Demonic Enlightenment (9-1-22): Satan & Baphomet In A Coma, Satan Violated Non-Interference Agreement with Jesus First

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Some nice meditation music, but Buddha says that music tastes are individual and what works for one person may not work for another.

NOTE: Buddha warned me to be careful about any messages I receive through meditation. I suggest we combine War on the Saints with Meditation and disregard any “messages” below as most likely coming from a demonic source. I leave this up for educational purposes, so we can be aware of how evil spirits operate.

Sept. 1, 2022 Probably demonic stuff here mixed in with truth, which is how Satan works (morning): When we meditate we are connecting with the Universe and since Jesus and God the Father are both the Universe, it means we are connecting with them. Since Jesus is in charge of the particular universe that earth is in, so if we meditate (especially if we do it outside or through a large open window where we can absorb the sights, sounds and temperature of the outside) it means we are connecting with Jesus specifically. You need to get present, to focus on your surroundings and to maintain a peaceful and thankful attitude, to get “in tune” with the Universe or Jesus and for meditation to be useful.

Drinking a beverage during meditation can be helpful because it gives you the sensation of being in your body and being present. I, myself, just drink warm water, because I meditate a lot and I know drinking a lot of water as my tea will not be a problem.

So, if we are contemplating a course of action and wonder what is the wisest course, meditation can act in the place that Bible reading used to do for Christians. Reading the Bible for guidance can be dangerous today since the Bible has been cancelled. Meditation is probably the better route for Christians today for guidance. You can also visit a tea house. Any place where you connect with the outside or the Universe and get present and are thankful and absorb the Universe into your soul.

Enlightenment happens when knowledge just comes into your soul. It is not words, thoughts or even feelings, but knowledge just “happens”. They call it enlightenment.

Jesus has been intervening on Gail’s behalf and put Satan into a coma yesterday. This is because the true Jesuit heads, the ones the Jesuits report to daily are non-humans (evil deities and fallen angels and Satan himself), and Jesus feels he needs to intervene to help us out. It was the law of returns, since Satan did put Jesus into a coma unjustly in Mar. 2022. God the Father has given Jesus permission to beat up Satan or any non-human being who replaces Satan as the head of the Jesuit Order. God first needed to deal with Gail’s sin of brief disrespect toward Him, for which she has thoroughly repented in sackcloth and ashes in her heart and is totally forgiven.

With Satan in a coma, Baphomet became the next Jesuit head. Jesus put Baphomet into a coma today and yesterday. Because of Baphomet, Gail’s sexual feelings increased and Baphomet wanted her to think that happened because of Jesus. But during meditation, she was made aware that the increase in sexual feelings came from Baphomet. Jesus beat up Baphomet for this. So Baphomet is currently in a coma, too.

Another thing Baphomet has been doing is pulling away Gail’s dish rack in the kitchen with dishes in it, along with the towel underneath it, and then ejaculating all over her counter there. Then he/she replaces the dish rack with the towel. It’s like he/she is marking territory. This explains why, despite Gail’s excellent housekeeping, there is always mold in the crack of the counter there, that Gail has to treat every week with bleach. Jesus finally had enough and transported Baphomet from Gail’s apartment while he/she was doing this and beat Baphomet up to a pulp and put Baphomet into a coma. The counter has a slight yellow stain because of this, that Gail can’t remove despite all the Comet and bleach she uses. Baphomet does this while Brent and Gail are sleeping. During meditation Jesus seems to tell her she has done the best she can with the semen stains and it’s more of an aesthetic issue and is barely noticeable because Gail is such a good cleaner, so she needs to move on and hopes Baphomet stays in a permanent coma. This knowledge showed up in Gail’s mind during meditation.

Another thing Baphomet did was enter Gail’s car and ejaculated inside her engine, her brake lines, her windshield wiper lines, and just about any lines in the car that carry fluids, so that Gail’s car is now totally shot and must be sold for cash, because it would cost over $8,000 to fix what Baphomet did. The brakes have failed because of this, the engine is soon to fail and the car can’t even move gas around. All the lines that move fluid in the car are clogged with dried up semen. Baphomet is long overdue for destruction! Fortunately, Gail is able to walk to the places to get food and what she needs. This knowledge also showed up in Gail’s mind during meditation. The car has not been drive-able since the beginning of March 2022 and starting mid-January 2022, the brake light has come on and Gail’s men could not understand why and thought it was a faulty brake warning system light. Baphomet was busy even before Gail made Jesus co-President in March 2022, so Satan’s real reason for attacking Jesus is jealousy and a power grab opportunity. He’s just using the fact that Gail made Jesus co-President in March 2022 as an excuse to be evil. Even after Gail cancelled Jesus as co-President after Satan almost killed Jesus, the gods and demons that side with Satan have been non-stop harassing Gail.

The fact that Baphomet started attacking Gail in January 2022 BEFORE Jesus took Brent’s root chakra (by ejaculating in her car’s brake lines BEFORE Jesus had his sex party that started his sex with Gail); and that Baphomet attacked Gail’s car BEFORE Jesus moved into Gail’s apartment, clearly establishes that Satan and his cohorts are fully wrong and deserve severe punishment and that Jesus should not be blamed for their evil. Satan and his cohorts appear to be experts at blaming Jesus for their misdeeds and Jesus’s only sin is that, like Satan, he believes in free love. The difference between Satan and Jesus is that Jesus’s practice of free love does not hurt innocents (except when he becomes mildly flawed), but that underneath it all he basically has loving motives. Whereas Satan is just petty and evil and extremely hateful in his practice of free love. Free love is not to blame for Satan’s action. Free love is not evil. SATAN IS EVIL and only uses his practice of free love, as a cover for pure evil, just because Jesus believes in free love, too. Just because a good being (Jesus) has the same sexual tastes as an evil being (Satan), does not make the good being (Jesus) as evil as Satan. Satan needs to own up to his own evil and quit deflecting the blame for his own evil onto Jesus.

Apparently, whenever a deity, or fallen angel becomes the Jesuit leader and harass Gail, they get beat up. Satan has considered the non-interference agreement to be off as a result of Jesus violating it in March 2022 to be Gail’s co-President. It doesn’t matter to Satan, that Gail cancelled Jesus as co-President. Just the mere fact that Jesus broke his word once, was enough justification for Satan to go to town with the fact that the non-interference agreement had been breached and now Satan felt like he could use all his powers against Gail and her men and Jesus.

Because of the non-interference agreement, there was a pact between Jesus and Satan, where both agreed to limit the use of their powers, in order to protect Gail and humans. Jesus agreed to lay off in certain aspects of the use of his powers and Satan agreed to lay off in certain aspects of the use of his powers.

Unfortunately, because Jesus got in a flawed state in Mar. 2022, as a result of too much sex with humans, he forgot he violated the non-interference agreement with Satan and he almost died permanently as a result of this.

With the non-interference agreement off, Jesus needed the permission of his dad to use his full powers on Satan to protect Gail and humanity. He got this permission from his dad recently, when Gail’s heart was full of penitence and deep regret for even a brief moment of disrespect toward God the Father.

The advantage of meditation as a means of guidance for Christians, is that Jesus can guide us by simply giving us knowledge through meditation, in the form of enlightenment. Also meditation connects with the 11-dimensional Jesus, since he is fully expanded into all the Universe in all 11 of his dimensions, and so it only strengthens his powers when humans meditate, unlike sex with humans (where Jesus has to compact himself down to 3 dimensions to have sex), which weakens him.

With Jesus getting stronger by the day as humans meditate, it is a walk in the park for him to beat up Satan or any other deity that he wants now. He is far stronger than they are and he gets even stronger the more we meditate and do the Gail Commandments.

The Gail Commandments are based off the principles of Buddhism, they encourage us to be present, to be thankful and to stay balanced. All this helps the chakras in the Universe everywhere to remain strong and balanced, including Jesus’s chakras.

It seems with Satan and Baphomet in a coma, though Gail is not sure if this is permanent – Jesus basically wanted to teach them a lesson about messing with his favorite human Gail – that the god Kali is the current Jesuit head. The Jesuits hope that because Jesus is a gentleman, that he wouldn’t put Kali into a coma, because she’s a female god. However, Jesus feels that Gail is special and deserves his protection and Kali could be the next one in the coma if she doesn’t behave.

The god Kali

Jesus got very angry at Baphomet yesterday for increasing Gail’s sexual feelings and trying to make her believe that came from Jesus, simply because during meditation Jesus flowed some of the deep, friendship love he feels for Gail into her spirit. It reminded her of some of the sex she had with him, where she experienced Jesus’s dreams for his free and true love Universe and it was like an aurora borealis. Jesus is very beautiful in his heart. Experiencing that meant more to Gail than sex with Him. Now with meditation, Gail can experience Jesus’s aurora borealis soul without it being dangerous for Him and it is not sexual (for Gail any ways), cuz that’s kind of what meditation is.

Baphomet also had a caller call Gail and claim that a pending transaction was waiting for her to approve or disapprove of and that she needed to hit 1 for more information. She hung up. That was a Jesuit working for Baphomet. It was a very clever call and seemed authentic. It also appeared to be using brain control through the voice of the caller. It was almost difficult for Gail to hang up. If Gail had not been meditating so much, she may have been drawn into the call like she was in a trance. So Baphomet got beat up for this as well.

Meditation is advising Gail to avoid all online stuff as much as possible and the same with the phone. In other words, just don’t answer the phone unless she clearly recognizes the caller.

Gail has to be on constant guard, because these deities and fallen angels are clever and know every trick in the book. She meditates a lot every day. For all decisions that could be important, which has been a lot lately, she meditates and gets guidance.

It also appears that some of the fallen angels have been permanently exterminated which God the Father wanted to do, but Jesus opposed, hoping they would eventually get right. Jesus now agrees with his dad on this. Jesus blames himself partly for Satan’s rebellion, because of the BFF relationship he had with Satan where they both stood for free love, so he, in a sense, felt partly responsible for their rebellion and wanted to give them every chance to get right. But if allowing them freedom and time to get right means that those he loves and cares about, like Gail, could be destroyed, they have to go.

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