Empress Gail’s New Year’s Eve Black Celebration

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This is our current Antichrist, in her current condition, about as evil as they come.

Here is the Bitchute back up of the New Year’s Eve celebration.

The video was temporarily blocked off of this channel. Basically, I encouraged everyone to do the Gail Commandments and to not get negative or obsessed about stuff as it feeds the evil forces. That we all need to go outside and touch grass and visit new places we enjoy to keep the Gail Shield strong.

This is some video footage that was in the video that YouTube took down (above), that shows Lizzo on her deadly golf cart. Lizzo drove the golf cart into my stepdad in Aug. 2013 that caused his death in March 2014. It’s pretty obvious that her goal is to kill me and all my supporters. She’s gotten a pretty good head start in reaching that goal, unfortunately.

We just learned that Lizzo was part of the plot to murder my step dad Bill Fuller in 2014. The video of that is in the video above. Her golf cart injury to him put him in the hospital, where Jesuits used Jesuit doctors to give him an infection that turned out to be fatal.

(8-12-13, Something I wrote to my men on this day)

Dear men:

My mom just called and said she wanted me to call Bill Fuller. She also asked me to send him a card, which I did. My mom was saying that my sister just called Bill and she wanted me to call him next. 

When I called Bill he said that my sister called, and he wanted me to call my mother and ask if she needed any help with communications regarding some Shriner birthday party being held for him on the 24th, celebrating his 90th birthday one month late.

Apparently, his golfing buddy’s golf cart accidentally rammed into him.

Feb. 27, 2014 Skype with Brent Spiner

[7:12:20 PM] Gail Schuler: Did the Jesuits murder him?

[7:13:49 PM] Brent Spiner: Technically yes.

[7:14:04 PM] Brent Spiner: The one who was driving the golf cart that day Bill broke his hip was a drunk Jesuit.

This happened in August 2013. Bill Fuller was a retired Army Lt. Colonel, who took great pride in being part of the Battle of the Bulge right after D-Day in World War II. When Bill went to the hospital as a result of this “golf cart accident” he caught a deadly germ in the hospital and experienced complications from the surgery, which would lead to his death on March 12, 2014. We knew in advance he would die because Jesus had my men build a home for him in heaven as a present to welcome him to heaven when he passed.

Bill is currently with my mother in that home.

This was the photo at my stepdad Bill Fuller’s funeral in 2014.

Miss you, step dad! You were awesome when you were with me, always positive, always had a joke on your tongue, always had a twinkle in your eyes. It seemed you’d always be here and still can’t get used to not having you around. You gave me a place to stay when I divorced my Jesuit husband and had no place to live (2001 to 2004). You helped me get back on my feet, and never treated me with disrespect. March 12, 2014 was your graduation day. Are you still having that funeral party in your three-story mansion that my men built for you to welcome you to heaven? Enjoy your time in heaven with Jim Carrey (who Jesuits murdered in May 2012) and Robin Williams (who Jesuits murdered in August 2014). They murdered you, too, but at least you made it to 90. Sometimes I think I hear from you from heaven. You are so proud of my writings and tell me that all of heaven is celebrating me as Jesus’ favorite writer.

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