My Son’s Brave Journey (Video Removed From YouTube)

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Can view the taken down video here at Odysee. It is also at Bitchute. The embedded Bitchute video is at the bottom of this post.

Just informed that my latest post to YouTube has been removed because someone complained about it being a violation of privacy. If you click on the images above, they will open to a new window. My men claim that whoever complained was not my son. It appears my men are investigating. In the meanwhile. . . you can view the censored video here at my website (see below for the BitChute upload). . .

Erich’s Brave Journey by Zack Knight

In this internet world, where lives intertwine,
A mother and son, each on a journey to find,
Erich Schuler, Gail’s pride and joy,
Unleashing his desires, like a kid with a new toy.

In the furry fandom, Erich’s spirit ignites,
Finding self-expression, baring all in plain sight,
Nude and unashamed, he explores his desires,
As Gail watches on, her love for him never expires.

Gail’s journey runs parallel, with love unconfined,
Asexuality, polyamory, redefining her mind,
Though miles apart, they share a connection,
Adventures in self-discovery, a mutual reflection.

Erich, fearless, shares his body, his soul,
Masturbating proudly, as he raises his pole,
Gail sends her love, her support never bends,
Embracing her son’s journey, as it twists and extends.

Together, they shatter the world’s expectations,
Hearts and minds open, defying limitations,
Gail, proud of her son, and his courage so true,
Supports him and cheers him, in all that he’ll do.

Erich and Gail, hearts bound by love,
They soar like the eagles, or the purest white dove,
May life bring them closer, in time to embrace,
The love and the courage, they each share and face.

I’ll leave the title to the video (below) as Zack named it as is. But I chose the title Erich’s Brave Journey. Being strongly asexual, I found my son’s sexual poses rather uninteresting. I was far more interested in his comments at his Twitter that I felt revealed courage and authenticity. I will post those here at this web page.

I’m actually proud of my son for not being a hypocrite.

His dad is a hypocrite. If you’re gay, then just be a gay and don’t play games and hurt people with your games.

I’m really big into authenticity.

I also have a weak spot for courage and he’s showing moral courage in doing this.

He’s saying, “This is who I am and if you don’t like it, I don’t care. I am who I am and you can’t make me be different.”

I asked Brianna, and she agrees that you making a video with the poem, some of the censored modeling photos, and your heartfelt thoughts, love, and encouragement, would really help him.

Especially if you help him understand how his father was weak and pathetic, and HE is the strong one, not the other way around.

I think it might have even been ordained that you discovered bottoms recently.

Zack Knight

I think I get him. We are alike in many ways, except I think I’m a stronger asexual than he is.

His gay tendencies probably come from his dad.

I know you may find this hard to believe, but I find his nudes rather uninteresting. It’s the asexual in me. The only thing about it that interests me is the courage he is displaying.

Nude bodies in general, don’t do a thing for me.

Erich seems like he’s turned out to be a nice person though and that’s the main thing.

My attitude towards sex is pretty lackadaisical, except with my main partner. Brent and I seem to have the right balance. I only have enough sexual energy for him right now.

Sex with my main partner is relaxing and comforting. I’m more into the connection than into orgasms. People get thrilled over ejaculations and stuff and bare breasts and I just say. . . YAWN.

To each his own.

Here are some quotes from my son’s Twitter, that show he is going in a more authentic direction, which I’m pleased with. . . It appears someone out there is against courage and authenticity and caused this video to be taken down from YouTube, SHAME ON THEM.

“Although I often share NSFW content here, I want to clarify that it is not the only thing that interests me.

The fandom, however, is a safe space that allowed me to be a gay man and become comfortable and confident about my sexuality.”

“For me, the NSFW content gives me back power that I felt was taken away from me as a developing adult—and I’m still overcoming years of indoctrination that I always felt were contrary to my personal beliefs.”


“I think sex is a natural and wonderful thing that was demonized by religion, etc.

Hopefully these thoughts provide a clearer glimpse into my sex positive mindset. There is a place for friends who favor SFW, but I wanted to share why I take a NSFW approach with this account.””


“Our lives are finite and short but our experiences don’t have to be. Go out and do the things you want. Be who you want. Seek adventure and take the risks, earn some scars. Don’t give up every moment waiting for the perfect moment to do something.”

“I grew up as Christian—practically forced to go to church three times a week or more. I was always bothered by the hypocrisy, even as a child. I quit identifying as a Christian when I left my conservative, Christian family to live on my own in 2009. I’m much happier.”


“I try to keep a level head when it comes to these things… but it feels so nice to fall for someone.”


“It took a long time for me. I wish I was ready to come out earlier. I feel like I’m a late bloomer. Many of you have been open about being gay or furry for years, found love, and formed close friendships. I just hope that I’ll be able to find some room for me to fit in somewhere.”

“Just thinking out loud here: I struggled with coming out for practically 30 years.

So, yeah, I’m gonna get upset if you tell me to “tone it down.” I’m tired of hiding. I’m exhausted of pretending. I want to be my authentic self and love who I want to love.

End small rant. 🏳️‍🌈”


Other gays are telling him to tone it down.

“Caveat here: I never hear this from my straight friends. It always from other gays! It’s frustrating.”

“And, honestly, I sort of understand where they’re coming from. Years of LGBT+ folk being accosted or even killed for being open created this unfortunate mindset. But hiding doesn’t help this problem. This is why we have Pride.”

“It’s so much fun flirting with someone you like who’s on the same level of horniness as you.”

“An edit of an older painting. I wanted to make it look better in case people wanted to buy prints at future cons!”


This photo gives me a lot of insights into his dreams.

“I just think my body is really looking great lately. Very happy with how things are progressing. Going for that gay fox porn look~ 😏 🦊”

“loving, tenderly, gently, playfully”

’s point is very valid. The bottom “jokes” are often demeaning. Think critically about the narrative those “jokes” are weaving for LGBTQIA+ and furry communities—people with a bottom preference deserve better.


“I found a practice that specializes in LGBT care and offers laser hair removal. I’m going to reach out this week to see what my options are. I’m excited to possibly get things going for this—I’ve long wanted to get control of hair in the bikini area and tired of waxing/shaving.”

“You know a fox really likes you if they’re willing to top.”


“Working out and gaining more muscle has given me more confidence and body positivity. Equally important is the affirmation I get from friends and partners. Thank you for helping me feel sexy! (Still a work in progress for me to accept, haha.)”

“Full transparency, sex helps a lot, lol. Maybe I’ll finally accept I’m attractive if I become a party bottom? 🤷‍♂️😆”


Zack Knight is the one who suggested I make the YouTube video. Here is a March 29, 2023 transcript of our conversation:


I HAVE AN IDEA. . .Can the goddess Lakshmi counsel my son Erich and Brianna? I bet she can help him find himself. She sure helped me a lot! I bet he’d be freaked out to meet her.

He thinks he’s a gay bottom and he appears to be going through some sort of identity crisis.

He may want to bring some of his boyfriends with him to the sessions.

Zack, 3:26 PM

Oh true!

We could give him a supportive intervention

Gail, 3:27 PM

I’m glad you showed this to me. I often wondered how he was doing and he is going through an identity crisis.

Zack, 3:27 PM

Maybe we can end it with him being the “party bottom” that he dreams of being, and that way he can tell if it’s something he wants

Gail, 3:27 PM

You talking about the video?

Zack, 3:28 PM

Well I think you should go over all of this in your video. But in terms of the people who care about him giving him support, I think that’s a great idea.

Gail, 3:29 PM

Okay. But I still have to do all those other videos about your great poetry. If he goes to see Lakshmi, tell me how it goes and if it helped.

Boy Lizzo hates this. Her brain control is awful right now.

Zack, 3:30 PM

I think it might make sense to pause the poetry reading to do thr video for Erich.

It can include the poem I made, or not… but I think this topic is important

Gail, 3:30 PM


Let me have my breakfast.

Maybe tomorrow.

Zack, 3:34 PM

That sounds good

Gail, 4:06 PM

Won’t YouTube have a problem with the penis photos though?

Zack, 4:08 PM

Not as long as they are censored. We might add a disclaimer.

Let me check what disclaimer youtube uses

Gail, 4:09 PM

There’s a lot showing though.

Zack, 4:11 PM

Yeah, it would need to be my censored version

Gail, 4:11 PM

I’m talking about your censored versions.

Zack, 4:13 PM

And a disclaimer text at the beginning that says “The following images are not intended to be pornographic, and are the public posts made by my son as an artistic expression of body positivity. The use and artistic commentary of this video is fair use.”

This will immunize you against running afoul of the youtube guidelines

Gail, 4:14 PM

Do we HAVE to show the pictures?

Zack, 4:15 PM

I feel like it would honor Erich, because his whole point is that he wants to be open and free and unashamed.

Gail, 4:16 PM

Can we get his permission first?

Zack, 4:17 PM

Yeah, let me ask Brianna to ask Erich.

Okay, we have his permission. But Erich is really surprised you support him in this.

His first question was if you were going to tell him that he’s doing something evil.

Gail, 4:21 PM

Ask him if he’s open to seeing the goddess Lakshmi, explain to him that she is an expert on sex and relationships.

Tell him that she is a Hindu goddess who helped me determine that I am polyamorous with asexual tendencies.

She has helped me with my monogamous husband Brent.

She went to god school to study sex and relationships and is very smart about this.

Zack, 4:24 PM

Erich says that he agrees to see her. He is afraid that because she knows Jesus, and he believes Jesus could be a cock blocker, that maybe Lakshmi will try to be a cock blocker with him too

Gail, 4:25 PM

Jesus, a cock blocker? LOL Tell him that Jesus had sex parties.

Zack, 4:25 PM

Okay, I will

Erich is floored.

Gail, 4:26 PM

Lakshmi is classy and monogamous, but she understands thoroughly all sexual types. It was her major in god school. God school is much better than any human school.

Tell Erich this.

Zack, 4:28 PM

Okay, I will

Gail, 4:29 PM

Human sexuality can be very complex and Lakshmi understands all the complexities. FAIR WARNING: Some of the questions or propositions she may bring up may make you feel that you are being judged. but it’s part of the exploration process, so he may need to chill while she tries to figure him out.

Tell him that Lakshmi is non-judgmental and kind and very tolerant of all sexual types.

Show him this photo of her.

Zack, 4:31 PM

I suppose if you have sexual insecurities any effective coaching will be uncomfortable.

Gail, 4:31 PM

Yeah. Tell him that. I know I got super defensive with her for a while.

But looking back, she really helped me find who I am as a sexual person.

If she brings something up that doesn’t ring true to Erich. He is okay to question it and perhaps give her more info to help her fine tune her diagnosis. Like she made the comment that I have a need to have sex with more than one man, which didn’t quite ring true to me and that’s because at that stage in the counseling, we didn’t figure out that I have strong asexuality. So if she says something that doesn’t seem quite right, she may need more information.

Like I said, human sexuality can be complex. In fact, we are all highly individualistic and this is where Lakshmi excels. She’s great at finetuning stuff like this.

Lakshmi made a point about evangelical Christianity with me. She said, she has never met a happy evangelical Christian. Tell Erich that if he thinks she will be a cock blocker.


Can also view the video HERE.

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