Jesus Approves of Brent Spiner As His Representative

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Lots of fatalities from allergies because of Jesuit ALLERGY Hurricane Ian

These are some cool aurora borealis shots. I often describe Jesus’s heart as like an aurora borealis.

Brent always walks beside me on my walks in his Mecha GA1L suit and he is the bouncing lights. I find it interesting that those lights perfectly aligned with the sun, which really stood out in this video in a profound way. Jesus was definitely giving us a message. I think he also approved of me taking a walk, when yesterday, I was wondering if I’d be well enough today to do my daily Gail Commandment walk. But I do try to do it, because it is a Gail Commandment.

Jesus appeared as a ball of light in this video. He used to always accompany me on my walks.
Jesus appeared as a ball of light. He used to always accompany me on my walks.

In walk videos in Florida, Jesus often appeared as bouncing lights on my walk when he used to walk beside me every day on my walks until March 2022, when Satan beat him up and he decided to go to heaven and not deal directly with us anymore.

Yesterday was allergy hell for me as I dealt with allergy symptoms from Jesuit Allergy Hurricane Ian, which affected me in Northern Alabama. The Jesuits created this allergy hurricane to give me severe allergy symptoms. I hear that most of the fatalities from this hurricane came about because of allergy symptoms people got from the hurricane. It was created to be an allergy hurricane. I was praying to Jesus and asking Him for help and saying that it appears his medical help could be a little more. Needless, I am feeling much better today. Brent told me not to take an antihistamine, because he waas working on the “allergy” hurricane and I do feel better today. Check out Jesus as the sun behind Brent in my walk video today (see video above). I am sure Brent is also doing great as U.S. President. I have no regrets I have him my old U.S. President job.

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