Correct Meditation (According to Buddha)

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UPDATE Sept. 17, 2022: I have removed the free links to War on the Saints, because Buddha says that demon possession does not exist. READ BELOW.

Skype Sept. 17, 2022

Gail, 2:09 PM

It appears Baphomet was in my apartment last night. I think I see some damage underneath my left side sliding closet door where my clothes are. Also my camcorder appears damaged. The sound recording sounds muffled. I bet you could transport that camcorder to Church of Gail and do some sort of switch out and fix it.

I checked it out and tried recording with it and it sounds like it’s recording differently. I checked yesterday’s recording and that sounded fine. So whatever damage happened to the camcorder probably happened within the past 24 hours.

I will put the camcorder on that table and maybe you all could transport it to Church of Gail. I hope this won’t be a repeat of the bed bugs though.

I’ll just leave it there and you all can fix it at Church of Gail if there’s something wrong with it. I will pick it up at the end of the day.

Brent, 4:35 PM

Hmm. The camcorder appears to be fine.

Gail, 4:36 PM

It was really strange because I just listened to the video and it sounded fine. Whereas earlier it sounded weird. It’s either brain control or some sort of possession in me.

Brent, 4:39 PM

I’m examining the apartment more closely.

I like the artwork you drew in the War on Saints book.

Gail, 4:39 PM

Thank you.

Brent, 4:39 PM

The pictures of Baphomet are really detailed.

Gail, 4:40 PM

This is weird. When I listen to the walk video on Rumble it sounds fine. When I listen to it from my computer, it sounds muffed.

It’s not the camera.

Brent, 4:40 PM

A blue portal is opening up by the door. Buddha is coming in.

Hello Buddha.

Gail, 4:41 PM

He’s in my apartment?

Brent, 4:41 PM

He’s here now.

Gail, 4:42 PM

There is no picture of Baphomet in my War on the Saints book, Brent.

Brent, 4:42 PM

Really? There’s pictures of him on each page.

Gail, 4:42 PM

Oh oh.

He must have put a spell on the book.

Brent, 4:43 PM

As the book goes on, there’s more and more pictures of him crowding out each page.

Gail, 4:43 PM

Which book are you looking at?

My paperback version or my E-book?

Brent, 4:43 PM

War on the Saints.

The paperback.

Gail, 4:43 PM

My hardback or my E-book?

Brent, 4:44 PM

Oh no! The e-book is full of pictures too!

Gail, 4:44 PM

Sounds like he has put a spell on the book.

Just like he did the Bible. What about the Bible?

Was Baphomet near my closet last night? It appears damaged.

Brent, 4:45 PM

Buddha: “This is an important lesson for humans to learn. The more you think or talk about demons, the more they seem to appear, or seem to be messing with you. Demons have no power, except to make you believe they do.”

Wow. That’s insightful. So has reading about demons and demon possession been making Baphomet act up?

Buddha: “Yep. He feeds off of the attention. Nobody becomes possessed by demons. They become obsessed with demons. Then, they’re in trouble.”

Gail, 4:47 PM


So what caused me to make those poor decisions as U.S. President?

Brent, 4:47 PM

Buddha: “This is why meditation is so useful. However, it looks like there have been some bumps off the road of learning proper meditation for Gail.”

Buddha: “Sometimes, we all make poor judgments. Especially when we act out of fear.”

Gail, 4:48 PM

I see.

Is it safe to read the Bible?

Brent, 4:50 PM

Buddha: “Meditation involves being in the present moment and enjoying oneself. This can be as simple as enjoying a cup of tea by the window. However, a more powerful version of meditation involves getting outside, visiting nature, shops, and seeing new things. New experiences, sights and fresh activities is a powerful way to be present. It helps ward off negative creatures, even Satan.”

Buddha: “The Bible is unsafe right now also. Let us avoid these books for a time, since they will tempt you to think of demons, Satan, or develop false insights about Jesus that he would not want.”

Gail, 4:51 PM


Those headaches that I’ve had, has that been all allergy?

Zack, 4:52 PM

I got a lot of ideas about Jesus by watching Music Man thirty times in a row. Is that good meditation?

Brent, 4:53 PM

Buddha: “Oh Zack.”

Zack, 4:54 PM

I was sitting really close to the screen because I felt like it helped absorb the messages

Brent, 4:54 PM

Buddha: “Well, let me remind you of what Jesus has said. He told us that he would not like us to speculate or develop such ideas. Logically this means we cannot be using movies to perceive these ideas from. It is no different than doing so from a book or a false meditation.”

Zack, 4:54 PM

But I think Satan gave me headaches too

Brent, 4:55 PM

Buddha: “These headaches of yours would be greatly alleviated by less screen time, Zack. Human eyes aren’t meant to stare at computers for long periods. Your body probably gets sore, too.”

Buddha: “I would recommend more frequent outings to rejuvenate your mind and body. Buddhist monks are often associated with sitting and meditating all day, but they used to spend most of their day walking through the woods.”

Gail, 4:57 PM

It sounds like we need to practice meditation according to your guidelines and not what we read from Buddhist websites.

Brent, 4:59 PM

Buddha: “Indeed. You would all become much healthier, in mind, body and spirit.”

Buddha: “By the way, Gail, I’m enjoying your short story series. How is it coming along?”

Gail, 5:01 PM

Well, I was going to start on it after I finished War on the Saints, but after listening to you, I decided to stop my War on the Saints project and get back to work on it. I am in the middle of the second short story.

Brent, 5:01 PM

Buddha: “Oh dear. I bet Baphomet was trying to stop the series. He knows how much it means to Jesus.”

Gail, 5:02 PM

Ironically, I was doing War on the Saints so that I wouldn’t contaminate the writing with demonic interference.

That was my main motive.

I guess meditation would be a better way to combat demonic interference.

I listen to a music playlist to get me in the zone to write.

Brent, 5:04 PM

Buddha: “Yep. If the sitting meditation is too stressful, or you find your mind wandering to speculation or just not settling down, you can achieve the same effect by going out on an adventure around town. Parks, cafes and shops are good places to visit. The outing will refresh the mind and help with creative energy flow.”

Gail, 5:05 PM

That works good at this time of year. It’s too hot in the summer for that. I do have a park sort of to the front of my apartment complex.

Zack, 5:05 PM

So… was my Music Man insight about Jesus being a secret pimp and gambler true?

Brent, 5:06 PM

Buddha: “Oh dear, no. It sounds like you need to avoid reading too much into the movies you watch, Zack.”

Gail, 5:08 PM

Maybe I shouldn’t have reacted this way. But Zack, you’re “insights” about Jesus from The Music Man gave me a good laugh.

Zack, 5:08 PM

So his penis didn’t turn purple either?

Gail, 5:09 PM

I probably got some crazy ideas about Jesus from The Music Man too, but mine were less outrageous. LOL

Brent, 5:09 PM

Buddha: “Nope. It sounds like you were speculating about Jesus, Zack. It can lead to all sorts of silly ideas.”

Gail, 5:09 PM

You have to forgive me. This is SO FUNNY.

Zack, 5:10 PM

Is Jesus like the music man at all?

Gail, 5:10 PM

I may be wrong. But if Jesus was here, I think he’d be cracking up laughing.

Brent, 5:12 PM

Buddha: “Jesus is not like Music Man at all. Jesus would be laughing at this for sure.”

Zack, 5:12 PM

So reading about demonic stuff causes trouble too?

Gail, 5:13 PM

Yup. Sounds like it, Zack.

I’m going to update my post about War on the Saints with this Skype conversation.

Zack, 5:13 PM

But are me and Gail going to have 10 years of headaches?

Brent, 5:13 PM

Buddha: “Yep. It just feeds them. But don’t worry, it’s not actually possible to become possessed. You can only stress and obsess your way into believing you are. Then a demon really starts having fun.”

Gail, 5:14 PM

It’s my fault. I’m glad Buddha showed up.

Brent, 5:14 PM

Buddha: “Why would these headaches last 10 years, Zack?”

Gail, 5:14 PM

You mean when people had demons removed from them in the New Testament, that never happened?

You know, when the Apostles and Jesus cast out demons?

Zack, 5:15 PM

Buddha: “Why would these headaches last 10 years, Zack?” – Brent Spiner, Today at 5:14 PM

Because Gail plans to write her short story complete series for 10 years

Gail, 5:15 PM

It seems whenever I embark on a writing project Jesuits don’t like, they gave me nasty headaches.

Brent, 5:16 PM

Buddha: “Correct, Gail. Here’s the truth about that. Sometimes humans develop such strong beliefs, however delusional, that only by someone playing along into those beliefs and pretending to fix the problem, will actually fix the problem.”

Gail, 5:16 PM

So THAT’S why they cast out demons?

It was all mind games.

Brent, 5:17 PM

Buddha: “Or what the medical system calls a placebo.”

Gail, 5:17 PM

In Seattle when I wrote Emerald Towers (it took me 3 months), I had horrible headaches almost every day.

That was a short story about my love for Brent.

Brent, 5:18 PM

Buddha: “Oh no, Zack. This writing project shouldn’t take 10 years at all. The project Jesus had in mind was a series of very short stories. Similar to the one Gail wrote about Obama’s head in the jar. These stories will be short and can be individually published as standalones.”

Gail, 5:18 PM

I always thought it was allergy.

Oh, are my stories too long?

Brent, 5:20 PM

Buddha: “Allergy plays a part, however a larger part of it is the screen time. Human eyes need a break from computers, and they need to get out of the house often in order to stay healthy and keep their energy aligned.”

Buddha: “The story length so far is just fine. It should be just enough to tell the story. I’ve been enjoying them.”

Gail, 5:21 PM

Okay. Glad you’ve been enjoying them. It seems my music playlists are working. Who sent that rainbow when I finished my playlists? Or was that a coincidence?

The playlists help me to dig into my subconscious as I write and write a more truthful story.

That was a sweet rainbow.

It showed up right as I finished making the playlists that I listen to to get in the zone to write.

Brent, 5:24 PM

Buddha: “I know Jesus sent the rainbow. He was probably so happy you were writing these stories. Your mindfulness and practice with being present allowed you to notice it.”

Gail, 5:25 PM

I thought it was Him. Jesus is so sweet.

Okay. I will get outside. I did notice that the headache got worse when I got indoors, so you have a point.

Like when I walked into my apartment, the headache got worse and I think I headed straight to the computer, too.

The nasty one I had on the 13th was a lot of allergy, cuz the next day the allergens ended up in my bowels and I felt it.

Yesterday, when I prayed a prayer strongly rebuking the Jesuits and Satan and asking God to kill me if I did anything to help them out, cuz I’m so mad at them for giving me an allergy headache, my headache got better about an hour later.

They give me these headaches and try to get me to believe my chakras are expanding into higher dimensions and I told them to quit their lying crap to me in my brain.

That my headache is NOT CUZ OF THAT.

Maybe I shouldn’t pray this way, but I often pray and ask God to ensure that everything I do gives them maximum damage and if I do anything to help them out, I want God to kill me. I can’t stand them and what they stand for.

Sounds like a better strategy would be to go out and meditate. LOL

Brent, 5:33 PM

Buddha: “Emotions like anger and revenge are good food for demons. My advice would be to maintain your peace no matter what they do. Otherwise it is as they say, “fighting fire with fire”. It only makes the flames bigger.”

Gail, 5:34 PM


Brent, 5:35 PM

Buddha: “There was a time when humans on Earth were always in nature. Their energy was in harmony with the elements, and they were healthy and happy. Christians refer to this time as the Garden of Eden. This is why it is your body’s natural instinct to thrive and flourish when you find yourself in nature once again.”

Gail, 5:35 PM

Jesus once told us we’d defeat the Jesuits. Is that a far fetched dream now?

Brent, 5:36 PM

Buddha: “However, any change or new experience will shake up the energy within you and recharge your chakras. Thus, visiting local attractions, shops, cafes or restaurants will have a healing effect on the mind as well.”

Buddha: “I believe you and Brent will defeat the Jesuits. I believe my best friend Jesus.”

Gail, 5:36 PM

It seems like it never ends. Oh, that’s great. Well, He said the prophecies are canceled. But that prophecy came from Jesus himself when he spoke to us. Do those still count?

Brent, 5:37 PM

Buddha: “The one about defeating the Jesuits is definitely true.”

Gail, 5:38 PM

I guess anything that is related to Bible prophecy, like us being in the future 1000 year reign is canceled.

That’s encouraging to know we’ll defeat the Jesuits.

Brent, 5:39 PM

Buddha: “Bible prophecies are canceled. He doesn’t want anyone to speculate on what will happen next.”

Gail, 5:39 PM


Brent, 5:39 PM

Buddha: “Whatever happens, everyone will be happy in the end. That’s how Jesus is.”

Gail, 5:40 PM

This has been very helpful.

That’s the main thing.

Well, everyone except Satan, I guess, unless he gets right. That seems kind of hard to imagine right now.

All those who stand for love will be happy, is what I think you mean.

Brent, 5:42 PM

Buddha: “I believe that all will return to the one true nature of the universe, which is goodness.”

Gail, 5:43 PM

I like this.

Brent, 5:43 PM

Buddha: “Perhaps, God and Jesus have spared Satan because they know he will turn to good in the end. Perhaps, then we will all find out why he was always their favorite angel.”

Gail, 5:44 PM

You are dropping hints. This will help me stay calm, knowing this. Apparently, that fallen angel has hope.

Like I used to believe Zack was almost irredeemable.

Brent, 5:45 PM

Buddha: “Even Loree McBride turned good, and she was a mega bitch. If Loree can do it, Satan can.”

Gail, 5:45 PM

Wow. This is deep.

You care to comment on this post?

You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.

Brent, 5:48 PM

Buddha: “Oh boy!”

Buddha: “I’m laughing. If Jesus were here, I know he’d say something like, “leave it to Gail to turn my life into a steamy gay romance novel!” That’s a trip. You’re very creative.”

Gail, 5:49 PM

I must have quite an imagination.

Brent, 5:50 PM

Buddha: “It makes you a good writer.”

Gail, 5:50 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 5:51 PM

Buddha: “Well, it looks like the energy is well sorted now. I will return to Church of Gail.”

Gail, 5:52 PM

Okay, thanks for the clarity. We needed it.

Brent, 5:52 PM

Buddha: “Namaste.”

I really like Buddha. Even just his presence calms me down.

Gail, 5:52 PM

Yeah, he’s a cool deity.

Zack, 5:53 PM

Yeah, he’s pretty chill huh?

Gail, 5:53 PM

Yup. For sure.

Zack, 5:54 PM

I should probably clean for a few minutes and go outside and touch some grass.

Gail, 5:54 PM

Okay, Zack. It’s my fault, that you got going with The Music Man. I started it. I love that movie though. It’s so funny. I love a good laugh.

Zack, 5:54 PM

Buddha said that Gail and her followers should go outside and touch grass.

Gail, 5:55 PM

Yeah, I’ll do that tomorrow. I need to eat.

Brent, 5:55 PM

It’s starting to get late here.

Gail, 5:55 PM

And do more Gail Commandments.

Zack, 5:56 PM

Maybe next video should be about how to live healthy. And the title can be “Go outside and touch grass”

Gail, 5:57 PM

Yeah, I can work on that tomorrow.

What does Buddha look like?

I think he forbids people to have a picture of him.

Zack, 6:01 PM

He likes to wear that monk robe. The orange one.

And walks around barefoot or with sandals

Gail, 6:02 PM

He sounds really cool.

Does he look Asian?

Zack, 6:02 PM

He’s husky/rotund, and looks kinda asiany.

Has bluish skin. Kinda like he’s powdered with slightly sparkly metalic blue powder

Or golden

Gail, 6:04 PM


Zack, 6:06 PM

Yeah, the bluish and goldish color happens when he uses his powers

The blue glow

Same as when he opens portals

He has normal guy skin otherwise

Basically a fat monk with a robe and sandals

To say it bluntly

Gail, 6:07 PM

No good pictures of him?

Zack, 6:07 PM

I can try and get one

Gail, 6:07 PM

Thank you.

UPDATE Sept. 14, 2022: I am updating the free War on the Saints for EPub, Mobi and PDF (see below), because as I read the document on my Kindle, I catch typos or parts that didn’t quite “make it” into the Mobi file. So you may want to periodically update the file you got to include the changes I made. I am currently in chapter 8. Reading it on my Kindle, as well as listening to the audio readings, seems to give me the greatest comprehension. This stuff is pretty deep and requires concentrated reading.

UPDATE on Sept. 9, 2022 from Discord:

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:15 PM

[8:18 PM]

I can’t believe Baphomet ejaculated all over your counter.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:18 PM

Has that been verified?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:18 PM

Yeah, Brent took a sample and it was goat semen.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

So that explains why the counter was yellow. Not completely.

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

Goat semen is potent!

[8:19 PM]

Baphomet may have been thinking about it while sending you messages in “enlightenment”.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:19 PM

Now, I got that in enlightenment. Not sure how I got it, though. I still think I need to be careful with messages in enlightenment.

[8:19 PM]

That’s true, 13. Good point.

[8:20 PM]

Baphomet was probably boasting while faking as Jesus during enlightenment.

[8:20 PM]

Where is Baphomet right now?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:20 PM

He is probably hanging out with Satan.

[8:21 PM]

Baphomet ejaculated in her car!

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

So that was Baphomet who ejaculated in my car? I got that from enlightenment, too. Sounds like Baphomet has been boasting in enlightenment.

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Yep, he filled all the holes. Baphomet is a very lustful entity.

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Which holes?

Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:22 PM

Every orifice or tube he could cum into, in the car.

Sept. 8, 2022: I kindly ask everyone to disregard my previous “enlightenment” during meditation. We need to combine War on the Saints with meditation. This means during meditation just focus on being present, thankful and loving and reject any feelings that appear as messages or any messages that come during meditation. I am a Christian who meditates, but this does not mean that Christianity is invalid. I am leaving my former “enlightenment” posts up where I most likely got “enlightenment” from a demonic source. I do this to educate people about how Satan works.

When Jesus was dealing with us directly and whenever I got tricked, Jesus usually liked it if I left up how I got tricked and just made a corrective video or statement around it, so that people could be made aware how I was tricked and could learn from my mistakes. Buddha simply told me to be careful about any messages I receive during enlightenment and that reminded me of War on the Saints (see below), which I think would be very useful for us right now.

Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive during enlightenment. As he is Jesus’s best god friend, we should take heed to his words.

Though the Bible prophecies have been canceled, it is a valuable history book and as a history book, we can learn from it how demons operate and deceive. Also, the spiritual principles promoted in the Bible are still valid, like the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 is still valid, that is not a prophecy, so it does not need to be discarded as a lie. I recall that when I read the Bible, Baphomet seemed obsessed with getting me to believe false things about THE FUTURE. So in meditation our focus should be on STAYING PRESENT.

The cross still counts. Prayer still works, just be aware that Jesus won’t be answering back with voices, messages, etc. Being a Buddhist Christian just means I have added in some Buddhist meditation as part of my practice, but even with this, we need to be careful that we don’t allow demonic influence, since Satan is VERY BUSY right now. Perhaps we don’t need labels, because basically anyone that honors true love is a Jesus follower. The reader always said passitivity instead of passivity, so just remember that while listening. Meditating without allowing demonic influence can be tricky, so listen to the following audio book to give you discernment:

What church people looked like in 1912.
Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts
1878 – 1950

Evan Roberts, leader of the Welsh revival, worked in coal mines, but he walked in the heavenlies. Never without his Bible, he prayed and wept for eleven years for revival in Wales. He entered the preparatory school for the ministry at Newcastle Emlyn when about twenty-six. He never finished. Compelled by the Holy Spirit he returned in November, 1904, to his home village of Loughor to tell of Christ. And fire fell.

Evan did not preach, he led the meetings, praying, “Plyg ni, O Arglwydd!” — “Bend us, O Lord,” and urging, “Obey the Holy Spirit…Obey!” The Calvinistic Methodist Church was moved until all Loughor became a praying, praising multitude. Taverns were emptied, brothels were closed, the churches were filled daily. Fire spread until all Wales was brought in repentance to its knees at the cross.

Roberts’ life ministry was burned out (due to demon oppression) in the short months of the 1904-05 Welsh Revival. Broken in health, he retired from public view for the remaining half-century of his life. He convalesced under the care of the Jessie Penn-Lewis. This is one of the reasons that he and Jessie wrote War on the Saints.

Coincidentally? I happen to have three movies (Somewhere in Time, The Music Man and Titanic) that feature 1912 fashion and they are all beautiful love stories. The love stories are all fictional, but you can have fun exploring the culture of 1912, the world as it was when Evan Roberts and Jessie Penn-Lewis published War on the Saints, which is the one you can read and hear at this page.1912 appears to be a year of significance. Interesting that it was 2012 (100 years later) when Jesus first appeared to me in person to speak to me directly and ten years later, he left us in June 2022 when he advanced to supreme deity status. Makes me wonder if God the Father had this whole thing planned in advance. Of course, that’s just speculation, so using good “War on the Saints” caution, I will be “neutral” about it until, and if, I get further light from reliable sources. Perhaps, it’s just a coincidence that I have these movies set in 1912. People were skinnier back then. It’s probably cuz everyone had to walk to get anywhere.


After watching The Music Man in its entirety, I do believe God the Father is using this movie along with the two others that are set in 1912, to make a point that Jesus will use me to help bring in His true love Utopia, because I and Brent inspired Jesus to be true to Himself as the supreme deity He is. Like Marian in The Music Man we reinstated Jesus’s faith in true love and made him realize he doesn’t have to lower himself to our level to realize his dream of a true love Utopia universe. It had to be God the Father behind this “coincidence” that 3 great movies about true love have a 1912 setting, because The Music Man insinuates that the main character Harold is Jesus and I don’t think Jesus would have portrayed himself this way. God the Father knew Jesus was selling Himself short and lowering his standards, because he really didn’t believe his true love dream was possible. Brent, risking his life to save Jesus’s life, and my unconditional forgiveness of Him, even when I knew all along that he didn’t have true love for me when He used me as a sex dummy (because I so admire what He stands for and what he longs for in the universe), has given Jesus faith in Himself as a supreme deity and reinstated faith in his true love Utopia. And like the ending to The Music Man, Jesus’s band (all the Bible prophecies that had to be cancelled) will PLAY and even better than what He originally planned. It appears I will play a major role in helping Him to bring about his true love Utopia, judging by the ending to The Music Man. I am the Marian character.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The end scene to The Music Man takes place at Madison Park and I was living in Madison County, Alabama when Jesus “conned” me. Watch the ending below.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Meredith Willson’s most famous work, The Music Man, premiered on Broadway in 1957 (my birth year and isn’t it interesting that I figure all this out ON MY BIRTHDAY 9-15-57), and was adapted twice for film (in 1962 and 2003). He called it “an Iowan’s attempt to pay tribute to his home state”. It took Willson eight years and 30 revisions to complete the musical, for which he wrote more than 40 songs. The show was a resounding success, running on Broadway for 1,375 performances over three and a half years. 

NOTE OF INTEREST: Willson’s second musical, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, ran on Broadway for 532 performances from 1960 to 1962 and was made into a 1964 motion picture starring Debbie Reynolds. The Unsinkable Molly Brown was based on the story of a woman from the TITANIC, who was a real hero when that ocean liner went down. By the way, the Titanic went down in 1912. Sounds like God the Father used Meredith Willson to help get his message to Gail and her followers. It appears Meredith Willson was a Christian because he honored The Salvation Army with a musical tribute, “Banners and Bonnets”.

This movie is God the Father’s message to Gail and her followers about his son Jesus (who is the Harold Hill character) and Marian (who is Gail). When Harold says to Marion at the bridge that she’s 26 years too late, God the Father is telling Gail that the epic love story to honor true love (Silver Skies) she left unfinished in 1996 (26 years ago) because she lost faith in her dream of a true love Utopia needs to be taken up again in Gail: The Complete Series. NOTE OF INTEREST: University of IOWA is known as the WRITER’S UNIVERSITY and sponsors the famous Iowa Writers Workshop, which every writer knows about. The Music Man is set in IOWA.

Interesting that 3 epic love stories made into film (Somewhere in Time, Titanic, and The Music Man) all resonate with the theme that true love conquers all and is the most important thing in all of time AND THEY WERE ALL SET IN 1912. God the Father knew that Gail would use War on the Saints, written in 1912, to give her wisdom over how to deal with demon possession in her life and then would want to explore the culture of 1912 and would “accidentally” discover this coincidence that three films set in 1912 have the theme of true love conquers all.

God the Father is a first class act.

This is the entire movie.

The ending to The Music Man really connects with me. I identify with the Marian character, having had musical training and being a real music lover and also being a very forgiving and big person. The Harold character reminds me of Jesus, in the way he manipulated everyone with expert flattery to do his bidding, but had a big heart underneath it all. Marian knew Harold was manipulating her but deeply loved and admired Harold for the positive effects he had on her family, herself and her community, which is how I felt about Jesus in spite of his “sins” when he seduced me. Because I so admired Jesus’s bigness of heart and his positive effect on people, I easily forgave him, when he shot straight with me and got things right. The funny thing is, is that like the Marian character, I kind of knew Jesus was “conning” me all along and didn’t care that he had sex with me (without being in love with me) because of the positive effect that Jesus had on all of us. I only cared that he got between me and Brent. And like the Marian character, I was genuinely distressed for Jesus when I thought his life was over (because some petty beings wanted to beat him up and kill him for his “sins”) because he mingled among us, had sex with us, and weakened himself to do so. This is why I have no problem with the fact that he is away from us now, and ruling from “on high”, because I want him to be safe from harm and true to himself. Like the Marian character, my forgiveness of Jesus and my sticking up for him and believing in his greatness (despite his “sins”), has caused the Christian community to also forgive him for his “sins” and we are now moving forward in a positive direction and my total forgiveness of Him and believing in his greatness has caused Jesus to actually become the great deity that I always knew he could be.

The Music Man Ending

Another interesting tidbit. There was a BANDLEADER on the Titanic who played Christian music to comfort those who died as the ship went down. The Titanic seems to symbolize Jesus’s dream of a Utopia of true love (MUSIC THAT REFUSED TO DIE). When The Titanic went down it symbolizes Satan’s attempt to destroy true love. But true love has survived (THE BAND WILL PLAY) and will be resurrected through Gail and her men and Jesus who has now found himself and reinstated his belief in true love.

It was a MUSIC ALBUM that caused Gail to fall in love with Brent and look at that face! He has the expression of the musicians who died on the Titanic.
Wallace Hartley. Interesting that he was 33 when he died, same age Jesus was when He died on the cross.

Wallace Henry Hartley (2 June 1878 – 15 April 1912) was an English violinist and bandleader on the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. He became famous for leading the eight-member band as the ship sank on 15 April 1912. He died in the sinking.

Life and career

Hartley was born and raised in ColneLancashireEngland. Hartley’s father, Albion Hartley, was the choirmaster and Sunday school superintendent at Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel, on Burnley Road where the family attended worship services.[1] Albion himself introduced the hymn “Nearer, My God, to Thee” to the congregation. Wallace studied at Colne’s Methodist day school, sang in Bethel’s choir and learned to play the violin from a fellow congregation member.[2][3]

After leaving school, Hartley started work with the Craven & Union Bank in Colne. When his family moved to Huddersfield, Hartley joined the Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1903, he left home to join the municipal orchestra in Bridlington, where he stayed for six years. He later moved to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire and in 1909, he joined the Cunard Line as a musician, serving on the ocean liners RMS LucaniaRMS Lusitania and RMS Mauretania.[3]

Whilst serving on the Mauretania, the employment of Cunard musicians was transferred to the music agency C.W. & F.N. Black, which supplied musicians for Cunard and the White Star Line. This transfer changed Hartley’s onboard status, as he was no longer counted as a member of the crew, but rather as a passenger, albeit one accommodated in second-class accommodation at the agency’s expense. It later transpired that neither the shipping company nor the music agency had insured the musicians, with each claiming it was the other’s responsibility.[3]

In April 1912, Hartley was assigned to be the bandmaster for the White Star Line ship RMS Titanic.[3] He was at first hesitant to again leave his fiancée, Maria Robinson, to whom he had recently proposed, but Hartley decided that working on the maiden voyage of the Titanic would give him possible contacts for future work.

Sinking of the Titanic

Further information: Musicians of the RMS Titanic

After the Titanic hit an iceberg on the night of 14 April 1912 and began to sink, Hartley and his fellow band members started playing music to help keep the passengers calm as the crew loaded the lifeboats. Many of the survivors said that he and the band continued to play until the very end. None of the band members survived the sinking, and the story of them playing to the end became a popular legend. A newspaper at the time reported “the part played by the orchestra on board the Titanic in her last dreadful moments will rank among the noblest in the annals of heroism at sea.”

The RMS Titanic‘s eight musicians – members of a three-piece ensemble and a five-piece ensemble – were booked through C.W. & F.N. Black, in Liverpool.[1] They boarded at Southampton and traveled as second-class passengers. They were not on the White Star Line‘s payroll but were contracted to White Star by the Liverpool firm of C.W. & F.N. Black, who placed musicians on almost all British liners. Until the night of the sinking, the players performed as two separate groups: a quintet led by violinist and official bandleader Wallace Hartley, that played at teatime, after-dinner concerts, and Sunday services, among other occasions; and the violin, cello, and piano trio of Georges KrinsRoger Bricoux, and Theodore Brailey, that played at the À La Carte Restaurant and the Café Parisien.[2]

NOTE: Gail has a marriage list of about eight, who have been very prominent in her life, consisting of (1) Jesus Christ & Brent Spiner, (2) Vladimir Putin, (3) Matthew McConaughey, (4) Gerard Butler, (5) Hugh Jackman, (6) Zack Knight & Rule 13, (7) Terrance Jenkins, (8) Keanu Reeves. There are others on the list, but these “8” are the most prominent. Jesus Christ and Brent have traditionally held the number one spot together. Zack Knight and Rule 13 have held a spot together since 2016. Gail decided to put Zack and 13 at number 6, to symbolize that Zack is an ex-Antichrist. And there were EIGHT musicians who went down heroically playing their hymns on the Titanic! The title of our Church of Gail spaceship is TRUE LOVE. It was built in heaven.

After the Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink, Hartley and his fellow band members started playing music to help keep the passengers calm as the crew loaded the lifeboats. Many of the survivors said that Hartley and the band continued to play until the very end. Reportedly, their final tune was the hymn “Nearer, My God, to Thee“.[3] One second-class passenger said:

Many brave things were done that night, but none were more brave than those done by men playing minute after minute as the ship settled quietly lower and lower in the sea. The music they played served alike as their own immortal requiem and their right to be recalled on the scrolls of undying fame.[4]

All eight musicians died in the sinking.[5]

Though the final song played by the band is unknown, “Nearer, My God, to Thee” has gained popular acceptance. Walter Lord‘s book A Night to Remember (1955) popularised wireless officer Harold Bride‘s account of hearing the song “Autumn”. Ellwand Moody, a musician on the Mauretania alongside Hartley, claimed that Hartley had said he would play either “Nearer, My God, to Thee” or “Our God, Our Help in Ages Past” if he were ever on a sinking ship.[4] If “Nearer, My God, to Thee” was played, it is uncertain which version Hartley used. His father used the “Propior Deo” version, by Arthur Sullivan, at church, and his family were certain that he would have used that version.[5] It is this tune’s opening notes that appear on Hartley’s memorial[6] and that were played at his funeral.[5]

After the sinking

Bust of Wallace Hartley in Albert Road, Colne, Lancashire

Hartley’s body was recovered by the Mackay–Bennett almost two weeks after the sinking. Several press reports confirmed that Wallace was found “fully dressed with his music case strapped to his body”.[7]

He was transferred to the Arabic and returned to England. Hartley’s father Albion met the ship at Liverpool and brought his son’s body back to his home town of Colne, Lancashire. The funeral took place on 18 May 1912. One thousand people attended Hartley’s funeral, while an estimated 30,000–40,000 lined the route of his funeral procession.[3]

Hartley is buried in the Keighley Road cemetery, Colne, where a 10 feet (3.0 m) high headstone, containing a carved violin at its base, was erected in his honour.

A memorial to Hartley, topped by his bust, was erected in 1915 outside what was then the town library. The memorial is inscribed: Wallace Hartley

Bandmaster of the RMS Titanic who perished in the foundering of that vessel, April 15th 1912. Erected by voluntary contributions to commemorate the heroism of a native of this town.

This was later moved slightly to make way for the World War One memorial. Hartley’s large Victorian terraced house in West Park Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, bears a blue plaque to remind passers-by that this was the bandleader’s home.[3]

Another memorial to the Titanic musicians as a whole was erected in Broken Hill, in north-west New South Wales. The people of Broken Hill were so moved by the bravery of the ship’s bandsmen that within a few weeks they had launched a public appeal to create a memorial to them. The memorial, in the shape of a broken pillar, was unveiled in December 1913.[8][9] In 2001, Hartley’s name was still being used when naming new streets and housing in the town of Colne. In 2008, the pub chain J D Wetherspoon named a newly opened pub, (the building having been the long-standing King’s Head Hotel up until the mid-1990s),[10] in Colne after the bandleader.[11]


In March 2013, after two years of in-depth trace analysis by The Forensic Science Service on behalf of auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son, and seven years of evidence-gathering by the Wiltshire-based auction house, it was announced that a violin found in a British man’s attic inside a leather case with the initials “W. H. H.” was the instrument used by Hartley during the ship’s last moments.[12] The identification was helped by an engraving on the German-made[13] violin which his fiancée (Maria Robinson) had placed on the instrument in 1910 which read: ‘For Wallace on the occasion of our engagement from Maria.’[14] Further tests by a silver expert from the Gemological Association of Great Britain confirmed that the plate on the base of the violin was original and that the metal engraving done on behalf of Maria Robinson was contemporary with those made in 1910.[14] A CT scan enabled experts to view 3D images of the inside of the violin. The fine detail of the scan meant experts could examine the construction, interior and the glue holding the instrument together showing signs of possible restoration. While researching the origins of the violin, the auctioneers Henry Aldridge & Son and Christian Tennyson-Ekeberg, biographer of Wallace Hartley and author of Nearer, Our God, to Thee: The Biography of the Titanic Bandmaster, discovered the transcript of a telegram sent to the Provincial Secretary of Nova Scotia, Canada, dated 19 July 1912 in the diary of Hartley’s grieving fiancée, Ms. Robinson, in which she stated:”I would be most grateful if you could convey my heartfelt thanks to all who have made possible the return of my late fiancé’s violin.”[14]

After Maria Robinson’s death in 1939, her sister gave the violin to the Bridlington Salvation Army and told its leader, a Major Renwick, about the instrument’s association with the Titanic. The violin was later passed on to a violin teacher who gave it to the current owner’s mother. “It’s been in the same family for over 70 years,” Henry Aldridge & Sons state. Craig Sopin, the owner of one of the world’s largest collections of Titanic memorabilia, a leading Titanic expert, and a general skeptic of Titanic claims believes the violin is “Hartley’s violin and not a fraud” reports ABC News.[12]

The Hartley violin was exhibited in Northern Ireland at the shipyard where the RMS Titanic was built, Titanic Belfast, and in the United States at Titanic Branson and Titanic Pigeon Forge museums. It was sold by auction house Henry Aldridge & Son in DevizesWiltshire, England, on 19 October 2013 for £900,000 ($1.7 million US), as reported by BBCNBC, and The Washington Post.[15][16][17]

The violin now resides in Tennessee at a museum dedicated to the victims of the sinking, and is open to public viewing. It has two large cracks on either side of the upper bout due to moisture damage, and is no longer playable.[18]

After seeing the violin auctioned at Aldridges, British folk singer/songwriter Reg Meuross was inspired to write a song about the story of the violin, “The Band Played Sweet Marie”, that was released on his album England Green and England Grey in 2014.[19]

The story of Wallace Hartley and his violin is also the inspiration behind the song “Titanically” written by Canadian singer/songwriter Heather Rankin and David Tyson, with a music video directed by American-Canadian filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald. The music video was released June 2, 2017, to honour Hartley’s birthday.[20]

When the Titanic finally lost its battle with the North Atlantic sea and disappeared into the abyss below the waves, it was and still is one of the worst maritime disasters to ever take place.  Taking with it over 1,500 lives, it is without a doubt one of the most famous tragedies in modern day history.

The story itself is well known.  Nicknamed the “unsinkable ship”, after having departed Southampton, England on the 10th April 1912, the Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage to travel to New York City.

The ship had contained a mixture of class of passenger, from millionaires and businessmen, to the lower class of society who were eager to begin a new life in America.

But just five days into the journey, disaster struck when the ships starboard side scraped alongside a giant iceberg that had already been reported floating around 400 nautical miles south off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The rest, as we know is history, and the story of the Titanic has been written in many books, as well as turned into movies and documentaries, with some perhaps adding mythology into the mix.

And this brings us to the story of a small group of courageous men, and one in particular, who have quite rightly become the epitome of the heroics that took place during that frightening and devastating morning on Monday, 15th April, 1912.

Wallace Hartley

Wallace Henry Hartley was just 33 years old when he was assigned to be the bandmaster for the Titanic, after having served on other ocean liners such as the RMS Lusitania and the RMS Mauretania.

Having been born and raised in Colne, Lancashire, Wallace was influenced by his father, Albion Hartley, who was the choirmaster and Sunday School superintendant at the Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel which is based along Burnley Road, Colne.

It was whilst attending worship with his family that Wallace would be introduced to the hymn, “Nearer, My God, to Thee” by his father, and this hymn would stay with Wallace throughout his short but invariably, interesting life.

After leaving school, he soon found employment with the Craven & Union Bank in Colne but when his family moved to Huddersfield in 1893, Wallace, who was 17 years old and by now a competent violinist, signed up for the Huddersfield Philharmonic Orchestra around 1895-96.

Wallace and his family would soon move from Huddersfield and relocate to Leeds and later to Dewsbury.

He would perform for the Bridlington Parade Orchestra, and it wasn’t just concert halls he would perform at, he would often play at the likes of Collinson’s Orient Café in Leeds.

It was whilst in Leeds he would meet with Maria Robinson, to whom he would become engaged, and planned to be married in the summer of 1912.

After spending time travelling on the Lusitania and then the Mauretania, in which he had made 81 voyages, Wallace, and one of his close friends, Mr. Ellwand Moody, a celloist, was asked just the day before the Titanic was due to sail, if they would transfer from the Mauretania to attend the ill-fated voyage.

Ellwand would later tell a reporter working for the Yorkshire Evening Post that he had been asked by Wallace to join him on the Titanic, but he refused, saying he had no liking for big boats.  He went on to say that they were building them too big and the Titanic had a sort of ‘presentiment’ that something would happen to her, and it was because of his superstitions that ‘something would happen’ that he made no attempt to join Wallace on the Titanic, despite being offered a preliminary offer £20 to do so.

As for Wallace, he was hesitant to take up the role of bandmaster on the Titanic, knowing he would be leaving behind his fiancée yet again for another travel, but certain was he that this trip could open up a whole new world of contacts, in the end it was an opportunity he could not turn down.

On the 10th April, the RMS Titanic would begin its maiden voyage, departing from Southampton and taking with it an estimated 2,224 passengers and crew members.

Wallace was accompanied on the Titanic by seven other musicians divided into two bands; Theodore Ronald Brailey, aged 24 and a pianist, Roger Marie Bricoux; aged 20 and a cellist; John Frederick Preston Clarke, aged 30, bassist; John Law Hume, aged 21, Violinist; Georges Alexandre Krins, aged 23, Violinist; Percy Cornelius Taylor, aged 32, Cellist and finally, John Wesley Woodward, aged 32, also a cellist.

And whilst we may think of Wallace himself as being a ‘hero’, we should never forget the other band members.  After all, Wallace was but just one man out of a group of eight, who, under extreme panic and duress, performed until the very last to try and comfort the passengers as the Titanic slowly began to submerge under the freezing cold water.

Witnesses who had survived the sinking would later tell reporters of hearing the band play to the very last. With ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ being mentioned on quite a few occasions. And yet, another favourite song of Wallace’s was that of ‘Oh God, our help in ages past’ and its quite concievable that both songs had been played by Wallace and his band during those final moments prior to the Titanic sinking.

In fact, Ellwand Moody himself believed that if what the witnesses themselves had heard was correct, then Wallace had most certainly played ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee.’

However, did the band really play this hymn, or any other hymns, as are are led to believe?

With all respect to Mr. Wallace Hartley and the other members of the band, let us have the truth at all costs, and not associate false sentimentality with any hymn or tune.

Astrophyl, Saturday, 27th April, 1912

In one newspaper article, printed inside the Yorkshire Evening Post on Saturday, 27th April 1912 – it seems one interested observer wasn’t convinced!

Doubting how anyone could play a musical instrument in such devestating circumstances and with the ship cantering over at an acute-angle, ‘Astrophyl’ as he called himself, asked; “ was it possible for the passengers rushing to the boats to hear these instruments playing any time on a ship nearly a sixth of a mile in length. How also could the people in the boats, who, it is stated, heard the playing of ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ as the liner sank beneath the waves, hear the hymn when they themselves, according to their own account, were about one mile from the spot? With all respect to Mr. Wallace Hartley and the other members of the band, let us have the truth at all costs, and not associate false sentimentality with any hymn or tune.”

Astrophyl could be absolutely correct in his assumptions, but we do know that it took over two hours for the Titanic to finally succumbe to the icey North Atlantic ocean and in that time the band, whilst almost certainly acknowleding their fate, would have had time to play some hymns.

The rest of the story, as we now know, is history, and rightly or wrongly, ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ would forever be associated with Wallace Hartley and the rest of his band mates.

It would be almost two weeks after the sinking of the Titanic that the body of Wallace Hartley would be recovered by the crew of the CS Mackay-Bennett, a cable repair ship owned by the Commercial Cable Company, registered in London.

Still wearing his bandsman’s uniform of which was a brown overcoat, black boots, green facings and green socks, Wallace was found with a leather case strapped around his neck that contained his violin, and in his pockets was a gold fountain pen with his initials W.H.H. engraved.  A single-stone diamond ring was on his finger and the watch he was wearing had stopped at precisely 2.25am.  It was full of sea water and discolored to a deep brown.

Inside his pockets was a collection of papers, but too badly damaged due to the sea-water.  And amongst these was a letter sent by his family, which contained a special message from his mother, accompanied by a number of crosses to represent kisses.  There was also a telegram from his fiancée, Maria.

A silver match box bearing an inscription was also found amongst his possessions.  It read; “To W.H.H., from Collinson’s Staff, Leeds.”

The Weekly Despatch, April 21st, 1912

His body would shortly thereafter be transferred to the Arabic, ready to be transported back to England.  On the 17th May, his father, Albion Hartley,  who was deeply affected by the death of his son, would meet the Arabic upon its arrival at Liverpool, and after Wallace’s coffin had been placed onto a waiting hearse, the coffin would be transported 59 miles during the evening before finally reaching its destination at the Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel at Colne at around one o’clock on Saturday morning, 18th May.

Throughout the day, thousands of people would descend on the town to attend the funeral. Flags were flying at half-mast on most large buildings, and shop keepers and householders showed their respect by drawing down blinds in their windows.

The service inside the Chapel, although private in nature, was attended by some members of the public, and took place from one o’clock in the afternoon, lasting for just over an hour.

During the proceedings, the coffin, which was made of rosewood and bore heavy brass mountings and including a simply worded inscription, which read ; “Wallace H. Hartley. Died April 15, 1912. Aged 33 years. “Nearer. My God. To Thee.”, rested in front of the alter, draped in a purple cloth bearing flowers and ferns. Behind it, a mass of wreaths which had been sent from all around the Country had been neatly arranged.

And amongst all of these was one very simple looking cross made from red roses and lillies of the valley with a card with the words ; “O teach me from my heart to say ‘Thy will be done.’” This last mark of respect was sent by Wallace’s fiancee, Maria Robinson.

After hymns and prayers had been made, along with songs that had included “Oh, Rest in the Lord.”, “Oh God, our help in ages past” and “Nearer, My God, To Thee.”, the service concluded with the “Dead March” in “Saul”.

A long procession then formed which was headed by mounted police and followed by a posse of police on foot.

Several bands from surrounding areas had all come together and these included Colne Band, Trawden Band, Mount Zion Band, Nelson Band and Brierfield Band.

The procession which was roughly half-a-mile in length, would eventually make its way slowly towards the public cemetery, with the route being densly lined with spectators, some of which had climbed onto roofs just to get a better view.

Due to the overwhelming outpouring of grief and the fact that onwards of 30,000 people had lined the route from the Chapel to the cemetery, the procession would take approximately two hours to reach its destination, arriving at just after four o’clock in the afternoon.

Inside the graveyard, only close family and friends would attend the final ceremony as Hartley’s coffin was slowly placed into the ground. At the graveside, the vast majority again began to sing, “Nearer, My God, To Thee.”

Finally, and as the ropes that had slowly lowered the coffin into its final resting place had been removed, a small group of scouts who had followed along in the procession and who had been allowed inside the graveyard, put their bugles to their lips, before closing out the ceremony by playing the “Last Post.”

Out of the seven members of the band Wallace had the fortune to lead on the Titanic, only two bodies would be recovered; those being John Frederick Preson Clarke and John Law Hume.

John Clarke was buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax on Wedneday, 8th May 1912.

John Hume was buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, also on Wednesday 8th May 1912.

One second-class passenger said:

“Many brave things were done that night, but none were more brave than those done by men playing minute after minute as the ship settled quietly lower and lower in the sea. The music they played served alike as their own immortal requiem and their right to be recalled on the scrolls of undying fame.”

Wallace Hartley
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