Unsure About the Trans Movement

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July 4, 2023 update: Alex Jones has a good video about this, which I’ve posted below. I am not against gay marriage or gays or homosexuality. But I am against any group imposing their sexual preferences on everybody else. Don’t worry about Alex’s supplements though. Do the Gail Commandments.

If it’s true that in Michigan you can be charged with a felony for using the wrong pronouns, and if the Lizzo Jesuits are behind this, we should give them all the death penalty in my opinion, just for being Lizzo Jesuits. Lizzo Jesuits are guilty of massive war crimes and they certainly don’t have the right to make any laws, that’s for sure. Their mere existence is enough to execute them. It goes without saying that anyone who willingly tries to enforce any Lizzo Jesuit laws gets the same treatment as a Lizzo Jesuit. Of course, Brent’s the U.S. President and he makes the final decision. There’s so much fake news out there, you never know fact from fiction any ways.

I have noticed Lizzo has been out crusading for trans rights and trying to undermine laws that discriminate against trans people. My gut feeling is that trans surgery is not a good thing. But this is an area where I’m very ignorant. I also don’t want to disparage legit gay culture.

LIzzo claims to stand for authenticity, but it’s fake. She actually supports a form of liberal bigotry and has very little tolerance for those who may not be willing to make radical changes, too soon, too fast and perhaps not necessary or desirable. That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

How can she claim to be authentic, when she has to lie so much to the public? She’s the master at not being true to who you are. A person who is true to who they are, does not need to lie about others to prop up their image. Anyone who is a big liar, has no right to make any sort of claim on authenticity. Authentic people are honest, not liars.

So she says to be true to who you really are. If this is what she really cares about, why does she need to lie so much about who she really is?

She also lies about everybody else. How can a liar have any claim to authenticity or even caring about it?

Here is an article about her. https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/05/20/lizzo-nebraska-trans-rights-reproductive-healthcare/

I bet it’s because she’s losing support from the gay community. So she pretends to be their ally. Hmmm. . . And yet I don’t think using surgery to change your gender is a good thing. Yet, aren’t some gay drag artists trans?

It seems to me that people who choose gender reassignment surgery have other issues that they think will be solved by changing their gender. It would be kind of like being misdiagnosed and taking the wrong medicine which, of course, would tend to make the real problem WORSE.

I could be wrong, but I think we are genetically predisposed to be a certain way and that trying to change our birth genes is like playing with gun powder. Rather than change how we were born, we should strive to get in tune with our inner core and be true to who we were meant to be.

Trans people seem to have an identity crisis that they think will be solved with gender reassignment surgery and, perhaps, what they really need it some good counseling, good role models and how to find their path to true authenticity. Like I’m considered a masculine female, but that does not mean I want to change my sex to male. I don’t have a need to prove that I’m just like a man.

I think we need to differentiate between being true to our inner core (whether we be gay, lesbian, heterosexual, asexual, or whatever) and having confusion about our gender. We are all different sexual orientations and this can even be fluid as we grow and mature. A sexual orientation is how we approach sex and love. The gender we are born with, is not changeable and should not be changed, it seems to me. We could have masculine or feminine tendencies, but our gender should remain as how we were born. But, claiming that how we were born needs to be drastically altered genetically, seems a refutation of our true inner core, a form of self-rejection, almost a form of suicide. That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

Trying to change our gender, it seems to me is a form of SELF-REJECTION. I suspect that most people who choose to do this, suffer from some form of self-alienation.

It’s the TOTAL OPPOSITE of authenticity, where we embrace WHO WE ARE. Trying to change who we are at birth, is a condemnation of the Creator, who made us and saying we were made DEFECTIVE and that we need to fix God’s mistake in how He made us.

Lizzo does not stand for authenticity or health, but rather for self-alienation, self-destruction and living a charade of reality, which is not reality, but a performance, kind of like a drag queen performance. Not sure what I think of drag queen performances. I guess they’re okay if they are fun and creative, but if they are a protest against anything healthy. . .

I guess the criteria for a drag queen performance, is if it enhances gay sexuality and is meaningful in that respect, it’s good. If it is meant to disrupt who we are deep down and is meant to be a total reworking of the social order, even disrupting established institutions that should perhaps remain, it is toxic.

I also think we should let kids be kids and not force them to deal with sexual issues too early. The best thing for a kid is to see healthy role models and not introduce them to sex too early.

It may also depend on the culture. This is a complicated issue. I actually think the Japanese navigate sexual issues in a pretty healthy manner.

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