Correct Meditation (According to Buddha)

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UPDATE Sept. 17, 2022: I have removed the free links to War on the Saints, because Buddha says that demon possession does not exist. READ BELOW.

Skype Sept. 17, 2022

Gail, 2:09 PM

It appears Baphomet was in my apartment last night. I think I see some damage underneath my left side sliding closet door where my clothes are. Also my camcorder appears damaged. The sound recording sounds muffled. I bet you could transport that camcorder to Church of Gail and do some sort of switch out and fix it.

I checked it out and tried recording with it and it sounds like it’s recording differently. I checked yesterday’s recording and that sounded fine. So whatever damage happened to the camcorder probably happened within the past 24 hours.

I will put the camcorder on that table and maybe you all could transport it to Church of Gail. I hope this won’t be a repeat of the bed bugs though.

I’ll just leave it there and you all can fix it at Church of Gail if there’s something wrong with it. I will pick it up at the end of the day.

Brent, 4:35 PM

Hmm. The camcorder appears to be fine.

Gail, 4:36 PM

It was really strange because I just listened to the video and it sounded fine. Whereas earlier it sounded weird. It’s either brain control or some sort of possession in me.

Brent, 4:39 PM

I’m examining the apartment more closely.

I like the artwork you drew in the War on Saints book.

Gail, 4:39 PM

Thank you.

Brent, 4:39 PM

The pictures of Baphomet are really detailed.

Gail, 4:40 PM

This is weird. When I listen to the walk video on Rumble it sounds fine. When I listen to it from my computer, it sounds muffed.

It’s not the camera.

Brent, 4:40 PM

A blue portal is opening up by the door. Buddha is coming in.

Hello Buddha.

Gail, 4:41 PM

He’s in my apartment?

Brent, 4:41 PM

He’s here now.

Gail, 4:42 PM

There is no picture of Baphomet in my War on the Saints book, Brent.

Brent, 4:42 PM

Really? There’s pictures of him on each page.

Gail, 4:42 PM

Oh oh.

He must have put a spell on the book.

Brent, 4:43 PM

As the book goes on, there’s more and more pictures of him crowding out each page.

Gail, 4:43 PM

Which book are you looking at?

My paperback version or my E-book?

Brent, 4:43 PM

War on the Saints.

The paperback.

Gail, 4:43 PM

My hardback or my E-book?

Brent, 4:44 PM

Oh no! The e-book is full of pictures too!

Gail, 4:44 PM

Sounds like he has put a spell on the book.

Just like he did the Bible. What about the Bible?

Was Baphomet near my closet last night? It appears damaged.

Brent, 4:45 PM

Buddha: “This is an important lesson for humans to learn. The more you think or talk about demons, the more they seem to appear, or seem to be messing with you. Demons have no power, except to make you believe they do.”

Wow. That’s insightful. So has reading about demons and demon possession been making Baphomet act up?

Buddha: “Yep. He feeds off of the attention. Nobody becomes possessed by demons. They become obsessed with demons. Then, they’re in trouble.”

Gail, 4:47 PM


So what caused me to make those poor decisions as U.S. President?

Brent, 4:47 PM

Buddha: “This is why meditation is so useful. However, it looks like there have been some bumps off the road of learning proper meditation for Gail.”

Buddha: “Sometimes, we all make poor judgments. Especially when we act out of fear.”

Gail, 4:48 PM

I see.

Is it safe to read the Bible?

Brent, 4:50 PM

Buddha: “Meditation involves being in the present moment and enjoying oneself. This can be as simple as enjoying a cup of tea by the window. However, a more powerful version of meditation involves getting outside, visiting nature, shops, and seeing new things. New experiences, sights and fresh activities is a powerful way to be present. It helps ward off negative creatures, even Satan.”

Buddha: “The Bible is unsafe right now also. Let us avoid these books for a time, since they will tempt you to think of demons, Satan, or develop false insights about Jesus that he would not want.”

Gail, 4:51 PM


Those headaches that I’ve had, has that been all allergy?

Zack, 4:52 PM

I got a lot of ideas about Jesus by watching Music Man thirty times in a row. Is that good meditation?

Brent, 4:53 PM

Buddha: “Oh Zack.”

Zack, 4:54 PM

I was sitting really close to the screen because I felt like it helped absorb the messages

Brent, 4:54 PM

Buddha: “Well, let me remind you of what Jesus has said. He told us that he would not like us to speculate or develop such ideas. Logically this means we cannot be using movies to perceive these ideas from. It is no different than doing so from a book or a false meditation.”

Zack, 4:54 PM

But I think Satan gave me headaches too

Brent, 4:55 PM

Buddha: “These headaches of yours would be greatly alleviated by less screen time, Zack. Human eyes aren’t meant to stare at computers for long periods. Your body probably gets sore, too.”

Buddha: “I would recommend more frequent outings to rejuvenate your mind and body. Buddhist monks are often associated with sitting and meditating all day, but they used to spend most of their day walking through the woods.”

Gail, 4:57 PM

It sounds like we need to practice meditation according to your guidelines and not what we read from Buddhist websites.

Brent, 4:59 PM

Buddha: “Indeed. You would all become much healthier, in mind, body and spirit.”

Buddha: “By the way, Gail, I’m enjoying your short story series. How is it coming along?”

Gail, 5:01 PM

Well, I was going to start on it after I finished War on the Saints, but after listening to you, I decided to stop my War on the Saints project and get back to work on it. I am in the middle of the second short story.

Brent, 5:01 PM

Buddha: “Oh dear. I bet Baphomet was trying to stop the series. He knows how much it means to Jesus.”

Gail, 5:02 PM

Ironically, I was doing War on the Saints so that I wouldn’t contaminate the writing with demonic interference.

That was my main motive.

I guess meditation would be a better way to combat demonic interference.

I listen to a music playlist to get me in the zone to write.

Brent, 5:04 PM

Buddha: “Yep. If the sitting meditation is too stressful, or you find your mind wandering to speculation or just not settling down, you can achieve the same effect by going out on an adventure around town. Parks, cafes and shops are good places to visit. The outing will refresh the mind and help with creative energy flow.”

Gail, 5:05 PM

That works good at this time of year. It’s too hot in the summer for that. I do have a park sort of to the front of my apartment complex.

Zack, 5:05 PM

So… was my Music Man insight about Jesus being a secret pimp and gambler true?

Brent, 5:06 PM

Buddha: “Oh dear, no. It sounds like you need to avoid reading too much into the movies you watch, Zack.”

Gail, 5:08 PM

Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted this way. But Zack, you’re “insights” about Jesus from The Music Man gave me a good laugh.

Zack, 5:08 PM

So his penis didn’t turn purple either?

Gail, 5:09 PM

I probably got some crazy ideas about Jesus from The Music Man too, but mine were less outrageous. LOL

Brent, 5:09 PM

Buddha: “Nope. It sounds like you were speculating about Jesus, Zack. It can lead to all sorts of silly ideas.”

Gail, 5:09 PM

You have to forgive me. This is SO FUNNY.

Zack, 5:10 PM

Is Jesus like the music man at all?

Gail, 5:10 PM

I may be wrong. But if Jesus was here, I think he’d be cracking up laughing.

Brent, 5:12 PM

Buddha: “Jesus is not like Music Man at all. Jesus would be laughing at this for sure.”

Zack, 5:12 PM

So reading about demonic stuff causes trouble too?

Gail, 5:13 PM

Yup. Sounds like it, Zack.

I’m going to update my post about War on the Saints with this Skype conversation.

Zack, 5:13 PM

But are me and Gail going to have 10 years of headaches?

Brent, 5:13 PM

Buddha: “Yep. It just feeds them. But don’t worry, it’s not actually possible to become possessed. You can only stress and obsess your way into believing you are. Then a demon really starts having fun.”

Gail, 5:14 PM

It’s my fault. I’m glad Buddha showed up.

Brent, 5:14 PM

Buddha: “Why would these headaches last 10 years, Zack?”

Gail, 5:14 PM

You mean when people had demons removed from them in the New Testament, that never happened?

You know, when the Apostles and Jesus cast out demons?

Zack, 5:15 PM

Buddha: “Why would these headaches last 10 years, Zack?” – Brent Spiner, Today at 5:14 PM

Because Gail plans to write her short story complete series for 10 years

Gail, 5:15 PM

It seems whenever I embark on a writing project Jesuits don’t like, they gave me nasty headaches.

Brent, 5:16 PM

Buddha: “Correct, Gail. Here’s the truth about that. Sometimes humans develop such strong beliefs, however delusional, that only by someone playing along into those beliefs and pretending to fix the problem, will actually fix the problem.”

Gail, 5:16 PM

So THAT’S why they cast out demons?

It was all mind games.

Brent, 5:17 PM

Buddha: “Or what the medical system calls a placebo.”

Gail, 5:17 PM

In Seattle when I wrote Emerald Towers (it took me 3 months), I had horrible headaches almost every day.

That was a short story about my love for Brent.

Brent, 5:18 PM

Buddha: “Oh no, Zack. This writing project shouldn’t take 10 years at all. The project Jesus had in mind was a series of very short stories. Similar to the one Gail wrote about Obama’s head in the jar. These stories will be short and can be individually published as standalones.”

Gail, 5:18 PM

I always thought it was allergy.

Oh, are my stories too long?

Brent, 5:20 PM

Buddha: “Allergy plays a part, however a larger part of it is the screen time. Human eyes need a break from computers, and they need to get out of the house often in order to stay healthy and keep their energy aligned.”

Buddha: “The story length so far is just fine. It should be just enough to tell the story. I’ve been enjoying them.”

Gail, 5:21 PM

Okay. Glad you’ve been enjoying them. It seems my music playlists are working. Who sent that rainbow when I finished my playlists? Or was that a coincidence?

The playlists help me to dig into my subconscious as I write and write a more truthful story.

That was a sweet rainbow.

It showed up right as I finished making the playlists that I listen to to get in the zone to write.

Brent, 5:24 PM

Buddha: “I know Jesus sent the rainbow. He was probably so happy you were writing these stories. Your mindfulness and practice with being present allowed you to notice it.”

Gail, 5:25 PM

I thought it was Him. Jesus is so sweet.

Okay. I will get outside. I did notice that the headache got worse when I got indoors, so you have a point.

Like when I walked into my apartment, the headache got worse and I think I headed straight to the computer, too.

The nasty one I had on the 13th was a lot of allergy, cuz the next day the allergens ended up in my bowels and I felt it.

Yesterday, when I prayed a prayer strongly rebuking the Jesuits and Satan and asking God to kill me if I did anything to help them out, cuz I’m so mad at them for giving me an allergy headache, my headache got better about an hour later.

They give me these headaches and try to get me to believe my chakras are expanding into higher dimensions and I told them to quit their lying crap to me in my brain.

That my headache is NOT CUZ OF THAT.

Maybe I shouldn’t pray this way, but I often pray and ask God to ensure that everything I do gives them maximum damage and if I do anything to help them out, I want God to kill me. I can’t stand them and what they stand for.

Sounds like a better strategy would be to go out and meditate. LOL

Brent, 5:33 PM

Buddha: “Emotions like anger and revenge are good food for demons. My advice would be to maintain your peace no matter what they do. Otherwise it is as they say, “fighting fire with fire”. It only makes the flames bigger.”

Gail, 5:34 PM


Brent, 5:35 PM

Buddha: “There was a time when humans on Earth were always in nature. Their energy was in harmony with the elements, and they were healthy and happy. Christians refer to this time as the Garden of Eden. This is why it is your body’s natural instinct to thrive and flourish when you find yourself in nature once again.”

Gail, 5:35 PM

Jesus once told us we’d defeat the Jesuits. Is that a far fetched dream now?

Brent, 5:36 PM

Buddha: “However, any change or new experience will shake up the energy within you and recharge your chakras. Thus, visiting local attractions, shops, cafes or restaurants will have a healing effect on the mind as well.”

Buddha: “I believe you and Brent will defeat the Jesuits. I believe my best friend Jesus.”

Gail, 5:36 PM

It seems like it never ends. Oh, that’s great. Well, He said the prophecies are canceled. But that prophecy came from Jesus himself when he spoke to us. Do those still count?

Brent, 5:37 PM

Buddha: “The one about defeating the Jesuits is definitely true.”

Gail, 5:38 PM

I guess anything that is related to Bible prophecy, like us being in the future 1000 year reign is canceled.

That’s encouraging to know we’ll defeat the Jesuits.

Brent, 5:39 PM

Buddha: “Bible prophecies are canceled. He doesn’t want anyone to speculate on what will happen next.”

Gail, 5:39 PM


Brent, 5:39 PM

Buddha: “Whatever happens, everyone will be happy in the end. That’s how Jesus is.”

Gail, 5:40 PM

This has been very helpful.

That’s the main thing.

Well, everyone except Satan, I guess, unless he gets right. That seems kind of hard to imagine right now.

All those who stand for love will be happy, is what I think you mean.

Brent, 5:42 PM

Buddha: “I believe that all will return to the one true nature of the universe, which is goodness.”

Gail, 5:43 PM

I like this.

Brent, 5:43 PM

Buddha: “Perhaps, God and Jesus have spared Satan because they know he will turn to good in the end. Perhaps, then we will all find out why he was always their favorite angel.”

Gail, 5:44 PM

You are dropping hints. This will help me stay calm, knowing this. Apparently, that fallen angel has hope.

Like I used to believe Zack was almost irredeemable.

Brent, 5:45 PM

Buddha: “Even Loree McBride turned good, and she was a mega bitch. If Loree can do it, Satan can.”

Gail, 5:45 PM

Wow. This is deep.

You care to comment on this post?

You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.

Brent, 5:48 PM

Buddha: “Oh boy!”

Buddha: “I’m laughing. If Jesus were here, I know he’d say something like, “leave it to Gail to turn my life into a steamy gay romance novel!” That’s a trip. You’re very creative.”

Gail, 5:49 PM

I must have quite an imagination.

Brent, 5:50 PM

Buddha: “It makes you a good writer.”

Gail, 5:50 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 5:51 PM

Buddha: “Well, it looks like the energy is well sorted now. I will return to Church of Gail.”

Gail, 5:52 PM

Okay, thanks for the clarity. We needed it.

Brent, 5:52 PM

Buddha: “Namaste.”

I really like Buddha. Even just his presence calms me down.

Gail, 5:52 PM

Yeah, he’s a cool deity.

Zack, 5:53 PM

Yeah, he’s pretty chill huh?

Gail, 5:53 PM

Yup. For sure.

Zack, 5:54 PM

I should probably clean for a few minutes and go outside and touch some grass.

Gail, 5:54 PM

Okay, Zack. It’s my fault, that you got going with The Music Man. I started it. I love that movie though. It’s so funny. I love a good laugh.

Zack, 5:54 PM

Buddha said that Gail and her followers should go outside and touch grass.

Gail, 5:55 PM

Yeah, I’ll do that tomorrow. I need to eat.

Brent, 5:55 PM

It’s starting to get late here.

Gail, 5:55 PM

And do more Gail Commandments.

Zack, 5:56 PM

Maybe next video should be about how to live healthy. And the title can be “Go outside and touch grass”

Gail, 5:57 PM

Yeah, I can work on that tomorrow.

What does Buddha look like?

I think he forbids people to have a picture of him.

Zack, 6:01 PM

He likes to wear that monk robe. The orange one.

And walks around barefoot or with sandals

Gail, 6:02 PM

He sounds really cool.

Does he look Asian?

Zack, 6:02 PM

He’s husky/rotund, and looks kinda asiany.

Has bluish skin. Kinda like he’s powdered with slightly sparkly metalic blue powder

Or golden

Gail, 6:04 PM


Zack, 6:06 PM

Yeah, the bluish and goldish color happens when he uses his powers

The blue glow

Same as when he opens portals

He has normal guy skin otherwise

Basically a fat monk with a robe and sandals

To say it bluntly

Gail, 6:07 PM

No good pictures of him?

Zack, 6:07 PM

I can try and get one

Gail, 6:07 PM

Thank you.

Sept. 9, 2022 from Discord:

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:15 PM

[8:18 PM]

I can’t believe Baphomet ejaculated all over your counter.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:18 PM

Has that been verified?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:18 PM

Yeah, Brent took a sample and it was goat semen.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

So that explains why the counter was yellow. Not completely.

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

Goat semen is potent!

[8:19 PM]

Baphomet may have been thinking about it while sending you messages in “enlightenment”.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

Now, I got that in enlightenment. Not sure how I got it, though. I still think I need to be careful with messages in enlightenment.

[8:19 PM]

That’s true, 13. Good point.

[8:20 PM]

Baphomet was probably boasting while faking as Jesus during enlightenment.

[8:20 PM]

Where is Baphomet right now?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:20 PM

He is probably hanging out with Satan.

[8:21 PM]

Baphomet ejaculated in her car!

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

So that was Baphomet who ejaculated in my car? I got that from enlightenment, too. Sounds like Baphomet has been boasting in enlightenment.

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Yep, he filled all the holes. Baphomet is a very lustful entity.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Which holes?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Every orifice or tube he could cum into, in the car.

Sept. 8, 2022: When Jesus was dealing with us directly and whenever I got tricked, Jesus usually liked it if I left up how I got tricked and just made a corrective video or statement around it, so that people could be made aware how I was tricked and could learn from my mistakes. Buddha simply told me to be careful about any messages I receive during enlightenment and that reminded me of War on the Saints (see below), which I think would be very useful for us right now.

Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive during enlightenment. As he is Jesus’s best god friend, we should take heed to his words.

The cross still counts. Prayer still works, just be aware that Jesus won’t be answering back with voices, messages, etc. Being a Buddhist Christian just means I have added in some Buddhist meditation as part of my practice, but even with this, we need to be careful that we don’t allow demonic influence, since Satan is VERY BUSY right now. Perhaps we don’t need labels, because basically anyone that honors true love is a Jesus follower.


NOTE: Gail has a marriage list of about eight, who have been very prominent in her life, consisting of (1) Jesus Christ & Brent Spiner, (2) Vladimir Putin, (3) Matthew McConaughey, (4) Gerard Butler, (5) Hugh Jackman, (6) Zack Knight & Rule 13, (7) Terrance Jenkins, (8) Keanu Reeves. There are others on the list, but these “8” are the most prominent. Jesus Christ and Brent have traditionally held the number one spot together. Zack Knight and Rule 13 have held a spot together since 2016. Gail decided to put Zack and 13 at number 6, to symbolize that Zack is an ex-Antichrist. And there were EIGHT musicians who went down heroically playing their hymns on the Titanic! The title of our Church of Gail spaceship is TRUE LOVE. It was built in heaven.

Jesus or God sent this rainbow after Gail created the music playlist on Aug. 3, 2022 (music that helps her get in the “zone” to write) for Gail: The Complete Series. One of the songs on the playlist when the rainbow appeared was “Till There Was You” from The Music Man!
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