Narcissists DESPISE Agnes Wickfield, because she EXPOSES their selfishness.

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I wanted to see what anybody had to say about Agnes Wickfield, and what I read sounded like the rantings and ravings of narcissists trying to justify their narcissism. We have a generation of women totally self-absorbed and selfish and the mere fact that unselfish, strong and caring women like Agnes Wickfield actually did exist in the Victorian era, just puts them to shame. So rather than deal with their immaturity and selfishness (the Me, Too generation), they resort to shaming a woman who should be their role model and is so far above them, they just can’t understand her AT ALL. It would be like a pig trying to learn how to be a swan, but discovering that it is impossible for them, then derails all swans as an inferior species.

What this narcissist critic fails to acknowledge about Agnes is that despite her sacrifices she was happy, because it is generally true that unselfish people are happier than selfish ones, finding their joy from an inner beauty that gives them calm and peace. Today’s Me Too generation just can’t comprehend a person who spends their entire life living for others. So rather than admit that they, perhaps need to learn a thing or two from Agnes, they derail her, when she is a thousand times better than them.

They claim she is too perfect to be real. So rather than admit that Dickens did pattern his characters after real people who existed in his lifetime, they say that he created a woman who never existed and never could exist UNLESS SHE WAS MENTALLY ILL. Agnes Wickfield is very much like Maria Taylor (missionary wife to Hudson Taylor). Maria honored her cruel and morally arrogant benefactress and turned down a marriage proposal from Hudson (who she loved and wanted to marry) because it was her moral code at the time. But God made sure she got him in the end, and when Hudson realized WHY Maria turned him down, he was outraged and proposed to her again and after Maria got the approval of her uncle to marry Hudson, she went to him. You see, the women of the Victorian era were so different from women today that the ME TOO generation just can’t comprehend that it is possible that at some point in history there were women who lived their lives totally for others. I guess if you’re that self-absorbed, you just can’t comprehend that not all the world is as evil and selfish as YOU!! And that our current generation is probably the most selfish in all of human history, which is why when the Antichrist sets up his kingdom, he won’t have any trouble finding followers.

Those who criticize Agnes will be the first to take the mark of the beast, while those like Agnes will not take the mark and will be labelled as mentally ill and, yes, EVEN EXECUTED for their mental illness.

Welcome to the 21st century where selfishness is cool and self-sacrifice, goodness and true beauty and grace is a SIN.

Narcissists, who live in a delusion of self-perfection, while they are utterly consumed with themselves and their image, and projecting their own selfishness onto Agnes, lambast her as weak and spineless, and therefore evil in a sense, for being weak.

I admire Agnes as a selfless angel, who only lived for others, which brought her inner joy and peace. I agree that there were times when she perhaps should have been more outspoken, but she did what she felt was right and the only people who would find fault with a person totally devoted to their moral code, would be a narcissist who has no moral code other than a total absorption with their self AND THEIR FEELINGS – the TOTAL OPPOSITE OF AGNES.

Also, Agnes did criticize people, especially when she felt they were a danger to someone she loves. So I think this reviewer needs to reread David Copperfield. She warned David about Steerforth, but David didn’t catch the hint. So she wasn’t the stupid angel as this reviewer claims

I see Agnes as a strong woman, utterly loyal to her moral code and consistent to it, but she also had wisdom, patience, and the ability to sacrifice to meet her goals and to honor those she loved, something that should be emulated by any woman who wants to be a truly beautiful woman.

It kind of reminds me of Jesus Christ, when He appeared. Rather than honor him for his perfection, he was derailed by the sinners who refused to admit they were a sinner. Same principle applies here. The narcissists can’t stand it that they are so opposite her, so selfish, so self-absorbed, rather than acknowledge that Agnes is so far above them, they can’t even touch her coattails, they deride her as having a mental illness.

I am very much like Agnes, and narcissists who compete with me, throw the mental illness label on me. It is utterly unfair, but I am a strong woman and I don’t let narcissists define my self-identity. If I was weak, I would care what they thought. My only concern is the poison they bring to the world, when they insist that everybody is as weak and selfish as they are and that if we believe otherwise, we must have a mental defect. I say narcissists are weak, in the sense, that they don’t really respect themselves, cuz if they did, they would realize that goodness does exist in the world, and that there are some who live most of their lives for others. And because they see everyone as an extension of themselves, they are unhappy, because they are so selfish, they think everybody’s like them, which makes their world a dark and dismal place, where they feel everybody is competing with them. How can you find love with this attitude? People with this attitude will never find love, and to justify their weakness, they deride those who know how to find love. So sad. So tragic.

We live in a world where evil is glorified and goodness is considered a crime. I am not ashamed to say that Agnes has been my role model and still is. In fact, I am a lot like her and for this reason am misunderstood by many, because today’s world is filled with selfish, narcissistic people, who see everybody out there as an extension of themselves.

Agnes is too good for the ME TOO generation. If she lived today and went into the tribulation, she would rather die than take the mark of the beast. The ME TOO generation, who know nothing about self-sacrifice, would take the mark, and damn themselves to hell.

If Agnes was alive today, she would be a lot like me. And perhaps this is why Jesus calls me his favorite. She was a strong woman, who would literally die and love to honor her moral code and her man. She should be admired, not scorned. Today’s self-absorbed SPOILED BRATS need to spend some time with Agnes, but perhaps more than anything they NEED A GOOD SPANKING. The Victorian era was not perfect, but they didn’t allow kids to grow up totally self-absorbed, immature and throwing temper tantrums left and right. While they had their problems with child abuse and so forth, and using child labor, now we have a generation of kids exposed to sexual abuse and it’s cool, and if you dare spank a kid, that’s child abuse. These same kids grow up thinking everything should be handed to them on a silver platter, the exact opposite of Agnes. So, how do these narcissist spoiled brats handle the fact that an angel like Agnes existed? They just say she had to have a mental illness, when she was happy as she was, in living a life FOR OTHERS. She had the inner joy that comes from being a beautiful person on the INSIDE, and not like a rat and snake filled with venom and hatred for others, in today’s ME TOO generation. always competing and shaming those who make you look bad.

I’d rather have my wrinkles and be an old fogey at 60 (though because of my disciplined heart and my character, I have managed to maintain my looks pretty good for an old fogey), than some young upstart with a model figure who knows nothing about wisdom, grace, true beauty and courage, that Agnes had. You know it’s possible to have a model figure and have so much selfish rage in your eyes, that you are the ugliest woman in existence. Agnes was silent, not because of cowardice to stand up for what she believed in, but because she was wise, disciplined and knew how to delay gratification to obtain worthy goals, something emotion based narcissists, whose only existence is to justify their emotions to the world, cannot even begin to comprehend. So surely a novel which is all about keeping your emotions in check, would mean NOTHING TO THEM, would even seem foolish, cuz this is something a narcissist will NEVER UNDERSTAND. To a narcissist, truth is based on their personal emotions. To a woman like Agnes, truth is based in reality. Agnes understood her father and knew that the best way to get him to reform was to offer him love and support. Standing up to him would have only alienated him or destroyed him in the Victorian world in which Agnes lived. She was wise for her time.

In today’s world, Agnes would be more outspoken, because that is the way the world is today. She was wise and acting in accordance with the moral code of her time.

Today’s Agnes are women like me and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who honor their moral code, are strong and refuse to allow anyone to make them less great than they are on the INSIDE. Their beauty of the heart matters more to them than the approval of others, especially INFERIOR OTHERS TOTALLY SELF-ABSORBED. Dickens portrayed Agnes as a strong woman, because she had a disciplined heart, but you can’t expect a bunch of narcissists who worship their own emotions, to even begin to understand that. So they miss the main theme of Dickens’s novel because they are just too selfish and narcissistic to understand it.

Agnes was not filled with her own self-importance and so she’s mentally ill to a person who’s lived their whole life absorbed with SELF and spend their entire existence justifying all their emotions to the world, regardless of how illogical or crazy their emotions are.

If somebody planted Agnes into today’s world, her first reaction would be of HORROR, in that she would find NO WOMAN worthy of emulation, until she searched long and hard. After she recovers from despair over the evil of the world, she would join the Christian ranks and realize that we are in the end times, and would find much comfort from reading the Bible and understanding that Jesus will make it all right in the end. She would strive to be a good role model to the young women, but would realize that with today’s generation, it’s pretty impossible to make evil people want to be good and she would just make herself a martyr for Jesus and take what comes with sweetness and strength – kind of like the future tribulation martyrs.

In fact, I think she would be a lot like ME. She would disdain the favor of the world and just honor her moral code, come hell or high water, regardless of her reputation, knowing that her true character matters more than what people think of her. And yes, I think she would like Donald Trump and admire his courage for standing up to the narcissists in the world. You see, just about everybody today is like Steerforth, and Agnes saw him for what he was. Steerforth and the woman who claimed to love him, Miss Rosa Dartle, were the narcissists in Dickens’s novel.

I see the fact that I have a list of “hot” men who want to marry me as a condemnation of the state of womanhood today. I have never gloated in this and just feel sorry for the masculine men out there, cuz I’m one of the few women who adores their manliness. My only hope is that the young women out there who want to be worth something, go read David Copperfield and try to be like Agnes Wickfield. I’d be more than happy to let you have one of my men, if you were like Agnes. In fact, I’d recommend they go to you! We need more women like her in today’s ME TOO generation. Perhaps, if we had more women like Agnes, the suicide rate in males would go down! I’ve lived my whole life trying to be like Agnes, a worthy aim. I have NO REGRETS. Jesus calls me His favorite, so we know what Jesus thinks of my aims. But because I live a life of self-denial to honor my heart, I have a mental illness to those so far below me they can’t even begin to understand what’s in my heart. What a shallow, wicked world we live in today! I just want my men to be happy. The only thing I ask of them is that they always be manly and great on the inside. I want to always be proud of them. When I meet a man worthy of my adoration, I sacrifice my life for him. I have admired Agnes for so long that I have BECOME AGNES.

You might say, Agnes would never pose for Playboy. Well, if she did, it would be to make her man happy. You see, my men can’t be with me and this is my way of giving them my body that they so long to have. If Brent ever objected to it, I’d stop at once. I think he just adores seeing his wife, cuz an evil narcissist named Loree McBride has blockaded him from his true love. I am Brent Spiner’s Agnes Wickfield. There really is no Loree McBride character in David Copperfield. She’s sort of like Miss Rosa Dartle, but she’s really an end times character, and would belong more in a science fiction horror version of David Copperfield. 

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