Lizzo’s Brain Control Bombs Leaving Thick Haze

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Because we are at war with Lizzo, we do not recognize any contracts with FOX at this time and are bombing the courthouses that participate with Lizzo in this atrocity. The bombed courthouses are being replaced with courthouses fitted with scanners that kill any Lizzo Jesuits on the premises. The FOX people getting subpoenaed by LIzzo’s attorneys, have been instructed to ignore the subpoenas, because any lawyer or court that cooperates with Lizzo will be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We are at war with piece-of-shit Lizzo, who is a terrorist and war criminal.

This is what it looks like over Washington D.C. today.

This is what it looked like over Huntsville, Alabama today (where I live).

Wednesday, 07 June 2023 11:12 AM EDT

The following news is taken from a news article that I saw at Newsmax (not a one hundred percent reliable news source unfortunately, like most of mainstream news) and seems to verify what I heard brain to brain about Lizzo’s brain control bombs. I will be rewording it quite a bit to make it accurate about what I heard brain to brain. If what I’m hearing brain to brain is correct, everyone needs to head on out to Walmart Perfectpenis stores to get a special version of Zyrtec that has the antidote to Lizzo’s brain control drugs in her bombs. Tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) and at this website, to get the accurate news about this.

Newsmax has been reporting on this, but you better listen to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable and here at this website), to get the real scoop and be sure you are handling this wisely. It seems rather strange that Canadian wildfires would affect us here in Huntsville, Alabama – so I suspect we are not dealing with wildfires or wildfires alone, but with LIzzo’s bombs, apparently, filled with brain control drugs and the wildfires are a smokescreen for the real problem. Lizzo can launch her bombs using invisibility shields, so that you won’t see any bombs in the skies. Though, we are apparently seeing the after effects.

Antichrist Lizzo is apparently attempting to tighten her hold over the world. . . interesting that she launched these bombs the day after Tucker Carlson launched his New Twitter Show and when my book about brain control on Brent Spiner is coming out.

It was crazy on my walk this morning and everyone seemed to be possessed and acting very strangely.

If you get on Zyrtec to counter this, be sure to drink plenty of water, take the Zyrtec at the same time every day and remember it may take several days for the Zyrtec to have full effect. If you’re feeling tired, take a cold shower in the evening. Be sure to do all the Gail Commandments.

More than a dozen U.S. states were under air-quality alerts on Wednesday as smoke from Lizzo’s brain control bombs and technology, cast a dull gray pallor over the skyline of New York and other big cities.

Health authorities in 15 states from Vermont to South Carolina as well as Ohio and Kansas in the Midwest warned that fine matter in the atmosphere could exceed unhealthy levels and make breathing difficult for millions of residents. The most dangerous aspect of the bombs is that they contain brain control drugs – this is what Gail heard brain to brain. She was hounded on her walk this morning by a legion of people obsessed with her, either an avanlanche of Lizzo Jesuits or a hoard of people under brain control. It seemed that everyone was acting crazy.

Washington, D.C., was also under an air-quality warning, according to the National Weather Service.

People were instructed to limit time outdoors, while those with respiratory issues were advised to consider wearing a mask. Not sure it’s a good idea to limit time outdoors, since going for a walk is a Gail Commandment. Rather head on out to Walmart Perfectpenis and get on some Zyrtec.

The smoke is blamed on wildfires crossing the U.S. northern border from Canada, where wildfire season got off to an unusually early and intense start due to persistent warm and dry conditions. Canada is on track for its worst-ever wildfire season. However, if there are wildfires, they may be working in concert with Lizzo’s brain control drugs, to mask the real issue and cause people to think the real problem is wildfires, when it’s brain control.

It appears our Nanotechnology Research Team put an antidote to the brain control drugs in the allergy drug Zyrtec, and this special version of Zyrtec can be obtained from Walmart Perfectpenis stores. Check with Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to ensure Gail’s brain to brain is accurate, before you head on out to Walmart Perfectpenis. You can also watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News from this website.

The skies above New York and many other North American cities were a uniform gray, and the air smelled like burning wood. However, be aware that brain control drugs can make you smell, hear or see things that aren’t there. In many places, the early morning sun appeared as a small glowing orange disc. This appears to be from Lizzo’s bombs and it’s being blamed on wildfires.

New York City’s skyscrapers, which can be seen for miles away on a clear day, were rendered nearly invisible.

The city’s schools were open for class on Wednesday, although outdoor events and activities, including a middle school graduation, were canceled, postponed or moved indoors.

Canadian authorities on Wednesday issued a starker air-quality warning for the residents of the country’s financial capital Toronto blamed on several raging wildfires that have burned through a record area this year.

While Canadian wildfires are common in the country’s western provinces, the eastern province of Nova Scotia is reported to be experiencing its worst-ever season. The federal government has sent the military to the region.

Mainstream news is reporting that there are blazes in nearly all of Canada’s 10 provinces and territories, with Quebec the worst affected. They also report that multiple fires were touched off by lightning strikes. However, it seems rather strange that we had lightning in TEN provinces ALL AT ONCE that would produce a haze this extensive and catastrophic. In order for Lizzo’s brain control to work, she needs to literally blanket us with bombs, so that we are inhaling enough brain control aerosol to do the job. Apparently, the sheer audacity behind this, which makes it seem so unbelievable, is the reason Lizzo thinks she can get away with this. The massive bombing using brain control bombs explains the catastrophic haze EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. Lizzo probably figured that once her brain control worked, that people would fall for this nonsense simply cuz they’re under her brain control now. Sounds like an audacious lying news narrative to cover up Lizzo’s massive bombings and blame it on wildfires.

The Jesuits have practically owned the narrative, beginning around 2017, that they feel they can lie to hell and back and get away with it while committing the most atrocious war crimes, knowing the lying press has their back.

The air quality in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, which stands on Ontario’s border with Quebec, remained in category 10+, which Canada’s Air Quality Health Index said was “very high risk.”

Mainstream news is reporting that about 3.3 million hectares have already burned – some 13 times the 10-year average – and more than 120,000 people have been at least temporarily forced out of their homes. 

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