Loree McBride's MATRIX Controls YouTube, Twitter, Mainstream News, Political Parties, & Financial Institutions

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I explain that I am like the red-pill from the movie The Matrix. Loree McBride’s matrix gets stronger each day, and anyone who is red-pilled is eliminated, so that her matrix can control us all and take from us freedom of speech, our health, our income and even our lives. The truth is so crazy that only those who have been red-pilled can see the truth. If you watch too much mainstream news without tuning into my very important YouTube channel, my books, and my website, then you are a victim of the Loree McBride matrix and have been programmed to believe lies so that Loree McBride’s matrix can continue to rule over us all, steal our money, steal our reputations and steal our health, and even our very lives. The Jew clones, not to be confused with the real Jews, are part of this controlling matrix and they are clamping down harder and harder on all our freedoms. In the end, if Loree succeeds in shutting me down (which is her goal), she will have the whole world under her control and all truth tellers will be eliminated, either through death, brain control or imprisonment. Continue to support me via my Amazon wish list (https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/11/20/gails-favorites-at-amazon-order-from-this-page-i-get-paid-a-bonus/) and my Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/GailChordSchuler) so that I can stay up and speak my voice and red-pill all of you. YouTube shut down my ability to monetize videos in 2014, now they appear to be attempting to shut me down entirely, in that I just got a notice that a video I made (that exposed Loree’s takeover of the nation of Israel and her use of Jew clones to steal our money, reputations and very lives) has been taken down.

If enough of you get red-pilled, we may be able to beat the matrix! I hear a lot of bad stuff about Facebook, but thus far, have had no problems from them. Though I will admit that Facebook seems to cater to liberals (I consider myself a Centrist Libertarian), Loree McBride doesn’t seem to have as much control over Facebook as she does Twitter and YouTube, who I would describe as part of The Evil Matrix that controls us all. I actually think the leaders at YouTube and Twitter may be okay, but we have a serious clone and impersonation situation. So, basically, if anyone of  influence won’t cooperate with Loree’s Matrix, they get eliminated one way or another and a clone or impersonator takes their place. If my Conspiracy Law was enforced, we could destroy Loree’s Matrix. Loree knows this and that’s why it’s so important for her to destroy my reputation and take me down. She is easing her way in to take me down totally, by first attacking my men and my supporters, with her eventual goal to get me down completely, so that I am unable to have a voice and warn you all about her Matrix.

Loree may also be concerned about my Bible for Tribulation Saints audio book series, which is basically all the most important real news from 2012 to 2019 THAT NEVER GETS REPORTED ON and that Loree has shuttled off into no man’s land and I use my YouTube channel to let you hear these readings at my Patreon. That may be another reason she wants to shut down my YouTube channel. Bible for Tribulation Saints is like a gigantic red-pill for the world! After all, Jesus speaks a lot in there and he is the source of all TRUTH. Loree, who meets with Satan regularly, just won’t have all this truth coming out and exposing her for the fraud that she is!

Loree can replace leaders she doesn’t like with clones, automatons or just out and out impersonation. I am the best political leader and as U.S. Empress, if my Conspiracy Law was enforced, we would have an excellent national health care plan, pollution would end, war crimes would stop and money laundering would end and we would get cures to many diseases caused by evil Jesuits. Loree absolutely cannot have this! She is moving heaven and earth to ensure my laws are not enforced! I must be stopped, so she can continue to steal our money, our reputations, our health and our very lives, and blame all her criminal work on her enemies, so that she can take down her enemies and maintain maximum control over us all.

This is not to say that all who follow Loree do so because they are controlled. If you share Loree’s greed and love of rape, you will follow her willingly and she will give you all the money and rape you want to reward you for following her. Loree gains her following by appealing to those who love money and rape; and the rest of us, who have hearts for truth, true love and justice, she just puts into The Matrix to be controlled by her, to ensure we don’t mess up her gravy train.

To me, the political candidates who most support me as U.S. Empress are Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard and Loree has her knives out against both of these politicians. Trump’s problem is that his evil wife Melania controls him through regular raping sessions and threats on my life, and Melania is behind most of Trump’s support of Loree’s military/industrial complex. Loree will see to it that Tulsi Gabbard gets nowhere and is behind the media black-out Tulsi Gabbard currently suffers from. Tulsi has some red-pill tendencies that Loree does not like. Trump is also red-pilled, but his hands are tied cuz of his evil and jealous wife Melania, who is jealous of me and shares Loree’s goal to take me down and shut me up.

Here is a video I made in 2017 that Loree has just taken down at my YouTube (which I’ve just posted at BitChute) concerning her takeover of the nation of Israel then and her attempted takeover of the world’s major financial institutions and news organizations so that she can have all of you under the control of her Matrix : https://www.bitchute.com/video/t1USlH3oQhg8/

Unfortunately, it appears Loree has achieved her goal, which explains the massive censorship and persecution (Julian Assange, for instance) against all truth tellers. I’m the biggest truth teller of them all, but because I’m viewed as somewhat harmless and crazy, it’s actually harder for Loree to take me down. So she’s trying to change the narrative to make me appear dangerous crazy, when I am actually the woman with the highest I.Q. on the planet and the best red-piller out there!

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Sling Stones Against Loree McBride TAKE DOWN1
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Sling Stones Against Loree McBride TAKE DOWN3

I don’t think Loree will succeed in taking down my YouTube channel (which is one of her goals), since Jesus would not give me a Gail Commandment to make a YouTube video every week if my channel goes down. But, if I’m wrong, and she succeeds in taking down my YouTube channel (which is THE MOST IMPORTANT YouTube channel in existence right now) you can still hear from me at BitChute and here at my website. She is trying to strangle my finances and make me unable to operate, but the Lord protects me and those of you who help me via my Amazon wish list are making a big difference. I live very tight financially and manage my money brilliantly.

Those who belong to Loree’s Matrix are her Jew clones (who are impersonating the real Jews) and people who love money, fame and rape. Unfortunately, some real Jews have also joined up with her, because they share her love of money, fame and rape. I say this with shame as a woman who is literally half King David. I am the most important source of truth out there, and am doing the best job of red-pilling the world. Loree absolutely will not tolerate anyone taking down her Matrix. But if we don’t take it down, we will just be cogs in the Matrix and will lose all our autonomy (i.e., our ability to think for ourselves, love who we want, and keep our hard-earned income from our labors). Loree’s Matrix is stealing all our money, stealing our health (because Loree needs us to be sick to enable her Matrix to control us better), and stealing from us the ability to choose what kind of life we want. Loree wants to control us and if we won’t let her, she’ll destroy us. She needs to control us cuz she’s evil, and she knows that good people won’t support her, so good people need to be put into her Matrix. If Loree wins, the evil people of the world will rule over the good people. She actually has Antichrist powers and this “Antichrist” seems to be in rehearsals for the tribulation where The Matrix will be in FULL FORCE. Right now, the true Jesus followers and those who honor love and freedom are doing a bit of damage to Loree’s Matrix. Once we go, after the rapture, The Matrix will come back in full force. In the meanwhile, make sure I stay up, so I can continue to red-pill all of you and so that we can damage Loree’s Matrix.

If Loree has not hit your health, finances and freedoms yet, it may be because you are too much like her and, therefore, are not a threat to her. But if you are not like her, she will force you to comply with her wishes by putting you into The Matrix she uses to control the world. She has mind-reading technology and can assess who needs to be put into her Matrix. The rest of you she keeps using bribes and paying you off to cooperate with her. Or, if you are a coward, she uses extortion to threaten you into conformity to her. Using her mind-reads, she determines the most effective methods to control those who are not like her.

The stuff I report on seems crazy, but then what seems “normal” is all a lie. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you don’t believe in the existence of clones, nukkakes (nuclear bombs with semen in them), a Jesuit space fleet, the Church of Gail spaceship, that I am the U.S. Empress, etc. that Loree has successfully blue-pilled you into believing her illusion or her Matrix – a complex network of lies that Loree must maintain to ensure her control over all of us. You are a cog in her Matrix. The truth is all the crazy stuff happening that Loree doesn’t want you to know about, so she can continue to keep you in her Matrix.

Here is my Amazon wish list, for those who want to help me out. I live very tight, cuz Loree has cut off a lot of my financial support: https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/11/20/gails-favorites-at-amazon-order-from-this-page-i-get-paid-a-bonus/

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