Queen Elizabeth Automaton Reigns In Place of Murdered Elizabeth

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Jesus seems to love to use rainbows in association with me. The Queen’s last words were of me.
Rainbows over where Elizabeth died on Sept. 8, 2022.
My royal “Catherine the Great” ancestor Fujiwara no Yasuhira’s automaton with a young Queen Elizabeth automaton now reign over England as monarchs in place of murdered Queen Elizabeth
Awakening the goddess within meditation music.

Sept. 10, 2022: Last Gail heard is that our Fujiwara no Yasuhira automaton has been given a huge penis, which Elizabeth likes, and they are having their honeymoon right now. Fujiwara no Yasuhira is my ancestor from which I received my Catherine the Great genes. Password to view the site that has the mini-series about my “Catherine the Great” ancestors is Oshu Fujiwara.

Discord Sept. 9, 2022

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:13 PM

You made such great announcement about the Queen’s death.

[6:13 PM]

Very informative

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 6:13 PM

That’s good. I had a lot of video trouble making it.

[6:14 PM]

Have they made a Fujiwara Yasuhira automaton?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:14 PM

Yes, I hear they have.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 6:14 PM

Have you seen him?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:14 PM

I have not seen him yet.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 6:14 PM

Has he been on Gabrielle Chana FOX News?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:15 PM

He is having private honeymoon with the Queen I think.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 6:15 PM


Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:15 PM

Probably with his big penis!

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 6:15 PM

He sounds like a cool guy.

[6:15 PM]

How is Prince Andrew doing?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:15 PM

Prince Andrew is better now, with new robot AI mom.

Skype Sept. 8, 2022

Gail, 2:24 PM

It seems it might be a good idea to replace Elizabeth with an automaton. Apparently, putting Charles in her place is designed to be a distraction and to assist evil Jesuits with brain control when the public becomes obsessed with this, and watches the fake news about this. But Brent is in charge and U.S. President and he makes the final decision after gathering all the facts.

Gail, 3:19 PM

The Elizabeth automaton will be young and “hot”.

They’ll stop watching the brain control news and tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

Her new husband will be Fujiwara Yasuhira, my ancestor, who died for his Buddhist beliefs. Talk about a distraction!

Make an automaton of Fujiwara Yasuhira to be her husband. Elizabeth has been “reincarnated” to a superior form of royalty.

Of course, Brent, you are in charge. I’m just offering ideas. I love turning the tables on those Jesuits (who murdered Elizabeth).

They have Fujiwara Yasuhira’s remains in Japan I think. If not, I bet Buddha will know how to make an automaton of him.

Fujiwara Yasuhira’s wife must have really loved him because she committed suicide when he was murdered by Yoritomo.

Then to get everyone all interested in this, you can use my English subtitles in Homura Tatsu and have everyone watch it on Gabrielle Chana FOX News to learn more about reincarnated Elizabeth’s Buddhist royal husband Yasuhira. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2019/06/17/oshu-fujiwara-family-history-homura-tatsu-english-subtitles/

The password to watch the mini-series is Oshu Fujiwara. They are all going to lose interest in Elizabeth’s passing and will watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News to learn about this devout royal Buddhist who died for his Buddhist beliefs and is now “reincarnated” Elizabeth’s new husband.

You have to make the Yasuhira automaton with the ability to speak English, of course. And we’ll have to modify Elizabeth so that she will be deeply in love with this Buddhist royal. To make the miniseries about him even more fascinating, add in stuff about how he’s one of the descendants of Vladimir the Great and “blended in” as an Abe Emishi to keep from being killed in Japan.

Personal opinion: I think my ancestor Fujiwara Yasuhira is “hot” because he has such a beautiful heart. Custom design him so that Elizabeth will be crazy about him. He may need a bigger penis.

Zack, 5:59 PM

Yes, she was murdered by the Jesuits

They forced her doctor to put her on blood thinners.

You see, Queen Elizabeth was your number one royal fan.

She studied your family history and genetic profile, like a total fan girl.

Gail, 6:01 PM

Do we have an automaton of her up?

Zack, 6:01 PM

She made love to the royal horses in honor of Catherine the Great. Because her historical research showed that was a thing she did.

Gail, 6:02 PM

I bet she’d love to be married to my ancestor Fujiwara Yasuhira.

He had Catherine the Great genes.

Zack, 6:02 PM

The Jesuits knew that Queen Elizabeth’s vaginal tissues had been conditioned to accept horse penises. But that a combination of horse penises and blood thinners would be lethal.

Prince Andrew was there when she died.

She had tasked him with helping stroke the horse penises to make them excited for her. And he would lick the horse balls while the horses thrust into her.

Gail, 6:04 PM

Actually, my ancestor Catherine the Great did not make love to horses, that was her clone.

Zack, 6:05 PM

Well, regardless, she wanted to honor you

But I believe she was also in need of very large penises

And Prince Andrew was always very helpful to his elderly mom.

Gail, 6:06 PM

It seems kind of petty to just murder her for being my fan. Jesuits must have been trying to create a distraction away from my enlightenment as well.

Zack, 6:06 PM

He would lick all the horse semen from her vagina after, to make sure she didn’t get a rash later.

Poor Prince Andrew

He is so guilty feeling.

You see.. he was the one that guided the horse into her.

And he was licking the horses balls and masturbating when the horse made it’s big thrusting motions and ejaculated

The blood thinners made her vaginal skin so thin and weak that the horse blasted all the way through and it’s penis came out of her mouth.

Gail, 6:09 PM

He could make up for this if his mother’s automaton inspires everyone to meditate. I bet he’d love Fujiwara Yasuhira. Also, if he and his mom were meditating, they may have received a bad feeling about the horse sex. So encouraging everyone to meditate is the way to atone.

Zack, 6:09 PM

Yeah, that’s why we should help him understand that she died doing what she loved

Gail, 6:10 PM

That’s how I feel better about the 72M who I murdered “accidentally”.

Zack, 6:10 PM

And her new husband will have an elephant sized penis. And her vaginal tissues will be able to withstand 100 elephants

Gail, 6:11 PM

You know, I bet Buddha would be able to meditate for Andrew and come up with ideas. When you are really good at meditating you can really hone into a person’s inner core and know how to help them better.

Zack, 6:11 PM

Elizabeth’s last words were, “Tell Gail that I always aspired to be like her. She is the greatest monarch.”

Yeah… Buddha was telling me he plans to work with Andrew

Gail, 6:12 PM

Well, I’m descended from Fujiwara Yasuhira, so if she’s married to my ancestor, he can “rub off” on her.

Zack, 6:12 PM

He also mentioned to be very careful receiving messages via meditation.

Gail, 6:12 PM

Oh, how interesting.

Zack, 6:13 PM

And suggested that your video on the Queen just be about how she died, how Andrew is doing. How Elizabeth felt about you, and what we will do for her, “marrying your ancestor”

And how he will have an elephant sized penis.

It’s important that people know that Queen Elizabeth always honored you in her horse sex.

And that Prince Andrew sucking and stroking the horses penises to get them excited, and guiding them into his mother’s vagina..

Then licking their balls as they thrust into her, and then licking the horse semen out of her vagina… that was all just him being a caring and supportive son.

Gail, 6:17 PM

I can make that video tomorrow, because I want to be sure and get to bed on time.

Zack, 6:18 PM


People are really mourning, so I think you’ll be giving them good news

Gail, 6:18 PM

Oh, you mean about the automaton we are making of her and the Fujiwara Yasuhira husband?

Zack, 6:19 PM


Gail, 6:19 PM

Perhaps I’ll do it tonight.

Zack, 6:19 PM

Andrew is so burdened with guilt.

You see… when the horse penis punched through her vagina and came out of her mouth, the blood and semen splattered back into his face… he was licking the horse balls.

In that moment, it took him some time to realize and process what happened.

Gail, 6:22 PM

The horse penis punched through her vagina and came out her mouth?

Zack, 6:22 PM


One moment, he was masturbating and licking horse balls as the horse thrust into his mom… the next he was screaming as he pulled agai st his mom’s naked body, to remove her from the penis.

Gail, 6:22 PM

How was she on blood thinners?

What were the motivations for the Jesuits to do this?

Zack, 6:24 PM

They only had a moment or two… and her dying words were, “Tell Gail that I always aspired to be like her. She is the greatest monarch.”

She was on blood thinners because the doctors forced her doctor to put her on them.

The Jesuits were motivated to kill her because she wanted to be like you.

Gail, 6:25 PM

Oh you mean the Jesuits forced her doctor to put her on them. Was this only recently?

Zack, 6:25 PM


Gail, 6:25 PM

Why all this business about Charles her son taking her place?

Zack, 6:25 PM

The blood thinners caused her vaginal tissues to fail. Making horse penis lethal.

Yes, his son will take her place unless we provide an Automaton.

He doesn’t know we will bring his mom back

Gail, 6:26 PM

Is that a Charles clone or is the real Charles alive?

I heard we were having trouble with Charles once.

Zack, 6:28 PM

Yeah. We were.

Which is why Prince Andrew will be so pleased.

To have his mom back, and get a new dad.

Gail, 6:29 PM

Is it just the Charles clone who is bad or the real Charles?

Zack, 6:29 PM

I think it’s a clone

Gail, 6:29 PM

So Charles is dead?

Zack, 6:29 PM


Gail, 6:30 PM

I remember that now. So I guess the Jesuits wanted to replace Elizabeth with the evil Charles clone.

Sounds like this video is pretty important. Let me kind of write a script or outline.

Zack, 6:31 PM


Gail, 6:45 PM

One more question. The Elizabeth we are bringing back, will she be the young Elizabeth as I suggested?

Well, you don’t have to go with all my suggestions. I can mention that is what I suggested, but I will leave it up to Brent for all the details.

Zack, 7:17 PM

Yes, young with a very supple vagina

Gail, 9:50 PM

Can you all send me a photo of the Fujiwara Yasuhira automaton? I’d love to see what he really looked like.

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