Demonic Enlightenment (9-8-22): Evil Deities Laugh That Satan May Be Exterminated

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NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Evil deities are insulted they are being replaced with human deities.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment (9-8-22): Though Father God has stated Satan will only be confined to the lake of fire (and not permanently exterminated), if the evil deities, fallen angels and humans who side with him get right soon, the evil deities laugh and say they don’t need Satan as their leader, that Satan can go ahead and get exterminated.

Many humans though are excited about the prospect of being deities in the place of the evil deities being exterminated and are now striving to follow Gail’s example.

Many evil deities are insulted that they are being replaced with human deities and refuse to surrender to Father God. They are heading up the remaining human Jesuits who still side with evil and still trying to harass Gail and those on the side of true and free love.

This means that Father God and Jesus will continue the war of the gods and the exterminations of the evil deities will continue.

Things are not looking good for Satan. He may be permanently exterminated. You see, he’s the one who got the evil rebellion against Father God started and if he can’t fix what he’s done, HE’S GONE FOREVER.

Jesus, out of love for his former BFF Lucifer, wanted to prevent Lucifer’s permanent extermination and hoped time in the lake of fire (after Jesus’s 1000 year reign) would redeem him. But when Lucifer started causing great harm to Gail, Jesus’s favorite human, Jesus chose to honor his love for Gail over his love for Lucifer and agreed with his dad that it’s extermination time.

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