Demonic Enlightenment (9-2-22): Final Battle Details, Battle of the Gods Ongoing, Kali In A Coma, Shakpona New Jesuit Leader, Father God Sides With Jesus In Free Love

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Some nice meditation music to help us stay “chill”.
Created a photo image of Jesus with his best god friends, except for Shakpona, who is the god of pestilence, disease and death, in the upper left.
This is the evil god Shakpona.

NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Meditation Probably Demonic Enlightenment (Sept. 2, 2022): After the “rapture”, which will happen after Gail’s story is saturated throughout the earth, then Jesus, with Gail and her supporters (in their resurrection bodies) will come down to earth in a Final Battle of sorts. Unlike Bible prophecy, where the raptured church bride is in heaven for 7 years celebrating a marriage before the Final Battle, the time period between the rapture and the Final Battle will be much longer, to test the humans left behind over how they will respond to Brent and Gail’s absence. Those who honor the Gail Commandments and follow Gail and her men’s example by honoring free love with true love and goodness, they will be spared; but the rest of the humans will be annihilated.

So the future will be a combination of the Final Battle, like what was supposed to happen at the end of the 7-year tribulation and this Final Battle will be the destruction of the humans who rebel against Brent Spiner and Buddha’s leadership or example over the earth, because Jesus has appointed both Brent and Buddha as his representatives. So the Final Battle will happen at the same time that God the Father will send down fire from heaven to destroy the human rebels. So, in a sense, the tribulation and the millennial reign are going to be combined. The reason that it will be a combination is because the Jesuit Order and Satan will be defeated before the Final Battle and before God the Father’s fire from heaven against rebel humans happens.

A new group of evil humans will rise up in the Jesuit Order’s place, who will be the rebels that must be defeated in the Final Battle, so the Final Battle will be a judgment on the evil humans who have Satan’s heart. Not sure if they will have an evil deity leader or a fallen angel leader or not. The purpose for the Final Battle and God the Father’s fire from heaven will be to purge evil from free love among the humans.

Satan will have already been dealt with by the current war in the multiverses which is being waged RIGHT NOW. So the Final Battle will not be a war against Satan or his Jesuits, but rather a battle against future humans who are just as evil as Satan and the Jesuits and need to go. So the battle of the gods (of which Satan is a part of) is pretty much being resolved now.

After that, humanity must go through another purging to remove evil from the human race. It’s kind of like the order is reversed from Bible prophecy. In Bible prophecy, the evil from the humans was to be removed first and then battle of the gods was to commence. Now the battle of the gods, where evil from the multiverses must be removed is happening first and then the evil from the humans will be removed later.

Our current battle with Shakpona and his Jesuits may go on for several months. He is amassing support from all the multiverses, but he should gradually get weaker and weaker as Jesus and his forces battle him over the next several months. All those defeated in this battle will either be permanently exterminated or thrown into the lake of fire. Patience will be needed as this battle is waged. It is important for all to do the Gail Commandments and to meditate and stay calm and to live lives of goodness and patience, as Buddha teaches.

Bible prophecy had to be cancelled because we have to work the battle of the gods into the new prophecy. This is not just a battle for earth, but a battle for free love to exist without evil in all the multiverses.

The evil god Shakpona (the god of pestilence, disease and death) is currently the bona fide head of the Jesuit Order. Jesus put Baphomet, Satan and the god Kali into a coma – not sure if they will remain in a coma. He was ripping off Kali’s arms as warning, but she wouldn’t stop being evil and acting as Jesuit leader, so she’s in a coma, too. You see, all the Jesuits report to these non-humans directly every day, so the Jesuit Order is not being run by humans at all. That’s why Jesus had to get involved.

The long trial between Jesus as defendant and Satan as prosecutor is over. The verdict is that Jesus is innocent of all charges which Satan has brought against him. Jesus is not responsible for Satan’s evil AT ALL. God the Father has decided that Jesus’s version of free love is allowed to prosper in the multiverses. Jesus ejaculated using all eleven of his dimensions to celebrate this legal victory for free love and all those in all the multiverses got horny as a result of it.

Jesus has a special friendship with the human Gail and the goddess Lakshmi and is using both of them to receive enlightenment during meditation. When Gail receives enlightenment, she educates the humans at her website (and sometimes by video) about the enlightenment she received. Lakshmi educates her fellow gods and other non-humans with the unique communication between the gods.

Shakpona has gathered together from all the multiverses those that side with Satan (currently in a coma). Jesus has done the same in all the multiverses with those that side with him. Jesus has received permission from God the Father to wage all-out war against Satan’s forces. And the war is ON.

Before Bible prophecy was cancelled, this war of the gods was to be postponed until after the 1000 year reign. But Satan has brought it on now. Jesus’s original intention was to win his case with God the Father (which would have happened after God destroyed the rebel humans that sided with Satan at the end of the 1000 year reign), thus establishing Jesus’s right to rule over the humans he created to represent free and true love. God the Father was undecided over free love, but now has decided Jesus has the right to practice free love, as long as it is practiced without evil, which, God has concluded is possible.

The purpose of the tribulation and the 1000 year reign was to purge evil from free love and prove to God the Father, that once this purging took place, free love had the right to exist. This has all been accelerated due to Satan’s recent actions.

Satan and those who side with him are convinced that free love is evil and can only be practiced with evil. Jesus is convinced that free love must be practiced with true love. God the Father now sides with Jesus in this matter. However, Jesus has conceded that God the Father is right, that he should not be dealing directly with his creation anymore to try to be the example of true and free love, but rather should appoint representatives and just lead them in the war to promote his version of free and true love and to be the supreme example of both free and true love himself.

This is a unique war in that it is not all won by military forces alone, or I should say that key to winning this war is to be the supreme example of free and true love, which is more important than military might.

You see, there are evil and good forces in the universe and when we are the example of the good forces we strengthen the good forces, when we feed the evil forces, we strengthen the evil in the multiverses. So the key to winning the war is to be as good as we possibly can be, to meditate, do the Gail Commandments to the TEE and promote love, tolerance, compassion and goodness in the Universe.

Jesus had to leave us, because he knew the war would involve all the multiverses. It is literally a battle of the gods. There is fighting going on throughout all the multiverses right now. Before, God would not allow it, because he was undecided about free love. But he now sides with Jesus and the war is allowed.

This is why when God showed up he accused Jesus of disturbing the neighbors, hinting that the time for the war was supposed to be after the 1000 year reign. He had to cancel the Bible, because Jesus’s direct involvement with us humans messed up all the timelines and part of that mess up was starting the war of the gods too soon.

But now that Jesus has his dad’s approval for the war of the gods to commence, the war is ON. The best thing humans can do, is don’t panic, do the Gail Commandments to the TEE and meditate. Jesus is gradually winning this war.

Shakpona is a pretty powerful god and it make take awhile before Jesus is able to take him out. It appears Shakpona has brought some of his Jesuits into the other multiverses as well, since the war has extended to the multiverses.

When Jesus “captures” or puts into a coma those that side with Satan, they either are permanently exterminated (like what Satan tried to do to Jesus) or they go to the lake of fire. You see, Satan was to end up in the lake of fire after the 1000 year reign, but everything has been accelerated because the timelines got really messed up recently, so because the war of the gods is happening now, those that Jesus defeats in this war are either permanently exterminated or thrown into the lake of fire.

Jesus is winning the war, because when he went to his new home away from earth, he was building his military forces in preparation for this. But Shakpona is a powerful opponent and the god of pestilence and death. So everyone needs to do the Gail Commandments to the TEE and meditate. This helps keep Jesus strong. He is fighting for us and for the right to have free love with true love and to purge evil from free love.

If Satan had won the right to rule over earth, it would have given him the ability to extend his rule into other sections of the multiverse and Jesus would have had to fight him without the help of his humans and his own children would have become his enemies (that is, if Jesus was ALIVE). Jesus did not want his humans involved in the battle of the gods, but Satan messed that up and we are involved, so the game has changed and the best way to help Jesus is to do the Gail Commandments, be as good as you possibly can be (which means practice free love with true love), and meditate. And follow the example of Gail and her men. This is why Jesus almost became suicidal when he thought he had to apologize to Satan, because he felt he had to concede that he lost his case with his dad and that free love can only exist with evil, especially with his humans. Fortunately, because of Buddha and Brent Spiner, Jesus has established his right to rule over earth and he is solidifying that rule and wants to win this war and extend his reign of free and true love throughout all the multiverses.

So why doesn’t God the Father just permanently exterminate those on Satan’s side? Well, some of them have been permanently exterminated. But some of them, apparently, need to exist, to cause the beings in the universe to choose sides, so that when a final permanent extermination takes place it can be completely just, while honoring free will at the same time.

Regarding any symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of this major war, just relax. Your symptoms should gradually improve as the war is won by Jesus throughout the multiverses. Make sure you are doing the Gail Commandments to the TEE and continue to meditate. In the Bible, it states that sometimes battles in the multiverses could go on for months. So we may need to learn patience. I, myself, am experiencing a lot of sleep disruption. When I awaken in the middle of the night, I just try to relax and do whatever helps me relax and try to go back to sleep. I had a headache last night that came and went, depending on how the battle was going.

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