Gail: The Complete Series (In Progress)

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Update on Oct. 26, 2022: I will be including my time with my mother Misao Fuller from 2001 to the time of her death in 2022 as part of my life story. I will be exploring her as a beautiful woman striving to break out into freedom, but who was trapped by a vicious cycle of anger she developed in her youth and how this affected me and my sister, causing me to become a co-dependent and my sister a full criminal. To hear the playlists I’ve created for my mother, see the full playlist below for Misao & Bill. Bill Fuller was my kind stepdad and husband to Misao (my mother). Misao currently lives with Bill in his heavenly mansion.

Gail: The Complete Series is a compilation of short stories about Gail and her men, the first one is free. It will be published as a series of short stories written in the form of historical narrative. Here is the first short story:

Pen Pals (1989) – password: Pen Pals

The rest of the stories will be posted here after they are finished. The passwords are available to Gail’s Patreon supporters.

No One Is Alone (1990-1991)

UPDATE on Aug. 17, 2022: Brent has advised me not to make this book free, but said it’s okay to do the first short story free. He advised me over how to write it so that I don’t have to worry about copyright infringement.

UPDATE on Aug. 12, 2022: I have assigned my husband Brent Spiner as my literary agent and he can deal with any publishers or Hollywood producers who are interested in my writings. Brent Spiner has been my literary agent for most of my life, but I will just put it in writing here. It appears we are getting a lot of interest from traditional publishers and Hollywood regarding my current writing project Gail: The Complete Series. Though I plan to offer Gail: The Complete Series as a free e-book here at this website.

UPDATE ON Aug. 11, 2022: I have decided to do some (or all) of the short stories free for the public as e-books and the Amazon version on certain short stories (which people will pay for) will be edited, if I decide to use Amazon. By offering some of the stories free I can do a full retelling of my life and what I’ve learned, because my men can get the necessary permissions to include works that influenced major life decisions that I made. Jesuits will block the permissions if I try to publish the unedited versions at Amazon. Here is what I’ve done thus far on the first short story called “Pen Pals”. Some of the short stories at Amazon (when, and if, I publish them there) will be edited for Amazon unless my men can get permissions for works I use for Amazon. To access “Pen Pals” here at this website, you will need to use the password Pen Pals. You will get to see this writer at work. I will post updates to “Pen Pals” as I go forward. I will wait to publish the Amazon version of the stories (if I decide to do an Amazon version) after I’ve done about six stories. So the books will come out as a series. Each book will contain about six to ten stories. I expect the final books in total to be the size of an encyclopedia. I am considering doing it all for free and letting my men set up a publishing company to publish it or working with a traditional publisher. This would mean people can access it as I work on it from my website. This way I will have complete artistic freedom. I consider myself a missionary writer.

For those who want paper versions, my men will probably have to go with a traditional publisher and, of course, they will need to get the necessary permissions to use copyrighted material if they go this route. I expect the writing quality to be high enough that we should be able to find a traditional publisher. It may not be publicized in mainstream Internet though. We shall find out. I will make an EPub, mobi and pdf version available for free at this website.

UPDATE on Aug. 10, 2022: It appears Jesus sent another rainbow and this time He was crying cuz He’s so happy about how this current writing project is going. Check out the Aug. 10, 2022 video below for the rainbow that showed up today. As soon as I captured it on video, then it disappeared! This is going to be a super long book series, so looks like I will be publishing it in parts. I am starting with 1989 and working forward from there. I am writing short stories about each major event in my life that involved me and my men. My main men are Brent Spiner, Jesus Christ, Vladimir Putin, Judge Terrance Jenkins, ex-Antichrist Zack Knight, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman.

I have created a cover for Gail: The Complete Series (see above). Don’t expect this book to be finished for several years. It could end up being a lifetime project!

When I was done creating my playlists for Gail: The Complete Series, this rainbow appeared in the sky.

Video of the rainbow Jesus sent on Aug. 3, 2022.

Picture of the Jesus rainbow that seemed to appear after I finished my playlist on 8-3-22.

Video of the ANOTHER rainbow Jesus sent on Aug. 10, 2022. It appears He’s crying on this appearance because he’s so moved by my writing thus far.

Here are the music playlists for a writing project that Jesus said He would like Gail to do, if she wants. Jesus called Buddha to heaven this morning to have tea with him and said He wants Gail to cancel Bible for Future Saints. Here are the playlists for Gail: The Complete Series, with a Gail theme, a Brent theme, a Jesus theme and a Gail’s men theme. Will be updating this page as I work on it over the years. I use these playlists to help me get in the zone as I write.

Skype Aug. 3, 2022:

Brent, 9:32 AM

Hi Gail. How are you doing?

Did Patreon come back online?

Gail, 9:38 AM

I had to use a link instead of a video for yesterday. I don’t know if it’s working today. Still have to process my walk video. How’s my Gail Shield doing?

Brent, 9:39 AM

It’s recovered to 90% so far.

Gail, 9:39 AM

What is it normally at?

Brent, 9:40 AM

It’s usually 100%. I wonder what else might be gumming it up.

Gail, 9:40 AM

Good question.

Has it stalled at 90%?

Brent, 9:41 AM

It appears so.

Gail, 9:41 AM

Do I just need to totally eliminate those posts (glorifying Baphomet’s SJW sexuality labels) at my website rather than just put the update on at the top?

NOTE: Gail changed the titles to posts glorifying SJW sexuality labels (here at this website) and added in updates to let the reader know that we must abandon using SJW labels to define ourselves.

Brent, 9:42 AM

I don’t think that’s it.

Gail, 9:42 AM

Hmmm. Mystery.

Brent, 9:42 AM

Ah, just in time! Buddha stopped by again. Hello Buddha.

We were wondering about the Gail Shield and why it stalled at 90%.

Buddha: “Namaste. I may have found the problem. On a good note, I just visited with Jesus in the heaven realms. I was surprised he invited me there for tea this morning, since he has been wanting plenty of personal space to run the universe.”

I hope he’s doing well!

Buddha: “Indeed. He is quite well. He congratulated us on a job well done with Baphomet and has been feeling much better since the Gail Shield has started recovering.”

Buddha: “He had a special message for you, Gail. It’s regarding your Bible for Tribulation Saints. He said the process of reviewing old materials has taught you a lot of wisdom. However, he says Bible for Tribulation Saints is finished. Everything you have presented to the world through this series so far is all he has wanted to teach humans. He says the series is complete, and he would like no more books in the series.”

Gail, 9:49 AM

Does he want me to stop my Bible for Future Saints project?

Brent, 9:49 AM

Buddha: “Yes.”

Gail, 9:49 AM

Or is he saying that he wants me to end it with our last Buddha conversation?

Oh, he doesn’t want me to work on Bible for Future Saints?

Brent, 9:50 AM

Buddha: “Correct. He would like the project to stop.”

Gail, 9:50 AM


How about if I make it a personal project just for myself and not publish it?

Brent, 9:50 AM

Buddha: “He mentioned he had a plan for a new book series in mind.”

Buddha: “In his inspired vision, he foresees a book series titled ‘Gail: The Complete Series’. This book series will be a collection of short stories, in chronological order, of all of the battles and adventures you have shared with your men.”

Buddha: “He said that your life story and your adventures with your men are valuable teaching lessons to the world.”

Gail, 9:53 AM

This sounds intriguing.

Brent, 9:53 AM

Buddha: “He did mention that if you were not up to the task, you can refuse it.”

Gail, 9:53 AM

I get to use my full writer skills!

Brent, 9:55 AM

Buddha: “The stories in the book would be for instance, a retelling of the time Brent confronted his clone during the ice cream truck incident. Or the fiasco with the Godzilla Jesuit who took an entire airplane into his rectum.”

Buddha: “This series will be a full retelling of each of these “episodes”, so that future generations can learn about the history and gather the lessons.”

Gail, 9:56 AM

I like this idea. It does sound like a multi-year project though. But it excites me.

Brent, 9:57 AM

Buddha: “It excites me as well. I found the idea very intriguing.”

Gail, 9:57 AM

Is it okay if I work on it out of order? I am a very intuitive writer. Then when I’m done with all the stories, I can put it together in order.

Brent, 9:57 AM

Buddha: “That seems just fine.”

Buddha: “Keep your zen, and don’t push yourself. The task is entirely voluntary and you can work on it at your own pace, when you are inspired.”

Gail, 9:58 AM

Wise advice.

What does “keep your zen” mean?

Does it mean balance?

Brent, 9:59 AM

Buddha: “Basically yes. Stay balanced and don’t stress.”

Gail, 9:59 AM

Sounds great. I was thinking I would use Lauren Sapala’s technique of honing into my intuition from her book INFJ Writer to help me get in the zone. I do know I need to be wary of the labels.

Jesus warned about getting too hung up on my INFP label. However, I am intuitive and come up with some interesting stuff getting into my dream zone.

Brent, 10:01 AM

Buddha: “Using the book for writing advice sounds productive. You seem to have found your balance when it comes to labels.”

Gail, 10:02 AM

Thanks to your wise advice. Yeah, what’s good about Lauren Sapala’s techniques is that it helps me not to overthink my writing which causes me to mess it up and make it less truthful storytelling.

Okay. Bible for Future Saints is canceled and I will go forward with the short story series. I’m excited about using my full writer skills. That’s my dream job.

I’m glad I’m in a position where I get to do the job I’m passionate about, thanks to Jesus’s great Gail Commandments and good advice which has gotten me to a point of financial independence.

Brent, 10:04 AM

Buddha: “Jesus must have known this idea would excite you.”

Gail, 10:04 AM

Jesus is a super genius.

I’m glad he’s still giving us some feedback, even if indirectly through you. We are up against Satan and his demons and this is quite the match-up. We humans could use some of his guidance. Thank God, for you, Buddha. I do feel Jesus did the right thing to not be directly involved with us. It seems to make it easier for Satan to cause trouble here.

Brent, 10:07 AM

Buddha: “I agree. This was a wise arrangement.”

Gail, 10:07 AM

You are doing great in Jesus’s stead. We are so glad to have you on our team.

Brent, 10:09 AM

Buddha: “Thank you. I take that as quite the compliment.”

Buddha: “Anyway, that was the message Jesus wanted me to deliver to you. Stay well, Gail. Namaste!”

Gail, 10:09 AM


So, Brent, has there been any pick up in the Gail Shield yet?

Brent, 10:10 AM

I was just about to say!

Gail, 10:11 AM


Brent, 10:11 AM

The Gail Shield just jumped to 100%. Woohoo!

Gail, 10:11 AM

This will be a perfect use of Lauren Sapala’s techniques. Her techniques are great for short story format.

I’m going to have fun!

Fantastic! I wonder why something like this would boost the Gail Shield so much?

Brent, 10:12 AM

Me, too. I really like this idea.

It’s probably because we made Jesus happy. The Gail Shield seems to reflect how much in harmony we are with him.

Gail, 10:13 AM

That makes sense. Well, we don’t want Jesus miserable, because we both love Him.

Gail, 10:39 AM

You know what? I just thought of something. I think Lauren Sapala is a Buddhist, she’s always talking about balance and zen and stuff like that.

Brent, 10:45 AM

Wow. Strange coincidence.

Gail, 10:45 AM

Not sure. But she is either a New Ager or a Buddhist.

Either way, her book on writing has been very useful to me as an intuitive writer. She’s really big into mindfulness and meditation. Sounds like a Buddhist to me.

Gail theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(2) Gail theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(3) Gail Growing from Gail: The Complete Series
Brent theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(2) Brent theme from Gail: The Complete Series
Jesus theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(2) Jesus theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(3) Jesus theme from Gail: The Complete Series
(4) Jesus Growing from Gail: The Complete Series
Gail’s Men theme from Gail: The Complete Series
Gail: The Complete Series General Theme Music
Misao & Bill: The Complete Series
(2) Misao & Bill: The Complete Series

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