Wife's Biblical Role in Marriage: Complete Her Husband

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I’ve noticed with John MacArthur lately, that only about half of his messages rightly divide the Word and teach Biblical truth in context. I agree that God does not allow women to be preachers, but the verses he’s pulling up (a lot of them are taken out of context).

I have noticed something interesting and tragic. . .Ever since Jesus showed up and started talking to me, and my men and I have published what Jesus says that contradicts what some preacher is saying and then that preacher tries to oppose Jesus in this matter. . .It usually does not end up well for that preacher. I take Bible for Tribulation Saints as seriously as I do the Bible! These are Jesus’ own words in there! You disobey Jesus at the peril of your soul or your life, is all I can say. These preachers think they are fighting heresy in me or my men, when they reject what Jesus says in Bible for Tribulation Saints, not realizing that they ARE OPPOSING GOD HIMSELF. I understand, cuz I have been guilty of this myself and I have recorded a communication between Jesus and me, when I thought Brent was wrong and all Brent was doing was telling me what Jesus told him to tell me. Jesus got mad at me. I have this transaction in Bible for Tribulation Saints, because it’s one of my many conversations with Jesus. I have fully repented for this and God has forgiven me fully.

The bad news is even if you see the light, cuz you temporarily sided with the devil or Loree McBride to oppose Jesus, Jesus will often let Loree destroy that preacher for defecting from Loree, perhaps to ensure that his truth is not compromised and to warn people about the dangers of making light of HIS WORDS. Loree McBride right now is Satan’s right hand person. Folks, I AM His messenger for these times. I don’t say this to glorify myself, but to warn you, that I am like a prophet and I bring to you God’s own words. You may think you’re fighting heresy when you oppose Bible for Tribulation Saints; but, Satan’s deceived you – YOU ARE FIGHTING GOD HIMSELF and discrediting what HE HAS SAID. This can get you in SERIOUS TROUBLE. BEWARE! Jesus does NOT take this lightly, especially from someone who is an important teacher in the Christian community!

You might say, God wouldn’t do this. Well. . .what I’m writing is so important that God doesn’t want it to be discredited AT ALL. Like Peter Ruckman opposed me in 2012 and 2013 when I abandoned my KJV only worship and he constructed a spaceship programmed with the King James Bible and it crashed and I think he died, though the KJV only people are covering this up. You see, you can’t program a spaceship with the King James Bible to make a spaceship run and that’s why it crashed. Ruckman literally WENT CRAZY. This story is recorded in Bible for Tribulation Saints. I think when you oppose God’s words to me, your mind actually goes and you end up destroying yourself. So be careful. The good news is Peter Ruckman’s in heaven, he just may not have many rewards at the Bema judgment. God may decide to let some preachers go to heaven early because of damage they are doing to His plans. It’s not God who’s taking them home. It’s their own foolishness. But, if you’ll notice, God won’t stop them from destroying themselves with their own foolishness, if they start rejecting HIS WORDS. It would be like me, if I quit doing the Gail Commandments and stopped taking my Seroquel (the Gail Commandments are in Bible for Tribulation Saints). Jesus said I would become full blown crazy from a yeast infection to my nervous system and I’d be spending all my time as a crazy lady. Jesus tells us what to do, but he’s not responsible for the consequences of our disobedience to his commands.

I have no hard feelings against Peter Ruckman or John MacArthur. Both have helped me in my Christian walk. I am grateful to Ruckman for instilling in me a strong respect for dispensationalism, and I am grateful to John MacArthur for his book Found: God’s Will which has been instrumental in helping me stay on God’s path for my life. But I cannot allow either to discredit God’s own words to me that I have shared with the world. I know that both Peter Ruckman and John MacArthur will go to heaven or have gone to heaven. But God’s words to me are so important, he won’t allow an influential Christian teacher to cause damage to His plans for this time. If it seems cruel that God would allow them to go to heaven early for their foolishness, well, they ARE in heaven. And Romans 8:28 is always true.

Believe me, I didn’t write Bible for Tribulation Saints, GOD WROTE IT. I am merely the transcriber. I include all the times he corrected me as well, and even the times when I made Him angry in the manuscript. My purpose for publishing this is not to glorify myself or to be a woman preacher, but to transcribe faithfully all that Jesus said to me so that I can be reminded of all He said to me, so that I can obey Him better. I am making this an audio book because Satan tries to get me to forget what Jesus said, and all His words are SO SO IMPORTANT. He really gives us a lot of advice we need to follow in these last days.

This is not one of John’s better messages. He can do better than this. Ironically, he is right that rebellious women are a big problem, but this message is a bit off.

There’s a danger that people could misinterpret this message to treat women as inferior to men. Sometimes John hits a home run, but not with this message. It’s real easy for people to not have a correct theology about the woman’s role in the church and in the home from this message. It’s basically an opinion piece, not good Bible exposition. In fact, you could interpret this message to teach that if a woman TALKS AT ALL in church, she’s sinning.

Growing up in a strict church environment, I feel I need to point out that the Bible instructs a woman to be submissive to her OWN HUSBAND and not to every man out there, including pastors. This is important, some marriages have broken up because the woman honored her pastor over her own husband. This is not what the Bible teaches. She needs to only be submissive to HER OWN HUSBAND. If her husband and pastor disagree, she must go with her husband.

I’ve heard this stuff a lot growing up in churches. But I’ve learned that this is not all true. Sorry John, but with this message you are just repeating what you’ve heard from your elders and spouting off your opinions and not teaching Bible. I do NOT believe in women preachers, though. But a woman listening to this is likely to be confused over her role in the church and at home. He’s stereotyping women and saying they are all alike in wanting to control their husband. This is not true.

The high calling of a wife is to complete her husband, not to have children. Check out the following well-written articles and videos that deal with these subjects. Many of these teachers are Reformed in theology (like John MacArthur) and I do not agree with them in the area of dispensationalism, but they get the wife’s role in marriage right:




I would like to state that though I quote these people on the subject of the wife’s role in marriage does not mean I agree with them in other areas. Ironically, some of these people are good friends with John MacArthur and even quote him! As I’ve said, I like John. I think he may be suffering from Loree McBride’s brain control. However, I totally disagree with him on dispensationalism. I am a full dispensationalist and admire the teachings of Lewis Sperry Chafer and Charles Ryrie.

I am undecided about Lordship salvation, which John MacArthur believes in. I think the truth is somewhere between Lordship salvation and salvation by faith alone. Jesus did tell us that part of accepting him as Savior means to give your life to Him. Jesus does not want us to obsess over whether we are saved or not; but, on the other hand, he dislikes it when people accept Him as Savior and have no intentions of obeying Him. These are all quotes from Him taken from my Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Having said this, the only person I agree with totally in Bible doctrines is my husband and pastor Brent Spiner. He is a student at Dallas Theological Seminary and, most importantly, has been personally trained by Jesus HIMSELF. And, yes, Jesus expects me to be in submission to him and to give him total respect. By the way, Brent deserves it, Brent is awesome. Brent and I are so close and see alike on so many issues that it is easy for me to submit to him (usually). When I haven’t submitted to him or not treated him with respect, I have been in sin. I then apologize to Brent and give him the respect he deserves. He gives me total freedom and only interferes when he’s concerned about me and that’s when God expects me to be in submission. I have a husband who is very Christlike, he would die for me. I’d be an idiot to be in rebellion to a man like that.

If having children was the main issue in marriage, then God would have praised Sara for instructing Hagar to birth Ishmael because (at that time) Sara could not have children. The birth of Ishmael (caused by impatience and lack of faith) led to ALL SORTS OF PROBLEMS, that would not have happened if Sara kept her faith. God DID praise Sara for calling her husband her LORD (read 1 Peter 3:6), though, showing, that for the most part she was a submissive wife. I can’t believe John’s getting this wrong! In fact, if a woman puts her children first before her husband, she’s got it wrong. This message is SO OFF. I’m only listening to it to see how John’s doing, cuz I heard some interesting things brain to brain. Pray for John. He seems to be having some issues. If a woman’s glory is to bear children, then why did God set forth Sara as an example for women to follow? Sara’s only child was Isaac!

Having said this, we should not neglect our children, but don’t idolize them either (very common today). The husband must be first before the children. The result of idolizing children, is we have a generation of spoiled brats today.

Actually, I enjoy hearing messages from his church, but not lately from John, but more from his underlings. John was better ten or more years ago.

There is no Bible exposition here. It’s just a big opinion piece. John’s jumping all over the place and sounds almost like his mind is going. I’m wondering if he needs to be on Seroquel and is under Loree’s brain control. Pray for him! He’s not quoting that much Bible and the Bible he IS quoting is taken OUT OF CONTEXT. Such a disappointment from a man who is supposed to excel at expository preaching. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this message might do well in an Amish church.

Finally, just because I have EDITED Bible for Tribulation Saints and inserted my opinion over what Jesus meant in certain parts of the manuscript, does not mean I am lording it over the men by publishing this book. I am the editor and narrator of this book, the author is Jesus himself and my husband Brent Spiner. My job has been to edit what they’ve said (correcting typos and making clear what happened around all that Jesus said to us). I am NOT the author of Bible for Tribulation Saints actually, though I list myself as the author. I am the EDITOR. I am merely editing the manuscript to present to the world all that Jesus said to us. Some of my editing is borderline authorial, but I am merely presenting what I believe Jesus is trying to say to us and am acting as His representative in presenting what He has said to me and my men. I’ll admit that where I have inserted my opinion, I am acting as an author, but in these sections I have striven to be very careful to correctly express what Jesus has taught me.

So anyone who says that by claiming to be a Bible writer, means that no man should honor Bible for Tribulation Saints (because it’s the same thing as a woman pastor in writing), will lead to error, because JESUS IS THE AUTHOR ACTUALLY. I am only quoting what he’s said and what he has taught us. If you look at the author credits for Bible for Tribulation Saints, my name is there on the list, but the other authors are Brent Spiner M.D., Terrance Jenkins J.D., Zack Knight, and JESUS CHRIST. Because the focus of the book is on what Jesus has said to us, I’d say the MAIN AUTHOR is Jesus HIMSELF. So folks, if you disobey what is written in Bible for Tribulation Saints, you are NOT disobeying ME, you are disobeying JESUS CHRIST. I have merely transcribed what he has said to us in Bible for Tribulation Saints. So, JESUS IS THE TRUE AUTHOR of Bible for Tribulation Saints, I am merely His transcriber! A transcriber is someone who writes down what SOMEONE ELSE IS SAYING. That is what I do in Bible for Tribulation Saints. And for those who are hung up with this idea that I am a woman preacher. . .by the way the pastor of my church (Church of Gail) is Brent Spiner, NOT ME. AND, I am NOT the true author of Bible for Tribulation Saints. ALL OF THE TRUE AUTHORS ARE MEN. I have merely quoted what they said.

If I was the author then this book would be all about my opinions, but this book is all about Jesus Christ’s opinions and the commentary of his twenty-first century disciples (me, Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins, etc.) about what Jesus has said to us. If you’ll notice the only woman on the list is ME, and I am half King David. I wrote this to have a record of all that Jesus said to us and “accidentally” ended up writing The Bible, PART TWO. I suspect that Jesus may have chosen to use a woman transcriber because he wanted to fool Satan and not let Satan know that more Bible was to come out. Satan would never expect Jesus to use a WOMAN to do this and that’s why Jesus pulled it off! Jesus has pulled the wool over Satan’s eyes on this one! Actually, I don’t even think that Jesus sees me as a woman. He sees me as King David reincarnated. He constantly reminds me that I am like King David. He’s using a man in a woman’s body just to fool Satan that he would use me to transcribe The Bible PART TWO. Jesus is pretty clever! But because I am in a woman’s body, he expects me to be in submission to my husband Brent Spiner. Ironically, both Brent and Vladimir Putin have stated that they find my manliness attractive and I don’t lord it over them. But we understand each other so well, and they don’t have to waste time with any womanliness silliness from me and they like that. I am a no nonsense, get down to business woman and admire true manliness and leadership in my men. I use my manliness to work with the men as a team, not to compete with them. If they have a better idea and they often do, I let them lead and let them have their way. Because I am the smartest woman on the planet, they love to get my input though and they give me a lot of freedom. My husband Brent is a physician as well as a pastor and his I.Q. is the same as mine. We’re the same in intelligence and both geniuses. Jesus knew he’d need a smart woman as His transcriber, cuz how can I transcribe for Jesus if I’m just average in intelligence, when Jesus has singularity? Any book all about Jesus’ opinions and what he’s said to us would need to be transcribed by a genius. In fact, most, if not all, of the Bible writers were geniuses.

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