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14.1aa Due to the fact that these laws have not been enforced in this Section 14 previously named LAWS FOR THE BREAK UP OF THE TECH GIANTS, Empress Gail needs to get tough. For the purposes of this section, those Big Tech companies or organizations (Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, schools, universities, colleges, etc.) that have willing and knowing CONTRACTS with Loree McBride or any of her supporters will be considered LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATIONs.

Loree has taken over the schools and universities and so we need to deal with them as well. She has created a band of rogue young people who she showers with presents while they carry out her murderous operations. A Loree McBride Jesuit is a Loree McBride Jesuit, regardless of age or sex. We only make exceptions to those who are controlled against their will and/or do not have the ability to discern right from wrong.

A CONTRACT is defined as a willing and knowing offer and acceptance deal between parties, like stated in basic contract law, even if the offer and acceptance has not been put into writing or is private. We will determine if a CONTRACT between Loree McBride and a MEDIA OPERATION or BIG TECH COMPANY has occurred based on both circumstantial (CENSORSHIP HISTORY) and direct evidence (LOREE MCBRIDE CONTACTS). Using circumstantial evidence, if the MEDIA OPERATION has a history of censorship, violation of freedom of speech and the press and of promoting propaganda and lies (women’s rights fanatics, immigration fanatics, globalism, defamation, and George Soros and Loree McBride agendas) over an opposing view (libertarian views, freedom views, truth, Empress Gail views, etc.), we can safely assume that the organization is a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION owned and operated by Loree McBride, even if she manages to hide her connections. To have a CENSORSHIP HISTORY means the organization has a recent history of being women’s rights fanatics, promoting George Soros globalist anarchy, promoting Loree McBride lying propaganda (like there are no clones and Jew clones terrorizing the earth) and cutting off those that expose Loree’s lies. To be totally fair, those MEDIA OPERATIONS or BIG TECH COMPANIES that have a CENSORSHIP HISTORY, will then have all their workers and leaders scanned with mind/emotion reads to get direct evidence that they obey Loree McBride and do her bidding, which will make them a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION. When we conduct these scans, we will also use CITIZEN SCANNERS which will execute any Loree McBride Jesuits in the MEDIA OPERATION on the spot. Failure to execute any willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuit with a CITIZEN SCANNER is now death penalty. The mercy we have shown to these tyrants has only made them bolder, more vicious and deadly and executing them is the only way to have peace and love on planet earth. We have seen them at the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. We have seen them steal the 2018 U.S. midterm elections and do it so brazenly only a retard or evil person couldn’t tell what was happening

14.1bb Once a MEDIA OPERATION or BIG TECH COMPANY is determined to have a CENSORSHIP HISTORY and is therefore a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION, we will clear out innocents and bomb all their facilities, rendering them unable to operate (unless they are inside one of Loree’s spaceships). Willing and knowing failure of our military to bomb a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. We will not tolerate any of our military members who neglect to enforce Conspiracy Law! We have been very patient with Big Tech and given them ample time to show they support Empress Gail and not Loree McBride, but they have refused to stop being a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA ORGANIZATION and have only become bolder and more brazen in their disobedience to Gail’s Conspiracy Law, violating the freedom of speech of innocents and censoring innocents, allowing treacherous and deadly lies to prosper. Most of Big Tech seem to have a criminal heart and it is now time to get tough. It is long overdue. If a LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION moves to a spaceship, we will bomb the hell out of the spaceship. Before we conduct the bombing of the LOREE MCBRIDE MEDIA OPERATION, we will, if possible, replicate their facilities to a CHURCH OF GAIL CITY or to one of our spaceships so that the NEWS ORGANIZATION or BIG TECH COMPANY can continue their operations lawfully (in accordance with Conspiracy Law).

14.1cc All MEDIA OPERATIONS or BIG TECH COMPANIES must install CITIZEN SCANNERS throughout all their locations, which must execute ON THE SPOT any willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits who enter those premises. It is now death penalty NOT to use CITIZEN SCANNERS (that work in accordance with Conspiracy Law) in all Church of Gail cities and in all the facilities of all MEDIA OPERATIONS and BIG TECH COMPANIES. Loree McBride has dumbed down today’s young people, using her brain control and propaganda and because most of them are addicted to social media, they are influenced by her lies and propaganda which have flooded social media, due to the criminality of Big Tech. These brain washed stooges become fodder for Loree, who uses them to try and takeover the world by causing their illegal votes to count in elections. Illegal because they are UNWILLING AGENTS whose votes should not count in elections, but Loree has managed to smuggle these votes through in violation of Conspiracy Law.


14.1 Due to the tyranny launched against Alex Jones (of InfoWars) by George Soros funded tech giants (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), it is an emergency that the Federal government of the U.S. break up all social media and tech giant monopolies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, etc., most especially the ones that have aligned themselves with George Soros and evil elements in communist China. Alex Jones is a test case and is the first domino to fall. If the federal government does not act now, the United States, and then the world will be destroyed. All freedoms will be lost and the tyrants will be free to rule the earth. Under orders from the American Empress, it is now law that no company can have a monopoly as a social media platform. Our Nanotechnology Research Team (working with top economists and finance experts) will determine which companies have monopolies and need to be broken up. Once we determine that any social media platform is about to become or has become a monopoly, it must be broken up by the Federal government and must operate as several smaller companies that are independent of each other. This break up must occur within a week from this date of August 15, 2018. If necessary, we will employ the military forces of the International government (all governments that support Conspiracy Law) to enforce this order. Those in these tech giant monopolies who resist this order will be arrested and tried as war criminals under Conspiracy Law.

14.1a It is mandatory that the new, smaller companies created from the break up of these monopolies be absolutely independent from each other and are not just a conglomerate working in unison as another monopoly composed of smaller units. The Nanotechnology Research Team will come up with the most effective way to break up these monopolies, using top computer scientists to help them in the break up of the monopolies since all these monopolies exercise control over computer systems that give them their power.

14.1b All social media platforms that have targeted Alex Jones will be fined a minimum of a billion dollars for damages they have brought to Alex Jones, and must pay these fines to Alex or be arrested as war criminals. All frivolous lawsuits brought against Alex Jones must be stopped AT ONCE. Each George Soros organization that brings lawsuits against Alex will be fined a minimum of a million dollars for bringing the suit, and if they persist, they will be arrested as war criminals.

14.1c Furthermore, all news media outlets that report lies about Alex Jones and report him as a criminal, killer, or terrorist (which he is NOT), will be fined a minimum of a million dollars for each false report. The monies received from these fines will be used to compensate Alex and all those who suffer like him for daring to buck the establishment narrative. The American Empress (myself) assigns Mike Adams to be in charge of this operation for the break up of the tech giants. The American Empress is most impressed with his wisdom and intelligence. He will be the advisor for the administration of these laws and can add to these laws as he sees fit, working with Judge Terrance Jenkins and our legal, financial, computer, and economic teams.

14.1d It is now law that all the advice that Mike Adams gives in this PDF be made LAW immediately: https://www.naturalnews.com/files/censorship-master-plan-decoded.pdf. I am merely putting into writing what I have heard him say, but if I have omitted something important, Mike is welcome to add to or delete from this law, as long as Judge Terrance Jenkins agrees that it is good law and honors Conspiracy Law.

14.1e I assign Mike Adams as the lawmaker in regard to the break up of the tech giants and how we handle their criminality in the matter of Alex Jones. This issue is far deeper than just Alex, it affects all our freedoms and if this harassment against Alex goes forward unchecked, it will be at the peril of all our freedoms. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. President Trump must enforce this law as I’ve written it AT ONCE. If he fails to do so, he will be IMPEACHED and I will be the absolute U.S. President. The American people voted for ME on Nov. 8, 2016 and I won the election for Donald Trump. He must do as I have ordered in this law or suffer impeachment, allowing me to have absolute power as U.S. President and Empress.

14.2 All CEOs of all social media companies that have willingly and knowingly libeled, harassed, and lied about Alex Jones must be arrested as war criminals in league with evil elements in communist China and the evil Jesuit Order, and tried in court as war criminals who are guilty of money laundering, racketeering and conspiracy with communist China to take over the United State in order to set up a dictatorship that will strip all civil rights and freedoms from those who won’t conform to the communist Chinese agenda.

14.3 As I am very busy and sometimes neglect to write good law, I appoint Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) as my assistant lawmaker. He is allowed to get help from Judge Terrance Jenkins (Harvard Law School graduate). I authorize Mike to write laws in regard to health, science, and freedom that must be enforced in Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Though I will not see the laws he writes and therefore cannot publish them here at my website, they will have the same authority as if I had written them myself. Mike can get help from attorneys in writing his law, and then after he writes his law, he must submit it to the real Judge Terrance Jenkins, Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, who will review his law and determine if it is good. If they approve of it, then it will be considered an addition to Conspiracy Law and must be enforced like any other of my Conspiracy Law. Any laws related to freedom, health, science Mike is authorized to write, and once it is approved of by Judge Terrance Jenkins, Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, it must be enforced like any other of my laws.

14.4 I expect that the tech giants will rebel against these new laws and that the mainstream news will continue their lies, harassment and crimes against Alex, when this happens, we will use military troops to force them into compliance. If necessary, we will employ deadly force, if this is what we must do to ensure that these tech giants don’t take over the world as tyrants, stripping away our freedoms and rights, and causing innocents to suffer so that they can retain their wealth and power.

14.5 When I refer to Mike Adams, I am referring to the real Mike Adams and not to his clone or automaton. If, by chance, his laws are no good and are in violation of
Conspiracy Law, then the REAL Judge Terrance Jenkins or Brent Spiner or Vladimir Putin (NOT their clones or automatons) can annul his laws and make them void or of no effect or can amend them to make them more effective and more honoring of Conspiracy Law.

14.6 Any willing and knowing attempt or action by any party discussed in this Sect. 14, who uses Conspiracy Law to further tyranny, evil Jesuit conspiracies, racketeering, big tech monopolies, and George Soros, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Also, the term Loree McBride Jesuit will also mean George Soros Jesuits in Conspiracy Law. So whenever the term Loree McBride Jesuit is used in Conspiracy Law, it will also mean a George Soros Jesuit.

This law has been added to the Conspiracy Law document as Sect. INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS.