Demonic Enlightenment (9-3-22): Father God & Jesus’s Tearful Reunion, Shakpona Exterminated, Battle of the Gods In All Multiverses, Jesus Healing Our Chakras

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NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Battle of the gods is happening now and it affects earth.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 10 a.m. (9-3-22): Now that Father God is assisting Jesus with exterminating evil throughout the multiverses, Jesus has delegated this extermination job to his dad and is focused on fixing the damage caused to humans as a result of the battle of the gods. Jesus is focused today on balancing the chakras in humans, which became imbalanced from evil deities messing with humans during the battle of the gods. This should help humans to sleep better. Jesus has never enjoyed acting as an exterminator of evil and only does it out of necessity. He considers his dad far better at this and has delegated this nasty job to his dad, who is willing to do so, to give Jesus the time he wants to heal his humans from damage they’ve sustained because of the battle of the gods.

With his dad doing the offensive warfare, this frees Jesus to do defensive warfare and work on fixing the damage to humans happening from the war. The gods are focused on earth, because this is Jesus’s favorite planet, like the standard bearer for free and true love. Because the war is still ongoing, your symptoms may come and go depending on what damage the evil gods have done to you. Jesus is now devoting full time to fixing this damage and continually trying to balance the chakras in the human race, after evil gods and Jesuits inflict damage to their chakras. As the battle is being won and with Jesus acting as divine physician to continually heal the damage, we should all feel gradually better over the next couple weeks. Buddha is assisting Jesus in this endeavor.

In fact, the reason Jesus had the Final Battle in the Bible in the first place was to pacify his dad. He is the god of true love and does not enjoy exterminating his creation. His dad doesn’t enjoy it either, but his dad is far more experienced and wiser in doing it, so Jesus gladly delegates this job to his dad. Kind of like how Gail has delegated her President job to Brent, who, she feels, will do better than her at this responsibility.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment 7 a.m. (9-3-22): Jesus has chosen to give Gail enlightenment as she meditates to reveal some aspects of the future because he wants the world to follow her example and the example of her men rather than worshiping a Bible for guidance. Using a Bible has been a problem for Jesus, because Christians get too nit-picky with the Bible and waste their time arguing about it, rather than focusing on living lives that honor true and free love. Jesus hates it that Christians, as a result of their nit-picky Bible interpretations, have portrayed Jesus as a cock blocker, when his main reason for creating earth and humans was to stand for free and true love. The Bible was always intended mainly to be a historical record and the Bible prophecies were in there for encouragement, not for Christians to argue over. Like it really never mattered to Jesus whether you were pre-millennial, post-tribulation, etc. Though, it seems before the Bible was cancelled that the pre-tribulation, pre-millennial interpretation was correct. The main point being is that if you were living the Christian life as Jesus intended, by honoring true and free love, you would have been raptured and would go to heaven.

Now that God the Father has decided that Jesus was fully right in his dealings with Satan and that Satan is fully responsible for his moral failings, Father God has given Jesus permission to wage war against evil in all the multiverses. The main human proponents of evil on earth has been Satan’s Jesuit Order. Jesus put Satan, Baphomet and the god Kali into a coma, as each successively took over the Jesuit Order, after Jesus beat each of them up. The god Shakpona rallied support from all the multiverses before he took over the Jesuit Order on Sept. 2nd. Under his orders, he bombed the hell out of earth, disrupting communication lines, causing Internet issues and giving Gail a massive headache with Jesuit bombs deluging her 24/7 yesterday. The battle in all the multiverses with Jesus versus Shakpona became very heated and Gail on earth was getting quite ill.

Father God decided to intervene and sent fire from heaven on the millions of evil deities, fallen angels and others assisting Shakpona to defeat Jesus and his celestial army. So now, both Father God and Jesus are waging war against evil in all the multiverses TOGETHER AS A TEAM. Because there are an infinite number of multiverses this is a huge job. Father God waited till now to do this, because only recently has he decided that his son Jesus is not to blame at all for the evil in the multiverses.

Formerly, Jesus and his dad had a disagreement about free love, with Father God feeling that he needed to be stricter with it (especially after Satan’s rebellion, where Satan took a third of the angels with him), and Jesus feeling that his dad needed to allow more freedom in sexual expression.

However, Jesus and his dad also had a disagreement about how Jesus felt he needed to be directly involved with humans and with Lucifer (when he and Jesus were BFF) to extend to them every opportunity to get right, even knowing in advance that they would sin and become evil. Jesus is now in agreement with his dad, that tough love is better than mercy when it comes to dealing with rebellion against Father God in his stand for true and free love.

This means direct involvement in trying to be an example is not a wise policy for a supreme deity, because it serves to encourage the evil ones to be evil, thinking they have divine sanction to be evil simply because a supreme deity is their best friend and is communing with them directly. Jesus now agrees with his dad, that it is better not to get directly involved for this reason and it is better to reign and be the supreme example from “on high”.

Father God actually wanted to permanently exterminate Satan and the fallen angels when they rebelled. Jesus disagreed, feeling that if Satan went to the Lake of Fire, after the 1000 year reign he would eventually get right. But after realizing that Jesus’s mercy on Satan almost cost him his eternal life and that it almost cost his favorites, like Gail, their eternal life, he now sides with his dad.

Gail’s brief moment of disrespect, as she attempted to stand up for Jesus against his dad, almost cost her, her eternal life. Gail has repented in sackcloth and ashes over this gross disrespect, even if it was only for an hour, and Father God fully forgives her.

But it has made Jesus realize that his dad is right, Satan and the evil ones must be exterminated, Jesus must not get directly involved in an attempt to be an example, and so the war of the gods is on now in all the multiverses. Because there are an infinite number of multiverses, this war may last several months. It appears that both Jesus and God agree to disagree and some of the evil ones are going to the Lake of Fire in the hopes that after they burn a while, they may eventually get right. But others are being permanently exterminated.

The battle with Shakpona was so intense, Father God decided to get involved and he permanently exterminated Shakpona, so that Gail and other humans would suffer less because Shakpona was attacking earth. When his dad did this, Jesus bowed down before his dad in adoration and they had a tearful reunion. Jesus and his dad are almost in full agreement about everything now. This action on the part of his dad showed Jesus that his dad no longer holds Jesus responsible at all for Satan’s evil and rebellion. Jesus and his dad are fully on the same team.

The current Jesuit leader seems to change by the hour, as they are each exterminated one by one. The Jesuits have always been led by Satan, but because there was a non-interference agreement between Jesus and Satan in place, Satan could not be the direct leader that all Jesuits reported to as he has done since March 2022. Satan was the leader of all the evil forces in the universe and had quite a following. It was allowed to go on, because Jesus wanted to show them mercy (hoping that eventually they could come back to honor true and free love), but Jesus is now exercising tough love like his dad.

Since March 2022, the Jesuits have been under the direct leadership of evil non-humans, and this is why the battle of the gods has started. Either Jesus does this or he loses his pet project earth and humans to evil. Fortunately, for Jesus, his dad is helping him.

The problem of Gail almost being permanently exterminated never would have happened, if Jesus decided to exterminate Satan as his dad wanted a long time ago. So, for this reason, Jesus and Father God, are going through the multiverses and exterminating permanently the evil rebellion that Jesus has been tolerating and that Father God wants to extinguish. Though Father God is exterminating the evil, rebellious ones, he has been crying massive tears, hating that he has to do this, but understanding that he must, to preserve free and true love in the Universe.

Father God is truly an awesome deity, with a huge heart, but just wiser, with a lot of experience that Jesus did not have.

As the battle of the gods wages, humans are being attacked, because humans are Jesus’s pet project. Gail and her supporters have been experiencing sleep disruptions, with Gail awakening every several hours every night. We all need to be patient, continue to do the Gail Commandments and understand that when the battle of the gods is over, our sleep should get better. Just do the best you can with it, get to bed early and make time for 8 hours of sleep, even if it does not happen. Understand that the battle of the gods encompasses an infinite number of multiverses. This universe that earth is in is one of an infinite number of multiverses out there and evil is in all of them. It is a massive job to purge evil from these multiverses, but it is a job that must be done to spare those like Gail, who stand for free and true love.

Jesus now sides with his dad, in that though he is a very forgiving deity, the forgiveness extended is not worth it, if it means possibly losing forever someone he dearly cares about, like Gail. So the evil ones must go.

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