Demonic Enlightenment (9-7-22, 9-8-22): Gail’s Car Transported To Heaven As Evidence Satan Breached Non-interference Agreement With Jesus FIRST

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NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Some nice meditation music. Awakening the goddess within.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 9-8-22 (6 a.m.): When the dealers came to get the car, there was a wasp nest attached to it, underneath it, because it had been sitting in the parking lot since March 7, 2022. The wasps were feeding on dried up and crusty Baphomet goat semen (inside all the car’s liquid lines, lining all the gas, oil and brake fluid lines), which has a sweet taste to it and wasps loved it.

The black guy who picked up the car was very nice to Gail and she decided to overlook the fact that her receipt in her email said she was supposed to get $220.00 instead of $200.00. He was a victim of Jesuit brain control when he went to the bank to get some cash for Gail and withdrew the wrong amount.

Gail went with one company, but they never responded to her request to pick up her car, so she went with another when she saw that they sent her a request in her email to set up a password so she could get into the account she had supposedly set up with them. So when she set up the password and went into the account, the car was already set for pick up and all the details about the car had been entered. An angel did this on behalf of Father God for Gail. This is because the Jesuits, working with their evil deity friends, had it set up that Gail would not be able to sell her car for cash, and the angels had to intervene. Gail noticed that every company she called to pick up her car for cash ignored her. So by Gail obeying what she learned in meditation a week ago, to wait till Sept. 7th to sell her car for cash, paid off. She received the angel email yesterday on the 7th. 7 is a divine number by the way.

The black guy who picked up Gail’s car was shocked when he arrived at his company and a band of angels waited for him to give them Gail’s car. He apologized profusely for giving Gail the wrong amount. He had just learned that he did and didn’t understand why he thought he owed Gail $200 instead of $220. They said, “No worries. Gail was pleased with his friendly, helpful service and is just glad to have the car off her hands.” They told him to keep the extra twenty dollars as a tip. He then said that he really liked the car and didn’t understand why Gail sold it for so cheap, that it seemed in good condition, that he was thinking of keeping it himself. “We wouldn’t advise that,” the angel said. “All its systems are contaminated with fallen angel semen, which tastes sweet and is why there was a wasp nest underneath the car when you pulled it out. However, once we deliver this car to heaven for a trial between Satan and Jesus, when you go home to your garage, you will see a perfect copy of this car, whatever color version of this car you want, waiting for you in your garage to reward you for faithfully delivering the car to us.”

Needless to say, the black guy had a very good day yesterday.

Satan is doing horrible at his trial. He keeps vomiting and when he’s not testifying, he lands in the lake of fire as his jail “holding place” inbetween sessions. Because of the brilliant evidence from Gail’s car, which is acid proof that Satan violated his non-interference agreement before Jesus supposedly did, he is fully in the wrong for trying to kill Jesus. He is now in the sentencing phase of his trial, though this may last a while. He will definitely be going to the Lake of Fire. You see, he violated his non-interference agreement by allowing fallen angels and deities to harass Gail and her men, when Jesus had not violated the non-interference agreement as Satan had stated when he almost killed Jesus.

In fact, one of the reasons Satan was able to make himself so powerful, so that he almost killed Jesus, was he worked with an evil deity to give him extra powers for his stand-off with Jesus (when Jesus was having a party and dancing, when Satan attacked him). That use of the evil deity was also a violation of the non-interference agreement. Actually, Jesus was not aware he had violated the non-interference agreement, because he mainly took the position of co-President to show support for Gail, but never planned to do anything with it. So when Satan attacked him, he was genuinely surprised. He also didn’t think Satan would have the audacity to violate the non-interference agreement so brazenly as he did.

Satan was trying to speed up the timetable and get the war of the gods started early. It wasn’t supposed to start till after the 1000 year reign of Christ, at which point Satan would have been in the Lake of Fire. Satan thought, with Gail and Brent both having IQs near 10,000, he wanted to even the playing field. So he cheated, violated the non-interference agreement with Jesus and started using deities and fallen angels, in violation of it and came up with a clever way to make it look like Jesus had violated the non-interference agreement.

If you’ll notice when Father God condemned Jesus in the Battle of the Gods, he did not condemn Jesus at all for violating his non-interference agreement with Satan, rather the focus was more on Jesus’s sexual sins, because Jesus blocked Brent’s root chakra to have sex with Gail. Father God knew that Satan was the one who violated the non-interference agreement. Once Jesus and Gail were dealt with for their more minor sins, he planned to go after Satan and his buddies next.

Satan knew when he was in the Lake of Fire (after the 1000 year reign) that the battle of the gods would commence and he wanted their help NOW. If the battle of the gods was won, Satan would have been released from the Lake of Fire to act as their bona fide ruler. So Father God decided since Satan wanted to speed up the timetable he gets to go to the Lake of Fire NOW, but he is pulled out when he testifies in the trial in heaven.

We are in the sentencing phase of the trial. Satan is definitely guilty of ALL charges Jesus has brought against him. Jesus is worried about Gail and how Satan has been harassing her and mainly wants this trial to get Satan and his band of evil deities and fallen angels to leave Gail alone. So Jesus beat up Satan and put him into a coma for harassing Gail.

Satan will definitely go to the Lake of Fire, but if Satan can’t convince the rest of the evil deities and fallen angels and the Jesuits on earth to surrender to God the Father and Jesus’s forces, he will be permanently exterminated. He was the one who led the evil forces from the beginning and Father God has determined it’s all his fault he’s evil, that he can’t blame it on Jesus anymore.

So the longer this battle of the gods drags out, the more certain that Satan will be permanently exterminated. If Satan’s evil deity and fallen angel companions decide to surrender and, because of doing that, allow Satan to just be in the Lake of Fire–cuz he’s going there, regardless–Satan must spend a lot of time in the Lake of Fire, if he’s EVER RELEASED from there, to teach him a lesson that it doesn’t pay to be evil.

When Satan decided to be evil, he was living in paradise, so he has no excuses and can’t blame it on Jesus anymore! Basically, he blamed it on Jesus because Jesus was having sex parties with Satan, like Jesus did with Gail and her supporters, and Satan claimed the sex parties gave him a liking for lust and so it was Jesus’s fault he turned evil. But Jesus’s sex parties with Gail and her supporters did not make them turn evil, and so because of Gail and her supporters and that they had a virtuous reaction to Jesus’s sex parties, Satan has lost his case.

However, because it’s hard to prevent evil ones from using Jesus’s direct interactions with them as an excuse for evil, Father God recommends Jesus not deal directly with lesser beings anymore. But to reward Gail and her supporters for honoring true and free love (and not using Jesus’s direct involvement with them as an excuse to sin like Satan did), those humans that honor Gail and what she stands for, will all (after hundreds of years) evolve to full 11 D deities. Satan despised the human race Jesus created to be Jesus’s companions, considering them vastly inferior to him and this is Father God’s statement to Satan, that he is wrong. Father God thinks the humans Jesus created are pretty epic, and is why he’s decided to evolve the ones that honor Gail into deities over time.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 9-7-22 (8:30 a.m.): Enlightenment instructed Gail to wait till today to sell the car Baphomet damaged for cash. Enlightenment instructs Gail to post her walk video for her Patrons first before she uses her computer online to sell her car for cash because the good deities need the computer cleared of most processes as they secure the computer while Gail transacts with a dealer to sell her car for cash. All of her transactions are being recorded in heaven for evidence. Father God will be working with the business that buys her car to transport the car to heaven as evidence that Satan used a non-human to sabotage Gail’s car BEFORE Jesus breached his non-interference agreement with Satan by becoming co-President.

The deities working with Jesus on earth will secure Gail’s computer as she does her transactions with the company that will buy her car for cash. This is all being collected as legal evidence for a case that involves Jesus and Satan, with Father God as the judge. Satan may be awakened from his coma, so he can stand trial. The verdict may decide whether Satan lives or dies.

You see, Satan claimed he had the right to try and kill Jesus for violating a non-interference agreement they had, because Jesus agreed to be co-President when Gail was President. This, supposedly, was a violation of Jesus’s promise not to be involved in earthly affairs, since now was not the time to do so.

Father God, as a just God, deems it very important that His Son keep his word. He likes to be completely just in all he does.

The problem is, is that Satan violated the non-interference agreement FIRST by using Baphomet to sabotage Gail’s car in January 2022, BEFORE Jesus moved into Gail’s apartment and BEFORE Jesus started having sex with Gail.

By using a NON-HUMAN, Baphomet, to sabotage Gail’s car, this was a clear violation on Satan’s part of the non-interference agreement Satan had with Jesus, because part of the agreement stipulated that Satan could only use humans as he attacked Gail and her men (and the humans who sided with Jesus), as long as Jesus still honored his end of the agreement. So, what this means, is all of Satan’s use of deities and non-humans in 2022 was a gross violation of the non-interference agreement and that Jesus NEVER VIOLATED IT EVER.

SO, because Satan violated the agreement FIRST, the agreement was NOT IN EFFECT at the time (March 2022) that Satan decided to beat up and kill Jesus, because Satan had ALREADY BREACHED THE AGREEMENT BY USING BAPHOMET TO SABOTAGE GAIL’S CAR IN JANUARY 2022, resulting in $8,000 worth of damages. This is because Baphomet ejaculated his semen into all the systems of the car that used liquids. So Satan was totally morally IN THE WRONG, when he decided to beat up Jesus.

Satan will be judged for the gross sin of attempting to murder a supreme deity with NO JUSTIFICATION FOR DOING SO, OTHER THAN BEING PURE EVIL.

Jesus’s ONLY SIN in his transactions recently was taking Brent’s root chakra. But this sin was not a violation of any non-interference agreement between Jesus and Satan, and was between Jesus and his dad and Jesus and Brent and Gail, and was NONE OF SATAN’S BUSINESS.

Unfortunately, this sin of taking Brent’s root chakra contributed to Jesus’s weakness, so that Satan was able to beat him up. It also didn’t help that Jesus was having too much sex with 3 D humans, which always weakens deities, because they have to compact their 11 dimensions down to 3 to have sex with humans.

Now, that Father God has decided to evolve some humans to 11 D, he is showing his approval for Jesus’s desire to have sex with worthy humans (in support of free and true love), as long as Jesus limits it to those humans who will evolve to 11 D. This will not weaken Jesus, because he can bring the future version of the human to the present and experience lovemaking with them 11 dimensionally.

Jesus has resolved this sin of taking Brent’s root chakra to his dad’s satisfaction and now the wheels of justice are moving onto Satan and his grievous sins.

Gail’s sin of disrespect towards Father God has been totally resolved, because she has repented in sackcloth and ashes in her heart and Father God has now offered her high deity status. She has declined this, feeling herself unworthy of it. Some humans can evolve to deity status, but it takes time, hundreds of years. Gail and her husband Brent are among the humans who will eventually become 11 D deities, hundreds of years from now. They are expanding their chakras now as they are evolving into higher dimensions.

Also, in Jesus’s defense, even though he took the position of co-President, it was more of a symbolic gesture, to show support for his favorite Gail, and Jesus seemed mainly obsessed with sex with humans and did NOTHING in his capacity as co-President. Gail can attest to this. Jesus was a DEADBEAT as Gail’s co-President. Jesus basically TOTALLY NEGLECTED HIS JOB AS CO-PRESIDENT and was co-President in NAME ONLY.

Now, with Gail cleared and Jesus cleared, the wheels of justice are falling on Satan and his cohorts. The war of the gods is ON (with the deities on Satan’s side and the deities on Jesus’s side warring each other) and the verdict is that free love deserves to reign and can do so without evil. Satan has lost this one.

There is also a decision to be made on how to punish Satan for the grievous sin of attempting to unjustly murder a supreme deity (Jesus), with no moral grounds to do so.

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