Brent Spiner Fell for Gail After Hearing Her Perform Hymns

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This is a playlist of what I performed for Brent Spiner in September 1990, which is a cassette tape I sent him. His Eye Is On The Sparrow was not one of the hymns I performed for Brent, but I just like it, so I added it in. I also include music from Brent’s response album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, that was a dead giveaway to me that Brent made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back in response to the cassette tape I sent him of my hymns. At the time, I was married and let Brent know that. I had no romantic interest in him, though I deeply cared about him. But that changed when I heard Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back! I used to beat it out to God in prayer that I was angry that He sent me my dream man after I’m married to a crud, and that I couldn’t go to Brent without sinning. I may have written off Brent’s album as coincidental in timing, except for the fact that Brent’s voice to me on the phone in May and June 1991 was an EXACT MATCH to the singing voice in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. He actually made love to me on the phone. I got the album in June 1991 as a gift from a fellow Brent Spiner fan. Not knowing it was his response album to my singing, I played it in front of my husband and as I listened to it, figured out Brent was my mystery caller. I then shuttled that album into no man’s land, but my husband had already heard it. Not sure my ex put it all together then that that was Brent’s response to me. I don’t believe I told my ex about the mystery caller, cuz I was trying to figure out who it was. But looking back, I realize God put me in that marriage to help balance me out. I was very rigid as a young lady. Brent started on Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back around October 1990, too, and I sent him the tape in Sept. 1990. On the tape, I apologized for my raspy voice and explained to Brent that I suffered from spasmodic dysphonia and was told by an ENT doctor that I would never be able to sing again. Actually, what I was suffering from was a Jesuit yeast infection to my vocal cords. Now that I’m on Seroquel, my voice is better, but with all the bombs Loree is dropping my voice still suffers. I am also allergic to yeast toxin.

Before the Jesuits infected me with yeast, my voice was opera quality. To make up for losing my voice, I learned piano, so I could still express myself in music. I also learned how to write. I am a born artist and need to have an outlet for my creativity. I have learned how to play piano to make up for what I lack in voice (due to a Jesuit yeast infection in the vocal cords). I have always excelled at “feeling” my music. In writing, I also have a strong voice.

Loree McBride destroyed the tape I sent Brent in the 1990s, but Brent treasured it. Please be aware that Loree McBride as current evil leader of the Jesuit Order, has created many clones of Brent Spiner, who are created to rewrite history and make all of Loree’s lies seem plausible. The Jesuits are such fanatics that Loree actually impregnated herself (via artificial insemination in 2001) to create a son with which to entrap the real Brent into marriage with her. Loree gained an entrance to Brent’s life in 1992 via drug rape (using brain control) and then maintained her “relationship” with the real Brent in the 1990s by death threats on me if he would not cooperate with her charade. Loree McBride could win the Nobel Prize for Murder.

I will be adding to this until I have all the hymns that I made for Brent in 1990, what I can remember. I didn’t keep a copy of what I sent him, but I remember pretty much what I did. Brent started work on his Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back right after he got my album of hymns.

This is my own handwriting from Sept. 1990. My current handwriting is a bit different now, I usually write more upright and no longer slant my writing to the right. I apparently wrote on the back of the copy of the letter I sent to Brent, some of the hymns I sang in that cassette tape I mailed him. I believe you can add Day by Day, He Hideth My Soul, and It Is Well With My Soul to the list of hymns I performed. I wrote Brent many other letters after he called me on the phone and made verbal love to me in June 1991 and afterwards, but did not save them, for fear of divorce from my then husband David Schuler. I may not be able to perform Tears Are A Language, cuz I ordered sheet music for that and I don’t have that in sheet music: The letters I wrote Brent before he made love to me on the phone I have kept, though.

The reason I still have these old letters is because during the divorce (in 2000) I mailed them to my mother, so that my husband David would not destroy them. David was a very jealous douche then. He threatened to throw me out on the streets for writing Brent (from 1991 onwards) and I had to lie to him and tell him I wasn’t writing Brent. I was a total stay-at-home wife at the time, so being out on the streets, would mean I’d be homeless or I’d have to live with my mother. I actually ended up living with my mother right after the divorce, cuz I still did not have a job in May 2001 right after the divorce and Loree McBride was using death threats against me to prevent Brent from marrying me after my divorce. Brent was not a threat to my marriage actually, since I turned him down when he asked to come over. I was afraid of dishonoring Jesus at the time (while still married to my husband David), even though my husband was a total douche. My mother then gave me the box I mailed her around 2005, when I was living in the apartment I live in now (Dec. 2019). I wish I had not thrown out the letter Brent mailed me in August 1990. But in 2000, I thought I needed to throw that letter out to protect Brent, even though it was pretty benign.

I believe when Brent made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back in response to the cassette tape I mailed him, it was a slightly veiled marriage proposal. It was kind of like a “take it or leave it” marriage proposal, where Brent was letting me know his willingness to marry me should I ever become available. He was a total gentleman and not trying to push me into marriage or sex with him. When he made verbal love to me on the phone, it just gushed out of his heart spontaneously. I could tell, it didn’t seem to be something he planned to say. But it just blurted out and I knew then he loved me deeply; but that his prime concern was my happiness, not that he should have me. It was so unselfish of him.

I admired him totally for his approach. I had a husband at the time who, whenever he did ANYTHING for me, expected some sort of payment in return. My ex would give me very little and expected a mountain in return. Whereas Brent gave me his total heart and expected so little in return. It was like he just wanted me to be myself and that alone would make him happy. I think Brent sensed that my husband was not very loving to me.

This is me in 1991, right after Brent started making love to me on the phone and is pretty much what I looked like at the time I made my cassette tape for Brent in Sept. 1990.

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