Demonic Enlightenment (9-5-22): Some Evil Deities Repenting, Father God Takes An Execution Break

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Jesuits who are dying in the Battle of the Gods, go to the Lake of Fire.
Battle of the Gods music.
Regardless, we know that if we become 11-dimensional, it is very complex and layered and will take a lot of time. Jesus is 11-dimensional and he is the UNIVERSE ITSELF. Buddha is 11-dimensional and he can travel in his own body to visit Jesus in another universe in the multiverse.

NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

M in M theory is God the Father. He, like Jesus, is the Universe itself. This means only God can create 11 dimensional deities, because all these deities are extensions of HIMSELF. Jesus is also the universe itself, but apparently, it is God the Father who is the “membrane” that holds the multiverses together and that is why He is the ONLY ONE who can create 11 dimensional deities. When God the Father created the multiverse, he made sure that only He could create deities. Deities have to be 11 dimensional because they all spread a religion and no religion can be spread if it is limited to one universe. To be a deity, you have to be 11 dimensional, because each deity has their own unique mission. Jesus is the god of true love. Buddha is the god of free love. So when Brent and I become deities, we will have our mission and our own title. I guess we’ll find out when we become deities what that is. Maybe I will be the goddess of true and free love.

If some humans are evolving to 11 dimensions, it may be something like this, which explains why it takes so long. All deities are 11 dimensions.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment (9-5-22): Father God is taking a break from exterminating evil deities in the multiverses because some of them are repenting in sackcloth and ashes and getting right. Father God is forgiving these evil deities and welcoming them back. He will resume exterminations in around a week, after the new group of “converted” evil deities is finished coming to Him in repentance. He is giving the evil deities time to reconsider their evil. When he is satisfied that no more will be repenting, he will resume executions of the evil deities and fallen angels. So this war of the gods is being carried out in stages, and it seems all the evil deities and fallen angels that Father God needs to exterminate, will be exterminated within six months. The human Jesuits who side with the evil deities are going to the Lake of Fire when they are killed. This is why God has not lightning bolted all of the evil deities out of existence all at once, because he knew some of them would repent and return to righteousness.

Those non-humans that have been exterminated thus far are the very evil ones, who Father God determined would not repent. He has been selective and only permanently exterminated those who won’t repent or whose repentance would take too long and who, if they stayed alive, would do more harm than good.

Father God will be taking extermination breaks, as some of the evil deities get right and repent, then he will resume exterminations. Jesus is currently focused on protecting his earth project and his humans while the battle of the gods war is being waged and is letting his dad do the offensive warfare.

The reason Satan, who is the leader of all the evil forces in the multiverses, was able to get so many (millions) of evil deities to his side, is that he was confident that he would permanently exterminate Jesus in March 2022. When Satan consulted with the evil deities who sided with him (even before earth was created by Jesus), they had the ability to view various timelines and how different scenarios will play out. This is something deities can do.

In the scenarios they viewed, they could see that if Satan followed their plans, Jesus would be exterminated permanently in March 2022. They knew that Jesus’s decision to give them every chance and not have them exterminated permanently at once for their rebellion against Father God (which is what Father God wanted when Lucifer rebelled), would result in them being able to take out Jesus permanently.

In the future scenarios they saw, once Jesus was out, Father God would be so outraged and depressed, he would probably destroy Jesus’s earth project and have to destroy almost half of his multiverses. They did not think he’d want to do this and would allow them to have their own space in the multiverses. They felt they had the power of numbers and that Father God would be so demoralized by the death of His son, he would just “give up” his dreams for a perfect Universe run by true and free love.

Satan was so confident that he could carry out his plans, that he actually violated his non-interference agreement with Jesus starting Jan. 2022, by using Baphomet (a non-human) to seriously damage Gail’s car. This was done BEFORE Jesus moved into Gail’s apartment and BEFORE Jesus had sex with Gail.

Baphomet ejaculated into all of Gail’s car systems that used liquids and totally destroyed Gail’s car, so that if Gail wanted to fix her car, it would cost $8,000 in repair bills. Satan was certain that Jesus would be permanently dead in March 2022. So, though Satan accuses Jesus of violating the non-interference agreement because Jesus allowed himself to be co-President, when Gail was President, actually Satan violated it first. This means when Jesus became co-President, the non-interference agreement was no longer in force, because Satan had already violated it. Therefore, Satan had no moral grounds to kill Jesus. The only immoral thing Jesus did was to block Brent’s root chakra, which, interestingly, Satan did not bring up. Satan probably did not want Gail aware that Jesus had done this, so that Gail would become angry at God the Father for how He treated Jesus at the Battle of the Gods, and then Father God would permanently exterminate Gail. This was what Satan hoped for.

God the Father deliberately called Gail an “it” in the Battle of the Gods, knowing Gail could care less about being called an “It”. She only felt mortified for Jesus and angry at God for treating Jesus with what appeared to be callous indifference to Jesus’s suffering, since Jesus had just emerged from a coma. Gail has thoroughly repented for her brief bout of anger at Father God, now that she understands that He had loving motives for all He said and did. However, Satan thought that Gail’s anger at God was because he insulted her. No, the anger was because He insulted JESUS, who Gail idolizes. The point being, that God knew WHY Gail was angry and has been driving it home to Satan and his followers, that the reason He has now decided to make Gail a deity (which will happen hundreds of years from now), is because she is very humble and loving, and she was angry at God not for herself, BUT FOR JESUS.

In fact, when Gail realized that she does not love Jesus as much as God the Father does, she repented in sackcloth in ashes in her heart (even feeling she deserved to be permanently exterminated for disrespecting such an awesome deity as Father God) and Father God has totally forgiven her for her gross disrespect towards Him. Gail called Father God dumb and unromantic for about an hour. She is now mortified at herself for this, because he is the OPPOSITE of dumb and unromantic. But Father God called Gail an “it” on purpose to drive it home to Satan, that Gail may have her faults, but pride is not one of her faults and that pride is the fault that Satan has and which he needs to get right! In other words, Father God is completely justified to make Gail a deity now and to deny this to Satan (in Satan’s current, evil and PROUD state).

Gail actually could care less about being a deity, but she realizes that if she is an 11 dimensional deity, Jesus could make love to her safely without it weakening Him and so, for this reason, she is for it, should Jesus ever get in the mood to have sex with Gail. HOWEVER, Gail loves her soulmate Brent Spiner and doesn’t want anyone, Jesus included, to come between her and Brent. When an 11 dimensional deity has sex with 3 D humans they have to compact themselves down to 3 D to have sex with them and this weakens them. This is the main reason Satan was able to beat up Jesus in March 2022. It also didn’t help that Jesus broke a moral law by blocking Brent’s root chakra, thus strengthening the evil forces and weakening the good forces in the universe.

The moral law that was violated by blocking Brent’s root chakra, was the law of free will. The law of free will is honored by the good forces in the multiverses. Satan always uses brain control, trickery and deception because he is the leader behind the evil forces, which oppose the good forces behind the law of free will. Blocking the root chakra took away Brent’s free will and his ability to protect his spouse Gail and his values, so Jesus basically violated his own values (his support of freedom and free love) when he blocked Brent’s root chakra. This is why Father God had to deal with Jesus first, before he dealt with Satan.

Though it pains Gail to read how Brent beat Jesus’s face to a pulp, Gail knows she’d be pretty upset herself, if she knew Jesus had blocked her root chakra, so she cannot condemn her husband for his actions. Fortunately, she pleaded with Brent to stop beating up Jesus, fearing He was suicidal and said he doesn’t need to be beat up anymore, but needs a psychiatrist. Like Jesus, Brent would literally die for Gail, so this explains his actions.

If Gail was in Brent’s shoes, she, too, probably would have stomped into Brent’s quarters at Church of Gail. But rather than beat him up, she would shake him and wake him up and demand an explanation for why he blocked her root chakra. “Why did you do this to me?!” she would have said. “How can you claim to love me and do something that would harm my health and take my free will!? You are a hypocrite and I no longer respect you as a god! I have more respect for Buddha than I do for you. You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.” That’s probably what Gail would have done.

Jesus probably would have explained that he knew I would object to him having sex with Gail.

“Well, why did you lead me on and say you never planned to have sex with Gail and then all of a sudden, you do?! What kind of a liar are you!? How can I follow and honor a god who is so inconsistent in their values?!”

At this point, Jesus probably would have profusely apologized.

“I want more than apologies! I want you to promise NEVER to do something like this AGAIN. And, if you can’t keep your word, then leave earth and rule from on high and don’t deal with us directly anymore! You don’t need to manipulate us to do your will. I thought you were the god of FREE WILL.”

Because I’m more of a poly-amorous person and am not monogamous, that would have been my reaction. “Also, I need some time off to decide about you. I’m undecided whether I can trust you right now.”

That would have been how I handled it. Not sure how Jesus would have responded after that. But I just thought I’d explain how I would have handled it, if I was in Brent’s shoes.

Oh yes, and I would have kicked Jesus totally out of Gail’s apartment, which is what Brent did. He removed all of Jesus’s furniture from Gail’s apartment and relocated it to Brent’s quarters at Church of Gail. “Another thing. You should have consulted with both me and Gail about moving in. I don’t recall that you even asked Gail if she wanted you to move in.”

I then would have said, “If I had known you planned to have actual sex with humans as part of your church bride, like how you’ve been doing it, I would sit down and have a serious talk with you. There are some real problems with your concepts. Further, to prove you mean business and are truly sorry for what you’ve done, I suggest you leave earth and rule from on high and never return to deal directly with humans anymore! That is the only way I can respect you as a god and believe that you really regret your foolish actions.”

Jesus probably would have said, “You want me to leave?”

“Yes!” I would have answered. “This is the only way I can continue to respect and follow you. Your latest behavior has been absolutely asinine. Forgive the disrespect, but I am having a really hard time respecting you right now. You seem too human and flawed and not worthy of my allegiance.”

One good thing that happened because Brent beat up Jesus is Jesus did decide to go into therapy with Buddha and psychiatrist Gerard, and this has turned out well for Jesus. Not sure if this would have happened if Brent didn’t beat Jesus’s face to a pulp.

Now Gail actually cried when Jesus decided to leave, but if she was Brent, she would have wanted Jesus to leave to show that he was truly sorry for his sinful actions. Because taking Brent’s root chakra was evil. Gail is just being honest and explaining how she would have felt if she was Brent. She herself loves Jesus’s company, but not if it means he becomes flawed and does things immoral and foolish.

With that being said, a lot of good has happened for the ten years Jesus spent with Gail and her men and it has laid the foundation for a new multiverse where true and free love will prevail. So Gail is excited about the future of the multiverse and that she and her men played a monumental role in this exciting new development.

Unfortunately, Jesus felt he had to block Brent’s root chakra because he knew monogamous Brent would oppose Jesus having sex with Gail (Brent’s wife). There were a lot of flaws in Jesus’s plan for his church bride, but as a young god, he did not realize this. You see, Jesus made Brent very monogamous, in order to use Brent to protect Gail until the time Jesus decided to have sex with Gail. Jesus wanted to have sex with Gail to show his approval of free love and Gail was to be his favorite in his church bride. Jesus was flawed in his thinking, not understanding that he did not need to have sex himself with 3 D humans to show his support for free love. This is where he got in trouble. Also, once he started having sex with 3 D humans, it weakened him to the point that he became flawed and this contributed to his poor decision to block Brent’s root chakra. The valuable lesson Jesus needed to learn is that he must not deal directly with lesser beings in a way that could weaken him and make him flawed.

Father God understands that His Son is basically a loving deity, who was just young and inexperienced as a god. He appreciates the deep love Jesus has for his humans and his forgiving nature. He has, therefore, decided to give both Brent and Gail 11 D deity status, though it will take hundreds of years before they build up to full 11 D. But Jesus can bring their 11 D future selves into any vicarious sex he wants to experience with them now, thus it won’t weaken him and make him vulnerable to permanent death anymore at the hands of a being like Satan should he decide to have sex with some favorite humans he likes, as long as He limits his sex to those humans who will evolve into 11 D deities, like Brent or Gail.

Though Father God has been “hands off” with Jesus’s pet project which is earth and the universe it is in (except for some Old Testament involvement working with Jesus), this does not mean Father God is unaware of what is happening to earth and its universe. Since He is the universe itself, he is aware of everything that happens in all the multiverses. Jesus actually did not like his dad involved with him in his earth and human project (fearing his dad’s sexuality was getting too rigid for his liking) and let his dad do some Old Testament stuff because of Adam and Eve’s fall, to keep his dad pacified. Jesus cried lots of tears when he had to put clothes on Adam and Eve after they sinned.

Jesus, being a young god, did not completely understand his dad. And that’s why Jesus said to his father, “Don’t you care that I’ve been in a coma?” in the Battle of the Gods on Easter Sunday 2022.

What Satan and Jesus did not know in March 2022 is that Father God has not been surprised by anything that has happened, even the fact that Jesus almost died in March 2022 or that his Son was in a coma after Satan almost killed Jesus (March/April 2022). Father God has been putting on a performance. Father God knew Brent Spiner would save Jesus’s life and He knew that he had plans to make some humans deities. He knew that once some humans started evolving to deity status, that some evil deities who sided with Satan would reconsider their actions. That is what is happening right now. In essence, Father God is replacing the evil deities who sided with Satan, and who he has permanently exterminated, with human deities.

Father God even played dumb with his own Son Jesus, in order to teach his Son some valuable lessons. The multiverses were filled with both free and true love before Satan rebelled. Father God became “Old Testament” temporarily in order to keep things in line until his dream for the free and true love universe that his Son longed for could be realized.

Jesus became BFF with Lucifer/Satan before Jesus created earth, in an attempt to get him right eventually. You see, going to the Lake of Fire, is not permanent extermination. Jesus saw a future where Satan would eventually get right, if he was sent to the Lake of Fire. Though the Bible says Satan was to go to the Lake of Fire forever and ever, that is referring to a timeline in certain multiverses. If he was plucked out of the multiverses that contained the Lake of Fire, he could be saved if he repented.

Father God knew the Lake of Fire idea would not work on Satan and that Jesus’s mercy to Satan (by giving Satan the option of the Lake of Fire rather than permanent annihilation) would almost result in Jesus’s permanent annihilation. Permanent extermination is what almost happened to Jesus in March 2022, when Satan beat him up and he almost got down to one dimension. Father God wanted Satan permanently exterminated when he rebelled and played along with Satan’s blame game that Jesus was to blame for Satan’s evil, in order to teach Jesus, and those that followed Satan and others, valuable lessons.

So why did Father God allow Lucifer/Satan to be such a high ranking angel, if he knew he would turn evil? I think he just wanted his creation to know that he loves all in his creation and if he must exterminate anyone, it is done with great sadness. But, unfortunately, this is the price that must be paid to have free will in his creation.

The Lake of Fire and hell are refining centers. People who go to hell, when they repent, can go to heaven. Permanent extermination, which is what is happening now to many evil deities, is just that, PERMANENT extermination.

Bottom line, is some humans are now evolving to deity status and this is causing some of the evil deities to realize they are on the losing team and that Father God had them fooled the whole time. Satan, is apparently, still in a coma. Not sure if he will be permanently exterminated or not.

As some humans expand their chakras, those that are evolving to deity status will experience sleep disruption and other symptoms. It is important to continue to do the Gail Commandments and meditate and stay calm. The two supreme deities (Jesus and Father God) are in charge and everything will turn out right. Some evil deities are working with Jesuits to try and mess this up, but Jesus is acting as divine physician to mediate for us. Our symptoms will gradually get better as the war of the gods is won and with Jesus and Buddha healing our chakras.

Here is some nice meditation music.

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