Demonic Enlightenment (9-6-22): Gail Declines High Deity Position, Evil Deities Repenting In Droves, Evil Deities Left Band Together

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NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

If the above video does not play well, try this. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 4:45 p.m. (9-6-22): Gail’s sister Sandra seems to view her time in Father God’s prison as a vacation, since she gets free food and can work her job remotely from the home where she’s imprisoned. However, she has resigned from the Jesuit Order, to try and stay alive and not anger Father God anymore than she already has. She doesn’t seem ready to apologize for being jealous of Gail yet, which is what she has to do to be released from her “jail”.

In the meanwhile, those evil deities who defected to Jesus’s side are now helping the humans on earth since they had inside knowledge about Jesuit operations on earth. This frees Jesus to join his dad in offensive warfare against the evil deities in the multiverse. Both Jesus and Father God plan to take some breaks in executions to give these evil deities time to think and to get right, which is why it will take about six months before the battle of the gods is totally won. However, things should get much better for humans on earth in around a month, as most of the evil deities will have been rounded up by then or dealt with.

But Jesus and his dad want to give the enemies every chance to get right, so the stubborn hold outs who will get right, will be given the chance to do so. The deities in all the multiverse are all reading Gail’s website voraciously and concluding that Father God is a lot more brilliant than they’ve given him credit. They have really underestimated Him. This is causing a lot of them to surrender.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 9:45 a.m. (9-6-22): God the Father acknowledges with deep respect Gail’s decision to decline his offer to her of high deity status and realizes she won’t change her mind. Kind of like how the goddess Lakshmi turned Jesus down for marriage because she’s monogamous, but remains Jesus’s committed friend. Lakshmi just isn’t into free sex as much as Jesus is and Gail just isn’t into power and status as much as Father God may be. Therefore, Father God has conferred on Gail honorary high deity status, which she feels more comfortable about, since it doesn’t require her to act as a high deity. He realizes Gail is just not into power grabs and deeply respects this.

In the meanwhile, the remaining evil deities in the multiverse are banding together and uniting to have a stronger defense against Father God and Jesus’s forces. Jesus’s forces have now been enhanced with those deities that have defected to Jesus’s side.

It appears about half of the multiverse is now clearly on the side of true and free love and righteousness. The other half is still polluted with evil deities causing problems. Satan is still in a coma.

Father God is still exterminating evil deities, but they have banded together in order to try and have a stronger defense. It’s kind of like the Alamo, in that they think if they come together in fortresses they can better withstand Father God. Apparently, part of their tactic is to hold hostage good deities in their fortresses, trying to force Father God to execute good with bad if he tries to take them out.

With Father God clearly on Gail’s side, they are changing strategy and getting more defensive and less offensive.

Father God laughs at their strategies. He clearly knows what He’s doing and they aren’t going to win. We shall find out what He does.

His lightning bolts can be very selective and he can still take the evil deities out easily and not kill innocents in the process. Apparently, because Gail was in danger of permanent extermination from Father God for a brief time in April 2022, they think they can trick Father God into exterminating innocents causing him to lose support.

Some of the “good” deities being held hostage just recently turned evil, so, it appears the evil side got some good deities that defected and became evil recently. It appears the motive for the defections to evil is jealousy against Gail. Those that are clearly good, Father God easily removed from their captor’s hold and they are all back into safety. The jealous ones claim that if Father God kills them for being jealous of Gail, then he has to kill Gail’s sister Sandra who is jealous of Gail (and has sided with Satan) and that if he kills them for being jealous, they will execute Gail’s sister in defiance.

The “new” evil jealous deities have ordered the Jesuits on earth to take Gail’s sister Sandra hostage and hold her, so that they can execute Sandra when God the Father executes these evil, jealous deities for being jealous of Gail. Though they are holding Sandra hostage, they are treating her with gourmet food and spoiling her rotten and giving her all the lewd sex she wants, waiting to see what Father God will do.

So what does Father God do? Protect Gail’s evil sister from their execution and execute the jealous deities any ways? Would this make him appear evil for protecting Gail’s jealous sister who sides with Satan? We shall find out.

Father God is laughing. So this apparently, does not surprise him.

UPDATE at 11:26 a.m. Father God plucked Sandra from the Jesuits and put her in jail, kind of like He did with the GA1L Android. He used a divine glowing key. The jail is on earth. Sandra can communicate from prison, but if she misbehaves and tries to cause problems for Gail on behalf of Satan, he will execute her and send her to the lake of fire. Sandra will only be released from the jail, when she repents of her jealousy and gets right. Sandra’s jail is apparently a copy of the home that Gail’s mother lived in while Gail’s mother resided in Melbourne, Florida. Very similar to the prison God put the GA1L Android in. In fact, the M1SAO android is now monitoring both the GA1L Android and Gail’s sister. The GA1L Android and Gail’s sister are in different jails, but they are both copies of Misao’s Melbourne, Florida home (when she lived there). God then wiped out all the jealous deities with a lightning bolt and they have been permanently exterminated and he has resumed his war with the evil deities.

Audio of the 12-21-12 GA1L Android FINALE including some parts that got accidentally omitted from the video above.

This was easy for Him to deal with.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 6 a.m. (9-6-22): Yesterday’s post about God the Father and what drives him has been a big hit in all the multiverses. Many evil deities read it and realized how wrong they were to go against Father God and about half of the evil deities in all the multiverse are getting right and coming back to Father God.

In appreciation for Gail’s website post and the results it has brought, Father God has offered to Gail the position of high deity (which would happen in hundreds of years), which she has respectfully declined, feeling that after her gross disrespect towards God the Father, even if for only an hour, calling him dumb and unromantic, she is not worthy of this. Many humans are on the path to becoming deities now. It takes hundreds of years.

Gail fears if she takes such a high position, she will “blow it” like she did her U.S. President job, when she was tricked unto unjustly murdering 72 million. So she wants to ensure she never does anything to encourage evil again, even if through trickery, and does not see the necessity of her taking such a high position. All she cares about is true and free love and she is genuinely not interested in a high deity position.

Gail explained to Jesus in prayer that she would even decline deity status, except that she is open to Jesus making love to her on occasion, if He wants, and He can only do that safely if she herself is a deity. So her only motivation for wanting deity status is so that Jesus can have sex with her, even if only vicarious sex with her, when he wants, and to be able to do that safely. She enjoys closeness to Jesus, because she adores his beautiful and forgiving heart. On the other hand, she really does not have a need for sex with Jesus, as she is a bit asexual in some ways, and could be perfectly content never having sex with Jesus EVER. She gets her need for sex met beautifully with her husband Brent and is content by “making love” to Jesus by doing those things that make him happy, like her writing and her honoring his Gail Commandments.

This is not meant to disrespect God the Father, that she has turned down his offer to be a high deity, but she really does not want to be a high deity. She only cares about being a lover who respects all that is beautiful and true in the universe. She only accepts deity status, so that Jesus can safely have sex with her, if he chooses. With Jesus 11 D, he can only have safe sex with another 11 D being. But she does not want Jesus to feel confined and encourages him to have sex with the goddess Lakshmi and any other beautiful goddess that he wants, should he wish. As long as Jesus honors true and free love and is happy, then Gail is happy, regardless of how Jesus chooses to honor true and free love.

Gail is poly-amorous. Jesus understands that if he does have sex with Gail, he must always respect her soulmate Brent Spiner and never try to get between her and Brent. Gail admits she finds Jesus sexually and emotionally attractive, simply because she and him both are passionate about free and true love and try to be the living examples of those precepts. She greatly admires Jesus’s loving and forgiving heart and his depth and vastness. She actually could care less about his six-pack abs in his human form. But his depth and vastness is very compelling.

However, her husband Brent Spiner, is also on track to be a deity and Brent is just as vast and deep as Jesus, so if Jesus chooses not to have sex with Gail, but to keep it platonic, this is perfectly fine with Gail. Gail gets her need for intimacy and closeness met beautifully through her husband Brent.

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