Why I Feel Bible for Tribulation Saints has been Added to the Biblical Canon

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First off, I’d like to say that I have the greatest respect for Bible teachers who claim that the Biblical canon is closed with the 66 books of the Bible we have thus far. I respect and understand their caution about anything else that could possibly be considered an addition to the canon, such as heretical teachings like you have in the book of Mormon or the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bible, which are obviously not God-breathed manuscripts taken from inspired texts, but are man-made fiction.

John MacArthur has a really good article about what makes the Bible (66 books) inspired. https://www.gty.org/library/sermons-library/DOC-1

I will jump off of his article to make some comments. I would like to state that I no longer follow John MacArthur, due to his lording it over his flock attitude, but that he does bring up some good points. Also, he considers the canon closed and is not open to the idea that Bible for Tribulation Saints could be an addition to the canon.

It goes without saying that to be inspired, the text must contain only truth and no error or lies. I believe this is the case with Bible for Tribulation Saints. Though there are lies presented, they are presented clearly as lies to let the reader beware not to believe the lie.

Like the Bible, what is written in Bible for Tribulation Saints is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness. I mean we have the actual words of Jesus in there! https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/12/01/bible-for-tribulation-saints-or-the-bible-part-two-ordering-information/

There are portions where I comment about what Jesus said, to clarify it and when I do so, I believe the Holy Spirit inside of me is doing the actual writing. In other words, I am writing God-breathed text. I do sense that this is happening. God is superintending me so that using my own individual personality, experiences, thought processes and vocabulary I have composed and recorded without error His revelation in this original copy of Scripture (Bible for Tribulation Saints). I would like to add that Jesus said that it is impossible using any human language to perfectly emulate what God has to say. Human language has limitations and this is why all of us are a little wrong in some areas. So how does this align with the belief that Scripture is God-breathed? It only means that using the limitation of human language that the Scripture (including the Bible and Bible for Tribulation Saints) reveals to mankind in the best possible way (using the limitations of human language) God’s will for mankind. In other words, God superintended me as a human author so that using my own individual personality, experiences, thought processes and vocabulary I have composed and recorded without error His revelation in this original copy of Scripture (Bible for Tribulation Saints).

Bible for Tribulation Saints is SO important that if you ignore what’s in this book, it will be to your peril. God has given us instructions (as those in pre-tribulation earth) about how to be righteous and how to keep your sanity and your health in these crazy times. This book is basically one big red-pill for those in the Antichrist’s Matrix (see the movie The Matrix).

What is exciting is that we now have in the English language an original autograph of Scripture! To fully understand the traditional Bible in its inspired (original autograph) version, you would need to be fluent in Biblical Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. We now have an original autograph in English and it is the size of the traditional Bible! I would like to state that as I work on the audio books, I feel what is in the audio books IS the final and perfect version of Bible for Tribulation Saints. As I work on the audio books, I am correcting typos and some errors I made. I feel that God is using the audio books to present the final and completed version (WHICH is the version that is INSPIRED and GOD-BREATHED). It will take me about two years to do this, but God’s words are so important, I am committed to this project.

A big obstacle that must be overcome to believe that Bible for Tribulation Saints is inspired Scripture is Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19 which puts a curse on anyone who adds to the Scripture, they say. Deuteronomy 4:2 is referring to the Jewish law, which was given to the Jews when they arrived in their new land of Canaan. The law was perfect for the Jews at that time and nothing needed to be added or subtracted.

Rev. 22:18-19 is referring to the prophecies in the book of Revelation, you don’t add to them and you don’t subtract from them or you’re in trouble. A big problem we have today in Bible prophecy is that people are doing just that! They are adding to the prophecies in Revelation or they are subtracting from them! Bible for Tribulation Saints does NEITHER. It only illuminates or makes more clear what is in the book of Revelation. Rev. 22:18-19 is primarily focused on the prophecies in the book of Revelation. In fact, I would go so far as to say that those who think just about everything in Revelation is a metaphor or a symbol as opposed to being literal, are ADDING to the prophecies in Revelation or SUBTRACTING from them. Revelation 22:18-19 is a warning to Bible teachers to not make something symbolic in Revelation that is meant to be interpreted literally. That’s the warning here in Rev. 22:18-19. Apparently, God was aware that many Bible teachers in the last days would fail to interpret literally many passages in Revelation, thus adding to or subtracting from these prophecies. If anything, Bible for Tribulation Saints reinforces the literal interpretation of the Bible prophecies in Daniel and Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible. In fact, I would say that Bible for Tribulation Saints reinforces the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation view of Bible prophecy. It also states clearly that the church will be raptured and strongly hints that this rapture will occur BEFORE THE TRIBULATION. So Bible for Tribulation Saints REINFORCES those who hold to a literal interpretation of the Bible

It goes without saying that anybody who is getting visions from the Lord today, is probably only getting visions from Satan, the exception being Brent Spiner or my men when Jesus is with them one on one, in his resurrection body and communing with them. Sometimes he will put his hand on their head and let them see a vision of the future to instruct us, because he wants Brent to write it down and then give it to me to put into Bible for Tribulation Saints.

Like the traditional Bible, Bible for Tribulation Saints transforms you and makes you more into the image of God and helps you to find His will for your life. It is scientifically accurate, it has prophecies in it that have already been fulfilled and that will be fulfilled. I wrote it mainly for myself and my men to have a record of all that Jesus said to us, so we could better obey him, and in the process, ended up writing more Bible.

Finally, I respect those who feel that the canon is definitely closed and nothing needs to be added. There are so many dangerous and foolish teachings out now-a-days that claim to be Scripture and are not the actual words of God (book of Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, inaccurate Roman Catholic manuscripts, etc.). But I and my men have met with Jesus in his resurrection body and he has called us his modern day disciples. I believe he has used us to add to the canon, not the same thing as adding to or subtracting from the TEACHINGS in the book of Revelation or in Deuteronomy. Bible for Tribulation Saints does not add to or subtract from anything in the traditional Bible, it only ILLUMINATES the traditional Bible more and makes the teachings of the traditional Bible more clear. We must all remember what Jesus said that no human can perfectly emulate what God has to say. God apparently wanted to put Bible for Tribulation Saints into the world to make Bible prophecy more clear and more understandable to a world that is about to enter Daniel’s 70th week (the 7-year tribulation). There is so much confusion about Bible prophecy (caused by Bible interpreters who have ADDED TO or SUBTRACTED FROM the prophecies in Revelation) and God wanted to clear things up. He has used me and my men to help out those about to go into the tribulation.

During the millennium, with Bible for Tribulation Saints fully added to the canon, the millennial saints will read it as history, as a reminder of what the world would be like if Jesus had not intervened to help us out and if Satan was in charge.

Why would God use a woman to write more Bible? Not sure about this. But he often tells me that I am more manly than most men out there, because I am literally half king David. Jesus says I have very manly genes. Also, Brent Spiner is another writer, and he’s a Jewish guy. So, again, God is using Jews to write Bible. I’m the only woman writer, the others who speak for Jesus in the book are men: Brent Spiner, Judge Terrance Jenkins and Zack Knight. The only writer who quotes Jesus exactly and verbatim in Bible for Tribulation Saints is a Jewish man named Brent Spiner. So, again, we have Jewish writers here. Very similar to the traditional Bible. I am literally the reincarnation of King David. So why did God allow me to come into existence and why are both Jesus and Satan so obsessed with me? Part of it, was to write more Bible, it appears!

Another sign that I am probably a Bible writer, is that if not for my Gail Shield, Satan would have killed me by now. Also, Satan made a personal appearance to me and my men, which indicates I must be pretty important in God’s plan! Another sign that I must be a Bible writer. Why would God go to the trouble to meet with me and my men, give me a shield to protect me and give me the Gail Commandments, unless I’m doing something very important in God’s plan, like maybe writing more Bible?! Also, Jesus will be giving his semen to both me and Brent Spiner, when we are in our resurrection bodies (during the millennial reign). From what I understand, it is only I and Brent Spiner who will receive Jesus’ semen. Sounds like Jesus considers Brent and I pretty important in his Plan, and part of that Plan appears to be an addition to the Biblical canon that he would use BRENT SPINER AND ME TO WRITE.

Also, Jesus constantly refers to me as his “favorite” and seems to want everyone to know this! I’m sure it’s not just to boost my ego. It must be that he wants everyone to know that I’m a Bible writer and must be taken very seriously.

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