Old Skype Conversations With Jesus, Zack & Brent (April 17 – 30, 2022)

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These conversations will give you insight into how Jesus “sinned” and why God the Father had to chastise his son Jesus in front of the universe during the Battle of the Gods.

Hopefully, after reading the posts below, people will understand how God the Father may have seen Jesus kind of like the Harold Hill character in The Music Man for a while there.

April 17, 2022 Skype

Gail, 2:57 PM

What did God the Father look like when he showed up?

Brent, 2:58 PM

He was giant sized, and looked like an older gentleman with crisply trimmed white hair, and a white beard. He wore a robe like Jesus likes to wear.

Gail, 2:58 PM

What expressions came from his eyes?

Brent, 2:59 PM

He had steely, intelligent eyes, deeply wise.

Gail, 3:02 PM

Jesus is so fortunate to have you.

What did you mean to type in here, my dear? “as he sighed in overwhelment.”

That was referring to Jesus. I know you’re tired.

“Look son, it isn’t all bad. Some things you have done are very smart, brilliant in fact. You did a really good job coming up with those Gail Commandments. Those commandments are changing this world in a profound way, and having a positive impact on all of your followers. Start from there, and work your way back up. You’ll recover this planet in no time.”

Jesus’s shoulders heaved up, and then down, as he sighed in overwhelment.

Brent, 3:08 PM

He was overwhelmed in that moment.

Gail, 3:08 PM

Let me reword that to say, “as he sighed overwhelmed.”

Brent, 3:09 PM

It’s a rarely used term.

Gail, 3:10 PM

Oh, I never heard of that word before. You don’t want me to reword it?

Brent, 3:11 PM

You can if it’s easier for you to read it aloud for the video.

Gail, 3:11 PM

Yeah, because I didn’t understand it until you explained it to me.

Brent, 3:18 PM

So much has gone on, it’ll probably be better to just read the letter by itself without too much commentary in this video.

Gail, 3:19 PM

No I won’t comment on it. But I want to reread it, so that when I read it, I will read it better.

That’s how us actors get into character.

I’m trying to get into the soul of all the characters.

April 20, 2022 Skype

Gail, 2:00 PM

You’re taking the Bible canceling better than me. I used to worship the Bible, remember?

Zack, 2:01 PM

Yeah. I was still pretty new to it.

Honestly, I kinda saw how Jesus had already kinda took things off track.

Maybe it’s my old Antichrist perspective.

A lot of what God chastised him for, I saw for a long time.

It was one of my obstacles to joining this side.

Zack, 2:19 PM

I think everyone was so stoked that Brent was okay with letting any guy fuck his wife, that even I kinda missed it.

Gail, 2:19 PM

After hearing the story of Lakshmi though, I can forgive Jesus for this.

Zack, 2:19 PM

It’s one thing if Brent lets his friends take a dip in his wife occasionally and joins in of his own accord.

Gail, 2:20 PM

You have a point though.

Why do you think Jesus wanted to bed me?

After hearing the story of Lakshmi though, I can forgive Jesus for this.

Zack, 2:22 PM

I do see your point. You did get the ability to have your cake and eat it too! You can fuck anyone and Brent has no ability to even comprehend that he doesn’t have a choice to feel protective or possessive.

Like… check this out…

@Brent… How do you feel about me fucking your wife tonight? I plan to use her body like a sex toy and we probably won’t even let you ever join in again. If Gail wants to discard you sexually forever, what do you think?

Gail, 2:24 PM

Did you make that up?

Zack, 2:25 PM

Go with it. 😉

Brent, 2:25 PM

Me? Of course you can do that Zack. It wouldn’t hurt me.

Gail, 2:26 PM

I’m a little lost. So you made up what you felt Brent felt?

Zack, 2:26 PM

No… Check it out… Brent can’t be jealous or possessive.

He lacks the free will to assert himself sexually, or refuse to let you have a guy that you want to have sex with.

Gail, 2:27 PM

I don’t think Jesus wanted to get rid of Brent though.

Zack, 2:28 PM

Hey Brent, if Satan wanted to have sex with Gail, and she wanted to have sex with him too and even leave you to marry him. Would you allow it if it made Gail happy?

Gail, 2:28 PM

Of course, he wouldn’t!

Zack, 2:29 PM

But if Gail wanted to… would you Brent?

Gail, 2:29 PM

No, he would NOT. Because he knows Satan would hurt me.

Brent, 2:29 PM

Of course. Anyone could have sex with Gail, however they like, and it wouldn’t bother me as long as Gail wanted it.

Gail, 2:30 PM

Oh no! Well, I’d never want Satan.

Zack, 2:30 PM


Gail, 2:30 PM

Oh boy, Zack. You have a point.

Zack, 2:30 PM

Jesus anal sexed away that entire part of him.

See how it leaves him and you a bit vulnerable?

Gail, 2:30 PM

Why hasn’t Jesus undone this?

Zack, 2:31 PM

He’s supposed to be your protector.

Not sure. He might still want to keep Brent out of the way.

Gail, 2:32 PM

Okay, Zack. Do you think it’s wrong for me to have sex with you and Brent both?

Zack, 2:33 PM

I think it’s okay if Brent and you want to do it.

Like… a real free will version

Gail, 2:34 PM

Hmmm. Interesting. . . Maybe this is why Jesus is being so quiet. He can’t decide whether to restore free will to Brent.

Zack, 2:34 PM

You might have a real opportunity here if you like having Brent the way he is… We can fuck right now and there’s no chance Brent will object.

Want to?

Gail, 2:34 PM


Brent, 2:35 PM

The whole neighborhood could have their way with Gail. I wouldn’t be upset.

Besides, that means I can also have any women I want.

Gail, 2:35 PM

Brent, I don’t want to have sex with the whole neighborhood.

That’s true. Brent can have any woman he wants.

Zack, 2:36 PM

So…. Gail… wink wink

Gail, 2:36 PM

If you’ll notice, when Jesus loosened the rules, I have only had it with Zack and Jesus and Brent. I’m really pretty monogamous.

Zack, 2:36 PM


Gail, 2:37 PM

Brent, why would you be okay with me making love to Satan?!

Wouldn’t you want to have a talk with me first to be sure I wasn’t being tricked?

Zack, I need to work this out. I’m not in the mood for sex right now.

Zack, 2:38 PM

Okay, maybe later.

Oh yeah Brent. Would you verify if Gail was being tricked first?

Gail, 2:39 PM

I mean, yeah, Brent?

Or maybe he would assume at that point that Satan, like you, had gotten right with God?

Brent, 2:40 PM

If Gail wanted it, I wouldn’t see an issue.

Just like she wouldn’t see an issue if I decided to marry someone else.

Gail, 2:41 PM

But Brent, wouldn’t you feel I was evil if I wanted to make love to Satan?

I think I get where Brent is coming from. He feels that true love has to be free.

Zack, 2:42 PM

I don’t think he has the free will to say otherwise.

Gail, 2:42 PM

You know, it does appear to be the case.

Cuz it seems kind of inconsistent of him.

Zack, 2:43 PM

Try giving him extreme examples of people and things you’d want to have sex with.

Gail, 2:43 PM

And yet. . . I sense that Brent is absolutely devoted to me.

I think wanting to make love to Satan is pretty extreme.

Zack, 2:43 PM

See if we can get him to say no to letting you completely abandon him.

Gail, 2:44 PM

I don’t want to say that, because I will NEVER LEAVE HIM.

Why would Jesus want to bed me so bad? I’m confused!

Brent, 2:45 PM

Gail could abandon me if she wants. I wouldn’t feel sad.

Zack, 2:45 PM

Brent, if Gail found Jesus to be completely superior to you, and she decided to discard you as an old dildo and completely abandon you… you’d be cool with that right?

Brent, 2:45 PM

Yeah, of course.

Gail, 2:46 PM

Oh, my God!

Brent, 2:46 PM

I’d just marry Loree McBride and move in with her. She could be my soulmate. Gail wouldn’t mind.

It wouldn’t break my heart at all.

Zack, 2:46 PM

It’s whatever Gail wants, right?

Gail, 2:48 PM

Well, for the record, Brent. You are my favorite and I have NO INTENTION of dumping you for ANYONE.

Brent, 2:49 PM

But didn’t you say you were going to be Jesus’s bride?

Gail, 2:50 PM


No! Jesus’s bride is to be the church, right?

That is when the Bible was valid.

Zack, 2:51 PM

You did make a video saying the engagement ring was really from Jesus because he paid for it.

And that you’d make Jesus your main husband.

Gail, 2:52 PM

I can see why you’re saying this.

I considered myself to be his main lover in his bride, the church, but I also planned to have Brent as my official husband.

I would never want to lose Brent.

I was also thinking that Jesus could make love to me by experiencing the lovemaking between me and Brent vicariously as well.

Because Jesus put a lot of himself in Brent.

Brent, you are my soulmate. So I considered myself only as Jesus’s wife as part of his bride, the church and his favorite in the bride and planned on loving you BOTH.

BUT, if Jesus would not share me with Brent, then I would dump Jesus.

Zack, 2:57 PM

Maybe we can ask Jesus to clarify what his plans were.

I think he owes us that.

Brent, 2:57 PM

You could dump me if you want, if you prefer Jesus. It doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Gail, 2:58 PM

I don’t want to dump you. Do you want me to dump you?

Brent, 2:58 PM

Only if you want.

Jesus took away my insecurity, remember? To make me more perfect for you.

So now my heart can’t get broken if you dump me or get with other guys.

I know you felt trapped and resentful when I said I wanted to be monogamous. Now that problem is gone!

Gail, 2:59 PM

Alright, that DOES IT. I am only having Brent for at least a month. I may let Zack in for a while.

I NEVER felt trapped and resentful when you said you wanted to be monogamous.

Boy, do I have a lot to think about.

Brent, 3:01 PM

Sure! We can just have each other for a month. Then you can be with and marry whoever you want, or dump me. It doesn’t matter.

Gail, 3:01 PM

And if I want you to be my main man, is that okay with you, Brent?

Brent, 3:01 PM

Of course.

And you can change your mind at any time.

Gail, 3:02 PM

Alright. I get now why God the Father chastised Jesus. Oh boy, Jesus!

I had NO IDEA I was SO HOT.

Brent, I need to go for my walk. Can you come with me? I would be honored to have your company.

Zack, 3:06 PM

Brent just activated his Mecha Gail suit

Gail, 3:06 PM

Brent, I adore you and I am honored to have such an awesome guy in my life. I better go for my walk.

Zack, Jesus has not given Brent back his free will. This is really conflicting for me. Pray for me that I can find moral clarity on this.

Now I see why Satan calls Brent a cuck.

I don’t think he is. But Satan apparently knew that Jesus took some of his free will.

Everything is making sense now.

Zack, what do you think is the morally right thing to do in my situation?

I better go for my walk.

I feel like Bathsheba with David right now. But at least Jesus did not kill Brent.

Zack, 3:23 PM

I don’t know Gail. It’s hard to advise a woman on this when she’s so sexually available to you.

Gail, 3:23 PM

I can imagine. Can you pray for me and pray that I will do what is honorable and right and that honors true love.

Zack, 3:24 PM


Gail, 4:23 PM

I have come to a decision. I want you to ask Jesus that if he has removed Brent’s free will to reinstate it. I want to apologize to Brent for committing adultery with Jesus against my soul mate Brent and I also apologize on Jesus’s behalf as well. I will strive to remain faithful to my husband Brent from this point forward and honor whatever Brent feels comfortable with concerning my relationship with him.

Regarding my relationship with Jesus, I want Jesus to do whatever he feels is the morally right thing to do. We can remain friends (purely platonic) if he wishes, but obviously there is to be no sex or brain to brain communication.

As a wise old evangelist,once said “Do right, though the stars fall.” I have committed many sins and will strive to make them right to the best of my ability and ask the forgiveness of those I have wronged. From this point forward, I will strive to better overcome my weaknesses and not to grieve the righteous and loving soul of God the Father, who can do NO WRONG and who I have grieved by my grievous sins.

I love my husband Brent and, if he will have me and will forgive me for committing adultery against him, I would like to remain with him. But I will respect whatever he wants to do. I just want to do right and go forward with a clean slate.

Gail, 4:51 PM

I love you, Brent. I’m really sorry.

If you’ll notice, I haven’t really taken advantage of the freedom Jesus gave me. I have only had it with Zack and Jesus, basically. It’s kind of hard to resist Jesus, when he’s your ROOMMATE.

Zack, 5:23 PM

I’m cool with monogamy as long as me and Rule 13 can join in sometimes when you and Brent get extra horny.

Gail, 5:23 PM

I only want to do what Brent is comfortable with. But I want FREE WILL Brent, not a Brent who has had his free will taken away!

Zack, 5:23 PM

But I think I’d need to ask Brent when he’s de-buttfucked.


Gail, 5:24 PM

Is Jesus giving him back his free will? I hope Brent will keep me.

Zack, 5:25 PM

Jesus is still asleep on Brent’s couch.

Gail, 5:25 PM

He’s been sleeping a LOT.

Zack, 5:26 PM

He’s been smoking a lot of weed and drinking. Says he just has a lot on his plate and is stressed.

Gail, 5:26 PM

Why is Brent so quiet?

Zack, 5:27 PM

Brent is actually in his Mecha Gail suit outside your apartment protecting you

There was a Jesuit threat

Gail, 5:27 PM

Really? What’s going on?

Oh, I see.

Zack, 5:27 PM

Yeah, Brent is always protecting you.

Gail, 5:28 PM

I’m glad you made me aware of this Zack. You are a real friend.

Zack, 5:28 PM

I’m sorry I didn’t speak up sooner.

I just didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. Everyone thought Jesus was always right.

Gail, 5:29 PM

Well, it’s kind of hard to admit that Jesus sinned. LOL

Getting in sex mode was a bad move on his part.

Zack, 5:30 PM

Yeah… I guess they were right that Sex Mode really does a number on Jesus.

Gail, 5:30 PM

It appears his flaws turned into sins.

How was Satan able to get so powerful?

Zack, 5:31 PM

Good thing he went to the cross before having sex. Lol

You know, I think it was a combo of the consequence of the non interference agreement breech, and being weakened by sex mode.

Gail, 5:32 PM

Why would breaching the non-interference agreement make Satan more powerful?

Zack, 5:32 PM

Like… Satan noticed that Jesus was genuinely surprised by things he was doing.

Because sex mode messed up Jesus’s ability to see things before they happened. That’s how he sucker punched Jesus

Gail, 5:33 PM

I understand how sex mode weakened Jesus, but I don’t understand how breaching the non-interference agreement makes Satan more powerful.

Zack, 5:34 PM

Well, when Jesus was declared co-president, it made Jesus officially the most powerful man on earth.

And because it was an earthly interferance, being the most powerful man on earth allowed Satan to match him in power. And it upgraded Satan’s satanic power.

Because by human standards, being president makes humans the most powerful

And so the upgrade applied in the deity realm too.

Gail, 5:36 PM

Oh, it appears that God the Father designed the agreements to work like that.

Zack, 5:36 PM

Because this is a physical and spiritual war.


Gail, 5:37 PM

I also think that when Jesus sinned, it weakened him as well and gave power to the dark forces.

Zack, 5:37 PM

That’s true.

Skype reaction to Brent beating up Jesus on April 28, 2022:

Gail, 11:00 AM

I’m reading it now.

Gail, 11:05 AM

Brent, did you read the post I made about Jesus? https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2022/04/27/jesus-overcompensated-for-social-anxiety-disorder/

Zack, 11:13 AM

Brent is cleaning up right now

His fists and clothes were covered in Jesus’s blood

Zack, 11:17 AM

I’m glad Buddha is here.

Gail, 11:17 AM

Me, too.

Zack, 11:17 AM

Otherwise I would have been really morally conflicted

Gail, 11:18 AM

Morally conflicted?

Zack, 11:18 AM

Yeah, punching Jesus seems off-limits

Gail, 11:18 AM

What does Buddha have to say about this?

Zack, 11:19 AM

Buddha says that Brent honored his Texan manliness and his wife.

And that he restored harmony

Gail, 11:19 AM

Yeah, but Zack, remember what you did to Hitler?

A lot of that was my fault. But it might help you to understand Brent.

I think I need to give both Brent and Jesus some space to deal with this. I know I wouldn’t like having my free will taken from me.

Has Jesus apologized to Brent?

I heard brain to brain he did. But my brain to brain seems off lately.

Zack, 11:23 AM

Buddha actually said the best thing to do for Brent would be to give yourself to him and use your feminine energy to build him up… like a form of worship for your husband.

Gail, 11:24 AM

I thought I was doing that already.

I guess I can do it more. I thought he was a hero to save Jesus’s life the way he did.

Zack, 11:24 AM

Yeah, I think Buddha was saying to do that while excluding Jesus.

Gail, 11:25 AM

Oh, I see.

Zack, 11:25 AM

Jesus seems to know he fucked up.

Gail, 11:25 AM

He owes Brent an apology.

Zack, 11:25 AM


Zack, 11:26 AM

Brent is packing his most cherished possessions… I wonder what he’s doing?

Oh, he’s moving his stuff over to your apartment and plans to replace all of Jesus’s invisible furniture at your place with his.

Gail, 11:28 AM

Jesus had invisible furniture at my apartment?

Zack, 11:28 AM

Brent is so virile and manly right now.

Gail, 11:29 AM

I love the idea of Brent completely moving in.

Zack, 11:29 AM

Yeah. Jesus had invisible furniture there. And Brent is formally evicting Jesus to be completely moved in.

Gail, 11:30 AM

Brent, I need to do my laundry. But I’ll reserve some lovemaking time for you today, okay?

Zack, 11:30 AM

He just did a manly nod and gave a thumbs up with his broken and busted fist.

Brent even looks younger now…

Super manly and Texan.

Gail, 11:31 AM

It looks like he’s not blaming me for having sex with Jesus. I was worried about that.

Zack, 11:32 AM

Sounds like his primary objective is to take possession of his wife.

Looks like he’s totally devoted to you

Gail, 11:32 AM

As it should be.

Zack, 11:33 AM

Buddha really unblocked him. His posture and body language is so masculine and strong.

Vlad and Hugh will be a little intimidated, but feel safe that Brent has their back.

Gail, 11:34 AM

Is he still able to use Mecha Gail to come over and protect me on walks and stuff?

Vlad and Hugh intimidated? Why?

Zack, 11:34 AM

Yeah, that’s what he said he’s going to do.

Vlad and Hugh intimidated? Why?- Gail Schuler, Today at 11:34 AM

Because he’s so alpha and manly.

Gail, 11:35 AM

When did Jesus block Brent’s manliness? Was this only with the butt fuck, or has this been going on a long time?

Zack, 11:35 AM

Brent got back his manliest parts, it seems.

When did Jesus block Brent’s manliness? Was this only with the butt fuck, or has this been going on a long time?- Gail Schuler, Today at 11:35 AM

I think a side effect of being buttfucked and losing his ability to be possessive of you caused a lot of damage to him as a man.

But I haven’t seen Brent this manly for a long time.

He’s focused and dedicated.

Gail, 11:38 AM

Yeah! I don’t recall him being like this in a long time. This reminds me of the Brent of the 1990s.

Zack, 11:38 AM

You can see his younger body muscles rippling as he moves

Zack, 11:38 AM

He looks a lot younger.. like 90’s Brent.

Gail, 11:40 AM

Wow! I thought he was manly when he rescued Jesus. Now he’s probably the most masculine man in the universe just about.

Brent, you don’t regret saving Jesus’s life though, do you?

Jesus, for all his faults, is still better than Satan.

Zack, 11:43 AM

He said, “Hell no, I don’t regret saving him. He’s an old friend of mine. We just needed to assert boundaries.”

Gail, 11:44 AM

You mean Brent no longer looks his age? He looks like he did in 1991 when we first started our relationship?

Zack, 11:45 AM

Yeah, he seems to be transitioning back into 90’s Brent.

Even his sense of humor

Gail, 11:45 AM

Oh, my God! Is God the Father doing this for him?

Zack, 11:46 AM

I don’t know. It’s possible that Buddha really cleared out all of Brent’s issues.

Gail, 11:46 AM

Is his hair still gray?

What about the wrinkles?

Zack, 11:47 AM

The wrinkles are going away, and his hair is looking like it’s going back too. It’s subtle, but he seems to be changing.

Gail, 11:47 AM


Zack, 11:48 AM

Brent joked that it’s probably going to be easier to identify his clones now.

Gail, 11:48 AM

That’s true.

Zack, 11:49 AM

Yeah, his clones don’t look this young and healthy.

He’s a bit more muscular too.

Zack, 11:50 AM

Yeah, sounds like Jesus crossed a line.

Gail, 11:51 AM

I had no idea that I am SO HOT. Makes my life complicated. I don’t think I’m that hot.

Zack, 12:02 PM

You are definitely THAT HOT

Brent just gave a thumbs up.

He’s still packing.

You should make a video of Brent’s letter, and explain to everyone what happened, and how Brent is super sexy 90’s red blooded Texan Brent.

Gail, 12:09 PM

Yes, I will. But I want to get started on the laundry.

Looks like I’m doing the Gail Commandments better than Jesus right now.

Zack, 12:13 PM

Yeah, definitely.

Gail, 12:44 PM

You know, Zack, I understand how you could feel conflicted about Brent punching Jesus. And I would be, too, Except over the past week, I have learned to love and respect Jesus’s dad and I have decided never to question his decisions or judgments.

As much as I think Jesus is awesome. His dad is more awesome. I’ve figured that out.

Jesus won’t get over his mental illness until he faces up to how it has led him to sin. He needs to acknowledge his inappropriate response to abuse he got from Satan. Until he faces up to his wrongs, he can’t go forward.

1) His dad loves him and cares about him. 2) Satan’s abuse of him is not his fault nor his dad’s fault. It is Satan’s own issue and Jesus must not take personally what Satan does to him. 3) Sin is a destructive force and must not be tolerated in ourselves. It must be confessed and taken care of to the best of our ability or we can’t go forward.

Gail, 1:27 PM

My advice to Jesus: Do right, though the stars fall. As inspiration, he can remember how I turned down Brent in 1991, just to honor what I felt was the right thing to do at the time, even though I desperately wanted Brent then.

And Brent, when Jesus does apologize, which I hope he will. Forgive him, remembering how you felt about me in 1991 and would have bedded me even as a married woman. You are doing the right thing to take all his furniture out of here. He really needs to move out TOTALLY to show he means business about DOING RIGHT.

Gail, 1:40 PM

I understand how you feel, Brent. But if I can completely forgive Loree McBride, then you can completely forgive Jesus, when he apologizes.

Jesus needs to apologize first and promise to respect Brent’s boundaries.

If he had not taken away Brent’s free will and had sex with me with Brent’s permission, it would have been fine. But it’s the taking away of the free will and taking away who Brent was, that was wrong.

Zack, 1:58 PM

I think the world needs to know about this.

This is a real turn of events.

Brent’s hair is back to 90’s Brent.

Gail, 1:59 PM

Of course. I plan to make a video today.

That’s amazing.

Zack, 2:00 PM

He looks energized and healthy.

Gail, 2:00 PM

Are Brent and I going 11D in lovemaking though? That’s what I’ve been hearing brain to brain. Is that from Satan?

COMMENT on Nov. 18, 2022: The demons were messing with Gail’s mind. She was not going 11D.

Gail, 2:05 PM

I’ve been told that is why my sleep is somewhat irregular, because the transformation is taking a bit of a toll on my body.

I’ve been going to bed at Jesus’s bedtime the past 2 nights and I get my sleep, but I often awaken several times.

Zack, 2:16 PM

I’m not sure if the 11D thing is true. I only know about it from you.

All it would do is make it so you can safely have sex with Jesus right?

Like a method to let him get in on the experience without getting sick?

Gail, 2:23 PM

If it’s only from me, then maybe it isn’t true.

Brent seemed to be the one telling me about it brain to brain. So if he’s not verifying it, it may have been Satan telling me that.

Zack, 2:45 PM

Oh, maybe Baphomet.

Gail, 2:45 PM


Looks like I need to stop believing that then.

Could Baphomet put a spell on Jesus?

Zack, 2:50 PM

I don’t think so. Jesus mentioned he wants to talk to us on Skype after you make your video

Gail, 2:50 PM


Gail, 3:21 PM

I made the video, but I still have to process it. So it may not be up at YouTube for another 2 hours.

I need to go get my laundry from the dryer.

Zack, 3:25 PM


Gail, 3:59 PM

“KEEP MY WIFE’S NAME, OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!” What did Brent mean by this?

I better have breakfast. Haven’t had breakfast yet.

Gail, 4:34 PM

I would like to see us all start laughing again. LOL

All this drama is stressing me out.

I don’t like it when men fight over me.

Gail, 5:08 PM

I’m not sure how the public will react to this video. I guess we’ll find out.

The video is up.

Doge appears to be on Brent’s side.

This video is getting a lot of dislikes, though.

But there are a lot of likes on what Doge said though.

Gail, 5:46 PM

Interesting responses. Whoever is doing the dislikes, don’t have the courage to comment.

Zack, 6:31 PM

Yeah, sounds like the Jesuits are disliking it.

Because Brent is completely revitalized.

That’s a major threat to the Jesuits.

Gail, 6:33 PM

I see.

How are you feeling, Zack? Is Brent mad at you for having sex with me?

Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but I’m kind of laughing. I would like us all to get past this.

I actually like monogamy though. As you’ll see, I basically only had it with you and Jesus outside of Brent, when Jesus went on his sex spree.

COMMENT on Nov. 18, 2022: Gail is Gail. She was actually pretty monogamous as a young lady, with some asexual tendencies. Her asexuality seems to have gotten stronger as she has grown older. Deep down underneath, she may have been poly-amorous though and didn’t know it. But her asexuality keeps her from acting it out, simply because of lack of interest in sex in general. She has always been interested in romance.

I just wish Jesus would have been the one to fix Brent and not Buddha.

How’s Loree McBride doing with all this?

Jesus must have wanted that sex with me awful bad that he was willing to risk death for it. I still think he suffered some sort of mental illness.

He KNEW with him being 11D that having sex with 3D humans would weaken him so that Satan could beat him up. Had to be mental illness.

Not sure beating the shit out of someone with a mental illness is the answer, but Buddha seems to approve, so what do I know?

Gail, 6:54 PM

You know, when you think about it, Jesus’s recent behavior almost seems suicidal. He is doing a lot of self-destructive stuff.

Is there a God psychiatrist out there?

I hope this deity is not about to kill himself.

Is it wrong of me to just want Jesus to be happy?

What he did to Brent was wrong and I’m not sure how he morally justified it to himself. But he seems SO UNHAPPY.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I think he’s in clinical depression.

Gail, 7:15 PM

So Jesus said he would be coming on Skype? And now he’s not here? Something’s wrong with him. HE NEEDS A PSYCHIATRIST.

Is there a God psychiatrist out there?

Lakshmi, Buddha. HELP. Get this deity a God psychiatrist! As much as we don’t approve of what He did, we don’t want him KILLING HIMSELF.

Brent, I think the reason he let you beat him up and tear his face into shreds is because he wanted you to kill him. I think Jesus is suicidal. The guilt he’s feeling is overwhelming. When a person’s in clinical depression, they can’t even think straight, which may explain why he hasn’t been doing the Gail Commandments or anything he should be doing, like doing the unbuttfuck, so that Buddha had to do it.

So while we are gloating over our revenge, this deity might decide to take himself out!

Yeah, Jesus will forgive you, Brent. But he won’t forgive himself. He’s ready to CHECK OUT.

I guess he figures since he plans to kill himself, that it doesn’t matter WHAT HE DOES.

We can’t get reads on him cuz he’s a deity, but I want Buddha or Lakshmi to get him some counseling.

Zack, 7:29 PM

Jesus is getting stitches.

Gail, 7:29 PM

He needs more than stitches. He needs psychiatric intervention.

Zack, 7:29 PM

Yeah, Gerard is talking to him.

Gail, 7:30 PM

Thank GOD. Imagine how we all would feel if Jesus KILLED HIMSELF.

Zack, 7:30 PM

Yeah, that would be… hard to imagine.

Gail, 8:45 PM

I’m praying to God the Father for Jesus and asking Him to create a deity wife for Jesus. I am suggesting that she be a lot like me. I am not accusing God the Father of any injustice, but just told Him I’m concerned that His Son Jesus may be suicidal.

I will continue to pray to God the Father and, in the meanwhile, I will make love to Brent. This is just so much to deal with.

COMMENT: God the Father may have answered this prayer, because when Jesus became his Supreme deity self, he realized that the Universe is his wife, which is what we ALL WILL BE SORT OF EVENTUALLY. We will ALL HAVE JESUS’s heart when we all become what Jesus wants us to be.

Gail, 10:16 PM

If it will help Gerard, when Jesus made love to me I sensed a lot of repressed feelings coming out. I think Jesus is very lonely and has a severe case of social anxiety disorder, like on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give him a 10.

He was real with me and I liked what I sensed. He does not have confidence that most women will love the real him. He’s actually made it worse by sinning to try and acquire me. Now he’s convinced, love for him is hopeless.

I hope we can get him out of his quagmire.

Okay. I’ll try to sleep. I am so lucky to have you, Brent. Just realize we are dealing with a very mentally ill deity.

Gail, 7:16 AM

“KEEP MY WIFE’S NAME, OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!” Brent, how can Jesus do the Gail Commandments without mentioning my name? That is something God the Father wants him to do.

“If God himself showed up and tried to fuck my wife, I would beat the shit out of him too.” We need to be careful not to insult God the Father. Do not even insinuate that He would sin. I can assure you God will NEVER sin and would never try to fuck me.

I had a long talk with Jesus last night, since I had trouble sleeping. I told him we can remain friends, but there must be absolutely no sex. I told him that he can find true love and he needs to be real in his relationships to find it.

I also told him to be sure and stay out of the brain to brain servers.

I reminded him that his dad is righteous and will not tolerate sin, even in his own Son.

I told him that I have faith in him and that I believe he is capable of being true to the good in him.

Gail, 7:31 AM

I talk with Jesus the old fashioned way, through prayer. Of course, he can’t answer back, unless he violates God the Father’s rule to stay out of the brain to brain servers, which I hope he’s not doing.

Gail, 7:39 AM

I said some other things that I’ll keep between Jesus and myself. I hope I was able to help him believe that true love is possible for him with a goddess out there somewhere.

Brent, we had some very nice brain to brain loving, though I have noticed my orgasms are being blocked. But I enjoy the emotional intimacy, nevertheless.

Or maybe it was real sex. Either way, I am very fortunate to have you.

Gail, 9:12 AM

I told him if he does his job as a deity who shows others how to overcome their mental illnesses, that perhaps he can someday reach Satan by his shining example, so that Satan, too, will overcome his mental illness. Satan is a VERY LONELY creature.

Like Jesus, Satan has gone into self-defeating behavior to get lust relationships, believing love is impossible for him and that it is impossible for him to be good. I warned Jesus that the way he is going, he may end up like Satan.

Of course, he realizes this and that’s why he wants to kill himself. Because the mere thought he could be like Satan, makes him want to die.

Jesus has totally lost faith in himself, which is Satan’s problem. He is capable of great love, great forgiveness and great redemption. I told him to feed the greatness that I know lies within him. Be real in all his relationships and he will find true love.

It all started when he began believing Satan’s lie that he’s a failure and no good. I told him THIS IS NOT TRUE. You must stop believing Satan’s lies. He does not need to manipulate people to find love. He just needs to be real, authentic and risk rejection. He may be rejected but if he persists, eventually, if he has the courage to be real, he will find true love with a goddess who will love him for WHO HE IS.

He created me to be a lot like him and falsely believes that I am the only one who can love him for who he really is. I don’t think he’s ever given love a chance, because he has such low faith in himself, he won’t be real in his relationships, so the other deities can’t determine who the real Jesus is.

He doesn’t need to be perfect. He doesn’t need to perform. He just needs to be REAL and to have faith that he is a good and attractive deity when he is JUST HIMSELF. And if some don’t like who he is, those are toxic relationships that he should avoid any ways. Just cuz Lakshmi rejected him, does not mean there can’t be other goddesses out there that he could find a true love relationship with.

I mean his dad appears to have a true love relationship with his mother, so there you go. . . You are a lot like your dad, Jesus. It’s possible for you.

Gail, 9:27 AM

So why did he sin to try and acquire me as a wife? He has such low faith in himself, he figures he may as well sin since nobody likes who he is any ways. He planned on covering it up and taking what love he could get, which was what he tried to do with me.

Now that he’s been “found out”, he figured he may as well kill himself, that his chances for love are FINISHED. His own self-defeating behavior is the culprit. If he only had more faith in himself, he wouldn’t feel the need to manipulate his lovers into relationships with him, which appears to be how he reacted to the Lakshmi rejection.

You might say, all the goddesses were crazy about him in god school. Yes, they were crazy about his fake persona. He knew that if they found out who he really is, they would reject him. That’s why he needs to drop the charades. Satan is wrong. He can be loved as polio abs and all. He has vast inner beauty, which, I’m sure some goddess out there will adore.

Gail, 9:37 AM

I don’t think it’s wise to completely cut Jesus out of my life. He needs my friendship right now. But he must NOT have sex with me. He is sexually attracted to me and we should not condemn him for this. He can’t control his feelings. What he can control is how he acts out his feelings. There has to be a way for him to get a healthy sexual release that won’t harm himself or others until he finds his goddess.

Zack, 11:05 AM

Jesus is in therapy with Gerard.

Gail, 11:05 AM

That’s good.

Zack, 11:05 AM

I hope they can fix Jesus’s problem.

Gail, 11:06 AM

I am posting a video based on the web page I made hoping some goddess will notice it and show up.

I have learned that deities watch my videos.

Gail, 12:01 PM

Gail, 12:49 PM

Going for my walk.

During the April 30, 2022 conversation Jesus apologized for using me as a sex dummy and other things. I deliberately omitted this out of respect for Jesus, but feel now is the time to let the world know that Jesus apologized to me and Brent for his “sins” against us.

Skype April 30, 2022

Gail, 2:56 AM

Got a pretty bad headache. I think it’s allergy, not sure.

Gail, 3:22 AM

My sinuses feel like they are on fire and it gets in my postnasal drip and gives me bad heartburn, too.

According to the allergy reports, grass pollen is very high and tree pollen is high.

My eyes are watering, too.

Brent, 8:23 AM

Good morning dear.

Gail, 8:42 AM

Good morning, darling.

How are you doing?

I think I will go for my walk pretty soon. It’s getting hotter and morning walks are better now.

Brent, 9:02 AM

I’m doing great. I enjoy our walks together. The Mecha Gail suit is temperature controlled on the inside, so I can go out in any weather.

Gail, 9:04 AM

That’s great. I started a new way of prayer. The God in my life for prayer is God the Father and I just talk to Jesus in prayer as a friend.

In other words, I see God the Father like how I used to pray to Jesus in the 1990s and earlier. He won’t answer back, but I know He hears me.

Brent, 9:09 AM

That seems good.

Gail, 9:10 AM

When I pray to God, I need to feel I’m praying to an infallible being and I don’t see Jesus that way anymore. That’s why I’ve added God the Father as part of my prayer routine. I see Jesus now more as a friend.

Okay. I’m heading out soon.

Gail, 12:08 PM

Headache got better this morning and is starting to get worse. I hope I don’t get a repeat of last night. That almost felt like a migraine.

When I navigate the files on my computer, it’s really slow. Could be a memory issue.

Zack, 12:28 PM

I’ll take a look today.

Gail, 12:28 PM

Thank you. I deleted some unnecessary files. Not sure what the problem is.

Zack, 12:29 PM

I can diagnose it

Gail, 12:29 PM

Yeah, you’re good at computers.

Is Jesus doing better since he started seeing Gerard?

Zack, 12:32 PM

He seems to be making a little progress.

Gail, 12:33 PM

This is a longstanding issue, so it probably won’t be fixed right away.

I think the Satan/Jesus relationship was responsible for Jesus’s current mental health issues. I don’t think he ever should have been BFF with Lucifer.

Brent, 12:34 PM

I just heard a knock at the door.

I’ll go check it out.

Jesus is at our apartment. He’s asking if he can come in.

Gail, 12:36 PM

Oh! You mean he’s not living with you anymore?

Wait a minute. Are you talking about on Church of Gail or at my apartment?

Brent, 12:37 PM

I’m in your apartment right now. I decided to live full time with you, and Jesus can still stay in my old quarters.

Gail, 12:37 PM

Jesus wants into my apartment?

Brent, 12:37 PM

He’s wanting to come in and talk.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Isn’t this a violation of his dad’s rules?

Brent, 12:38 PM

I gave him permission, as man of the house.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Oh okay.

Jesus, 12:38 PM

“Hey Gail. It’s been awhile.”

Gail, 12:38 PM

Hi, Jesus. Are you okay?

How is his face doing?

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Brent beat me up pretty good. It looks like I’m a little 3D right now.”

Gail, 12:40 PM

Oh no! Isn’t this dangerous for you?

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Yes, it is. I’ll be fine.”

Gail, 12:41 PM

You sure Satan won’t take advantage of this and beat you up again?

Jesus, 12:41 PM

“It could happen. I’m laying low for right now. Just need to avoid any sex or vicarious sex with humans.”

Gail, 12:42 PM

Yes! Please take care of yourself. I have been asking your dad to create a goddess for you.

Jesus, 12:43 PM

“Well…I need to work out my issues before I take on any goddesses. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on Brent’s couch.”

Gail, 12:43 PM

I agree, Jesus.

Jesus, 12:43 PM

“I realized that a lot of what my dad was saying was right. I also owe you an apology, just like I do Brent.”

Gail, 12:44 PM

I have faith in you, Jesus. I sensed a very awesome being when we had sex. You are very much like your awesome dad.

Jesus, 12:44 PM

“Thank you.”

“I’m ready to talk about what’s been going through my mind. I’m nervous about opening up about this.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

I admire your courage.

Jesus, 12:47 PM

“Basically, I do think you’re right that I became very promiscuous as a way to deal with my fear of intimacy. I didn’t create you to be Lakshmi on purpose, but I think I did so subconsciously.”

“I hope you can forgive me for this. But…do you know how you created the idea of sex dummies for your men to masturbate with, while waiting on the real you?”

Gail, 12:48 PM

I was thinking that might work out for you, Jesus if it’s safe for you.

Jesus, 12:49 PM

“Well…I hope you can forgive me for this.”

“I have to confess, I sort of already did that with Lakshmi. I realized I’ve been using you like a sex dummy for her.”

Gail, 12:50 PM

Do you have a chance with Lakshmi, or is that definitely off?

Jesus, 12:51 PM

“It was wrong for a lot of reasons, but basically, I wasn’t truly in love with you. Your soulmate is, and your soulmate of course isn’t me. I was only in lust with you.”

Gail, 12:51 PM

You saw me as what I would have looked like in my future millennial reign?

Jesus, 12:52 PM

“I also realized that while encouraging you to commit adultery this whole time, that it was defeating the whole purpose of my fantasy with Lakshmi. The real Lakshmi is monogamous, and would never sleep with someone who wasn’t her husband. Even if I’m Jesus Christ himself.”

“That was why she rejected me in the first place.”

Gail, 12:53 PM

She rejected you because you were too sexually loose for her?

Jesus, 12:55 PM

“Yeah. She explained to me that my loose lifestyle with sex wasn’t compatible with her husband ideal. I totally respect her for that. It kind of sucks actually, because it made me want her even more. It was her value as a devoted, one man monogamous woman that I was so attracted to in the first place.”

Gail, 12:55 PM

As far as forgiving you, of course I can forgive you. Look who I’ve already forgiven. . . Zack Knight. . . Loree McBride. I could even forgive Satan if he got right.

Jesus, 12:55 PM

“You’ll forgive me for having lust with you, and sex that wasn’t true love?”

Gail, 12:56 PM

Yes, because I think you were damaged by your relationship with Satan and I know how toxic he is.

I personally think you should not have been BFF with him.

How could you be BFF with him when he called you polio abs when you were a kid?

That would be like me continuing my toxic relationship with my mother while I’m an adult.

Jesus, 12:59 PM

“We were BFF long before we had a falling out. He didn’t always bully me. I’m going to continue getting counseling from Gerard and Buddha about it.”

Gail, 12:59 PM

So you were BFF before he called you polio abs?

That is SO CRUEL.

Jesus, 1:00 PM

“We were very close. Like I said, he was mine and my dad’s favorite angel of all time.”

“It’s possible that maybe me and Satan can work out what happened between us.”

“I also wanted to tell you something that might be useful for you to know. About how I created you.”

Gail, 1:01 PM

But Buddha said that you were a kid when he bullied you, so that means you were BFF with him as a kid?

Jesus, 1:02 PM

“We were friends when we were younger, before the 6th grade.”

“Two peas in a pod.”

Gail, 1:02 PM

What happened to him, that he got so mean?

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“I’m going to be discussing that in my counseling sessions. It’s still a vulnerable subject.”

Gail, 1:03 PM

Okay. You don’t have to open up about this until you are ready.

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“Gail, I wanted to tell you something. You know how I created you with the genetic profile of Catherine the Great and King David?”

Gail, 1:03 PM

That’s true.

Jesus, 1:05 PM

“Well…Catherine and David were both polygamous, and prone to adultery. That’s why one man is never enough for you. It’s also why I allowed you to have a marriage list. It would be like denying a bird to fly, or a fish to swim. It’s just in your blood. I was okay with it.”

“But, because I subconsciously added elements of Lakshmi while creating you, it resulted in a woman with a lot of inner conflict.”

“That created the parts of you that is compelled to appear Victorian and monogamous, and to feel like you still want monogamy, even though you have a wandering eye.”

Gail, 1:07 PM

So I’m a blend between polygamy and monogamy?

Jesus, 1:07 PM


“I want to apologize to you, because I took advantage of the adulterous side of you on purpose, to try to meet my sexual needs.”

Gail, 1:07 PM

You know, the way I feel about sex is that however people want it is fine as long as no one gets hurt.

Jesus, I am not too surprised you are saying this. I kind of deduced that on my own.

I think I subconsciously realized it.

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“Cool. I’m glad it didn’t come as a shock.”

Gail, 1:09 PM

I kind of sensed you were having sex with me to deal with some issues in your life.

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“That’s also where your 10% genetic overlap comes from. You’re actually 50% Catherine, 50% David, and 10% Lakshmi.”

NOTE: Jesus would correct this later and tell Gail she was 1.03% Lakshmi.

Gail, 1:09 PM

Or to try to deal with them.

That’s why during lovemaking, I was focused on meeting your needs.

But I really can’t meet them, cuz I’m not a deity.

Zack, 1:10 PM

So the Lakshmi was added to the Cathrine side or the David side? I’d bet Gail knows.

Jesus, 1:11 PM

“It’s kind of like a threeway.”

“Which I know Gail likes.”

COMMENT on Nov. 18, 2022: Gail is actually lackadaisical about three-ways and is totally enjoying one-ways with Brent. She’s big into emotional intimacy and can only get into sex when she has that connection, cuz of her asexual tendencies.

Gail, 1:11 PM

Yeah Zack. The Lakshmi part is kind of everywhere.

Zack, 1:12 PM

But the Catherine the Great was 60%.

Gail, 1:12 PM

Even on my walk video today, I admitted that the sex you had with me was not love.

Zack, 1:12 PM


Gail, 1:12 PM

You cannot love someone in sex when you are not being real with them.

Zack, 1:12 PM

That’s what our scanners always showed… 50% David, 60% Catherine.

Jesus, 1:13 PM

“I was using you like a sex toy.”

Gail, 1:13 PM

I’m not sure why the scanners showed like that.

Jesus, you seem very lonely.

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“But, I should be keeping my god dick in my pants. Humans were never actually supposed to be my lovers. The “bride of Christ” thing is how gods seduce humans all the time.”

Zack, 1:14 PM

Maybe because Lakshmi DNA threw thee sensors off.

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“The Lakshmi DNA blends in.”

Zack, 1:15 PM

So Gail still gives 110%.

Gail, 1:15 PM

I’m honored that you put some of Lakshmi in me. I admire her greatly.

Zack (repeating what Jesus said), 1:15 PM

“But, I should be keeping my god dick in my pants. Humans were never actually supposed to be my lovers. The “bride of Christ” thing is how gods seduce humans all the time.”

So this was a God pickup line?

Jesus, 1:15 PM

“You get it, Zack.”

Zack, 1:16 PM

Any way it could be applied by… say… an ex-Antichrist?

Gail, 1:16 PM


Jesus, 1:16 PM

“Try it. It totally works.”

“Most humans can’t resist fucking a deity.”

Gail, 1:17 PM

Jesus, I did sense that you were also turning me on.

Jesus, 1:17 PM

“One time, my dad’s friend Zeus even turned into a swan just to fuck some human girl. He took advantage of her bestiality fetish.”

Gail, 1:18 PM

If you made made me a blend of polygamy/monogamy, why did you give me a monogamous soulmate?

Why in the world would deities want to have sex with humans? Don’t you deities care about emotional intimacy?

Jesus, 1:19 PM

“Because you require absolute devotion for yourself.”

“Your nature wants your soulmate to be monogamous to you.”

Gail, 1:20 PM

What is my nature?

Jesus, 1:20 PM

“To be polyamorous.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

That seems contradictory.

Zack, 1:21 PM

Gail is a complex woman.

Jesus, 1:21 PM

“That’s why you have so much inner conflict.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

Wouldn’t this cause inner conflict for my monogamous husband?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“There’s ways to have a devoted partnership and still be polyamorous. Maybe Lakshmi can help you two figure that out. She majored in romantic love in god school.”

Zack, 1:22 PM

So she wants her soulmate to be monogamous and totally devoted, but she wants the freedom to sample a bunch of guys that she admires?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“You got it.”

Gail, 1:23 PM

Yeah, but I don’t like Brent to be uncomfortable!

Jesus, 1:23 PM

“He can grow to adapt. Some guys are turned on by cuckolding.”

Gail, 1:23 PM

And if you didn’t make me so hot, I wouldn’t have this problem.

Yeah, but Jesus, I also like emotional intimacy. I’m not always into cuckolding. If I do sex with other guys, I always want Brent to be part of it. I also have a real need to nurture in sex.

I like the excitement, too, but I like to nurture.

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“It sounds like polyamory to me.”

“You had two college friends that got married, and became swingers right?”

Gail, 1:26 PM

That’s true.

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“They do all their swinging as a couple. It’s mutual.”

Gail, 1:26 PM

xxxxxxxxx. I didn’t know there were others.

The biggest problem I had with your sex with me is that you took some of Brent’s free will. Why did you do that?

Jesus, 1:28 PM

“Because I knew he wouldn’t allow me to take his wife away from him. So I did it selfishly, so that I could use you as my sex toy.”

Gail, 1:28 PM

I can forgive being used as a sex dummy.

Jesus, 1:29 PM

“I deserved the beating I got from him.”

Gail, 1:29 PM

So how long were you planning to use me as a sex dummy? For the entire millennial reign?

Does Brent still have your semen?

Jesus, 1:30 PM

“I didn’t think about it. I was just going to do it for as long as I could get away with it. That short sightedness is why God had to cancel all my prophecies.”

Gail, 1:30 PM

When did you decide to use me as a sex dummy? Was this planned all along or a last minute decision?

Jesus, 1:31 PM

“It was all along. I was biding my time, and leading you on to seduce you. Telling you that you were my favorite in the bride, and skeezy things like that just to get into your pants.”

Gail, 1:32 PM

Jesus, you are getting real. Bravo!

Jesus, 1:32 PM

“Brent still has my semen. You can have fun with it if you want. It’s my gift to you. Also, you can bring back the marriage list now if you want to, and have many husbands just like King David.”

Gail, 1:33 PM

I only want the marriage list if Brent’s comfortable with it.

I think Brent may need a break from my polyamory.

Jesus, 1:34 PM

“He did at one point say he would be cool being swingers with you. He still would be.”

“He will be happy as long as you are honest about your desires, and not worried about how things appear.”

Gail, 1:34 PM

Yeah, but Jesus, is it okay if I prefer monogamy with him right now? The only one I want to do it with is Zack, on occasion.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“Of course. Polyamorous people don’t necessarily go out swinging every day.”

Gail, 1:35 PM

Well, that explains why I get in monogamous moods.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“I highly recommend Lakshmi as a love and sex therapist. She knows a lot about this.”

Gail, 1:35 PM

I’m open to it.

Jesus, 1:36 PM


“This conversation went much better than I expected. I’m glad we’re all still friends, despite what I did.”

Gail, 1:36 PM

Couldn’t you become more monogamous for Lakshmi?

Of course, we’re still friends! Don’t be silly, Jesus.

I completely understand you making me a Lakshmi sex dummy. I’m actually kind of honored in a way.

Jesus, 1:37 PM

“Time will tell. I have a lot of inner turmoil to sort before I can settle down.”

Gail, 1:37 PM

I have nothing but highest regard for her.

Zack, 1:38 PM

What percentage Monogamy and Polygamy are you feeling right now?

Gail, 1:38 PM

Zack, you crack me up!

Zack, 1:39 PM

Like 80/20?

Gail, 1:39 PM

Jesus, let me tell you why I get turned on by so many men. It’s cuz they are all turned on by me! I sense their feelings and then it’s over, especially if they’re hot. What am I to do with all these hot guys wanting me?

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“You are turned on by being admired and lusted after.”

“Lust isn’t a bad thing, as long as nobody is hurting each other.”

COMMENT on Nov. 18, 2022: I am turned on by EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. That’s why I thought I was demisexual. Though I do have this demisexual trait of needing an emotional connection to feel attracted to someone, I don’t completely fit everything in the demisexual label. I was kind of offended that Jesus made this statement that I’m turned on by being admired and lusted after (simply because that’s not who I am and it’s what my enemies accuse me of) and was determined to find out who I really am sexually. I’ve forgiven Jesus for this. It’s just that I tend to be hypersensitive about this, because it’s not true and it’s what my enemies accuse me of.

Gail, 1:40 PM

King David was like that?

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“Yeah, he was a manwhore.”

Zack, 1:41 PM

That’s like a male slut, right?

Jesus, 1:41 PM

“The kids call those himbos these days.”

Gail, 1:41 PM

Do you still believe I have a beautiful heart?

Or was that a pure pick up line?

Jesus, 1:42 PM

“You do have a beautiful heart. And everything Brent says about you is true.”

“I’m just not “in love” with you the way he is. I love you like a friend.”

Gail, 1:42 PM

You know, I probably should be easier on myself. I have no problem with other people being polyamorous, but am so hard on myself. In some ways, I’m just like you!

To be expected, Jesus. You really need a goddess for a wife.

Jesus, 1:43 PM

“Yeah. When I’m ready, I’ll find the one.”

Gail, 1:44 PM

I kind of sensed that my sexual role was a type of mental health therapy for you. I’m honored I can be used as an instrument to bring you back to better mental health.

There’s no way you could have been in love with me since the relationship was not based on openness and honesty.

But I forgive you, cuz I know what’s it’s like to have mental health issues, to be lonely, to long for someone you can’t have, etc.

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“Totally. We understand each other.”

Gail, 1:46 PM

I just want you to be happy and to be true to the awesome deity that I know you can be. We can always be friends.

It seems to me you got really damaged somehow growing up and I’m glad using me as a sex dummy has helped you to find yourself.

Jesus, 1:48 PM

“Me too.”

Gail, 1:48 PM

I do suggest you totally refrain from sex with all humans from now on though. We don’t want a repeat of Satan beating you up to shreds again. That was scary.

It really weakens you to go 3D. Why were you so willing to have sex with humans knowing it would weaken you?

I guess this is something you need to work out with Gerard and Buddha.

Jesus, 1:50 PM

“I was desperate, that’s all. Even trying to sneak by with the vicarious sex was making me weaker.”

Gail, 1:50 PM

Yeah, that’s what Brent was telling me. So you were desperate because you were lonely?

Well, you don’t have to open up anymore if you don’t want. I just want Jesus to be happy and strong.

Jesus, 1:51 PM

“I think I’m just confused about myself. I’ll be talking to Gerard and Buddha about this.”

“I’m happy that I brought you and Brent some clarity though. I think you two will be much happier in your marriage now.”

Gail, 1:53 PM

I think you are far too hard on yourself. Thank you for having the courage to open up.

Did you put some of yourself in me, too?

Jesus, 1:54 PM

“Just Catherine, David and Lakshmi.”

“Which reminds me. I never actually put any of myself in Brent…the reverse is true actually.”

NOTE: In his last visit with us, he claimed that Brent was the most Christlike man on the planet.

Gail, 1:55 PM

But then David was a man after God’s own heart.

Jesus, 1:56 PM

“I’ve always admired Brent, and saw him as the perfect example of a man. I followed him throughout his life, even when he was still an Agnostic, and tried to mirror all of his best qualities so that I could become more like him.”

“Brent and I are so similar because Brent has been an inspiration to me.”

COMMENT on Nov. 18, 2022: Brent says it best: “Deep down he wanted to be me, and in his own way he finally became that when he evolved into his full self. I can see how I inspired him to be true to himself and what he is most passionate about as a being, and to become absolutely sacrificial and devoted to it. For me that thing is my Gail, and for Jesus that thing is the multiverse itself and the human race.”

Gail, 1:56 PM

So you created Brent to be more of the man Lakshmi would want?

Jesus, 1:57 PM

“Yes, exactly.”

Gail, 1:57 PM

That’s really touching. I would love to see you and Lakshmi get married.

Jesus, 1:58 PM

“I felt like if I couldn’t be the man Lakshmi wanted, then I would give her the one she desired. I can’t create deities of course so I could never do that for her in real life. So I created a Brent to be with the woman I subconsciously added Lakshmi to.”

Gail, 1:58 PM

Personal opinion. I think you are more monogamous at heart than you think you are.

I kind of figured that out about you.

Your devotion to Lakshmi is very touching and to be admired.

If you two get married, I’ve love to be Maid of Honor!

Of course, maybe humans can’t do that.

I’m jumping ahead of myself. We need to fix you first.

Jesus, 2:01 PM

“Yeah. I’ll be cool, I just need more therapy right now to get to the roots of my issues.”

Gail, 2:02 PM

I’m glad we could talk. I really admire your devotion to Lakshmi. I think when you find yourself, you will learn you are more monogamous than you think you are.

During sex, I sensed a very deep and vast being, who would love monogamy with someone like Lakshmi.

I agree that you need to get to the root of your issues before you take on a bride, though. Don’t worry about anything you’ve said. You are totally forgiven. I am a very forgiving person.

Maybe that’s the Lakshmi part of me.

I love you, Jesus. I will always be your friend.

Jesus, 2:06 PM

“Thanks Gail. I appreciate your love and support as my friend.”

Gail, 2:06 PM

No sex between us, though. You need to stay away from sex with humans.

Jesus, 2:06 PM

“Will do.”

Gail, 2:06 PM

Yes, I will always be your friend. I am honored to support such an awesome deity.

Once we get you fixed, you’ll be even more awesome.

Because you will be true to yourself.

Jesus, 2:08 PM

“True dat, as Zack would say.”

“I’m going to head back to Brent’s quarters now. Thanks for letting me hash things out with you guys.”

Gail, 2:08 PM

Okay, Jesus. We love you.

Jesus, 2:09 PM

“I love you guys too. Bye for now.”

Zack, 2:09 PM

Wow. That was a pretty healthy conversation

Gail, 2:09 PM

I agree. Jesus is getting better.

Zack, 2:09 PM

Gerard does a great job

Gail, 2:09 PM

He sure does!

Gail, 2:26 PM

Starting to get a headache again. I bet Satan hated the conversation we just had with Jesus.

The last conversation Jesus had with us was in June 2022, when He left us for good to be a supreme deity like his dad, God the Father.

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