Loree McBride OWNS the Democratic Party, CONTROLS the Republican Party

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REAL Brent Spiner photo shopped into a photo with Loree McBride. Every now and then her lies become obvious. But never fear LIES WILL PREVAIL (Loree’s motto)

Unfortunately, Loree McBride (the evil Jesuit leader) seems to have hijacked Israel and the Jewish race with her Jew clones. Michael Bloomberg is a Jew (as am I), so I suspect he may also be a Loree McBride supporter. Unlike most Jews out there, I am half King David and my King David genetic profile is immune to Loree’s cloning technology, so Loree can’t control me (which horrifies her).

Brent Spiner and I are not atypical Jews in that we support the true Jesus and oppose Antichrist Loree McBride. Brent Spiner’s clone has taken over Brent’s online presence and most of his bank accounts, which the real Brent is none too happy about. Yeah, Loree has Antichrist powers folks, no kidding! This means she cannot be killed. I think she knows she can lose her Antichrist powers if she loses her following, so she makes sure to try and kill off anybody who won’t support her and to create clones like crazy to ensure she maintains her following. She can grow a clone baby to adulthood probably in a week, using accelerated growth hormones. She has extensive cloning labs worldwide or on her space fleet. NONE OF THIS GETS REPORTED ON IN MAINSTREAM NEWS. Loree controls the narrative.

Loree basically OWNS the Democratic Party, she appears to be running Israel, and she appears to have taken over all institutions worldwide that have a strong Jewish presence. She controls the Republican Party (but Trump likes to give her a hard time, while his real self pops out every now and then in between Melania’s raping sessions to keep him in line). Loree is striving to control the narrative so all her lies seem believable. Anyone who won’t kowtow to her gets KNOCKED OUT (i.e. Tulsi Gabbard and myself) and labelled with whatever label she thinks would be most effective to minimize their effectiveness in overturning Loree’s stronghold over us all. She gets a lot of money through her extensive money laundering networks. She’s basically stealing all our hard-earned income and using it to fund her terrorist activities and to help her maintain her control over the Internet, the news and anything that “respectably” reports the news. I about laughed when I saw her reputation at My Life as excellent. My reputation there is low, due to my associations with my ex, who has criminal siblings and is a criminal himself, and the fact that I filed for bankruptcy in 2002 (thank you, Jesuits). But with Jesus, my reputation is as high as you can go. He says I’ll be throwing crowns at his feet.

Jesus did say that I and my men are going through what the tribulation saints will be going through. And anybody who knows an ounce of Bible knows that the “respectable” ones in the tribulation will all be going to hell (cuz to be respectable in the tribulation you have to take the Mark of the Beast). Anyone who takes the mark, according to the Bible, goes to hell.

I would love to see Tulsi Gabbard beat the system, but I’m not too optimistic. It’s kind of hard to beat someone who can easily manipulate votes, manipulate views at YouTube, eliminate truth from all major news networks, etc. And, yes, it’s Loree McBride behind the massive censorship of truth that we all are seeing happening everywhere. She’s a big liar and she absolutely cannot allow truth to get out there, it would ruin her ambitions to run the world to her specifications. Of course, I am the true Empress, but Loree’s stopping a lot of my laws from being enforced. She drops nukkake bombs over us daily filled with yeast that she uses to maintain brain control over the population while she claims that Donald Trump is so horrible because of his violation of environmental laws – not that I support Trump when he does this, if he’s polluting. It’s just that it’s ironic that the one who screams the loudest about others violating environmental laws (Loree, as leader of the Dem Party), is POLLUTING THE HELL OUT OF THE PLANET WITH HER RAMPAGE OF NUKKAKE BOMBS FILLED WITH YEAST AND CHEMICALS TO CONTROL EVERYONE’S BRAINS. She makes what Trump is doing seem tame in comparison. Loree is one bloody, murdering, and polluting HYPOCRITE. It’s like everything she accuses others of, she’s guilty of HERSELF, one million times over! If you’re not on Seroquel, you are vulnerable to this. Seroquel is the ONLY cure for this yeast!

Trump got in in 2016 cuz he had AN OVERWHELMING VICTORY. You see, under my Conspiracy Law all Loree McBride Jesuits are war criminals and their votes don’t count, so if my Conspiracy Law was honored, then Trump had an overwhelming victory in both the popular and electoral college vote.

You see, Loree manipulates the votes so much that unless you have an overwhelming victory, she can manipulate the votes to make you lose and allow her candidate to win. She’ll pull every dirty trick under the sun to ensure her candidates (cucks) WIN. It’s all smoke and mirrors out there. Nothing is as it seems. You gotta tune into the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel to get the real news (00 on cable). Loree’s trying to ban this channel everywhere she can. It does not air in Florida I believe (because I live here, in order to protect me).

In every election cycle, though, the manipulation of the votes gets worse and worse and Loree likes this. NONE of what you’re hearing in mainstream news is the truth. To get the truth you need to read The Bible PART TWO or my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Jesus always appeared whenever anything major was happening, so even though it’s all about what Jesus said, because Jesus timed his appearances to appear whenever anything major was happening, it covers a lot of major news items (or what SHOULD HAVE BEEN major news items) – like the murder of the real Barack Obama in 2012, the murder of Jim Carrey in May 2012. Ah yes, clones exist folks and their existence and the havoc they are causing against the truth should ALL BE REPORTED ON IN THE NEWS. But when you got the Antichrist Loree McBride running things that AIN’T ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

So what should we do? Stay tuned into my YouTube channel and my online presence (see all the links to the right) and read Bible for Tribulation Saints and PRAY. Jesus is the only one who can fix this, along with me and my men. By the way, I am not getting rich off of Bible for Tribulation Saints. I’m lucky if I make ten dollars a month from my writings, including my audio books. Loree knows how to STEAL my writing proceeds. Jesuits have been doing this for years and when Loree took over the evil Jesuit leadership, after the ex-Jesuit leader Zack Knight defected to my side, she got most of the Jesuit infrastructure that Zack had been using to steal from everyone. Unlike Loree, I don’t believe that Zack was ever insane, he was just wicked and enjoyed it, that is, until he realized that the friends you get from being wicked (like Angelina Ballerina) aren’t worth it. Zack knew he was a sinner and was proud of it. Loree actually does NOT believe she’s a sinner! Satan has convinced her that the world needs to accommodate her sins. Her “sins” don’t exist and the world needs to accommodate her. Zack KNEW he was being unfair and didn’t care. Loree is unfair and thinks she’s fair (she’s so proud she can’t see herself honestly). The Jesuits basically control all the financial institutions and Big Tech. If they can’t get the Big Tech CEO to willingly cooperate with them, they then use his CLONE. If that doesn’t work, then they use his underlings (nothing like replacing a bunch of good folks with their evil clones, especially when nobody knows clones exist). You know, it should be headline news every day what these clones are doing. But then when the criminals are stealing from you and you don’t know it, they DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW THEY EXIST, especially when impersonation and identity theft is a piece of cake (as long as nobody knows about the clones). Under my Conspiracy Law, all the clones must be identified and differentiated from the authentic persons, that’s why I’m the “crazy lady”.

Loree is not about to let anyone allow her to live at anything below celebrity INCOME and STATUS, even if she has to steal and murder to maintain that. This is one PRIDEFUL BITCH. I’m mainly writing this to get the truth out in a world filled with Loree McBride’s manufactured lies. I’m trying to put a magnifying glass on some of the gaping holes showing through in her fake wardrobe, where you can see underneath all that is disgusting and LOREE MCBRIDE (who owns vulgarity, rape, murder, and just about anything evil you can think of). She is so vain about her appearance, she does regular plastic surgery, while maintaining that I am/was so ugly I can’t even compete with her. She completely discounts those with true inner beauty, since she has none and when they make her look bad in comparison to her black and dirty heart, Loree says it’s cuz they’re secretly evil (go look in the mirror Loree) or they’re crazy (again, go look in the mirror Loree).

You might say, how can you claim Loree is crazy if she’s able to steal so much money and get away with it? Well, she meets with Satan and he’s no dodo bird. But she’s crazy if she thinks siding with Satan means she can beat Jesus! Jesus is gonna win, so SHE’S CRAZY. Also, this bitch ain’t happy. But she’s crazy cuz she thinks when she kills me and gets rid of me, then she’ll be happy. No, she won’t, cuz living in sin always causes misery for yourself and others. Sin is an addiction and like all addictions, the high you get is temporary, and then comes the symptoms of any addiction, you gotta get MORE and MORE and YOU’RE NEVER SATISFIED. Once she beats me, she thinks she’ll be happy, but the flesh and sin are never satisfied. There’s always something else you gotta have. It never ends. True peace and happiness only come to those who are in tune with Jesus and learn that happiness comes from honoring God and true love in our lives. It doesn’t come from money, fame and worldly acclaim. In fact, folks who live only for this often end up committing suicide. They get the prize they think they want one day and learn that it now means nothing to them. They learn it’s not fulfilling, cuz when you don’t have true love in your life, cuz you’re an evil, shallow person, you can’t be happy. But, usually at this point, they are so deep into sin, that they deceive themselves and others into thinking that their unhappiness is caused by external factors, when their own wicked and proud hearts are a cancer inside them making them miserable.

It is their wicked heart that is the problem! They project their own wickedness onto others and since they only can see wickedness in themselves and others, they are miserable. They cannot acknowledge that the very folks they despise (cuz these folks are better than them) are the ones who have found true happiness. But because they despise those who have true happiness, they lie to themselves denying that these people have deep inner happiness that comes from living a righteous life and discount them as crazy or not what they appear. You see, to them it’s not fair that they are not happy and so it HAS TO BE SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT they’re miserable – and this is why Loree is crazy, CUZ SHE CAN’T SEE THIS. She will be forever blaming others for her own unhappiness, because living in sin is never satisfying. The deeper she goes into sin, the deeper is her denial about who she REALLY IS. She has to live with the delusion that she is superior to others, thinking that if she can force people to accommodate her sins, that she will be happy. But sin is like a cancer, the more you feed it, the more the cancer spreads and Loree’s crazy cuz she can’t see this! Satan has blinded her to this truth. He tells her she’s unhappy cuz the world and the true Jesus followers won’t accommodate her sins. Satan lies to these people and tells them there’s no such thing as sin. That it’s a term Jesus coined to be unfair and lord it over us all unfairly. But, alas, there is such a thing as sin and Loree’s full of it and she’s ADDICTED TO HER SINS. It’s her addiction to sins that makes her miserable and even insane, cuz the addiction is so extreme, she thinks that by feeding it, it will make things better for her and life doesn’t work that way. God made us so that when we sin, we are miserable. Loree’s crazy cuz she can’t see this!

She has to fake inner beauty, by feigning sympathy for the victims of HER OWN TERRORISM, while she blames her enemies for what she HERSELF HAS DONE. Yeah, she’ll murder someone and claim Trump or his allies did it (directly or indirectly) and cry crocodile tears over their death (even though LOREE KILLED THEM) in public – feigning outrage over it, while laughing in secret about the death or suffering when no one’s looking at her. She’s laughing cuz she secretly committed the murder using her networks or her brain control, and was able to make it appear her ENEMIES DID IT. You might say, if she’s laughing, she must not be miserable. Ah, but she is! The laughter is like a high you get from a drug addiction, next comes the withdrawal symptoms when you no longer have the drug. She gets over her “high” quickly and needs to do more sins to be satisfied. She’s ADDICTED TO DESTROYING TRUE LOVE because she’s so jealous that she doesn’t have it!

She knows that if she ever quit paying the Brent Spiner clone good money to fake as the real Brent, that he’d desert her in a heartbeat. He’s all in it for the money. Deep down, she knows she can only get loyalty from people by paying them good to be evil, that none of them would die for her, like my men would die for me, because she’s a piece of garbage. They might die for themselves, but they’d never DIE FOR HER. She has no love in her life. There is nothing more miserable than to not have love in your life. And she’s fuming mad that anyone else has love in their life and THAT SHE DOES NOT HAVE IT. Therefore, she wants to destroy true love cuz the fact that it exists and she does not have it, is EATING HER UP! It’s a constant reminder that the reason she does not have love is cuz she’s garbage.

In revenge against God that she has no love in her life, she sins more and more just to make God miserable. That is surely a losing proposition! Humility – admitting she’s a sinner – is OUT OF THE QUESTION. She’s too mad at God to admit she’s a sinner. In fact, she’s consumed with rage. To her, it’s God’s fault she is a piece of garbage, not realizing that God gave her free will and that if she ever made a choice for love, like Zack and Rule 13 have, she could find some happiness. It’s like she needs to sin more and more until the addiction kills you. Sin is like an opiate, you’re addicted until YOU’RE DEAD.

Some folks realize they have an addiction and turn to Jesus to rescue them. They admit they’re addicted to sin and tell Jesus they want this to stop. The first step to cure your addiction is you gotta admit you’re addicted and that this addiction is slowly, but surely KILLING YOU! Loree’s just spiraling downward and deeper into her addiction to sin, screaming that it’s Gail, the Christians, Jesus and Trump’s fault, not acknowledging that the problem is INSIDE HERSELF and is NOT AN EXTERNAL PROBLEM (except for Satan who goads her on and feeds her addiction). Actually, Satan himself is a little insane. I mean this fallen angel had to be crazy to think he could beat God! Satan’s pride is attractive to those addicted to sin and who are insane. Anyone who claims they are NOT a sinner is insane. They are deluded about who they are, cuz we ALL HAVE SINNED. But those who admit they’re sinners and accept Jesus’ payment for their sins to help them overcome it, are the truly sane folks and the only ones who can find happiness. https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/04/01/how-to-find-heaven-and-god-in-the-church-age/

If you are not in some way striving to overcome sin in your life, then you are probably addicted to your sins and addicted to blaming others for your own misery. Those who live in this web of lies are never happy, cuz truth always breaks through to make them miserable. Those who live in truth, are living in love, because God is love and God is truth. Those who live in lies, are living in sin and hate, because Satan is hate, murder, pride and lies. Satan is brilliant, but insane, along with all his followers. He’s brilliant at deflecting the blame for sins onto others and keeping the world in blindness to their own sins, a sure way to misery and depression.

Loree is constantly fighting off depression (cuz deep down inside she knows she can’t win against God). So every time she sins and gets away with it, it reinforces the lies she needs to believe to fight off depression. She tells herself that she’s not a sinner, that Jesus and Gail are full of crap and that if sin really existed, why does God allow her to defeat Him by allowing her to commit what He considers terrible sins? And this is where she’s crazy, cuz she fails to realize that a God of love is giving her every chance to get right, but because she has no love in her heart, she can’t see this. She sees the universe as an extension of herself and because she is such a narrow minded, hateful bigot, she thinks God must be that way, too. Because she isn’t punished right away for her sins, she deludes herself into thinking the punishment won’t come! She’s crazy because she doesn’t believe the Bible. All those Bible prophecies about Satan losing are going to happen Loree and you’re crazy and a LOSER to side with the biggest LOSER IN THE UNIVERSE, SATAN HIMSELF.

Those who have happiness in this life are those who honor true love. Basically, all sin is a violation of true love. So those who aren’t striving to overcome sin (defined as a violation of true love) with a goal to honor true love, cannot have true love in their lives, they just belong to a network of fellow commiserates who waste all their time and energy in blaming others for their miseries. God sees sin as a violation of true love. Satan defines sin as not getting what you want. But sometimes what we want is not what’s best for us, but if we’re addicted to sin we can’t see that! Those addicted to sin are consumed with controlling the world around them to accommodate (excuse) their sins (rather than deal with them), not realizing that they’re miserable about WHO THEY ARE, not WHAT PEOPLE DO TO THEM. Except that they feel that anyone who won’t promote their delusions of grandeur about themselves is a horrible monster who must be killed or changed or eliminated. Deep down Loree knows that in her current state, she’s a piece of garbage, but having to face this is so depressing, she MUST MAINTAIN HER ILLUSION OF HER OWN SELF-PERFECTION and so she’s caught in this vicious cycle of lies and the biggest lies are the ONES SHE BELIEVES ABOUT HERSELF, as PERFECT. She has the need to feel perfect, cuz she’s such a terrible sinner. She is so addicted to being a sinner and feels she can’t change.

And yes, Loree, you can’t change until you humble yourself and pray a simple prayer asking Jesus to HELP YOU CHANGE. It takes 1) humility, 2) honesty and 3) a commitment to love over hatred. And this is why Zack Knight came to Jesus and Loree won’t. He finally developed those 3 qualities, that we all need in order for Jesus to save us and free us from our addiction to sinning in order to live for Him.

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