Why American Kids Are So Fat Compared to the Baby Boomers (Lizzo is a PIECE OF SHIT)

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I read a very “intelligent” comment from Alice Twain at Quora (see below) about the obesity epidemic among children today. I recall growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, I saw a lot less fat people and we all walked to school, except high school, where I was bused in. I played OUTSIDE and spent very little time indoors or in front of a screen for recreation.

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It’s fairly easy why so many kids are obese compared to the baby boomer generation.

In the 1950’s this was your weekday dinner. A portion of stewed meat, one of carrots, one of broccoli, and a portion of mashed potatoes (individual dishes may vary, obviously). Maybe you would also have a bowl of soup as a starter or a small dessert, often the dessert was a piece of fruit or a fruit salad, or sometimes a sliver of a homemade pie or cake. Adults would have water, or a small glass of beer or wine, or maybe a cup of coffee with the meal, children would have water or unsweetened milk. You also ate food three times per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (children also likely had a midafternoon snack of a piece of fruit or a small sandwich).

When you were thirsty outside meals, your everyday you would reach for the water tap, not for the soda bottle in the fridge. Soda was available, but you would commonly have it on Saturday afternoon, when you were out with your boyfriend, or while mom shopped for groceries once a week. Similarly, ice cream was there, but a small cone was a coveted weekly treat, instead of a tub being a nightly habit.

People had cars, but the most common solution was a single car per family. The adults had a driving licence, but the car was brought out for family trips or if you had a long journey to make. For the rest, people walked and used bikes if possible, instead of driving everywhere. Even when you drove, you would commonly park somewhere convenient and continue on foot. Besides, far more people had phisically demanding jobs instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day.

What surprisingly happens when you eat less and healthier food, and you walk or bike more instead of driving is that you eat less calories, burn more, and you don’t gain weight. Nowadays too many Americans snack through the day, drink soda as a daily habit, and spend the day sitting either in the car or behind a desk. There are more calories in and less calories out, and people get fat.

This comment is from a physician named Edward Leahy at Quora.

They were and there are several important factors that lead to the current differences.

  1. Many jobs then involved physical labor.
  2. Fast food was unusual and generally a treat, not every day fare. In most families the mother made a home cooked a meal for dinner.
  3. No computer/ no internet/ no video games ( we did have pong in the 70’s but it wasn’t that exciting) / 3–5 TV channels so children played actively, plus mothers generally did not want children under foot and children did not want adult supervision so outside you went.
  4. SMOKING: a great appetite supressant and socially acceptable at the time.
  5. Gym class every school day.
  6. Children did not have play dates or get driven to school, meet friends, etc. they walked or rode their bikes. School might involve a ride on bus, mommy driving you somewhere was probably a trip to the doctor or dentist.
  7. Obesity then was seen as a personal failure or defect, now it’s a syndrome, or disability. It’s beyond the control of the “victim” and you better not question their handicap.
  8. The biggest changes have come since the early 1990’s. It was very rare to see 300 lb. or larger people then, now I see them daily.
  9. Supermarkets, etc. now have a variety of foods and options unimaginable then. Not all of these are good options, with an astronomical assortement of highly processed foods.
  10. Before any SJW’s get their panties twisted, I’ll point out that I don’t advocate smoking or harassing disabled people. I will also add that in the 1980’s operating tables were rated to 350 lbs. and were manually operated, weight was very rarely an issue (maybe 1 case a year). The operating tables where I work now are all rated to at least 600 lbs and some to more than 1,000 lbs. Enormous patients not just a risk to themselves, they tax and risk causing injury to everyone who has to move them or care for them. I don’t think people have evolved to double or triple their size in the last 25 years.

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