Antichrist Lizzo’s Totalitarian Rule Over U.S. and the World

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According to Yale professor Juan José Linz there are three main types of political regimes today: democracies, totalitarian regimes and, sitting between these two, authoritarian regimes (with hybrid regimes).[26][27] Totalitarian regimes are often characterized by extreme political repression and human rights violations to a greater extent than those of authoritarian regimes, an absolute lack of democratic ideals, widespread personality cultism around the person or the group which is in power, absolute control over the economy, large-scale censorship and mass surveillance systems, limited or non-existent freedom of movement (notably the freedom to leave the country), and the widespread usage of state terrorism. Other aspects of a totalitarian regime include the extensive use of violent prison camps, repressive secret police, practices of religious persecution or racism, the imposition of either theocratic rule or state atheism, the common use of death penalties and show trials, fraudulent elections (if elections are held), the possible possession of weapons of mass destruction, a potential for state-sponsored mass murders and genocides, and the possibility of engaging in a war or imperialism against other countries. Historian Robert Conquest describes a totalitarian state as a state which recognizes no limit on its authority in any sphere of public or private life and extends that authority to whatever length it considers feasible.[1]

Totalitarianism is contrasted with authoritarianism. According to Radu Cinpoes, an authoritarian state is “only concerned with political power, and as long as it is not contested it gives society a certain degree of liberty.”[24] Cinpoes writes that authoritarianism “does not attempt to change the world and human nature.”[24] In contrast, Richard Pipes stated that the officially proclaimed ideology “penetrating into the deepest reaches of societal structure, and the totalitarian government seeks to completely control the thoughts and actions of its citizens.”[25] Carl Joachim Friedrich wrote that “[a] totalist ideology, a party reinforced by a secret police, and monopolistic control of industrial mass society are the three features of totalitarian regimes that distinguish them from other autocracies.”[24]

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who is not retarded or brain controlled, that Lizzo has made significant progress towards her goal of a totalitarian dictatorship over the United States. When Loree McBride was the Antichrist, she was going in this direction, but Loree has turned good. Now Lizzo has taken up Loree’s mantel and taken up where Loree left off. Loree basically set things up nicely for Lizzo, by accomplishing almost total control over the media and the Internet and by rigging the 2020 election, so that the true winner (Donald Trump) was ousted by Loree’s patsy, Joe Biden.

Loree orchestrated the COVID pandemic with the goal to oust Trump from power, because she knew she could use COVID to rig the election. Lizzo appears to be using more of a brain control strategy to attempt a totalitarian take over of the U.S.

Lizzo apparently feels she’s almost there (with totalitarian control), which is why she had the audacity to oust Tucker Carlson from FOX News, when Tucker was the most popular newscaster IN ALL OF NEWS CASTING HISTORY at the time of his ouster.

Lizzo further consolidated her power by carrying out totalitarian policies under bona fide retard Biden, whose only job is to obey the Antichrist. Loree’s goal was to effectively shut out any opposition parties, by clamping down on all freedoms that could oust her from power. Though Loree has turned good, she set things up nicely for Lizzo who is operating from the gains Satan got through Loree McBride.

President Brent is working with his Vice President Gail and the Conspiracy Law (which Gail wrote to defeat the Antichrist), to get back our freedoms, which, unfortunately, can only be gotten back through war, at this time. Unfortunately, the only way to get our freedoms back is through civil war. The civil war actually started when Gail became U.S. Empress in 2014 and it really escalated when Loree became Antichrist.

We are making heavy use of automatons (because they can’t be brain controlled) in our war strategy against Antichrist Lizzo.

The Antichrist has found ways to “use” the “democracy” in place to make it appear that democracy is being honored, so as not to alarm the majority that would clearly oppose totalitarian rule. But we are at the stage right now, where it is plain we are about to lose any shred of “democracy” we have left, if we don’t oust the bitches from power and do it decisively. The U.S. Constitution has been amended so much, it’s practically a dead document. The Antichrist who is about to take power, did so insidiously over the years, as Satan worked through his patsies in the U.S. government and legal system, to overturn the U.S. Constitution. What is happening now is the culmination of centuries of work on Satan’s part. Satan began attacking the United States as soon as it was born, with all the Amendments to the Constitution. The Jesuits were behind most or all of the Amendments. Though Gail likes the first ten Amendments, for the most part, especially, the First Amendment. Gail is big into freedom.

Gail’s Conspiracy Law likes the principles of the U.S. Constitution, but considers it a bit outdated, because the Antichrist has brain control, clones and other means to outwit the Constitution and establish totalitarian rule, in spite of it. Besides, the Antichrists have voided the U.S. Constitution by all their amendments, so we are at the stage that we need a countering influence against a totalitarian dictator (Lizzo) who is so powerful right now, she has about eighty percent control over all of us, though her infiltration into the media, the legal system, the economic system, etc. She is about to take the throne in the U.S., where, it appears she plans to make blacks the superior race, who will rule unfairly over all the other races. It’s kind of like a form of apartheid, in a way, except the slaves will be the whites and not the blacks. She will not hesitate to kill any blacks though, if it suits her purposes or if they don’t comply with her edicts.

Once LIzzo gets the most powerful country in the world, the U.S., she is going for WORLD RULE, to establish a WORLDWIDE TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP FOR SATAN.

Since the U.S. Constitution is dead any ways, we need something equivalent to an authoritarian ruler to be able to effectively oust the totalitarian one who is about to take over the country. Think on this, those of you who are Bible scholars, why did the Bible predict that when Jesus rules in the future millennial reign that he would be a righteous dictator? He was described as ruling with a rod of IRON. So authoritarian rule is the most effective type of rule, IF THE RULER IS JUST. Also, if a totalitarian ruler is on the verge of taking over the country, you need something just as strong (an authoritarian and JUST ruler) to oppose them to prevent this.

A just ruler will listen to the people and try to respect their rights and their freedoms, as long as THEY ARE NOT CRIMINALS (in the true sense of the word). This is what Gail had in mind when she wanted to be supreme ruler over the U.S. She wanted to retain the elections for Congress and the Senate and the three branches of government in the U.S. and allow them to act in an advisory capacity to help Gail make wise decisions. But, Gail would make the final decisions on anything that she decided should be contested.

To understand where Gail stands on various issues, just check who she has placed in Cabinet positions worldwide. Brent, as U.S. President, has retained all those who Gail appointed. Depending on how the elections go for the mainstream news U.S. President, we may create an additional position called Presidential Assistant.

Frankly, Gail hates politics and only does this out of necessity. This is why she is glad to co-rule with Brent, her husband, who has better judgment than Gail and who Gail gladly allows to override her at any time.

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