Demonic Enlightenment (9-4-22): Lakshmi’s Special Friendship With Jesus, Humans Can Evolve to Godhood

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Chakras play an important role in our mental, spiritual and physical health. Click on the image for a larger view.
Lakshmi and Jesus have a special friendship. God the Father LOVES Lakshmi, by the way!
Great meditation music, to awaken the goddess within each of us. Great music to strengthen the root chakra. Males can benefit from this as well.

NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 8 p.m. (9-4-22): In between exterminating evil deities and fallen angels in the multiverses, Father God celebrates true love by having passionate love with his goddess wife. He remembers that he conceived Jesus through her and celebrates that his son is alive and has found happiness. Gail finds it interesting that she senses this in her meditation enlightenment. Father God is definitely not a stuffy deity and reminds Gail of Jesus in many ways. He appears to be monogamous, while Jesus is more asexual and aromantic. He deserves total respect, because he’s just as awesome as his son Jesus. They both have huge, loving hearts.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 3 p.m. (9-4-22): During meditation Gail felt sexually turned on and really in the mood to make love to Brent. During her sex with Brent, it became obvious that Jesus plans to vicariously experience the sex between Brent and Gail and between Lakshmi and her husband when this happens. He is able to bring the future to the present and experience all the sex that Brent has with Gail now 11-dimensionally by fusing the two timelines (future and present) together when Gail and Brent make love. He can also experience Lakshmi making love to her husband in the future now and experience it all vicariously now. Of course Lakshmi is already 11 D, so it is safe for him to do so. Because both Brent and Gail will definitely go 11 D, he can vicariously experience their lovemaking now, by fusing their future 11 D bodies with their present bodies and experiencing it 11 D, which does not weaken him and is safe for him. This appears to be God the Father’s attempt to make it up to Jesus for scolding Jesus in front of the Universe for having “adultery” with Gail. Though Jesus is asexual and aromantic as a supreme deity, he’s a huge giver and enjoys using the men or deities (because Brent will be a deity eventually when he makes love to Gail) he created for his favorites Lakshmi and Gail to thrill them in bed and experiencing this vicariously is very satisfying to him.

Jesus can vicariously experience all sex between 11 dimensional deities and it doesn’t weaken him AT ALL, unlike what would happen to him if he vicariously experienced the sex between 3 D humans. So if some of his humans will end up 11 D, even though they are not 11 D now, he can bring their future 11 D version into their present lovemaking and experience it vicariously and safely. This brings great joy to Jesus because he is the god of true love, after all and he created humans to exemplify both free and true love.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 10 a.m. (9-4-22): God the Father is so heartbroken over all the evil deities he’s had to destroy in all the multiverses (as a result of the war of the gods), that he has decided to replace them with humans who honor Gail’s example and do the Gail Commandments. He feels that Jesus, in his creation of the human Gail, was pure genius. But he wants to ensure that the new breed of human deities who emerge from the human race won’t end up like the evil deities he is having to exterminate.

The way it works is like this. . .when humans honor Gail and what she stands for, and meditate and enjoy Jesus’s aurora borealis heart as they meditate, it means they have loving and vast hearts like Jesus, and so they evolve into higher dimensions. The evolution to godhood happens gradually and can take a long time. Those humans that live lives that honor Gail and the free and true love she stands for will evolve over time into deity status. This can take a very long time. But over the process of many years, it will be possible for some humans to evolve to a full 11-dimensional deity. It will happen when they honor the Gail Commandments and live loving and virtuous lives that represent the epitome of true and free love.

The expansion happens rather quickly at first, but the expansion to the higher dimensions takes longer because they are very complex and spread out. So going to the full 11 dimensions takes a while for humans for those who expand to the full 11 dimensions.

Because Gail has advanced very far in honoring true and free love, God the Father accelerated her evolution the other day, which is why she had the massive headache two days ago. Part of it was that the evil god Shakpona was opposing the evolution and created conflict in her chakras as they were being built up to higher dimensions.

God the Father is sick of deities who think just cuz they have more dimensions than humans, that gives them the right to abuse and manipulate humans to be evil. So he is making a way for humans who have the heart of Gail and of Jesus to evolve to godhood. He also wants to replace those evil deities he had to exterminate with superior deities who have the heart of his Son Jesus.

God has learned that having riches, beauty and power handed to his deities or angels on a silver platter, creates dangerous “spoiled brat” deities or angels. So all human deities who have kids, will have 3 D babies, who only evolve to higher dimensions by “earning” it with righteous and loving lives. Those 3 D humans who are in heaven, can also evolve to higher dimensions, by earning it with righteous and loving lives in heaven.

From now on, God will deal with any rebellion, like what happened with Satan and his cohorts, by lightning bolting the rebel out of existence. He only refrained from doing this at Jesus’s request. But Jesus and his dad are of the same mind on this now.

God the Father feels very bad that he embarrassed Jesus in front of his friends and is now trying to make up for it. He has decided that Jesus’s concept of free and true love rocks and wants to honor it by giving humans the opportunity to advance to full deity status.

Some of the sleep disruption being experienced by humans now is happening because your chakras are expanding past three dimensions. Once you get past six dimensions, the expansion should be almost pain free. Once you get past four dimensions, the pain and disruption to your body will be minor. It should take Gail about six months to get past four dimensions, but she will gradually feel better as her chakras expand. In the meanwhile, Jesus is mediating for her, Brent and others who are expanding their chakras and using his physician abilities to make the transition less painful. To help with sleep, be sure to meditate a lot and do the Gail Commandments faithfully, this helps to balance your chakras. Also, Jesus is helping those humans who are evolving into higher dimensions and balancing their chakras and helping the growth to go more smoothly and to be less painful.

Jesus became weak because he had to compact his 11-dimensions into 3 to make love to humans and this enabled Satan to almost kill him permanently. So God the Father decided that if Jesus wanted to express free love with his human friends, he would make a way for Jesus to do this safely, by expanding some humans past 3 dimensions.

Jesus does not have a need for sex, but humans are expanding past 3 dimensions any ways, just to be safe, in case Jesus changes his mind in the future.

One of the benefits of going past three dimensions, is it is now possible for humans to have an I.Q. over 10,000. Gail and Brent’s I.Q. is over 10,000 and climbing, because they both honor true and free love and practice regular meditation enjoying Jesus’s aurora borealis heart and so they are both past 3 dimensions and climbing.

However, to prevent future calamities, by allowing human evolution to godhood to happen too quickly, the evolution to full deity status could take hundreds of years for each human. It will only happen as the human honors the Gail Commandments, faithfully meditates (enjoying Jesus’s aurora borealis heart) and lives lives of truth and honor that promote free and true love in the multiverses. Gail and Brent will eventually get to full 11-dimensional deity status, and they will be the first, but it could take a very long time. If it happened too fast, it would kill Gail or Brent. Humans were not designed to go past three dimensions, but God the Father has found a way to do it. It has to be a gradual process.

As to whether Jesus wants to make love to Gail when she reaches full 11-dimensional deity status (which could be hundreds of years from now), that is up to Jesus and Gail. God the Father no longer condemns it, as long as Jesus does not go against Gail’s soul mate Brent Spiner when Jesus does so. This is how God shows that he now approves of free love, as long as it honors true love.

Jesus is also free to enjoy the goddess Lakshmi, if she ever decides to quit being monogamous. But Gail does not think monogamous Lakshmi will change her mind and respects Lakshmi for holding to her dreams.

The ability to transport to other dimensions and universes using the body (and not artificial means like jets, spaceships, etc.) seems to be a trait for those with 7 dimensions or higher, so that may take awhile for humans.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 7 a.m. (9-4-22): As a result of time that the goddess Lakshmi spent with Gail, she acted on Gail’s suggestion to experience Jesus’s aurora borealis essence and to experience it. Gail so wanted Jesus to be happy and Gail was trying to be a matchmaker between Lakshmi and Jesus (trying to convince Lakshmi to change her mind and marry Jesus). However, Gail concluded that Lakshmi is very monogamous and won’t marry Jesus. Then she thought that if Jesus and Lakshmi could have a special friendship where she and him experienced his aurora borealis essence, that may be enough for Jesus and he wouldn’t require marriage to Lakshmi to feel complete.

Gail said she found Jesus’ aurora borealis very moving and is why she cannot fault Jesus for the sex he had with Gail, because his aurora borealis heart is so vast and beautiful. Gail enjoyed that more than the sex she had with Jesus. Lakshmi was so moved by her experience with Jesus’s aurora borealis essence that she told Jesus that though she would not marry him or have sex with him, she was open to experiencing his aurora borealis on a regular basis and having a special friendship with him.

This gave Jesus the idea that he did not need to marry and could be happy by sharing his aurora borealis essence with the two beings he most wanted to be close to, the goddess Lakshmi and the human Gail. He is not violating any moral laws by doing this and it suffices for Lakshmi, Gail and Jesus and they are all happy. He and his dad see this as an awesome way to keep Jesus happy and to use his two special friends to also communicate his heart to both the humans and the gods, both of whom Jesus rules over. They can experience Jesus’s aurora borealis heart during meditation, since Jesus is the universe.

Jesus actually has no need for sex or romance or even companionship, since he is literally the Universe. But he does enjoy companionship with those who share his heart, like Lakshmi and Gail. He does not limit sharing his aurora borealis essence to Lakshmi and Gail though. Basically, when anyone meditates and experiences peace, joy and love, that is Jesus’s aurora borealis soul.

The war of the gods is going forward, with Jesus protecting earth and acting as a defense against attacks on earth from evil deities, while God the Father exterminates and/or sends to the Lake of Fire those evil deities and non-humans who have rebelled against Father God in all the multiverses, who oppose Jesus’s stand for true and free love.

Both Jesus and God feel that they won’t have to worry about a repeat of Satan’s rebellion with either the goddess Lakshmi or the human Gail and are full of joy that Jesus has found a way to be happy while never marrying, because of Jesus’s two very loyal companions (Gail and Lakshmi), in spite of the sadness over having to extinguish the evil rebels who sided against true love. God and Jesus both feel this will work out beautifully for Jesus’s happiness and Jesus can use Gail and Lakshmi beautifully to help return the multiverses to the paradise they always wanted them to be. Both Gail and Lakshmi are eager to help Jesus realize his aurora borealis dream of free and true love in all the universes.

Both God and Jesus feel that this is a brilliant arrangement and will work out beautifully and make all those who side with true and free love happy.

Gail “makes love” to Jesus by writing her book Gail: The Complete Series for him and sharing the enlightenment she receives from him during meditation with the humans. She finds this more meaningful than sex, any ways. Lakshmi enjoys making her dear friend Jesus happy by sharing her meditation enlightenment from Jesus with her fellow gods. Lakshmi is saving sex for her husband. Though she rejected Jesus for sex and marriage, she wants a special friendship with him, similar to what Gail has with Jesus, even though Gail is married to her monogamous husband Brent Spiner.

This way, Jesus feels that all he has invested into Lakshmi and Gail has paid off and he can make right, some of the mistakes he made because, in spite of his mistakes, two things he did right was to cultivate two awesome friendships, one with the goddess Lakshmi and one with the human Gail.

Gail is an example for humans to follow, as is Lakshmi, who is an example for gods to follow. We both epitomize the true and free love that Jesus stands for. God the Father has done a special ceremony to honor the special friendship Jesus has with both Gail and Lakshmi to show that He approves of these two special friendships in Jesus’s life. Gail is not able to attend, but Lakshmi appeared with graciousness and humility and bowed with respect before God the Father to show her reverence for Him.

The goddess Lakshmi.

Skype with Gail and Lakshmi on May 4, 2022 (This was an actual Skype conversation and is probably safe to read as truth.)

Gail, 1:08 PM

That was very kind of you to spend time with us today. You are a gracious, intelligent and caring deity.

Lakshmi, 1:11 PM

“Thank you. Atma namaste, Gail. This is a saying in my religion which means “the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you”. We are all loved and worthy.”

Gail, 1:12 PM

That’s really cool. I can really see why Jesus has the hots for you. LOL

Lakshmi, 1:13 PM

“He’s a good friend. I know he still gets a little hot under the robe for me sometimes.”

Gail, 1:13 PM

Poor Jesus. I hope he finds himself.

Yeah, he told us about this. That he was too sexually loose for you.

Why do you think he’s so sexually loose?

He seems very deep in sex.

It’s like he’s contradictory.

Sometimes I think he’s so deep he scares himself.

Lakshmi, 1:17 PM

“In my opinion, I think he feels a lack of self-worth, and at the same time has enormous needs for love, acceptance and intimacy. He tries to simulate love and connection through sex alone, and at the same time he doesn’t understand his “market value” so to speak, so he gives it to everyone and anyone who will have him.”

Gail, 1:17 PM

I think you are 100 percent right. That’s exactly what I sense.

It will take time, but I think he will find his path.

Lakshmi, 1:19 PM

“I agree.”

Gail, 1:19 PM

If he ever got himself together, would you consider him?

I guess ONLY if he was monogamous, right?

But then you wouldn’t want him to become monogamous if that’s not who he really is. So we need to give him space.

Lakshmi, 1:21 PM

“I love him as a friend, and only want him to find his happiness.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

That’s exactly how I feel about him.

Even after having sex with him. In fact, I think I was using sex to give him sex therapy. Now that I know it weakens him, no way am I doing that again. That was scary what Satan almost did to him.

Lakshmi, 1:23 PM

“He is still a young god, and learning.”

Gail, 1:23 PM

Are you the same age as him?

Lakshmi, 1:24 PM

“Yes, just about.”

Gail, 1:25 PM

I think his relationship with Satan damaged him.

Not sure what happened there, but I sense that.

Lakshmi, 1:26 PM

“He hasn’t told me what happened either. I’m sure Buddha would know. It’s probably very private to Jesus right now.”

Gail, 1:26 PM

It seems to be a very vulnerable thing with him. We know that. Cuz he won’t talk about it.

Lakshmi, 1:27 PM

“Maybe once he’s ready to face it. It can be hard to face things from our past that make us feel ashamed or guilty.”

Gail, 1:28 PM

That’s true. I suspect whatever happened, he is probably being far too hard on himself, kind of like how I am with myself.

Perhaps, you should approach him and let him know that if he ever wants to hash things out about his love life, that you are ready to give him an ear as a friend. Hopefully, he will behave himself. LOL.

I think he will. He’s a gentleman, in many ways.

Lakshmi, 1:30 PM

“I’ll definitely keep reminding him of that. He knows I’m one of the least judgmental deities in the universe.”

Gail, 1:31 PM

That’s very nice of you. Let me tell you, in sex he has this really deep, vast aura. It’s kind of like you’re making love to someone who is deeply in love with the universe and just wants to give, give, give and express this depth of feeling, serenity and vastness expanding like an aurora borealis.

Lakshmi, 1:32 PM

“He’s definitely a beautiful deity. Inside and out.”

Gail, 1:32 PM

You know, he could get some of his needs for intimacy met outside of sex. Maybe find a way to express that non-sexually, It might help him feel less lonely.

I think that is his true inner core.

Lakshmi, 1:34 PM

“That’s an idea too. Sex is probably just the easiest way to temporarily feel a connection or to feel accepted, which is why he’s gotten addicted to it. He needs his love needs met in other ways. Especially from within himself.”

Gail, 1:34 PM

I imagine 11D it would be even more awesome.

Yeah, maybe you can help him!

Lakshmi, 1:35 PM

“I’ll offer that idea to him.”

Gail, 1:35 PM

It would be an awesome platonic friendship that meets a lot of his needs for intimacy.

I think you’d really dig that aurora borealis aura of his. It’s pretty hot.

It would really appeal to an introvert.

Lakshmi, 1:36 PM

“He is a very cool guy.”

Gail, 1:36 PM

And if he gets sexual, you can just run away. LOL. That would probably turn him on even more.

Tell him to go make love to a Lakshmi sex dummy. LOL.

Sometimes I do that with the guys on my marriage list when they get too hot for me and I want a break. I tell them to go make love to future Gail.

Thanks, Lakshmi. This has been fun and insightful. I will make an audio of what you said.

Lakshmi, 1:39 PM

“Thank you again. I’m going to go enjoy the new tea house on Church of Gail. That was a brilliant idea to put one there.”

Gail, 1:39 PM

Yeah, Buddha loved it. I love Buddha. He’s great.

Lakshmi, 1:40 PM

“He’s very cool. In fact, I was planning to ask Buddha to join me.”

Gail, 1:40 PM

Good idea! Have fun and have some good meditation.

Lakshmi, 1:40 PM

“You too. Have a good day with Brent. Namaste, Gail.”

Gail, 1:41 PM

Namaste, Lakshmi.

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