Luther Vandross Automaton to Treat Lizzo’s Borderline Personality Disorder & Give Her THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM?

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UPDATE on Jan. 4, 2023: Those mites are attacking my tongue. They have infected several spots on my tongue. Hmmm. The mite attacks and the brain control is just as bad as ever. Lizzo appears to be a blend between BPD and psychopath and I think Satan is making love to her and has made her feel immortally HOT. So I have resumed using my Gail Shield to blast out her military and forces. She’s not interested in getting right. She feels “safe” and “hot” with Satan.

I honestly believe she considers Satan her soulmate.

Basically, her loyalty is to Satan 100%. So I need to be careful and not put my guard down.

She would just see that as an opportunity to get the upper hand.

Satan thinks he has come up with an Antichrist who will never defect from him with his current tactics.

She’s desperate for loyalty and constancy and feels she’s found it with Satan. And you have to admit he is probably making love to her in his Adonis form and she’s LOVING IT.

Basically, she would DIE for Satan. A person with a severe case of BPD like herself having a hot item like Satan make love to her, we need to blast her out with everything we’ve got.

We kind of have a situation where she’s like a heroin addict and Satan’s supplying the heroin.

It seems her goal in life is to continue to please Satan so she can get lots of hot sex from him. She considers him her “husband”.

So being the desperate BPD person she is, she will do all in her power to make him happy, so the sex will continue.

She probably regularly assures him of her undying loyalty and this probably turns him on enough to make love to her.

She sees her fatness as an asset understanding fully the dynamics that led to Satan deciding to be her lover. So when I made this web post she thought she’d try and fool me and get my guard down, so I would not attack her and her military, so she could build up her forces and attack us so fatally we’d never recover and then she’d know FOR SURE Satan will NEVER LEAVE HER. Being a BPD, she has deep rooted fears of abandonment. She’s obsessed with me because Satan’s obsessed with me. She will DIE FOR HER LOVER SATAN. I mean you have to admit, how lucky can she be, to get such a hot and powerful lover? That’s how she sees it. She sees her evil as AN ASSET that won her the hottest lover in the multiverse, in her opinion.

Her goal in life is to please her lover to the MAX and the more evil the better, because that really turns SATAN ON.

This explains why she is the Antichrist she is and why she’s so sneaky, underhanded and completely without morals in all her decisions. She thinks she’s found a CURE to her BPD.

By the way, I find it mighty interesting that in our last encounter with her she went straight to hell. Why is she living in hell? Probably because Satan is her LOVER. It’s also possible that Satan has promised to reward her with a hot body if she does her job well. And she can eat all the food she wants and still look hot, so, to her, that is a GOOD DEAL.

10:09 PM
Basically, she probably dreams 24/7 of ways to turn Satan on sexually, because she’s so thrilled to have such a “hot” lover.

It’s also possible that the body she uses to make love to Satan may be a hot one and that the one she uses when she appears on earth is the fat one, to keep us all fooled.

Luther Vandross struggled with weight and could understand Lizzo. Here is an interesting documentary about his health and weight issues that may have contributed to his early death.

If Lizzo overcame her BPD, this is her future. We have a Luther Vandross automaton and here is what he looks like.
Unfortunately, it appears Luther is competing with Satan himself to be her lover and this is what Satan probably looks like when he makes love to Lizzo.
Satan is going to lose and this will be what it will be like to make love to Satan in the Lake of Fire.

Some common misconceptions about Borderline Personality Disorder. Lizzo appears to be a petulant Borderline. LIzzo seems to see people as all good and all bad and goes into ecstasy about her “friends”, I suspect this is a lot of show to make it appear she does not have BPD. I personally think that Lizzo is the leader of a band of those with BPD and they are banding together to make it appear they are fine and can abuse others freely and don’t need any help. It’s a rather sick arrangement. It’s like they are all partners in crime and mental illness. Their emotional development is very low and their comraderie seems based on shallow stuff like a bunch of five year olds hugging each other in glee that they didn’t get caught stealing the candy from mom’s cookie jar together. Jealousy, rage and murder is not cute though and Lizzo has a SEVERE case of BPD, which Satan is enabling. Like most BPDs she projects her own behavior and attitudes onto others.

Reading the lyrics to Lizzo’s songs, I do believe she suffers from BPD. Unfortunately, she is not being treated for it and Satan is encouraging her illness, so, it appears the only solution is to take her out unless those who won’t feed her BPD want to be annihilated. Satan has got her in a sick trajectory, where she is feeling good about having BPD and feeling good about her narcissistic abuse of those she perceives as threats to a self-concept which is immature and floating, like typical BPD. Her songs indicate she suffers deep pain, which has evolved into deep anger, which has turned her into a killer.

I would recommend that my men consult with Buddha and do not act on this, unless he gives his approval. Buddha is the best psychologist in the multiverse just about.

Lizzo seems to have the crazy idea that anyone who has found love is a threat to her self-concept, because she doesn’t have love in her life and tells herself, she doesn’t give a damn. But, in reality, it hurts so deeply, she is filled with rage and blames her lack of love on those who have it, who she thinks have somehow stolen it from her. She has a really twisted way of thinking, because she’s dealing with her pain in a mentally ill manner. Unfortunately, her mental illness has become quite popular. I personally think the Jesuits propped her to stardom and made her a star. The lyrics to her songs are quite shallow, like typical BPD style lyrics, so she has become a hit because her music has a nice beat and tune to it that is popular with hip hoppers. I wouldn’t listen to her music though, it could put you under her brain control. Just read the lyrics and you get a glimpse of this shallow woman’s angry soul.

Apparently, my “sin” to her is that a bunch of hot guys would die for me and I have the constancy and loyalty that she feels she will never get, except possibly from Satan (which is why she has aligned herself with Satan).

The lyrics to her songs indicate BPD. I took the time to read the lyrics to her songs, and there isn’t much to her songs, except they are ballads to make her feel important and like she’s found herself. She most certainly has NOT. But I guess the new generation of young people don’t care about depth in music, as long as it has a catchy tune!! All her songs indicate a woman who doesn’t know who she is, who is love-impaired and has deep rooted fears of abandonment. I would not recommend listening to her music, but read the lyrics to her songs. They are all available online. I’m afraid she uses her music to use brain control on people she finds a threat.

I used music to reach Loree McBride, and Satan now has chosen a musician as his Antichrist. Not sure this “musician” can be reached. She is so mentally ill that she is pretty far gone. She is a dangerous mentally ill person and would take out the universe in her anger. She has already murdered millions, but does it in a way to make those who get all the love she wishes she had, to appear unworthy of that love, so she can feel justified to abuse, kill and annihilate those who she deems unworthy of the love that she wishes she had.

She basically needs the same song I gave the Loree McBride and needs to believe it. She thinks love is impossible for her and is raging mad about it. Something Loree McBride believed as well. The difference between Loree and Lizzo is that Loree is better looking than Lizzo, so Lizzo has less faith she can ever find love. If I could reach her with music, it would be this song. I’ve never been a fan of hip hop. But I think Lizzo has more anger inside her than Loree and the anger is so strong, she doesn’t give a flip about being good. She just wants to express all the anger, like a kid who got dumped on the streets by her parents and now wants to take out the whole universe for her unfair existence.

I am punishing her with my Gail Shield and letting her know that I’m not putting up with her BPD crap. But, unfortunately, I think she really believes I’m a bitch, because this is what she needs to believe to keep herself from killing herself. I think she fights deep depression with rage. It’s a really unhealthy way to cope with depression.

But I’ll leave this song “The Impossible Dream” with her, but I don’t have much hope that it will get past all the rage, especially since Satan is feeding it and Satan has a lot of rage himself. Perhaps, Satan, too, suffers from BPD.

I have an idea. . . Create an automaton of Luther Vandross, with all the musical talent that man had, but also make him a clinical psychologist and have him offer to treat Lizzo of her BPD. Also, make him bisexual, so that a possible relationship between him and Lizzo is not out of the question. Luther Vandross was gay. Part of the treatment will be to have her listen to the song “The Impossible Dream” as part of her daily therapy. And he will bounce off from that to let her know that she hasn’t found herself and that when she does find herself, she will find true love and will be truly beautiful.

Luther Vandross was one of the singers in the song at the end of the video above.

Listen My Brother is the name of a musical ensemble that performed several times on Sesame Street during its early seasons. The ensemble singing “Only Love Can Save The World” (video above at end) was made up of 16 youngsters from New York City, as a means of bringing talented young people from Harlem together and seeking out scholarships to send them on to college. The group was put together by Peter Long of the Apollo Theater. His wife, Loretta Long, plays Susan on the series.

The 16-member group performed at the Apollo Theater in New York City starting in the late 1960s, opening for many of the venue’s famous performers, and made several musical contributions to Sesame Street, including a song about counting to 20 (which is included in the 2006 DVD release Old School: Volume 1 and which Loretta Long sang on her 1970 album as well as on The Flip Wilson Show that year), and “You Gotta Learn,” which the group composed.

One of the members of the group was Luther Vandross, who sang lead vocals on “You Gotta Learn” and who later became a noted solo artist. Other members included Carlos Alomar, Robin Clark and Fonzi Thornton.

The beautiful black lady who won Miss World in 2001 (see video above) could be Lizzo, if she ever was true to who she was meant to be. The difference between Lizzo and Loree is that Loree wanted to have inner beauty and true love. Loree knew she had outer beauty. Loree was angry because she felt she was born bad and couldn’t be good and was being punished for it. Lizzo is angry because she feels she was born ugly and can’t be beautiful and so no one truly loves her and she’s depressed about it to the point of suicide. To keep herself from suicide, she has created an elaborate anger routine that helps her stave off depression. Her impossible dream is to believe she can be loved, but to be loved, she needs to know who she is, and our psychologist and fellow musician Luther Vandross can help her find her true and beautiful self.

I was starting to work on Gail, The Complete Series and was thinking about myself and how I, too, am an artist and wondered how a fellow artist, Lizzo could be so opposite me. In the process, I realized that in some ways we have a lot in common, but it appears I have more faith in myself than Lizzo has faith in herself, despite her bravado and her attempts to cover up how inadequate she really feels deep down and her belief that love is impossible for her.

No, it’s not impossible for her. But as long as she continues to believe this, she will continue to be furious and to kill those who she feels has the love that she wishes she had. She will continue to be a furious BPD person as long as she feels love is impossible for her. But a Luther Vandross automaton may be able to show her that this isn’t the case, especially if he sings “The Impossible Dream” and dedicates that song to Lizzo and offers to treat her BPD. By the way, make sure the Luther Vandross automaton is HOT.

If she’s willing to come to Luther Vandross for treatment, we can give her a “safe space” to do so, but first we need to get reads on her to be sure it’s safe and that she is serious about getting treatment for her BPD. Perhaps the automaton will do the treatment off of Church of Gail.

The blacks all mad at her and turning against her will only feed her rage even more and won’t help. It will reinforce the lie she believes that love is impossible for her because it will remind her of deficits in her black upbringing which is what she’s all pissed about.

This may seem kind of strange, but all the bolts and sling stones I’m hitting her with, won’t phase her because the emotional pain she suffers deep down is worse than physical death to her. I think she fights off a desire for suicide with anger. It’s a sick way of holding off depression because she feels she can never have true love. She needs to believe the impossible dream.

Unfortunately, my bolts and sling stones are necessary until she gets treatment and they will continue until she decides to get treatment for her BPD. We need to hold her off to stay alive, because this BPD person is very dangerous and deadly in her current condition.

Song I leave with Lizzo. The same song I left with Loree McBride. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will get past all the rage and her belief that those who have love don’t deserve it, but got it by being manipulative. In this sense, Lizzo projects her own manipulative behavior onto others. Lizzo manipulates her lovers into love and thinks this is the only way she can get it. This depresses her like hell and so she overeats to compensate. It’s an endless cycle and will never stop as long as Satan keeps feeding her rage and supports her delusion that those with love don’t deserve it, because she doesn’t have it. I think Satan feels this way, too, and that’s why Lizzo and Satan get along. Both Satan and Lizzo could have love, if they would just find who they really are and be true to it. Satan was always meant to be a beautiful angel and LIzzo was meant to be beautiful, but she doesn’t believe it. When she finds who she is (under counseling), she can lose weight, and while she may never be thin, she can be truly beautiful and can find true love and her soulmate. Because true beauty is on the INSIDE, which all my men know and is why I have love, because I know who I am and am true to my beautiful self.

Posted by A.J. Mahari and Reviewed by Ryan House, PsyD Clinical Psychologist

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is highly associated with verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, and/or domestic violence often suffered by those who are non-borderline.

Recent findings suggest that further research is necessary to better understand the association and differentiation between psychological dysfunction and trauma processing, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal sensitivity of individuals diagnosed with BPD.

The propensity for abusiveness in those with BPD can be instigated by the narcissistic injury that is at the heart of the core wound of abandonment.

Borderline Personality And Abuse

Those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or those with BPD who may not even know they have it, are more likely than the general population to be verbally, emotionally/psychologically, physically abusive.

But what is behind the connection between Borderline Personality and abuse?

The reality of this is such because borderlines lack a known, consistent self, and they struggle with abandonment fears and abandonment depression that stem directly from a primal core wound of abandonment that arrests their emotional and psychological development in the very first few months of life.

This arrested development impacts most, if not all, areas of relating and leaves borderlines unable to interact in age-appropriate healthy ways.

Ways of relating that unfold in the present and that aren’t layered with deep intra-psychic pain – pain that is unresolved.

Intra-Psychic Pain Is The Root

The roots of abuse in BPD, particularly in intimate significant other relationships with Non-Borderlines have their genesis in the borderline’s re-living of this deep intra-psychic pain.

Pain that is triggered through attempts to be emotionally intimate with someone else. The intimacy that non-personality-disordered people enjoy is stressful and overwhelming to the borderline.

It enlivens the borderline’s worst nightmare – the unresolved pain of the core wound of abandonment.

It arouses all the maladaptive defenses of the borderline because he/she re-experiences the terror and panic of either his/her past experience of feeling annihilated or engulfed and/or his/her fear of being annihilated or engulfed, often alternately when trying to be close to someone one else.

Approach-Avoidance Conflict

This sets up an approach-avoidance conflict, a “get-away-closer” style of trying to relate that has its roots in the I hate-you-don’t-leave-me” struggle of the borderline who experiences any withdrawal of intense, close, (albeit also threatening) intimacy, attachment or bond as a threat to his or her safety at best, and entire existence (psychologically) at worst.

Add to this that when there is any distancing or break in the intensity and symbiotic-like closeness (if in fact closeness is ultimately achieved) the borderline then fears, and/or feels abandoned.

This conflict of fearing or re-experiencing annihilation versus engulfment and then the re-experiencing of the fear of or actual feelings of abandonment that the borderline experiences, often subconsciously, in trying to be in relationship to other, causes the borderline to be triggered back to his/her original core wound of abandonment feelings in such a way as to trigger the primal feelings of helplessness, loss of control, needs equaling survival, thwarted needs being akin with the death of the lost self.

This whirlwind of unregulated emotion meeting with fear and distrust generates the original feelings of rage that this core wound of abandonment aroused in the first place.

A Wound of Abandonment Can Feel Like Psychological Death

The core wound of abandonment, when one is very young and experiences it, is the experience of psychological death. It is intense and arouses the borderline to fight for survival while they experience the sheer terror of feeling like they might actually just die or be killed by what they are feeling.

This heightened state of arousal is both psychological and biological – it is physiological. It is a strong drive to survive and rage is at its core.

Borderline Rage

Rage is the most primal feeling generated and the most protective defense that a young infant can muster to try to have the caregiver return to once again provide some sense of being for the infant.

Feelings and reactions of rage are experienced by those who go on to develop BPD so early in life that they precede cognitive and verbal development.

This is what makes borderline rage so primal, so intense, and in the case of the borderline so raw and unmanageable in terms of often triggered dysregulated emotion of those with BPD.

It is pain that has long-since been dissociated from and abandoned by the borderline. This abandoned pain of BPD is the ignition switch that needs only the hint or flicker of an emotional flame to ignite a combustible, all-too-often abusive rage like no other.

This is what the borderline regresses to.

When the borderline is in a regressed and to varying degrees dissociated experience, the non-borderline partner is experienced by the borderline as that withdrawing or abandoning caretaker from the past that was needed for literal physical and psychological survival.

Issues That Trigger Rage

When the non-borderline partner, living, On The Other Side of BPD isn’t focusing 100% of his or her attention on the borderline (especially if you have actually attained closeness) and there is any experienced or even perceived break in the symbiotic connection that enables the borderline to feel somewhat secure (like the not having to attend to a child, or go to the washroom or any simple thing) – even when stressed by the closeness – and already beginning to cycle to the fear of the loss of it – the borderline will often react from this cesspool of ever-churning rage which is the protection for the very vulnerable and young abandoned pain of the borderline. This ends in a lashing out by the borderline personality, abuse is often the end result.

Different Expressions of Borderline Rage

All rage is not expressed the same way. All borderlines do not abuse in the same ways.

As you will see in my next article, there are many different forms that the abuse generated by this narcissistic woundedness takes. Some borderlines rage, literally, they scream and yell and throw things or hit people.

While other borderlines (known as quiet or “acting in” borderlines) may rage in such passive-aggressive ways that the non-borderline might not realize that the borderline is raging.

Rage is Always Smoldering

This inherent free-floating, always-at-the-ready rage, if you will, is the root source of a lot of the varying types and styles of abuse that non-borderlines are bombarded with.

It can often be sudden and seem to come out of nowhere because the source of it is deep inside the psyche of the borderline.

Emotional And Psychological Arrest

Borderlines lack a known self. They have not been able to emotionally or psychologically mature beyond a very early stage of emotional developmental arrest.

An emotional/psychological arrest that takes place when the developing authentic self essentially experiences a death, is lost to the borderline and is then supplanted by the false self.

Why Life Can Seem Constantly Painful

Life, for those with BPD, is, to say the least, one devastatingly painful experience of trying to live and exist in the absence of a known self in the fragmented pieces of the blurred experience of the here and now enmeshed with the past.

It is one perpetual separation-individuation crisis void of the big picture until and unless it can be resolved.

Current Feelings Trigger Past Wounds

Borderlines do not learn how to cope with the feelings that they have in the here and now, that trigger past intense unresolved feelings of the actual loss of the psychological self.

Lack of Object Constancy

Borderlines lack the ability to hold in any consistent or congruent way object constancy.

They experience relatedness as being as fragile as out of sight out of mind.

A bond that a non-borderline feels exists between him/herself and the borderline whether he/she is in the presence of the borderline or not is not something that the borderline can psychologically remember, trust, or believe.

Object constancy or any connectedness or attachment that could be defined as “secure” is fleeting for the borderline who has not been able to develop object constancy.

The fleeting nature of this inability on the part of those with BPD to hold object constancy in any consistent or congruent way leaves those with BPD in a very painful place – literally between a rock and a hard place in what is the classic relational no-win of an untreated person with BPD.

Loss of Authentic Self

This loss of the authentic psychological self is re-experienced over and over again and the fear of it and the fear of the pain of it grows each and every time one is triggered back to it.

The Cycle Continues

This builds both anger and a continually proliferating inability to cope with it in any constructive way.

Anything short of intense symbiotic connection that is uninterrupted will once again send the borderline cycling back around the re-experiencing of everything associated with the core wound of abandonment.

As the borderline cycles back to this enraging and vulnerable – which isn’t tolerable – place of abandonment depression (Masterson) and abandonment trauma so too begins the apex of the likelihood of abuse.

Along with abuse of all sorts, the result of this cycle is often a punishing talionic impulse acted on in the heat of the triggered-dissociated moment by the borderline in what are known as repetition compulsions.

Borderline Personality And Abuse Awareness

Most borderlines, until and unless they have substantial and successful therapy are not consciously aware of what I am describing here.

  • Some are totally oblivious to their behavior.
  • Some see their behavior as a means to an end and take little to no responsibility for it or any of its consequences.
  • Others understand that they have acted poorly again, pissed someone off, have once again made real the threat of and/or fear abandonment and loss, but they do not understand why they’ve done it.
  • Similarly, they have no clue how to stop it.
  • Others project it out onto the non-borderline and think that everything that has come from them was actually done to them by the non-borderline.

This can be a crazy-making experience for the non-borderline. This is of little consolation to the non-borderline, however. It does not, at all, justify the abuse.

Will a Person With BPD Ever Change?

However, clearly I write about this here to say that if a borderline is not getting treatment, and I mean for real, not just going through the motions type of treatment, there is no logical reason to even begin to believe that the abuse that any borderline in your life is perpetrating upon you will stop.

The very thing that you most want from your borderline (or wanted if you’ve left the relationship) in terms of what it means to have a relationship and to relate was not ever even on the table because the borderline is not an emotionally/psychologically mature being.

BPD’s Immature Relational Ability

The borderline is still a very wounded and very young child, emotionally, in terms of the ability or understanding of how to actually relate to others.

This is the case because what borderlines do is not relate to others for who they are but as an extension of the borderline – and more to the point – as an extension of the parent (usually mother) that most failed them or by whom the borderline most feels abandoned, for whatever reason(s).

No Concept of The Real Self

The borderline has no idea who he/she really is. He/she often feels as if he/she does not exist.

This is especially true if the borderline does not have an other to project all of his/her feelings out onto and an other from whom they then require the mirroring back of an identity of what is a painful lack of known self.

Borderline Personality And Abuse “The Dance”

In her book, The Narcissistic/Borderline Couple, Joan Lachkar, Ph.D., writes,

“For the borderline, the focus is primarily on bonding and attachment issues. Borderlines often form addictive love relationships (including normal dependency), they form parasitic relationships, and project their needs in hostile, threatening ways. Because their defenses and demands are excessive, borderlines tend to remain in the dance, rarely achieving their aims.”

The dance that Lachkar refers to, in my past, for me, as I look back now many years into recovery when I was borderline, was one of seeking to re-invent, re-experience, re-do, the ruptured relationship with my mother.

This wound caused me to lose my authentic self to the defensive and manipulative abusive narcissistic defenses of the borderline false self in such a way that would once and for all satiate the developmental needs arrested at the time of my core wound of abandonment and teach me how to actually bond without feeling like it would kill me.

The dance, for me, was one of seeking to recreate and recapture that symbiotic relationship that I never had the chance to have with my mother, through others, in an end-justifies-the-means kind of way, that was, at times, very abusive to others in my life, in the past, on my part.

That dance was a complicated punishing and unforgiving dance of codependency through which I sought to resolve what for years seemed like the unresolvable woundedness that was the source of my rage and the abuse that I perpetrated against others in the name of trying to actually be psychologically born which is necessary in order to get on and stay on the road to recovery.

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Narcissistic Defense Mechanisms

Most, if not all borderlines, have, as a result of this core wound of abandonment, a well-developed defense mechanism of narcissism and also have varying degrees of narcissistic injury that manifests in the and through the false self.

This narcissistic injury or wound and its subsequent usage as a defense mechanism along with the narcissism seen in the false self of those with BPD are not to be lumped together with Narcissistic Personality Disorder – they are not one and the same at all.

Incapable of Adult Intimacy

Borderlines who live from a false self and who do not have an active and keen awareness of their own core wound of abandonment and their abandoned pain are not capable of age-appropriate adult intimacy or relating.

It is from the core of this emotional dysfunction that borderlines end up abusing either themselves, others, or both. Non-borderlines, are often on the receiving end of many types of abuse.

The Pain Of Borderline Relating

The very nature of borderline relating makes for a dysfunctional and toxic relational style that non-borderlines will benefit greatly from learning more about so that they can deepen their understanding of BPD and also take care of themselves.

Many non-borderlines come to realize that they want and/or need to break free from the puzzling and painful maze that is borderline relating. Relating that is more often than not abusive.

What Non-Borderline’s Need To Do

If you are a non-borderline and you are being abused by someone with BPD, you need to take care of yourself. It won’t do you or the borderline any good to deny or excuse his or her abuse and think that having a personality disorder justifies it in any way – it does not.

You cannot control what a person with BPD does, but, you can make choices about what you will and what you will not live with. Once you make that choice you need to identify and make known boundaries that are firmly explained and firmly enforced consistently.

Many non-borderlines do not realize that the sane choice for them if the borderline in their lives is not getting help and/or cannot take personal responsibility and stop and change any and all abusive behavior and/or relating, is to leave, break free and take care of themselves.

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