Germany, United States, Israel, United Kingdom & Ireland, Australia, Japan, Russia, China, & Canada Purchase Twitter

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To protect Twitter’s finances, all the nations in our coalition, which are Germany, United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Russia, China and Canada have agreed to purchase Twitter and we will ensure it stays afloat financially. Twitter is still welcome to use advertisers and have other means of revenue, but won’t need them and won’t cater to them in order to violate Conspiracy Law. The only rule we make in regard to Twitter is that they honor Conspiracy Law. Other than that, they have complete freedom of speech. We are very pleased with Elon Musk at the helm of Twitter and he can do whatever he wants with it as long as he honors Conspiracy Law.

Gabrielle Chana FOX News airs their programs from Gail’s website here.

We are also suing Lizzo Jesuits for their many crimes and some of the legal winnings may go to help fund Twitter as well, so that we can ensure we are able to communicate the truth to those that honor Conspiracy Law and Empress Gail.

Elon Musk has been a Cabinet member for several years and this really makes it official. He and those who work for Twitter should probably live on Church of Gail or in a protected area, because Lizzo will attack them, if she can.

We are neither conservative or liberal, but just believe in free and true love. We are big into freedom and know that Elon feels the same way.

Ironically, Twitter, Facebook and many other social media giants have practiced censorship claiming they are private companies and can set their own rules. However, we know, for a fact, that the “Deep State”, which IS a government, working with the Antichrists in the past, have practiced unfair censorship THROUGH THEIR CONTROL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEWS MEDIA to keep or promote the Antichrist to world totalitarian power. So, basically, the social media giants ARE working for the Antichrist’s government and are not, in actuality, private. So this means that now that Twitter is owned by the governments of freedom loving Conspiracy Law honoring countries, it is more free speech than any of the other major platforms that claim to be private, but are, in actuality, working for the Antichrist’s government and censoring those who oppose the Antichrist.

Conspiracy Law promotes the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. However, we do not take any shit from terrorists and won’t let them say their “rights” are being violated when we take them out, when it’s as obvious as the nose on our faces, that they have murdered millions and cover it up because of their control over the media. The Conspiracy Law honoring nations are at war with the Antichrist, who is currently Lizzo. Lizzo is not a “cute” trans supporting civil rights activist, she is a piece-of-shit piece of human garbage, fully aligned with another piece-of-shit being named Satan, whose goal is to take all your freedoms and transform you into Satan’s slaves UNLESS you want to support Satan in his bid to turn the multiverse evil and AGAINST TRUE LOVE. If you resist Satan, you will be killed or tortured. If you side with Satan, you side with evil, slavery, mind-control, murder, suffering and are against TRUE LOVE. Satan has stated clearly that he opposes true love in all its forms. That means he’s against gay true love, heterosexual true love, any type of true love. What kind of a being are you to side against true love? Anyone who sides with Satan, who opposes true love, IS A PIECE OF SHIT.

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