Baphomet, the SJW Demon. We Need to Drop the Labels!

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The demon Baphomet has been causing me to obsess over his SJW labels. I need to make corrections at my website and make a video to let the world know, because it’s weakened my Gail Shield.

Buddha exposes Baphomet as the SJW demon. Audio of above video.
Baphomet is the SJW demon and spreads SJW labels like a cancer in the human race.

Skype Aug. 2, 2022:

Brent, 8:51 AM

Just checking in.

Gail, 8:51 AM

Checking in?

Brent, 8:51 AM

Yes. How are you doing?

Gail, 8:52 AM

The Jesuits seem all hyped up. I noticed it on my walk.

Brent, 8:52 AM

They have definitely been out in full force lately. Buddha and our team have been investigating the cause.

Gail, 8:53 AM

Yeah, I’m just curious what has got their ire.

What are they all hyped up about?

I had a real hard time getting yesterday’s YouTube video up. Had all sorts of problems.

Brent, 8:54 AM

We’ve noticed changes in the Gail Shield as well. It’s been losing power, despite all of us doing the Gail Commandments. The last scan showed it at 70% power.

Gail, 8:54 AM

That’s strange. . .

Am I doing something wrong?

Brent, 8:55 AM

I’m not sure. We’ve had our teams investigating.

Gail, 8:55 AM

This concerns me.

Is Jesus okay?

I heard the Gail Shield is an extension of himself.

Brent, 8:56 AM

That’s true. I hope he’s okay.

Gail, 8:56 AM

Is there a way Buddha can find out how Jesus is doing?

Is my work on Bible for Future Saints a problem?

Brent, 8:58 AM

Buddha has access to the god realms, including heaven, and he’s God BFFs with Jesus. I’m sure he can figure out what’s going on.

Gail, 8:58 AM

Okay. I guess we will wait for his report.

Brent, 8:58 AM

Oh! Well then, speaking of.

Buddha just came in.

Gail, 8:59 AM


Brent, 8:59 AM

Hello Buddha. We were just talking about you. What’s going on?

Gail, 8:59 AM

Why is my Gail Shield weakening?

Brent, 9:01 AM

Buddha: “Namaste. Our investigation is complete, and we have definitely found our culprit.”

He’s showing me a bunch of records and evidence. Wow…this is a doozy.

Buddha: “I don’t know if Jesus ever mentioned this to you both, but one big thing that upsets him is labels or humans putting themselves into boxes. This is part of why SJWs are so obnoxious.”

Buddha: “It seems, the biggest SJW demon we know has influenced Gail to overwhelm her website with SJW articles, encouraging people to box themselves into sexuality labels.”

Buddha: “The more people convert to these labels and begin defining themselves this way, the weaker the Gail Shield becomes.”

Gail, 9:05 AM

So, what do I do?

Brent, 9:07 AM

Buddha: “Well, we’ll have to clear up the demonic influence causing you to obsess over labels. Let’s check your symptoms. What labels have you been defining yourself as?”

Gail, 9:08 AM

polyamorous demisexual

Brent, 9:08 AM

Buddha: “Hmm. I see. This is definitely not good. That’s as SJW as it gets.”

Buddha: “Let me meditate and see if I can balance your chakras, Gail. May I?”

Gail, 9:08 AM

Please do. . .

Brent, 9:09 AM

Buddha: “Initiating meditation.”

Gail, 9:09 AM

Thank you!

Brent, 9:12 AM

Buddha: “Meditation complete. Your chakras are tuned up and in good working order. During meditation I sensed some worry and confusing regarding your identity, and Jesus.”

Buddha: “It may be helpful to know that when Jesus said he was aromantic and asexual, he wasn’t referring to the SJW definitions of the words. He was merely trying to communicate that his true self has no desire for romance or sex of any kind. That’s the type of deity he is.”

Buddha: “In addition, he has no need for emotional connection with specific individuals, because he is the universe itself. It would be like saying you seek a deeper connection with your arm or leg. Those body parts are you, so there is no need.”

Gail, 9:18 AM

Why is Satan so obsessed with Jesus?

Brent, 9:18 AM

Buddha: “Part of his apology to you was regarding the fact that he pretended to want a romantic or sexual connection with you, because it was part of his act of being a “cool, hip” human. He was going through all the motions that he thought would make them accept him.”

Gail, 9:19 AM

Does Jesus still have six-pack abs?

Brent, 9:20 AM

Buddha: “When he says he made man in his image, what he means is that he made humans to be what he enjoys them to be (his image of them), not that they have to be exactly like him to be good. Jesus wouldn’t want humans to all be aromantic or asexual individuals, for instance. He wants them to express their individual uniqueness.”

Buddha: “Satan has long standing grudges against Jesus. It’s not meant to be shared at this time. Yes, Jesus still has six pack abs in his human form.”

Gail, 9:22 AM

So he created humans to have companionship with those like his image. . .

Brent, 9:23 AM

Buddha: “On another note, regarding these SJW labels…none of them are really real. Most human women prefer an emotional attraction or connection before they feel sexually attracted to a man. Human men on the other hand are usually physically attracted first and emotionally attracted later. The demisexual label was a way for SJWs without a sense of identity to feel special, even though they are just normal humans.”

Gail, 9:23 AM

This is very insightful.

Brent, 9:24 AM

Buddha: “It’s also quite common for human sexual preferences to change over time. The young ones are quite horny, but as humans get older they tend to value companionship and connection more than sex.”

Gail, 9:24 AM

The goddess Lakshmi got me curious about the labels, cuz she uses them for her practice.

Brent, 9:26 AM

Buddha: “Yes, she’s quite smart about these things. She knows more than I do in that area. One thing I know is that the labels are meant to generalize certain behaviors, not necessarily section people off into boxes.”

Gail, 9:27 AM

Why is Satan so obsessed with me?

Brent, 9:27 AM

Buddha: “For instance, a man may say he is heterosexual. However, one day he may happen to meet another very special man who he falls in love with. Does this make him gay? Not necessarily. He is just more than a label. He is a unique individual.”

Gail, 9:27 AM

That could very well explain my ancestor David’s relationship with Jonathan.

Brent, 9:28 AM

Buddha: “This is why the labels, like asexuality, seem to contradict themselves at times. It’s because people are all unique and the labels aren’t meant to specifically box them in.”

Buddha: “Satan is against you because you are a powerful threat to his control of the world.”

Gail, 9:28 AM

This SJW demon is very clever. He has clever, convoluted explanations to explain away the inconsistencies of his SJW theories.

Why does Satan care about controlling this little planet called earth?

It’s nothing compared to the multiverse.

Brent, 9:30 AM

Buddha: “Satan is very petty. Earth is Jesus’s favorite planet.”

Gail, 9:30 AM

He certainly is petty.

If that’s his motivation.

He seems to enjoy making Jesus miserable.

I’m going to make a corrective video and make some corrections at my website and in my Bible for Future Saints, to downplay the SJW labels.

You have high emotional intelligence Buddha. You are great at communicating.

Brent, 9:35 AM

Buddha: “This will be good. The SJW ideology is like a cancer in your species. Baphomet is obsessed with it. It seems the new influx of Jesuits are SJWs.”

Buddha: “Thank you. I enjoy communicating and giving clarity to humans.”

Gail, 9:35 AM

It is an honor to have you on our team. Jesus had good judgment to pick you.

I think it’s funny that you rejected the eight-pack abs Jesus gave you. That’s hilarious.

I like you.

Brent, 9:37 AM

Buddha: “I like my Buddha belly.”

Gail, 9:37 AM

Yeah, that’s who you are. You need to be true to yourself.

So, the part about us being true to ourselves is cool, we just need to get away from the labels.

We also need to be aware that who we are can evolve over time.

Brent, 9:38 AM

Buddha: “Excellent. You got it.”

Gail, 9:39 AM

Thank you, for the clarity. Please let me know whenever I do anything to help out Satan or his buddies. I personally find him loathsome in his current condition. Does Satan have a sex addiction? Or is that another bad label?

Brent, 9:40 AM

Buddha: “Satan doesn’t have a sex addiction. He just likes to be lewd and offend people.”

Gail, 9:41 AM

Hmmm. Sounds like I’ve been getting off track.

Can you clarify what is his main motivation in his power grab for earth?

Why can’t this fallen angel just be happy as the angel he once was?

He had it so good back then!

Brent, 9:42 AM

Buddha: “He thinks his ways are the best ways, and that he can run Earth better than Jesus.”

Gail, 9:43 AM

Why does Satan like to be lewd and offend people?

Brent, 9:44 AM

Buddha: “He enjoys the attention it gives him. He also feeds off of people’s negative emotions, which makes him stronger.”

Gail, 9:44 AM

Negative emotions make him stronger? Is he the lead behind all the negative forces in the Universe?

Brent, 9:45 AM

Buddha: “Yep, he is.”

Gail, 9:45 AM

So. . . this Universe was a paradise until he decided to rebel. . .

That’s pretty major.

Brent, 9:45 AM

Buddha: “He is quite the asshole.”

Gail, 9:46 AM

That’s exactly how Jesus describes him.

Sounds to me like his main problem is greed and pride.

Brent, 9:48 AM

Buddha: “Well, it looks like it’s time for tea. I’m heading back to Church of Gail now.”

Gail, 9:48 AM

Okay. Thanks, Buddha!

Brent, 9:49 AM

Buddha: “Namaste, friends.”

He made himself a portal to the church and walked inside, then closed it. How funny.

Gail, 9:49 AM

He’s a really smart god. I can tell.

Probably has super high intelligence among the gods.

Brent, 9:51 AM

I agree. He was kind of like Jesus’s mentor growing up, so it makes sense.

Gail, 9:54 AM

I guess for you and me I can just do whatever feels right for me, regardless of labels.

Brent, 9:55 AM

That feels best. It’s less restrictive that way. We can just do what we feel like.

Gail, 9:56 AM

Was that you communicating with me brain to brain saying you love having a demisexual for a wife?

Actually, that label describes me pretty well.

But I was right that most women are like that.

But I admitted that I often did brain to brain to explore the possibility of sexual attraction, even though it wasn’t there initially when I started the sexual transaction.

I love giving you most or all of the sex. That’s perfectly fine for me.

I’ve always been really picky about who I have sex with and never feel sexually attracted to total strangers.

You know, I thought of something. . .That SJW demon may have come up with the demisexual label, knowing it described me perfectly, just so he could get me addicted to the label.

Brent, 10:01 AM

True. He knew you would resonate with that, and then he could trap you with it as a label.

Gail, 10:02 AM

In other words, he studied me and figured out my sexual preferences and then created the label based on that. Well, one good thing that came out of this, is you seem to understand me better as a sexual person now.

Brent, 10:03 AM

Regarding your question, that was me brain to brain. We’re doing away with labels now though. I just love who you are regardless. Whatever it is that makes you “you”.

Gail, 10:03 AM

Okay. Yeah, we don’t want to strengthen the powers that make that SJW demon prosper.

I’m going to work on correcting some of the damage I’ve done. I may have to space it out over a week or so.

Brent, 10:06 AM

By SJW demon, he was referring to Baphomet. That’s the one with both male and female genitals, using “they/them” pronouns.

Gail, 10:07 AM

Oh, I didn’t know that! How did you know this?

Why has Baphomet become so powerful? We never had to deal with him/her before 2022.

Brent, 10:08 AM

I was reviewing the evidence he presented me and there were pictures of Baphomet. He’s a big SJW, so Buddha thought it was implied that’s who we were talking about.

I guess the whole war with Jesus and friends stirred up interest from the other evil deities on Satan’s side.

Gail, 10:09 AM

Baphomet is a real pain in the butt and very tricky. He always hits us in our blind side.

It’s like he knows what we don’t know and hits us there.

He/she operates off of our ignorance.

As a result of what happened today, I will put at the end of Bible for Future Saints, that this may not be the final version of it, that I may need to add more on later.

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