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Gail Chord Schuler was born in 1957 to a fashion & swimsuit model mother from Japan (descended from the royal Oshu Fujiwara family) and an Eastern airlines pilot father (whose uncle was aviator Howard Hughes). The Jesuit Order’s genetic profiling teams immediately became aware of her unusual genetic profile of King David and Catherine the Great, and strove to kill her as a baby by giving her an allergy to her formula. Because of this, she almost died her first month of life, but her mother switched pediatrician’s and saved her baby’s life. She is currently a volunteer writer and Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent.

At age 3, her parents divorced, and she was raised by a single mother in Miami, Florida. At age 14, after a brief and temporary move to Oxnard, California, Gail found Jesus Christ in 1971 and rejected her mother’s lifestyle and views, becoming a born again Christian, who carried her Bible on top of all her schoolbooks as a high school student at Miami Palmetto Sr. High, where Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, also attended several years later, and where Miss Universe Sylvia Hitchcock had attended before Gail attended Palmetto High.

Not knowing she had the genes of King David, Gail’s dream husband was a man who would be like King David in the Bible. She embraced the fundamental Baptist church and its doctrines, but was somewhat confused about God’s will for her life as a young lady. To ensure she would have marriage success, she adopted a very strict Baptist lifestyle, which included no rock music, no drinking, no smoking, no alcohol and absolutely no sex before marriage. She was determined to not end up divorced like her mother.

While dreaming about a husband like King David, she studied nursing at Florida State University, but switched her major after a nursing professor discouraged her from pursuing nursing. Gail felt that God had put a blockade here because she had not consulted God whether nursing was His will for her life. After graduating with honors, with a degree in Community Health Education (1979), Gail dreamed about attending a Bible college, where, perhaps, she would find her King David. On the other hand, she felt that with her degree from a state university, perhaps she should pursue a career that would utilize this and applied to Air Force Officer’s Training School at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. Out of the blue, she asked God to give her a sign at her church’s Wednesday night prayer service, if he wanted her to attend a Bible college she was considering called Baptist University of America in Decatur, Georgia. A surprise guest speaker, who happened to be the executive vice President of Baptist University, convinced her to go to Baptist University of America with only twenty dollars on her, even though she was about to be accepted to Air Force Officer’s Training School.

Her family rejected her decision and disowned her, but a church took on her support and she was able to also get a job to help pay her way through Baptist University of America. Though her family pleaded with her to go to Air Force Officer’s Training, she turned down her acceptance, and ended up graduating from Baptist University of America in 1983 with a degree in Humanities (missions and education). She surrendered to be a missionary while studying at Baptist University of America.

Not having the courage to go to the mission field single, Gail ended up teaching at South Dade Baptist Church School in Homestead, Florida for a year as the chemistry, biology, science and math teacher (1983 to 1984), hoping to find a husband to go with her to the mission field, while she remained in the United States. A missions graduate of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri married Gail in April 1985. Both she and her new husband did not grow up in Christian homes. She prided herself on saving herself for her husband and she and her new husband had not even kissed or held hands the entire dating and engagement period. It helped that her U.S. Coast Guard fiance’ was out to sea for most of the engagement.

Once married, she learned, to her great disappointment, that her husband’s spirituality was only skin deep and he was incapable of even leading her family in daily Bible reading and devotions, and was one thing at home and another at church. Refusing to go to the mission field as a hypocrite, Gail gave up on the mission field, and went into denial about the lack of warmth and passion in her marriage.

Her son was born in Canada in 1987, and she devoted herself to staying home and raising her son, even homeschooling him for a couple years. Her husband convinced her that the King James Bible was the only version inspired by God and she, like her husband, became a devout King James only devotee.

But there was a vastness inside of her that felt denied and screamed for existence. She began to long for a friendship outside of her barren marriage to fill that void. Divorcing her husband was out of the question, because she felt she had no Scriptural grounds for divorce and though she did not go to the mission field, still attended church three times a week at the least.

She dreamed of a soulmate and decided to have an imaginary one, who would certainly not threaten her marriage and after watching Brent Spiner portray Data in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Pen Pals” in 1989 felt she found a vast person who could match the vastness inside her that screamed for existence. She opened her mind and heart as a friend to her pen pal Brent Spiner, feeling this would be a safe way for her to have her imaginary soul mate, knowing for certain that Brent would never have a romantic interest in her, and hoping for some type of pen friendship, safe and long distance.

She began to have trouble with the state of Florida’s H.R.S. in 1990 over an accident she had with her son, and wrote Brent about this. She noticed that the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Drumhead” seemed to tell her story about persecution from a government agency over a mistake. What was really happening was that the Jesuit Order noticed that Brent Spiner was noticing his pen friend and decided to increase their attacks on Gail. Brent had written a letter to Gail thanking her for sharing her thoughts, and Gail responded with a tape of her singing and piano playing. This music Gail made for Brent caused him to fall in love with her, and he made the album Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back for Gail, vainly hoping she’d get it and perhaps notice him as more than just a pen friend.

This happened, when Gail figured out that her mystery caller’s voice in the spring of 1991 matched exactly the voice in a new music album (Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back) she received from her pen friend Melody Rondeau, who was the editor of Data Entries (a Brent Spiner fanzine). The songs in the album seemed to be all about her, too. This man she hung up on, was indeed Brent Spiner. When she heard his music, she fell head over heels in love with Brent, for she realized he had made that album for her. Her vastness had indeed found a soul mate, and now she screamed at God in anger for allowing this to happen to her after she was married. She reluctantly turned Brent down for sex, when he asked to come over and sounded very disappointed when she said “no”.

God gave her a promise about Brent in 1992, using the song “Somewhere” from West Side Story, which was the first song that came onto her CD player set on the random mode after she returned from the funeral of a little girl.

Brent inspired her to be true to her vast side and she studied writing under award winning children’s author Jim Murphy through The Institute of Children’s Literature (1991 – 1993). She communicated to Brent through her letters, then on a wiretapped phone (where Brent obtained a tap on her landline phone), until her divorce in 2001 (after God told her in a still small voice that if she did not divorce her husband, she would die within a couple years). God also told her that Loree McBride, the woman who made her drop Brent as a romantic interest from 1996 to 1999, was a Vatican agent. At this point she forgave Brent and offered him her hand in marriage.

While married, she lived in Portland, OregonSault Ste. Marie, MichiganMiami, FloridaSeattle, WashingtonHouston, TexasNorth Charleston, South Carolina, and then in Seattle, Washington when she divorced her husband in 2001.

Brent was about to board a jet to come get Gail on September 11, 2001, but 9/11 derailed his plans and Gail, discouraged that Brent could get her, invited Vladimir Putin into her heart, feeling she needed a President in her life.

Her writing got put on hold from 1996 to 1999, and then from 2000 to 2011, but Steven Spielberg acquired the rights to her unfinished novel Silver Skies around 2003 to 2005 and made a movie version of it starring Matthew McConaughey. Because of Gail’s inability to marry Brent or Vladimir and the Jesuit obsession over her love life, her men started a marriage list for her in 2005. It only had 3 men (Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and Matthew McConaughey) until around 2008. Her men wanted to be sure their awesome woman would end up with a good husband and not a Jesuit who would strive to destroy her if anything should happen to them, rendering them unable to marry her.

When Gail got the Internet in 2011, and learned how to publish her own books, she got back into writing. In 2012, Jesus Christ began conversing with Gail through a church her men established for her called Church of Gail, and he told her that the King James Bible is one of his favorite translations, but that it is a translation and that the New  American Standard, New Living and New International Bible are not taken from Roman Catholic manuscripts as her King James only preachers had told her. In 2012, Gail produced a movie about Brent Spiner’s Rape and developed some acting skills, which she has applied to her own readings of her books. In 2013, Gail learned how to draw portraits for covers to her books, and designs all her own books.

She has published several books, has a book in progress, and also narrates her own audio books, using the acting skills she developed from making her movie Brent Spiner’s Rape.

Gail’s soulmate remains Brent Spiner, who Jesus Christ calls her husband and soulmate. She remains committed to him as a wife in this world and the next, refusing to allow Jesuits to intimidate her to accommodate their lies that Loree McBride or any Jesuit woman, like Camila Alves, has a sexual relationship with any of her men. Gail has no doubt that the mystery caller who made love to her on the phone while she lived in Seattle (1991 to 1993) was the real Brent Spiner.

The clever Jesuits have used a Brent Spiner Jesuit clone to disown Gail publicly, but Gail will never forget the longings and depth of feeling of her mystery caller in the 1990s and knows without a doubt, that in 1992, when Loree McBride drug raped Brent Spiner and started her life of crime as his extortioner, that Brent Spiner’s heart was filled with Gail.

It appears that her missionary training as a young lady was not wasted, because Jesus calls Gail his missionary writer and has instructed Gail to live on a missionary’s income while she serves him as a writer, and, as pastor Brent Spiner’s wife and soul mate. God needed to remove some self-righteousness in Gail in order to use her, so it was part of his divine plan that she would get her soul mate as a second husband, after she had been through the fire and formed into the woman that Jesus now calls his favorite.

She now has the privilege of meeting with Jesus Christ one on one through her husband Brent Spiner; and the church her men have founded has led millions of people to Jesus Christ from all walks of life all over the world. Jesus Christ plans to use her books and life story as an inspiration and guide for tribulation saints.

– Mini Biography By: Gail Chord Schuler

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