matthew McConaughey, came about because she strapped a bomb to Matthew and threatened to blow him up if he wouldn’t have sex with her. The announcement of her marriage to Matthew happened right after Matthew went through the great Canadian Jesuit nukkake semen bomb that drowned out Canada (December 2011) so that today most Canadians are Jesuit clones grown in cloning labs and into adulthood using accelerated growth hormones. While Matthew was having post-traumatic stress nightmares about mushroom alfredo because of the Jesuit nukkake, Jesuit Camila Alves announced her engagement to marry Matthew. When Camila married the Matthew McConaughey clone with Hollywood celebrity clones in attendance, the real Matthew was not there.

57) Jesuit women, like Loree McBride and Camila Alves routinely rape men (especially celebrities) as part of their daily activities. They also often commit murder, including murdering their own clones sometimes. Rape and murder are a Jesuit’s daily fare. It was the goal of the ex-Antichrist Zack Knight to seduce and impregnate Gail, which he could accomplish, even though Gail is in menopause if Gail ever succumbed to him. Zack Knight had a goal to impregnate hundreds of women a day, and Jesus called Zack Satan’s right hand man. Zack had satanic powers and can successfully rape women, causing them to “want” to have sex with him, a rape of the mind and then of the body.

58) Vladimir Putin encouraged Gail to write law to help him in government and in dealing with worldwide Jesuit dominance, even though Gail has never been to law school. Gail learned some law when she passed the state exams for Washington state real estate salesperson in 1999 and Florida state health and variable annuities exam in 2002. This body of law she named Conspiracy Law and features it at her website. True to her genetic profile, she is a natural leader, and has been the American Empress since May 2014. Vladimir Putin made her the Empress of Russia (to co-rule Russia with him) around 2003. Many nations all over the world have adopted Gail’s Conspiracy Law, but Jesuits strive to undermine it.

59) The woman Vladimir Putin married in 1983 was named Larisa, who died from a Jesuit-induced systemic yeast infection in 2000. When Vladimir Putin fell in love with Gail in September 2001, Jesuits wasted no time to use then President George W. Bush to threaten war on Russia if Vladimir would not legally marry the Jesuit clone of his dead wife Larisa, who George W. Bush named Lyudmila. Jesuits succeeded with Bush by threatening to kill Laura Bush if George W. Bush would not capitulate to Jesuit demands. Though Russians know the truth about Larisa, only those Americans who are familiar with Gail’s story know that Lyudmila is not the woman Vladimir married in 1983.

60) Vladimir Putin almost committed suicide when Gail abandoned him to return to Brent Spiner (2006 to 2010). He threw himself into the view of a Bengal tiger, then had a vision of the future with Gail possibly in it, decided to live, and karate chopped the tiger as it pounced towards him. Because of this, Gail no longer abandons any man she has had brain to brain loving with, and allows a marriage list of men to remain who want to marry her.

61) Gail first learned about the evil of the Jesuit Order from her husband, while engaged to him, who introduced her to Jack Chick’s comic books about the Vatican involvement in the Holocaust in 1984. In fact, this played a role in her falling in love with her husband, admiring his courage to share this with her. But the Jesuits replaced her husband bit by bit with his Jesuit clone when he went on a deployment to Antarctica (June to December 1985), so that she only had her real husband from April 1985 to around June 1985. By 1987 to 1989, her husband was gradually murdered and replaced with his Jesuit clone, which explains why, in 2001, at the time of Gail’s divorce, he had totally changed his views about Jack Chick and said what Jack Chick says about the Catholic Church is crazy. This means that in 1991, when Brent Spiner fell in love with Gail, Gail had Scriptural grounds for divorce, because her husband had been replaced with his Jesuit clone. But Jesus says that it was not His time for Gail to be with Brent in 1991. God told Gail to wait in 1992, and that he would make a way for her to be with Brent someday.

62) Jesuits rely on photo shop and their clones to cement Jesuit lies in the news media and on the Internet. All photos of Brent looking happy with Loree are photo-shopped pictures of Brent with Loree for events that never happened. To discredit Gail, Jesuits have had a massive propaganda campaign online to portray Gail to the world as a middle-aged paranoid schizophrenic, doctoring Gail’s pictures to present her at her worst, while they doctor the pictures of their agents (Loree McBride, Camila Alves, etc.) to make them look better and nicer than they are. Brent Spiner’s Jesuit clone has totally hijacked the real Brent’s Twitter since around mid-2015. The clone’s pictures, which feature a more shallow and playboy type of Brent Spiner, are gradually coming into dominance online to promote the clone and his lies, and not the real Brent, who tells the truth about Gail. The Brent Spiner clone is fully aware of Gail, because it’s his job to assist the Jesuits to destroy Gail and her men, including the REAL Brent Spiner. Gail does not believe that the shallow, sex pervert clone could sing Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back with depth of feeling (like the real Brent did), because he lacks the soul of the real Brent (who’d die for Gail) who made that album for Gail.

63) Brent Spiner graduated from the prestigious U.C.L.A. medical school (ranked about no. 5 in the United States) around 2006 (learning medicine to help Gail deal with her systemic yeast infection) and practices as a physician aboard Church of Gail, offering his services for free to those who live on Church of Gail, in return for free housing and other benefits garnered from living on Jesus Christ’s spaceship city devoted to those who honor Gail. Gerard Butler and Hugh Laurie, like Brent Spiner, are licensed physicians as well as actors. Gerard Butler is especially educated with degrees in both law and medicine.

64) The Jesuits infected Gail with a super yeast-bacterium that became systemic in her body around the 1990s. The only cure for this yeast is Seroquel (a drug that Jesus designed just for Gail). Without Seroquel, those infected with the super yeast (once the infection becomes systemic) have a sixty percent mortality rate. Jesus has ordered Gail to take Seroquel every day at the same time, as prescribed by her doctor. Jesuits have ensured that conventional medicine does not even recognize the existence of this germ and in Jesuit medicine it is treated like a conventional yeast and not the super yeast that it is. It appears Jesuits may have specially designed this germ for Gail.

65) Gerard Butler (a psychiatrist) works with Brent Spiner to determine which men should be on Gail’s marriage list. Latest, is that there are at least 200 men on the list now. Due to Gail’s genius intelligence, all men on the list must be highly endowed in the brains department. Gerard and Brent use psychological profiles of Gail and the potential mate to determine who is eligible to be on the list. UPDATE: Due to a group of men on her marriage list who rebelled against Gail in Jan. 2019, because she said she would only have sex with her husband Brent Spiner and perhaps the top ten, that she did not plan to make love to all of them all at once, they defected to Loree McBride, who shared their sin of lust. Unfortunately, after Angelina destroyed Church of Gail, the rebuilt Church of Gail did not have adequate brain scanning equipment, enabling sociopaths to get on her marriage list.

66) When Loree McBride and the Jesuits used transporter technology to start fires around Gail’s mobile home in 1998 and after Jesuits poisoned Gail’s prescription meds and supplements and foods, Brent Spiner brought criminal charges against Loree, to protect the woman he truly loved, Gail Chord Schuler. Brent has been fighting Loree in court non-stop since about 1999, because the Jesuits just won’t stop harassing Gail and those who truly love and support her. It seems that at the times he despised vicious Loree the most, that Jesuits plastered the most fake pictures of him with Loree happy together. One time, on January 30, 2000, Gail asked Brent (via his wiretap of her Seattle phone) to expose his ongoing court case against Loree McBride on Los Angeles news. The next day, on January 31, 2000, an Alaska Airlines Jet Flight 261 headed for Seattle from Mexico, crashed headfirst into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast. All on board died. Apparently, Jesuits attempted to eclipse any news coverage of Brent Spiner taking Loree McBride to court in the L.A. news. Because of incidents like this, Gail and her men despise the Jesuits. This would ensure that any coverage of Brent about Loree in court, would be eclipsed by the crash in all West Coast news in the U.S., to promote the lie of Loree as a hot woman who Brent truly desired, and not one who obtained and maintained her “relationship” with Brent by death threats on Gail, murder, rape and extortion.

67) When Gail learned about Loree in June 1996, she replaced Brent Spiner with Italian film star Franco Nero (September 1996 to December 1999, when she forgave Brent for Loree). In December 1996, on a Star Trek: First Contact tour in London, Loree McBride attempted to seduce Franco Nero, hoping to latch onto him next, because Gail had abandoned Brent as her long distance lover. Franco reported the attempted seduction to Brent Spiner in a panic, but Loree lied and claimed that Franco tried to seduce her and not that she tried to seduce him. Because Brent still kept Loree after this incident, Gail pieced it all together and discerned in December 1999 that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent assigned to Brent to destroy his love for Gail. Gail realized that Brent felt he had to maintain this criminal to keep her from attacking Gail. Gail also had knowledge of Jesuit operations from Jack Chick’s materials on the Jesuits. Gail always admired Vanessa Redgrave to Franco during their three year long distance relationship (1996 to 1999) and believes she may have played a role in why Franco Nero married Vanessa Redgrave in 2006. Gail became half fluent in Italian while interested in Franco, and learned how to cook authentic Italian cuisine.

68) When Jesus Christ rescued Brent Spiner from a UFO abduction in September 2011, it made quite an impression on agnostic Brent. Jesus Christ scared those aliens into dropping Brent off in the Egyptian desert. Brent told Gail brain to brain he was in a desert and Gail wrote Judge Terrance Jenkins, who worked with Vladimir Putin to locate Brent in the middle of the vast Egyptian desert. Gail then told her Brent that he needed Jesus, and instructed him how to say the sinner’s prayer to be saved. He became a born again Christian and read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times within months and led all the men on Gail’s marriage list to Christ. All those who smoked, quit cold turkey. In October 2011, Brent and Gail’s men started a church for Gail that they collectively decided to name Church of Gail (renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits in April 2017). They housed this church on a spaceship city that Vladimir Putin and his scientists constructed. They felt a spaceship city was the safest place for them to live and meet for church to fend off Jesuits. But, on February 14, 2012, Satan appeared in a Church of Gail service, totally taking over the service, and raising Jesuit leader Zack Knight from hell (in the center of the earth), making him the Antichrist. The new Antichrist turned all of Gail’s men gay in the church service and they started raping each other. Gail (participating through Skype), along with Judge Terrance Jenkins, seemed immune enough to pray and asked Jesus Christ to show up and rescue her men. A light, and then a dove, drifted into the church service, which materialized into Jesus Christ, dressed in his first century garbs, with long hair to his waist. Shooting lightning bolts from his fists to Zack Knight’s groins, Jesus Christ chased off the Antichrist, and communed with Gail and her men. From that day forward, Jesus Christ meets with Brent for lunch at Church of Gail and elsewhere almost every day, personally training Brent Spiner as the pastor of Church of Gail (renamed Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits in April 2017). Using Brent Spiner as his transcriber to Gail over Skype, Jesus is now able to communicate His will and desires more closely to Gail and has transformed her.

69) The GA1L android obtained some nude videos of Gail off the hard drive of Gail’s computer (due to her lesbian obsession with Gail), even though Gail had not sent these videos to anyone or uploaded them to any site. Zack Knight confiscated them from the GA1L android, then months later, uploaded the video to his YouTube channel. Also, nudes that Gail sent to her men in 2011, ended up with Lyudmila (Vladimir’s Jesuit clone wife), who used Jesuit agents to steal them from Vladimir Putin who was blasting them around his house to chase out Lyudmila. Lyudmila supplied these nudes to Loree McBride, who used them against Gail in the 2011 Quebec trial, using a carefully edited Jesuit version to make Gail appear to have vulgar sexual practices. Gail no longer sends nudes to her men.

70) The ex-Antichrist Zack Knight successfully seduced Gail in February 2012, by breaking into the brain to brain servers and impersonating Jesus Christ to her as a lover. Gail, who did not know that Zack could do this, thought Jesus Christ was communicating with her brain to brain and wanted to make love to her. Gail had just met Jesus at the Church of Gail service and found him manly and attractive, making her susceptible to the trickery. Gail allowed this “Jesus” to make love to her brain to brain, and Zack Knight successfully impregnated her, despite her menopause and the tubal ligation she had in 1989. Jesus Christ, furious at Zack Knight, spoke with Gail through Brent on Skype to inform her of Zack’s treachery, and stated that what Zack did to Gail was like what Loree McBride did to Brent Spiner (Sept. 1992), when Loree impersonated Gail to Brent’s drugged out mind, in order to have sex with Brent. “The Jesuits like to do this, and now they’ve done it to me. I’m furious,” Jesus said. Jesus then aborted all the babies in Gail and warned Gail that he never uses computer technology and that even though he would like to make love to Gail, he cannot, because his bride is the church, and she must not see him as her lover (too dangerous). To discourage Gail from fantasizing about him as her lover, he stated that his feelings for her were more brotherly than romantic. Gail was actually kind of relieved when she learned that her lover was not Jesus, because this Jesus’s obsession with her was exhausting her. Gail’s next book will be about Jesus Christ’s obsession to make love to his bride, the church. With Jesus Christ as the main point of view character (going into the heart and soul of God as the one who tells the story), this book is especially challenging. But because this happened, Jesus Christ met with Satan and the Antichrist, where Jesus has agreed to not directly interfere with Gail, as long as Satan and the Antichrist do not directly interfere with her anymore.

71) One of Gail’s classmates while she attended Baptist University of America, was Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Lawrence Whitney), who often performed funny skits during chapel. He dropped out, though, and did not graduate.

72) Matthew McConaughey often fights his Jesuit clone wife Camila Alves in court to defend Gail (his true love). One such trial (in January 2012) ended with Jesus Christ like a machine gunner from heaven, exploding Jesuits like bursts of blood all over the courtroom.

73) On January 30, 2012, Brent Spiner was giving an interview on television for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. A Jesuit in the audience pulled out a machine gun with bullets headed right at Brent up on the stage. Hugh Jackman leaped out of his seat in the audience to block the bullets, but the bullets hit an invisible shield, which caused them to ricochet back onto the machine gunner. The Jesuit gunner collapsed like a sack into a pool of blood. This is one of many times when Jesus Christ has saved Brent’s life from Jesuits.

74) The real Jim Carrey died in a major space battle between Church of Gail and the Jesuit space fleet about May 31, 2012. Both Matthew McConaughey and Jim Carrey got sucked out into space, from a breach in the wall of the Church of Gail spaceship caused by a Jesuit missile. Hugh Jackman leaped out into space, tied to a rope, trying to rescue both of them. Swimming in space, he grit his teeth, his blood boiling in the vacuum of space. He finally grabbed Matthew by the leg, and reached for Jim next, but accidentally knocked him so that Jim’s body spun in circles. “All righty then!” Jim Carrey shouted, his body twirling through space until it disappeared. Matthew was rescued, but suffered bloating all over his body. Jesuits have replaced Jim Carrey with a Jesuit clone. Gail’s men rammed the Church of Gail spaceship into the Jesuit fleet in a suicide mission, rapidly gathering all the men into space pods first. Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner made sure that all the men got in the space pods before them, and risked their lives to do this, because as soon as Brent and Vladimir’s pod launched from the docking port, the last remnants of the church blasted apart in a massive explosion, knocking out the Jesuit space fleet as well. The Jesuit fleet was destroyed in this space battle, with Gail’s men barely getting out alive, right after Church of Gail exploded behind them. But when Church of Gail and the Jesuits teamed up in November 2012 to fight the GA1L Android, Jesus gave Satan permission to help the Jesuits rebuild their space fleet. This temporary peace treaty between the Jesuits and Church of Gail started in November 2012 and ended in October 2013, when a court decided that the Jesuits had breached the treaty and it was no longer enforceable. Zack Knight once saw Jim Carrey’s body (years later) floating in space, orbiting around the earth, and found it humorous. Jesus Christ built a second Church of Gail for Gail’s men after this (in June 2012), to replaced the one built by Vladimir Putin and his scientists in October 2011.

75) Jesus Christ, knowing in advance that he would build a spaceship city for Gail’s men, started working on it years before Vladimir Putin’s Church of Gail spaceship city was destroyed in the great Jesuit space battle with Church of Gail in May 2012. In fact, this Church of Gail spaceship was used for the set of Stargate Atlantis, so that Jesus could hide from the Jesuits what he was doing. This spaceship was destroyed in our battle with Antichrist Angelina Ballerina in Jan. 2017, and then rebuilt in August 2017, though the rebuilt version lacks some features (like some brain scanning technology) that Jesus put into His version.

76) Jesus Christ froze time on February 23, 2013 (with the Jesuit space fleet on its way to destroy Church of Gail), to advise Gail on how to prevent her men from being destroyed by the Jesuit space fleet on the attack after Gail violated the peace treaty between her and the Jesuits on February 23, 2013. Jesus instructed Gail to apologize to those she had wronged by not keeping her word (because some Jesuits and King James only fanatics had been executed under Conspiracy Law) and to cancel Conspiracy Law (because part of the agreement she had violated stipulated that Conspiracy Law was not to be enforced). After Gail made a public apology and cancelled Conspiracy Law, Jesuit leader and ex-Antichrist Zack Knight cancelled his attack (as Jesus predicted he would). Jesus told Gail, “I cannot support you if you choose not to keep your word. As a just God, I cannot defend you if Zack Knight rightfully attacks.” Jesus predicted that if Gail did not cancel Conspiracy Law and apologize publicly for her wrong at that time, that all her men would have died and she would become the Whore of Babylon, because history is written by the winner. When a court decided in October 2013 that the Jesuits had violated the treaty, Conspiracy Law was reinstated.

77) The Barack Obama we see now in the news is an automaton (an android). Jesuits murdered the real Barack Obama in the African Congo on March 31, 2012, with only his head alive, his head kept alive through blood-filled tubes (a Jesuit technology that Gail exposed in her novel Silver Skies as something Jesuits plan to use for torture in their twenty-first century concentration camps). Vladimir and Hugh Jackman were on a mission to the African Congo to rescue some possible Jesuit defectors, and happened upon Barack Obama in this dismal state. Barack Obama begged Vladimir to kill him, which Vladimir did by nuking the compound that the head was in. The event so traumatized Vladimir that he required extensive intervention from psychiatrist Gerard Butler when he returned to Church of Gail.

78) At the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013, obese Jesuits Sara Avery and Lyudmila Putina (Vladimir’s then Jesuit clone wife) and other obese female members of a terrorist group called Thin Privilege, showed up at the Boston Marathon with pressure cooker bombs hidden underneath their huge breasts. They dropped off the bombs that were timed to go off right after they straddled away. They did this, because those who participated in the Marathon were celebrating Gail’s Nobel Prize in Physical Fitness, and these jealous obese women felt this celebration was a knock against all obese women all over the world, and an unfair ceremony that caused obese women to suffer discrimination. The Jesuits, in control of the media, chose the Tsarnaev brothers as the patsies for this horrendous crime, in order to protect their own Jesuits (Sara Avery and Lyudmila Putina). This incident cemented Vladimir Putin’s determination to get rid of Lyudmila once and for all, which he did, when he divorced her months later. When Lyudmila realized Vladimir planned to divorce her, Lyudmila visited President George W. Bush in Texas, urging Bush to continue his extortion on Vladimir, so she could retain her wife status with Vladimir. George did not cooperate this time, so she farted onto George, making him retarded, because a woman who weighs more than four hundred pounds has a fart that can be toxic to the brain. On her way out of Texas, she visited a Texas fertilizer plant (April 17, 2013) and released some of her fart inside the plant, causing a deadly explosion, probably to spite the Texans for not cooperating with her treachery. Lyudmila also showed up at Gail’s apartment complex in May 2013 using an invisibility shield (so that Gail could not see her) and shoved Gail as she was walking to her apartment after checking her mail, that Gail slammed down to the cement sidewalk below, giving Gail gashes to her knees and hands that required a month to heal. This was the last straw for Vladimir. He divorced Lyudmila for good in May 2013.

79) Like King David suffered from jealous brothers, when he went out to fight Goliath, Gail suffers from a jealous sister named Sandra, who has become BFF with Loree McBride. Right after Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, and Vladimir Putin visited Sandra at her home in May 2012 to prove to Sandra that Gail was not crazy, Sandra realized that her sister had all these famous men in love with her sister and became enraged with jealousy, and found a comrade in Loree McBride (also in a jealous rage against Gail, because the real Brent has never wanted Loree). It appears that Sandra, unlike Gail, has never become a true Jesus follower, even though she has attended church. Sandra extorted Gail’s mother into writing a lying statement about Gail which stated that Gail planned to run away from police thinking Vladimir Putin would rescue Gail from a space pod. This lying statement was submitted to a judge in Florida, who fell for the lie, and had Gail involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for about a week in July 2012. Jesus, knowing this would happen, arranged to put Gail on Seroquel at this time, and made a Romans 8:28 out of the situation. While Gail was in the hospital, psychiatrist Gerard Butler spoke with Gail brain to brain and told her to cooperate and to agree to take Seroquel, that it was the cure to her yeast infection. Jesus also used the hospitalization to take Gail off of all the over-the-counter meds she was taking that were messing her up. So Gail cooperated and was released within a week. Jesus has instructed Gail to take Seroquel for life. Seroquel has saved her life from this deadly yeast infection. The Jesuits laugh about how easy it was for them to have Gail committed for a week in a psych ward. Though Sandra is not a Jesuit, she has, unfortunately, developed Jesuit moral standards, and the Jesuits treat her like one of them.

80) Sandra, in May/June 2014, took over Church of Gail, holding the entire United States hostage. She hacked into all Church of Gail computer systems, and took over everything, including Church of Gail surveillance systems, shields, Internet access, satellite brain reads, basically everything. She took over the screens at the White House and promised all of the Jesuit clone wives, like Loree McBride, Camila Alves and the other Jesuit clones created to harass Gail’s men, that they would have more babies with Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, etc. Once repairs were made and Sandra nabbed, Gail’s men put Sandra in Church of Gail prison, and while in prison, she developed a penis and raped her fellow prisoners with it. At the same time, this new Church of Gail computer malfunction gave strange maladies to the penises of all of Gail’s men, including Robin Williams (June/July 2014). As a result of this psychological and physical torture, Robin suffered such post-traumatic stress that he, in desperation, in August 2014, attempted to marry Gail, leading to his murder by Santa Monica, California Jesuit police officers. Gail chronicles all this in her book The Shimmering Sea: Robin Williams Murder, which is also an audio book.

81) When Gail asks Jesus if her sister will go to heaven, Jesus pleads the fifth and refuses to answer, though he has stated that Gail’s mother will go to heaven. When Gail’s men were building a home in heaven for Bill Fuller, they saw a room filled with sex gadgets designed for Bill to use with Gail’s mother, waiting for her arrival. Jesus stated that he knew Gail’s mother enjoyed her sex with Bill while she could have it, and honors that in heaven.

82) All important heads of state (and their families) live at Church of Gail for their protection, like President Barack Obama, and whoever will be the next U.S. President.

83) Gail’s men gave Gail’s mother a check for a million dollars around Jan. 2014 to repay her for all the help she’s given Gail over the years, while Gail’s men have been unable to give Gail any direct financial assistance or to be with her physically (due to Jesuit interference). Unfortunately, the Jesuits used brain control on Gail’s mother to remove her memories of Gail’s men giving her mother the check; and Sandra, Gail’s sister, lied and said that the check came from her, instead of from Gail’s men. Though Sandra has a master’s degree in public health and a B.S. in nursing, she certainly is not a millionaire, unless her friend Loree McBride has been donating money to her, which Loree steals from the real Brent Spiner. Like all Jesuit clone wives do to the men they are assigned to, Loree has taken over Brent’s bank accounts and credit cards and Malibu house, and almost made him destitute. Loree spends at least a million dollars a year of Brent’s money to maintain her extravagant Jesuit lifestyle, on top of the salary she gets from the Antichrist for being a Jesuit. In the 1990s, she was such a spendthrift with Brent’s money, that Brent Spiner fans commented in fanzines, that Loree seemed to live at the mall. When Brent contacts the banks to try and stop her, Loree shows her fake marriage license with the signature from the Jesuit Brent Spiner clone as evidence that she is entitled to Brent’s money and house. Sandra encouraged Gail’s mother to spend all the money from Gail’s men on spas and other such luxuries (claiming she was entitled to that because of the stress of dealing with Bill’s hospitalization and death), so that when Bill Fuller (her husband) passed away in March 2014, Gail’s mother had already spent the entire million dollars. Vladimir Putin was furious at her over this. But Jesuits have given her amnesia about this, so she had no idea what an ingrate to Gail’s men she has been. She also used the money to buy Sandra a new car, while Gail drives around with a 1999 van with no air conditioning. Sandra plays the role of medical adviser to Gail’s mother (knowing Gail’s mother worships Sandra for her degrees in nursing and health) and advises Gail’s mother to treat Gail like a mentally ill person and to not do anything to enforce Gail’s delusions. Due to Sandra’s influence on her mother, Gail refuses to deal with her mother until her mother apologizes for submitting the July 2012 lying statement which she submitted to the judge in July 2012, that caused Gail to be involuntarily committed to a psych hospital for a week. Gail survives on a missionary’s income, trusting Jesus to provide for her, preferring to be poor and honest than rich and slimy. Jesus does not want Gail to deal with her mother right now, feeling that Gail’s mother and sister are abusing Gail and that Gail needs to move on and go forward with her life.

84) In her twenties and teens Gail had a beautiful singing voice and could have trained to be an opera singer. Whenever she joined any church and the chorus master heard her sing, they always begged her to sing solos. She sang in the background chorus at professional operas as part of Miami Palmetto Sr. High‘s Concert Chorus, and sang alto, even though she is a mezzo soprano, in Handel’s Messiah for several performances during the Christmas season in 1973, 1975 and in 1976 as a freshman in college for her high school’s Concert Chorus. She also performed in the background chorus for the opera Pagliacci as part of Miami Palmetto Sr. High’s Concert Chorus with the Miami Beach Symphony orchestra. She chose the song “Apple Blossom Time” as the theme song for her novel Silver Skies because she sang it at the Apple Blossom Festival in Virginia as part of her Concert Chorus’s tour of Washington D.C., Virginia and Pennsylvania and it seemed to just fit in as a symbol for the love story in her novel, with her lovers going up to heaven in a May rapture. Her high school chorus master Dr. Richard Bullman taught her the principles of voice and she took some voice at Miami-Dade Community College in Kendall, Florida in 1976. Later, at Baptist University of America in 1982 – 1983 she studied a bit of piano under Dorothy Jacquot who studied music at Bob Jones University, just enough to enable her to accompany her own songs, as she sang to Brent on the cassette tape she sent him that made him fall in love with her. The Jesuits destroyed her voice by giving her the super yeast infection which destroyed her vocal cords, but since being on Seroquel she has gotten much of her former voice back, though she seems to have lost her range. As a young lady she could sing any female voice range and even most of the tenor voice range for men.

85) Vladimir Putin acquired most of Gail’s household goods (around 2001 or 2002), which she had put in storage in Seattle, Washington (no money to move these to Florida from Seattle, while she lived with her mother in Florida), including her extensive library of around 2,000 books, with many items of sentimental or legal value to Gail (like her high school and college year books and files and video tapes of family), her piano and extensive cookware. The diligent Jesuit Order, upon locating the Russian bunker (2002 or 2003) where Vladimir stored Gail’s goods, annihilated the bunker with a nuclear bomb. Vladimir was devastated. When Brent Spiner informed Gail about this in 2012, she realized she had no hope of getting these items anymore, short of a miracle from Jesus. Gail has been without a piano since 2001. Update: Gail received a digital piano as a birthday gift in Sept. 2017.

86) The Seattle judge who oversaw Gail’s divorce (May 2001) from her Jesuit husband was himself a Jesuit. Therefore, he ensured that Gail lost custody of her son to her ex, who successfully used Gail’s love for Brent Spiner against her, so that the judge deemed Gail mentally unfit to be her son’s mother, only allowing Gail to see her son, if she put herself on psychiatric meds. Gail, not trusting psychiatric meds in 2001, refused to be on them, sacrificing her son to honor her love for Brent Spiner. However, Vladimir Putin acquired Gail’s son (to protect him from his Jesuit father) in December 2003, and had Gail’s son live with his two daughters (2003 to around 2009). In 2009, Vladimir returned Gail’s son to his father, because Gail had replaced Vladimir as her long-distance lover for Brent Spiner. While with Vladimir, Gail’s son even attended Harvard University and did well. But Vladimir removed all his memories of his time with Vladimir so that he probably remembers none of this, unless Gail’s men have chosen to reinstate some of his memories. While Gail’s son was with Vladimir, the Jesuits used his look-alike to live with his dad, unable to clone him, because those with King David genes seem resistant to Jesuit cloning technology.

87) Gail, her son, her sister and those with King David genes cannot be cloned successfully. Most of Gail’s clones kill themselves by jumping off of cliffs, and rarely live longer than two weeks. Jesuits have to resort to look-alikes or automatons (androids) when they want to impersonate Gail, her son or her sister.

88) As a three-year old in 1960, Gail remembered her father building a beautiful boat from wooden planks in the garage. Her Eastern airlines pilot father, like his uncle Howard Hughes, was an inventor (studied architectural engineering at Georgia Tech) and a pilot. He and Gail’s mother divorced in 1960.

89) Gail has been awarded honorary degrees in law from universities like Harvard for authoring Conspiracy Law (which she created using brain to brain input from Vladimir Putin). The Jesuits, realizing in 2001, Gail’s interest in law, created the comedy movie Legally Blonde (with the blonde law school student patterned after Loree somewhat) and gave Loree producer credits for Real Doll (2000) to make Loree competitive with Gail (a writer), and to make her seem compatible with comedic and brilliant Brent Spiner. The brunette Harvard Law school student, who stole the Loree McBride character’s love interest in Legally Blonde, was patterned somewhat after Gail. Jesuits, knowing Brent adored Gail’s smarts, attempted to beef up and sweeten their vicious agent Loree to make her competitive with Gail. Legally Blonde (with mediocre reviews) was released on July 13, 2001, the exact day that Brent’s plane landed in Daytona Beach, Florida to move into a home he had bought in Florida for Gail there. Since Legally Blonde’s release, Jesuits have made a hit out of this mediocre movie, while they have prevented true masterpieces, like Steven Spielberg’s Silver Skies (based on Gail’s novel), from mainstream viewership. To punish Brent for daring to buy a home in Florida for Gail, Loree blew up one of her clones in a car (murdering her own clone), but told Brent it was Gail (warning him not to get near Gail now that he was in Florida). Both Brent and Gail believe that Loree is incapable of producing anything worth watching and don’t believe she did her own work in Real Doll (2000) (which can’t be seen anywhere).

90) Brent and Gail never have fights, and always assume the best in the other (except for from 1996 to 1999, as explained in this paragraph). Though from 1996 to 1999, Brent’s response to Gail’s disrespect towards him (because of Loree McBride) was total silence, because he was terrified of Loree McBride, who threatened to kill Gail if Brent communicated with Gail. They always find creative ways to compromise and work it out when they are not in harmony with each other, and are obsessed with meeting the needs of the other. The relationship has been very nurturing, except from 1996 to 1999, when Gail replaced Brent with Franco Nero and ridiculed Brent as a coward and mentally ill for having a woman, Loree McBride, she knew he did not love. However, Gail never reported to her husband that Brent had a wiretap on her phone, even knowing about Loree, and refused to disclose this information to anyone while married to her ex-husband (even when a Jesuit sheriff asked if she could have made anybody mad – in regard to 1998 fires around her mobile home), in order to protect Brent and Franco Nero’s ability to listen to her on her phone. Gail was big enough to keep Brent as her friend (even knowing about Loree), even when she felt he might have betrayed her. Her genius emotional I.Q. discerned that she needed to understand more about why Brent was so silent about Loree to her. When Jesus told Gail in prayer that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent (Dec. 1999), she cried for 3 hours on the phone, begging Brent to forgive her for the disrespect she showed him on the phone from June 1996 (when Gail first learned about Loree McBride) to Dec. 1999 (when Gail learned Loree was a Vatican agent). Brent told Gail he was crying right along with her then. Despite setbacks and a modest lifestyle, Gail is happy in her heart, her conscience clear and free, honoring a great man, her husband Brent Spiner, and having the privilege to converse with the greatest man of all time, Jesus Christ, who advises her and directs her life, believing with all her heart she will have a millennium and eternity that honors a love that fills her heart with heaven. Gail believes that her relationship with Brent shows marriage the way God intended for it to be, and is why Jesus Christ will give both Brent and Gail his glowing, white semen as a wedding gift for Jesus Christ’s 1,000 year millennial reign over the earth. In fact, Gail believes that by accepting Jesus’s semen in the millennium while Brent and Gail make love, that Brent and Gail will enable Jesus to give his semen, THROUGH THEM, to his bride, the church (the subject of her next book).

91) Jesus told Gail that she was the reason for the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake, which happened two days after Gail received a letter from a Jesuit Paramount Studios attorney, ordering Gail and her Jesuit husband not to contact or communicate with Brent Spiner at Paramount Studios anymore, accusing Gail and her then husband of criminal harassment. Gail’s ex-husband received some health insurance paperwork in November 1993, which Jesuits leaked to him, where a social worker broke his promise of secrecy and put in writing that Gail believed she had a relationship with Brent Spiner. Jesuits leaked this onto the health insurance paperwork which her ex-husband received. David then demanded Brent’s Paramount address under threat of divorce, so Gail gave it to him. David wrote a nasty letter to Brent around Thanksgiving 1993, which made Gail very ashamed of him, where he threatened to give Brent bad press if Brent contacted his wife Gail anymore. Gail’s Jesuit husband then laid down the law about Star Trek and said it was satanic and demanded Gail stop watching it and that she must stop all correspondence to Brent or he’d divorce her. All the Jesuits (Gail’s husband, the Paramount lawyer, and Loree McBride) ganged up on Gail and Brent and succeeded in stopping Gail’s daily letters to Brent at his Paramount fan mail address (June 1991 to November 1993). When this didn’t stop Gail from writing Brent, because Gail sent her letters for Brent to Gates McFadden instead (whose voice she had recognized on the phone several times), the Jesuits upped their game, by using their lawyer to order Gail and her husband to never write Paramount Studios again or legal action for harassment could be taken against them. The legal order (received January 15, 1994) was not signed by Brent, but by the Jesuit attorney (probably under Loree McBride’s direction). Gail did notice that Brent did not sign the legal order, but became disgusted with Brent, nevertheless, for allowing the Fed Ex document to land at her apartment’s door, where her husband signed for it. When Gail arranged for her Christian bookstore (Dec. 1993) to send a Revelation Slide Presentation portraying the Roman Catholic Church as the bloody Revelation 17 whore to Brent Spiner at Paramount, that was probably the last straw for the Jesuits at Paramount. Gail shared all of her life with Brent, including her religion, with a “take it or leave it” approach. Also, in December 1993, to reassure Gail, after her husband ordered her not to write Brent anymore, Brent flew to Seattle, rented a white truck, and whispered her name at her door, allowing Gail to see him in his white truck (wearing a wig and mustache), parked about ten feet from Gail’s apartment window. When Gail opened her son’s bedroom window to see who came to her door, Brent flashed the lights on and off inside his truck to draw attention to himself and Gail recognized Brent Spiner inside the truck. He then zoomed off. Brent’s daring to come to Gail’s apartment must have enraged Loree McBride. So that explained the legal order from Paramount that Brent had nothing to do with. After receiving the order, she went to her garbage dumpster and threw it in there, then tromped back to her apartment on Sunday, after church, and prayed for 3 hours with tears (kneeling over her living room futon sofa), begging God to forgive her for disgracing his great name by her long distance adulterous affair with Brent Spiner, promising God she would never attempt to contact Brent anymore. That 3 hour prayer was from 12 to 3 p.m. on Sunday (Pacific Standard Time U.S.A.), about 24 hours after she received the legal order. Exactly twelve hours later (Monday, January 17th while Gail was sleeping), the Northridge earthquake happened, with Paramount Studios very close to the epicenter. In fact, the only Hollywood people who died (two of them) worked for Paramount Studios. Gail was amazed at how God answered her three hour prayer! In the middle of the earthquake’s aftershocks, Brent managed to use the legal order to his advantage and got a wiretap on Gail’s phone. When Gail picked up her landline phone, she heard strange noises on it and smiled to herself, she realized that she could now talk to Brent by dialing her own number and getting a “blank”. She never wrote Brent another letter after this, because she didn’t have to. She could now talk to him on her phone. Brent had a device that he always kept on himself, so he could listen to Gail 24/7, if she spoke to him on her phone. So the correspondence ended and the phone became their ally from January 17, 1994 to around 2001, until Gail abandoned Brent temporarily for Vladimir Putin (2001 to 2006).

92) The other significant earthquake happened while Gail was divorcing her Jesuit husband in Seattle. It’s funny how all these God-sent earthquakes happened when Gail lived in Seattle (May 1991 to June 1994, and May 1999 to May 2001). Her Jesuit husband refused to give Gail a simple divorce and was very nasty, dragging Brent Spiner into the divorce, accusing Gail of mental illness and forcing her and her son to see a court psychiatrist to determine her mental health and fitness to be a mother. Gail tried so hard to gain custody of her son and to keep Brent out of the divorce, but Jesuits (her husband, Loree McBride, Postal workers, and the judge who presided over her divorce) made it impossible. One of her attorneys bailed out on her and she had to get another one. Gail’s mother helped pay for the divorce, which turned out very expensive, costing David around $40,000 dollars and Gail around $25,000 dollars. Apparently, God knew Gail would lose custody of her son and that the Jesuits were running the Seattle legal system. Gail even sent mail outs to all the Seattle attorneys, trying to find one who would represent her against Loree McBride. None responded. On ASH WEDNESDAY, a major Roman Catholic holiday, an earthquake hit Seattle on Feb. 28, 2001. It was a strange earthquake, registering 6.8 magnitude, but NOBODY DIED. It was the most expensive earthquake in Seattle history. Gail did all the wrong things, being a native Floridian. She ran down the stairs to the street. But because God sent the earthquake to make a statement about how he felt about the Roman Catholic Church, he made sure nobody in Seattle, where Gail lived at the time, died from the earthquake. God wasn’t condemning Gail. He was condemning the Jesuits and the Catholic Church on their Ash Wednesday (which symbolizes the mark of the Beast or Antichrist in Rev. 13:18) for attacking Jesus’s favorite! Gail lost custody, because a statement she wrote and mailed to her attorney, got switched out at the Post Office with a Jesuit version of her letter that made her appear crazy.

93) When Gail and her family lived in a Houston suburb, Alvin, Texas (July 1994 to July 1995), Brent Spiner (about once every week or two) sat inside a long, black limousine with very dark tinted windows, which Gail often noticed parked off to the side (near the entrance) to her Alvin, Texas Meadowdale apartment complex when she returned from trips in her car. Brent told her he often went to her apartment’s windows to take a peek inside her apartment (when she wasn’t there), especially wanting to see her bed, so he could imagine himself with her there. Brent’s mother Sylvia, lived in Houston, making it easy for him to visit Gail’s home. Gail suspected Brent was inside the limousine and always has respected Brent’s “space” and never ventured to the limousine to see if it was really Brent. Gail’s obsession in the 1990s was to protect Brent from her husband, and she pretty much kept Brent a big secret from everybody until her divorce (Jan. 2000 to May 2001), when her ex-husband forced her to divulge her secret long-distance love affair with Brent (June 1991 to then) to a court psychiatrist. She even threw out the letter she received from Brent in September 1990, during the divorce proceedings. In 1995, her family moved to another Houston suburb, Webster, Texas into another apartment complex, and she lived in Webster when she learned about Loree McBride (June 1996). In Webster, Brent did not sit in a limousine in her parking lot. Apparently, Alvin was closer to his mother’s Houston home and the Webster parking lot was not as accommodating to a very long limousine.

94) Gail has been voted Sexiest Woman Alive (around 2007 to present), by reputable publications and organizations (like People magazine).

95) She has been cutting her own hair since December 2015, when Jesus ordered her not to go to a beautician. Her men have started a successful clothing line based on her fashion principles (a blend between Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful and David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis), with many celebrities and celebrity journalists buying her clothes. She often sews her own clothes, creating outfits that honor her clothing design principles.

Gail’s self hair cut, wearing a tank top she sewed (May 26, 2016)

96) At the end of August 2016, Angelina apparently made a secret pact with Satan, and tried to kill Rule 13, who survived and was rescued by Church of Gail. Angelina lied to Zack Knight, and told him Rule 13 was dead. She said she needed his Antichrist powers to be able to come back and rescue him. Using her Antichrist powers, she broke through the Gail Shield and attacked Gail’s town, brain raping and killing people and causing all of Gail’s men to want to have sex with her, almost reaching Gail. Gail’s men tried to go to Gail’s town to rescue them, but fell sway to Angelina’s powerful brain control and Vladimir Putin, who was piloting the ship tried to pilot Church of Gail to go to Angelina so he could have sex with her. Though Brent Spiner himself was aroused by Angelina, he had enough of his true self, that he shot Vladimir to stop him, so that Vladimir lost a lot of blood. But Vladimir had enough blood in his erection to keep him alive, despite severe blood loss. Gail prayed to Jesus, who showed up and held off Angelina, appearing as a dildo. Jesus bounced Angelina, so that he threw her across the country to the West Coast of the United States. But Angelina returned and acquired Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler into her harem of sex slaves for her pleasure. She claimed that she would acquire all of Gail’s men as part of her marriage list. Jesus says that if he did not hold off Angelina, she would have succeeded in brain raping Gail and that, worst of all, Gail would have loved it. Gail talked to Zack Knight inside his semen bubble in deep space in Satan’s ocean and led him to Jesus. When Rule 13 learned her Zack had accepted Christ, she followed suit. By using a spermicide bullet, Church of Gail was able to rescue Zack from his semen bubble and he reunited with Rule 13, and became a member of Gail’s marriage list, living on Church of Gail, along with all the other men on Gail’s marriage list. Jesus warned Gail’s men to be careful about Angelina and then took off and left.

97) Tosh.0, a show on Comedy Central, flew Gail out to Los Angeles to appear on their show. Jesus encouraged Gail to go, saying that because she was obeying the Gail Commandments, she would be safe. The show aired on Nov. 8, 2016.

98) On September 17, 2016, Judge Terrance Jenkins, Brent Spiner and Hugh Jackman transported down to Los Angeles to attend a reunion with Judge Terrance’s Jenkins’s black family. At this time, Church of Gail discovered that Zack’s perfect penis had the ability to wrap Angelina in a semen cocoon that helped to neutralize her, making her spin. Overconfident in Zack’s ability to neutralize Angelina, the men went to the reunion in Los Angeles, even though Angelina had just ravaged Los Angeles the day before. But when Zack stopped ejaculating for a minute, Angelina was able to escape from the semen wrap Zack put around her, and invaded the party where Brent, Hugh and Terrance attended, and put all under her brain control spell, causing violent rapes and chaos at the party, turning it into a chimp-out. She left the party with Terrance and Hugh holding her hands, and Brent barely escaped simply because he was physically unable to get to Angelina, because all the other men were on top of her trying to have mad sex with her. Brent returned to Church of Gail in a space pod and wrote Gail a letter to explain what happened. Right after this, Gail and Zack decided to create a powerful Seroquakke bomb to bring down Angelina, but kept the project top secret.

99) New Antichrist Angelina Ballerina created Hurricane Matthew (named after her brain-controlled sex captive Matthew McConaughey) to try and devastate Gail in Gail’s town in Florida. But Gail’s shield protected her and deflected the hurricane causing it to remain just off the coast of Florida on October 7, 2016, even though it appeared it would make a direct hit where Gail lives. Once it got far enough away from Gail, so that her shield could not neutralize it, it became more deadly in North Carolina.

100) On November 4, 2016, Donald Trump invited all of Church of Gail, including all the men on Gail’s marriage list who had not been taken by Angelina to attend one of his rallies in Ohio. Church of Gail set up scanners to detect if Angelina was nearby, but the scanners failed, and Angelina was able to get on the stage behind Donald Trump as he made his entrance to the rally. He was followed by Angelina Ballerina, Miss Piggy (Alicia Machado), Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton. Angelina ripped off her top and exposed her breasts to Donald Trump, putting him under her evil spell. She then had Hillary and Huma rape Donald from the front and behind with dildos. Donald, under Angelina’s brain control, enjoyed it, even while the rape caused blood loss and damage to his body. Vladimir Putin, in the audience, became overwhelmed with rage, and shouted and pointed to the stage, claiming this indicated the downfall of American society. He raised his arm and then plunged his finger onto his wristwatch, causing the launch of a nuclear bomb to hit the rally. Brent Spiner, realizing they only had four minutes to evacuate, grabbed Vladimir, who planned to die under the blast, and Brent, Zack Knight, Vladimir Putin, F.B.I. Director Comey and Julian Assange were the only ones to visibly survive the blast, which devastated the Midwestern United States. Unbeknownst to Gail and Zack, Angelina Ballerina was able to save everybody from the nuclear blast by transporting them to her pink spaceship at the last minute. Vladimir, who identified with Donald Trump as a world leader, became overwhelmed by all he witnessed at the rally, and drank gallons of vodka and became unable to function, crying and drinking vodka to try and shut out the memories of the event. Gail, finally realizing on November 12th that Vladimir was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, created a music playlist for him to heal him and also wrote him a letter to explain to him that if he had not nuked the rally, that more than likely Angelina would have acquired all the men on Gail’s marriage list as her husbands and would have used her rape of Donald to cause him to lose the Presidential election. Vladimir was so traumatized by all this that he experienced erectile dysfunction. But Gail counseled him and had him listen to a music playlist she created for him. Angelina’s abduction of the Nanotechnology Research Team (in attendance at the rally) enabled her to get memory reads on them, thus she learned about the top secret powerful Seroquakke bomb project to take her down, while Gail and her men still strove to keep the project top secret (thinking everybody died).

101) Jesus Christ delivered a microwave oven to Gail as a late Christmas present from her men. Later Jesus probably also personally delivered a new book case and office chair, which one of her fans bought for her. This fan also bought Gail a new memory foam bed, 3 lamps, and storage containers for Gail’s many files.

102) On January 4, 2017, Angelina Ballerina suffering damage from lightning bolt videos that Gail made to try and keep Angelina from attacking Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and Zack Knight at Church of Gail, found a way to break through. She created billions of clones and used them as an asteroid belt, so that Gail’s lightning bolts hit the clones first (who were extensions of Angelina as the Antichrist), thus enabling Angelina to safely make it to Church of Gail unharmed, where she successfully seduced and captured Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. Though Brent screamed to Zack for help, Zack, not used to his mortality, froze in fright and ran away, allowing Angelina to capture Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. Brave Brent was able to shoot off an email to Gail just before Angelina confiscated his iPad while captive on Angelina’s pink spaceshipZack contacted Gail on Skype and shamefully admitted that he froze and deserted Brent and Vladimir when they called for help. Gail forgave Zack, knowing how intimidating Angelina is to all her men. Angelina is a master at emotional abuse – the worst kind of abuse, so Gail understood. Angelina drains the manliness from Gail’s brave men, weakening them to the point that they cannot harm Angelina with their courage. Gail asked Zack to launch the Seroquakke now, even though it was only about 90% ready. Zack went to do so and came back horrified. Angelina had stolen the powerful Seroquakke! Zack did a read on Angelina’s pink spacecraft and learned she had modified the Seroquakke making it more powerful and more in line with how she wants it to behave. On January 4, 2017, Angelina did acquire all of the top seven men on Gail’s marriage list, with the exception of Zack Knight, who seems to have immunity to Angelina’s brain control. Zack Knight contacted Gail and then Brent Spiner sent an email warning Gail that Angelina had launched the deadly Seroquakke, and it would hit Melbourne, FL on Jan. 6, 2017 around 9 p.m. Gail comforted herself because Jesus told Gail and Zack right after Christmas, that it was now midnight and that it always gets coldest right before dawn, hinting that Angelina would be defeated. Also, the fact that Jesus personally delivered a microwave oven as her men’s Christmas present to Gail hinted to Gail that Zack’s Seroquakke (originally designed to use microwave power) would do the job that Gail intended.

103) On January 6, 2017 Zack Knight agreed with Gail to beam her aboard Church of Gail in preparation for the Seroquakke that Angelina launched. Despite Gail being aboard Church of Gail (her entire apartment complex and certain portions of Melbourne, FL were beamed aboard), the Seroquakke was still headed towards Melbourne, FL. Gail told Zack to go ahead and use her Gail Shield to attempt to defuse the powerful Seroquakke (with enough energy to destroy the universe three times over). Zack piloted Church of Gail to collide with the Seroquakke. The Gail Shield hit it, but the Shield drained down to almost nothing within minutes. Zack and Gail attempted a risky move and attempted to separate the saucer section (where Gail was) in an attempt to save Gail’s life. It succeeded, and Gail inside her apartment (inside Church of Gail’s hologram section), was thrust out into deep space and to safety.

104) This left Zack alone to face Angelina Ballerina and her Jesuit space fleet. With all shields down on Church of Gail, Angelina’s weapons array lit up and she readied herself to shoot a barrage of missiles at Zack on Church of Gail. Suddenly, there were explosions all over Angelina’s pink spaceship, and Angelina’s shields went down. Gail instructed Zack to immediately beam over all her Church of Gail captives aboard Church of Gail (made possible because her shields were down). Immediately, Judge Terrance Jenkins arrived and informed Gail and Zack that at the Donald Trump rally (Nov. 4, 2016), nobody died, and that we had them all (millions from Church of Gail, including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and others) back at Church of Gail. Terrance also informed us that it was Rule 13 who caused all the explosions on the pink spaceship. Apparently, Angelina had beamed those at the Trump rally aboard her pink spaceship right before Vladimir Putin’s nuke destroyed the Trump rally on Nov. 4, 2016. Because of Gail’s lightning bolts and sling stones videos which caused Angelina’s pink spacecraft to shake up, Rule 13 escaped from her prison, enabling 13 to plant bombs all over Angelina’s spacecraft. Zack fired a missile at Angelina’s pink spaceship with her shields down, which caused her spaceship to plummet to earth below. On the way down, Angelina launched her one remaining missile and it made a direct hit on Church of Gail, which caused Church of Gail to also plummet to earth. At the last minute, the inertial dampers came on and cushioned Church of Gail’s fall as it hit earth and nobody on Church of Gail died. Angelina now stood outside with her pink spacecraft destroyed and on fire behind her (because, as the Antichrist she could not be killed) as the sole survivor from her pink spaceship. But she had a gun to Rule 13’s head. She demanded that Zack show himself or she’d kill 13. Also, all the millions of Jesuits on Angelina’s space fleet also waited outside on the ground (as their space fleet hovered in the air above them).

105) Zack, in a panic, asked Gail what to do. Judge Terrance Jenkins noticed that Zack’s penis started glowing and advised Zack to show the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits his penis. Zack stated he had lost faith in his penis, but with Gail and Terrance’s persuasion he agreed to show Angelina’s Jesuits his glowing penis.

106) At this point, Zack’s penis glowed so brightly, that it was like the sun, and even though it was dark outside, the glow from his penis made it seem like daytime. All the Jesuits, awed by his penis, bowed down to worship it. “Our God is an Awesome God” all of a sudden played in the skies. Angelina, overcome by the majesty of Zack’s penis, dropped the gun she had aimed at Rule 13’s head, and crawled on her hands and knees to kiss the tip of Zack’s penis. Upon doing so, Zack’s penis shot a semen laser through her brain, that shattered her brain, while Angelina died smiling. Apparently, only an Antichrist (Zack Knight) had the power to kill another Antichrist (Angelina Ballerina), because Antichrists cannot be killed so that they can remain alive to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

107) With Angelina’s death, Zack regained full Antichrist powers and his ability to turn men gay and his inability to be killed, returned. Gail led all the Jesuits, who witnessed Zack’s glowing penis, to Jesus and they all came over to Zack and Gail’s side. Zack also proposed to Rule 13 and she kissed Zack passionately and accepted his marriage proposal. She used her mouth to remove his engagement ring to her from the tip of his penis and put the ring on her ring finger.

108) As of January 6, 2017, the majority of the Jesuits (millions) side with Zack Knight. Apparently, some Angelina Ballerina Jesuits left on earth, who did not witness Zack’s glowing penis, refuse Zack as their leader and side with Loree McBride. Angelina Ballerina now lives in hell.

109) Loree McBride, the current leader of the evil Jesuits, refuses to side with Jesus Christ, Gail and her men and Zack Knight. She, and the evil Jesuits under her command (probably in the millions), continue to launch yeast bombs, control the media, the Internet, and are responsible for much of the remaining anti-Trump hysteria and the attacks against Gail. Donald Trump, after recuperating from his imprisonment on Angelina Ballerina’s spaceship (Nov. 4, 2016 to Jan. 6, 2017), is furious at the evil Jesuits (who raped and kidnapped him) and often expresses his fury against them by attacking the Loree McBride controlled press as fake news.

110) In the meanwhile, Zack repaired the badly damaged Jesuit space fleet he inherited from Angelina Ballerina and Gail’s men lived aboard Zack’s space fleet until August 2017, when Gail’s men successfully reconstructed the Church of Gail spaceship and now live aboard Church of Gail, with the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits living on Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet. Angelina seriously neglected her space fleet, putting most of her efforts into her pink spacecraft, so Zack had to repair a space fleet so damaged that Zack stated he was amazed the ships could even fly. There is a civil war inside the Jesuit Order (Zack Knight versus Loree McBride). But Jesus promised Gail and Brent that they would defeat the Jesuit Order. Though the Seroquakke took down the Gail Shield, Gail continues to obey the Gail Commandments, and her Gail Shield is back up at full power. Gail encourages everybody to listen to her weapons videos against Loree to help us defeat the Loree McBride Jesuits.

111) In April 2017, after winning a court case allowing Gail’s men (which now included Zack Knight) to use the Jesuit space fleet to attack Loree McBride Jesuits by adopting the Jesuit name, and that the use of the Jesuit space fleet was not a violation of Loree McBride’s Jesuit property (which Loree McBride claims only belonged to her), Gail and her men won the case by giving their transponder the name: Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Loree then renamed her transponder the Loree McBride Church of Gail. In retaliation, Gail with Zack Knight, decided to rename Church of Gail as a church to the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits and as the new Catholic leader, Gail excommunicated Loree McBride from the Catholic Church. Gail studied missions, theology, Bible and education at Baptist University of America (graduated in 1983) and her lifelong love for Bible and theology came in useful as she chose Dallas Theological Seminary (the school closest to her beliefs) to assist Zack Knight in transitioning the Roman Catholic Church into a more Biblically correct position. She calls herself the Martin Luther Reformer of the Roman Catholic Church, believing that she will succeed in reforming the Catholic Church where Luther failed, because she led the true Pope of the Church (Zack Knight) to the true Jesus.

112) Loree McBride got the cooperation of some evil Jews to takeover the nation of Israel on May 1, 2017. Zack Knight contacted Gail (via Skype) to inform her about how Loree got this cooperation and how these evil Jews switched out all Jews in Israel with their evil JEW CLONES. Gail, Zack and the real Brent Spiner agreed to send an immediate nukkake to Israel to kill all JEW CLONES as part of a final solution, in order to save the earth from their takeover of all banks, financial institutions and the entertainment industry, with the eventual goal to takeover the world for Loree McBride. As a result of this near calamity, Gail wrote new law mandating the death penalty for the creation of any clones, and required all nations that honored her law to set up scanners to execute all NEW CLONES (created after March 2017) on-the-spot. In her Bible studies, God seemed to show Gail that the Bible predicted the fall of Jesuits, because they lose their ability to clone babies.

113) Gail revamped the doctrinal statement she wrote for Church of Gail (2011) to reflect her growth as a Christian after one-on-one meetings with Jesus Christ through Brent Spiner and to reflect the new name for Church of Gail, which is now Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Dallas Theological Seminary along with other seminaries, now work with Gail and Zack Knight to reform the Catholic Church, so that it honors her revamped doctrinal statement. Her doctrinal statement is closest to that of Dallas Theological Seminary, but has a more liberal attitude towards gays, and is not as adamant about eternal security, and allows that Buddhists, New Agers and others have a way to God that is as valid as the traditional Christian route through the sinner’s prayer. To show justification for these beliefs, actual direct conversations with Jesus Christ (via Skype as transcribed by Brent Spiner) are included as part of the doctrinal statement. Jesus Christ also discusses his surprising views on nudity and other taboo or controversial subjects here as well.

114) In September 2017, the Brent Spiner Jew clone with his cohort in crime, Loree McBride, created Hurricane Irma in an attempt to destroy Gail in Florida. They were also behind the creation of Hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston, Texas with massive flooding. Because Gail did not live in Texas when Harvey hit, Houston suffered badly. Irma was a powerful and massive category 5 hurricane with sustained winds at 185 miles per hour in the Atlantic as it headed towards Gail in Florida. It covered the entire state of Florida when it hit. The Jew clone scientists (under Loree & the Brent clone’s direction) programmed it to make a direct hit on Gail in Melbourne, Florida. The Gail Shield (that Jesus made part of Gail’s genetic programming) expanded to deal with the hurricane as it veered north to the Florida keys. The Gail Shield redirected the hurricane away from Florida’s east coast, where Melbourne is, and it instead went north up the Western coast of Florida as a greatly weakened hurricane, dropping from category 5 to 3 and never regaining its strength. Not only did the Gail Shield redirect the hurricane, it also weakened it, by absorbing some of the power of the hurricane as it approached Florida. Gail lost her electricity for two days, and right as she finished her vacuuming for the day on the 10th, her power went out, making it that only on the 11th was she unable to vacuum and obey the Gail Commandments regarding vacuuming. The power came back on the 12th and she was able to obey all the Gail Commandments on the 12th. Two days later, on the 14th, Gail’s Internet and cable services were restored, making it possible for Gail to upload her hurricane experiences to YouTube, thus obeying another Gail Commandment (to post a video to YouTube once a week). To Gail the worst part about the hurricane was the yeast symptoms she got from the “pink” hurricane (it glowed pink in the night skies) which Loree and the Brent clone had loaded with yeast germs. But the Gail Shield which Jesus Christ gave to Gail to protect her life, tamed the monster hurricane so that the only thing Gail suffered (other than a lot of work preparing for it and food loss) was loss of power (two days) and loss of Internet and cable (four days).

115) Hugh Hefner died on Sept. 27, 2017. His dying wish was that Gail would be the Playmate of the Century in his Playboy magazine. He also willed everything to Gail and while working on his will, Loree McBride hired an agent named Urethra “Foshizzle” McPizzle hired by Hefner as an escort for auto-erotic asphyxiation, who deliberately urinated gallons into his lungs and suffocated him, contributing to his death, even though he also suffered a semen clot that blocked his ejaculation and exploded his testicles at the same time. Jesus Christ told Brent that Hugh made it to heaven. Gail told Rule 13 that she would do as her husband Brent Spiner wished in this matter. Brent contacted Gail on Skype and said he had no problem with Gail doing this and encouraged her to do it. Jesus showed up and said he gave Gail full approval to do this if she wanted. Gail used her Canon camera and took nudes of herself in various poses for Playboy and gave them to her men. Playboy immediately created an Oct. 2017 Gail Tribute issue. Her men reported that the magazine was flying off the shelves.

116) Gail became a Bible writer on Thanksgiving 2017, when her Kindle book transcription of all the times Jesus Christ communicated with her (from 2012 to 2017) via Skype and email was published.  Jesus used Brent Spiner as his transcriber where Jesus made personal appearances to Brent and only allowed Brent to type for him word-for-word what he said to Gail. Jesus also used Judge Terrance Jenkins, Zack Knight and others to give messages to Gail that were not exact word messages, but just messages and these were also included in The Bible: PART TWO. Gail completed the paperback versions about a week after Thanksgiving. At the time that Amazon published all versions as a four-book series, the most impressive super moon of 2017 lit the night skies, as Jesus proudly announced to the world (via the dazzling super moon) that Gail’s four-book series called Bible for Tribulation Saints He had added to the Bible.

117) Jan. 2019 Jesus gave all the men on Gail’s marriage list a vagina-butt that is an exact replica of Gail’s vagina. For several weeks they were unable to defecate, but Brent, working with Bill Nye, developed an app that allowed them to use transporter technology to transport the poop from their rectums to outer space whenever they needed to defecate. In the meanwhile, Gail’s men were making rabid love to each other using their vagina-butts, even destroying some of the vagina-butts in the process. Gail did not like this and stated that she only planned to have sex with her husband, that she did not plan to make love to all of them all at once. This outraged about 10,000 of the men on Gail’s list and they defected to go to Loree McBride, even trying to arrest Brent for dropping bombs with Seroquel in them to deal with Loree’s bombs filled with candida auris. Because drinking too much alcohol is a deadly combination with Seroquel, they claimed Brent was guilty of murder. Gail was sorely disappointed in them for making lust an idol and not understanding that she needs to emotionally bond with a man first before having sex. Viggo Mortensen headed up the group of men who defected, and they called themselves Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way. In the last 3 months of 2018, Viggo impersonated Brent Spiner to Gail brain-to-brain and so Gail thought he was Brent and made brain to brain loving with him. He had the gall to accuse Gail of being a hussy for being deceived by him, saying she only wanted men who were rich and attractive and had betrayed Brent by going to Viggo in 2018. Brent was unable to communicate with Gail in 2018 because he got stuck in a time warp, as a result of a Zack Knight experiment that went bad. When Viggo went to Loree in Jan. 2019, Loree taped his penis to her and he had sex with her 24/7. In disgust, Gail shot lightning bolts on Viggo and Loree. After this, the marriage list decreased to about ten men.

118) Zack Knight lost his Antichrist powers sometime in 2017 and Loree McBride has had Antichrist powers since 2017, meaning she cannot be killed. Jesus refuses to answer Gail’s question over who the current Antichrist is. Loree drops Candida Auris bombs worldwide, sickening and killing people. As of 2019, Loree’s death count is in the millions or billions, from bombs, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, pollution and whatever she can do. She meets with Satan at least once a week, and both work together to increase the suffering on earth to make Jesus miserable. Satan and Loree think if they can take out Gail and her men and replace them with Loree’s clone army, that they can takeover the world and defeat Bible prophecy and Jesus.

119) In April 2019, Gail switched parties from Republican to Democrat to endorse Tulsi Gabbard for U.S. President, believing Tulsi will work with her more than Trump has to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law. To Gail’s great disappointment, Donald Trump obeys Loree McBride’s Jew clones, who have taken over Israel (2017 to 2019), over Gail and her men. This is why Donald Trump honors Loree McBride’s Deep State (who control the military-industrial complex) and has broken the INF treaty with Russia and treats Vladimir Putin (on Gail’s marriage list) as an enemy.

120) Angelina Ballerina, and then Loree McBride (2017 to now), are the true leaders of the Deep State and are behind the Russia-gate hysteria which has inflamed the media and controls politics, enabling Loree to manipulate news and politics to ensure only politicians who support her Deep State get into office.

121) Gail has the ability to shoot lightning bolts on the Antichrist. This is apparently a part of Gail’s powerful King David/Catherine the Great genetic profile. When she obeys the Gail Commandments, she also has a powerful Gail Shield that surrounds her and protects her from nuclear bombs and missiles. When Loree McBride’s hurricanes head her way, her Gail Shield deflects and weakens the hurricanes. Jesus, in his foreknowledge, created Gail to have lightning bolt powers and have a Gail Shield, so that she would carry out His plans for the last days and be protected. Though the Gail Shield is primarily designed to protect Gail, it can protect some innocents who are under the shield, depending on how far out the shield goes.

122) Loree McBride wasted no time to create a clone of Tulsi Gabbard in May 2019.

Her interviewers are gloating, like they know they are destroying Tulsi by doing this, you can see it written on their faces. When you look at the real Tulsi’s eyes, she always looks warm, caring and genuine. This clone looks arrogant and fake. Her upper lip looks a little funny, too. The Tulsi clone’s answer is canned and does not reflect the deep thought that Tulsi usually puts into her answers.

123) In June 2019, Brent and Gail learned that the reason Donald Trump has made a lot of bad decisions as a U.S. President is because his wife Melania has actually been running the country, forcing Donald to obey her using torture on him. Donald has been cooperating with Melania, because Melania threatens to harm Gail if he won’t do what Melania wants. Eventually, Melania became so powerful that she amassed a military that surpassed both Church of Gail and Zack Knight’s Jesuit spacefleet in power. Things came to a head, when Melania threatened to murder Donald Trump on public television if Gail would not mail her pubes to the White House. The only way to take Melania out was to use guile and Gail and her men had to put on a performance to convince Melania she was about to get Gail’s pubes, so that her guard would go down, and Brent Spiner could shoot her in the head after delivering the fake pubes to her. This was accomplished in early Feb. 2020. If Gail and her men did not take her out, psychopath Melania would be running the world and trying to kill Gail at every opportunity she got.

124) Matthew McConaughey publicly admitted he was on Gail’s marriage list at a major press conference. This so infuriated Camila Alves that she literally murdered Sam Shepard in July 2017 using her control over Matthew (via her cowbell) to intimidate all the witnesses into silence.

125) Gail has a sister (Sandra Metcalf) who is almost the total opposite of Gail as a person. While Gail is a humanitarian at heart, her sister is proud, sociopathic and raging with jealousy against Gail, even cooperating with Loree McBride to kill her own sister. Sandra cooperates with Loree to drop bombs over Gail’s head that often make her very sick. Even though Gail’s shield keeps the bombs from hitting the ground, she suffers from the fall out, which can make her very sick. Fortunately, Gail’s men are getting better at cleaning the air and taking out Loree McBride Jesuits who drop these nasty bombs.

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