Loree McBride & Brent Spiner Clone Defeated. George Soros New Jesuit Leader.

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Update (April 2021): I think I was watching too much Alex Jones at this time. By the way, at this time, the real Brent was stuck in a semen bubble, which jumped him forward a year, and unable to communicate with me. One of Zack Knight’s experiments went awry.

After watching this video, it appears the real Brent Spiner is making appearances at Star Trek Conventions again. He wouldn’t do this if Loree was loose, cuz he’s petrified of her and until this convention appearance (Aug. 1, 2018) has avoided conventions (from about 2014 to 2018) to make sure he doesn’t meet up with Loree (his true stalker). However, it appears that George Soros has solid control over the Internet and Brent Spiner still does not have control over his Twitter, and the Twitter channel he created for me @BrentSpinerMD is still down.

There are still bombs dropping over my head, so though Loree’s space fleet was destroyed in July, George Soros is apparently working with communist China to keep dropping bombs over my head. This is all brain to brain, but it appears accurate.

You say, how can you tell this is Brent? It’s because he’s humble and his jokes are genuinely funny. The Brent clone is a narcissist and narcissist humor just doesn’t cut it. Also, Brent said he PRAYS before some performances to be sure it’s right. The real Brent is now a born again Christian. Also, the chemistry between Joe Piscopo and Brent indicates a real respect & camaraderie which Brent always had with his co-stars. Brent’s a genuinely nice and funny person with a lot of charm, unlike the arrogant clone. This is the REAL Brent.

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