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This post I wrote in 2013 at the time that Zack Knight was the Antichrist and it is what I believed at the time. This is a historical archive post formerly titled 2ZackKnight.antichrist.html at my previous website:

After I signed my peace treaty with the Jesuits in November 2012, I actually noticed an increase in Jesuit style attacks against me. I told Brent about this and he stated that to his surprise, when these criminals were arrested, they claimed that they were not Jesuits and were angry at me over my raunchy new music for Church of Gail and because I had abandoned my King James only position and that I now promoted and allowed Bibles like the New American Standard, New International Version and New Living English translations as part of our church service, that they were furious at me and felt justified to pollute my air with extra pollen and to harass and hound me as I drove to go shopping and whenever I ventured outside my apartment. I actually noticed an increase in criminal harassment after we signed the peace treaty with the Jesuits. The only difference between the harassment I received after the treaty and the harassment I received before the treaty is that the methods used were of a style that could be attributed to the GA1L android exclusive of the Jesuits, and lacked distinct Jesuit characteristics like using a nukkake or drug rape or bukkakes, or flagrant sexual crimes. However, they did use extensive computer crimes, air pollution techniques, surveillance and spying, defamatory websites, invasion of privacy (stealing private photos and videos meant only for my family and posting these online), email hacking, black Ninja attacks to murder Vladimir Putin as Vladimir attempted to removes corruption and viruses they had introduced into my computer, attempted murder, suicide style attacks and were as difficult to beat in court as any Jesuit. These King James only fanatics seemed to commit crimes that they could easily cover up, when we brought them to court, lying and saying that the nude that paraded around I willingly and knowingly gave to Zack Knight and that’s how they got it.

Though I find it believable that Peter Ruckman (a very important leader in the King James only movement) would burn Bibles in our church service that are not King James, almost setting our church on fire, I find it hard to believe that a true King James Onlyist would stoop so low as to become part of murder conspiracies, or computer hacking to introduce viruses and corruption into my computer or would send a Ninja all dressed in black to attack and kill Vladimir Putin because Vladimir was working on my computer to fix the viruses and corruption they had introduced into my computer.

As a former King James only person myself, I know that when I believed like this, I may have accused those who opposed me of being demon possessed and may have insinuated they were Satanic, but I would never have harassed, tried to murder or pollute their air and I most certainly would not have introduced any viruses or corruption into their computers or harassed them for their beliefs. If I sensed greatness in a person I overlooked differences and worked with what I had with that person, and would establish common ground in the similar goals we shared and the passion we shared for truth, love and justice—and would not make a big issue over the use of alcohol, music, or even Bible versions. I did this because this is what my heart told me to do, even though my head said that I may be a little too lenient and perhaps was compromising against the truth. However, I sensed deep down inside that Jesus approved of my heart attitude towards people who differed from me in certain religious practices, but who manifested a vast and tolerant spirit, full of love and eager to forgive, eager to believe the best in others. Somehow I sensed, even though this went against some of the rigid religious teachings I had been brought up with, that Jesus smiled on my approach to those who differed me in some religious practices. In fact, I was so willing to embrace those who differed from me in some religious practices, that I was willing to marry those who differed from me in practice, but not in spirit, like Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin.

So why do I go into all this? This is to show that I believe that if one is a true born again Christian as well as a King James only believer, that this person, even though they may be angry at me for what they feel is apostasy in my Christian stands, I don’t feel they would go to the extremes that the King James only criminals have done with me in the past months.

Would they send a Ninja to murder Vladimir Putin because he tried to repair my computer from viruses and corruption? Would they deliberately send viruses and malware to my computer? Would they hack into my computer and rewrite emails to my men and stop some from being delivered? Would they pollute my air so thick with pollen, using a Hazmat suit to pull out pollen and throw it into the air just outside my apartment, making me so sick with allergy that I had to run to the bathroom with diarrhea attacks every half hour, until the pollen count went down? I would think that if I was outraged over Gail’s apostasy away from the King James Bible, that I would want all the world to know that I had nothing to do with corrupt Roman Catholic leader Zack Knight, and I would not commit suicide with cyanide, like the KJV only person who was rewriting my emails to Brent. Wouldn’t you want us to read your mind and memories to know how outraged you were over Gail’s Roman Catholic apostasy away from the King James Bible and that you had nothing to do with the Jesuits, who you claim are the authors of all the corrupt Bibles? Why kill yourself with cyanide? Unless you are a secret Jesuit posing as a King James only believer.

While the King James only movement is a type of a cult, in that you can’t reason with these people with the facts, because they have their mind made up. They’re not like Jim Jones, which, by the way, was a Jesuit organization, where they all committed mass suicide. There really are not that many King James only believers in the world and yet this King James only conspiracy operates with the efficiency of the Jesuit Order and as if they have the same numbers.

The only difference between the King James only attacks and the Jesuit attacks is that thus far, they have not used nukkake, bukkake or flagrant sexual crimes, which have been characteristic of the Jesuits. However, posting a still from my private nude video online for the whole world to see is a form of rape, invasion of privacy and defamation—typical Jesuit crimes.

Conclusion, since signing this treaty with the Jesuits, the only area where I seem to get a reprieve from former Jesuit crimes against me, is in the use of flagrant sexual crimes against me or my men, which Jesuits are famous for. But now that has ended because Zack Knight has gone to court and CNN with lies, stating that I secretly desire him and really wanted to sign that sneaky contract with him to allow him to brain to brain rape me, so, it appears, nothing has changed.

Further conclusions. I allege that from the beginning, the King James only criminals who have attacked me, have done so under Zack Knight’s direction. Now that Zack Knight is going after me sexually, the attacks I experience now, do not differ at all from what I got before I signed this treaty with Zack Knight. Zack has been playing a game, pretending like he is not attacking me, since we’ve signed this treaty, while he has done so underground through his King James Only Jesuits. These are Jesuits who have been trained to appear as King James only believers, while their true belief is Jesuit. Jesuits are famous for this. They infiltrate all religious ranks, posing to be what they are not, in order to gain inroads with which to attack their enemies, often posing as having the religious faith of the enemies they oppose.

Yet despite my brilliant arguments and videos defending my new position against King James onlyism, these fanatical King James only criminals refuse to budge, defying all reason (like a fanatical Jesuit), and continue to use Jesuit-fanaticism styles against me. They’re just Jesuits with a different title.

Brilliant Zack Knight, has even allowed his own second in command, Rule 13, to be in the dark about his King James only Jesuits, even allowing her to kill some King James only Jesuits who have attacked me, so that he can convince the world he has nothing to do with them. Sly antichrist.

He is not a complete hypocrite for sponsoring the King James only Jesuits, because I believe that when he rules the world as the antichrist, he will make the King James Bible his official Bible, claiming that the King James Bible is God, based on John 1:1, and that He, Zack Knight, is Jesus Christ or the Word (capitalized as in John 1:1), and so he will incorporate King James Bible worship as part of his worship of himself as Jesus Christ, and that those who do not worship the King James Bible as God, must be executed. Explains the Ninja who went after Vladimir Putin. Would a true King James only born again Christian execute people to enforce his beliefs? I don’t think so. I believe those who attack me as King James onlyists are not true King James onlyists, but are deadly Jesuits, posing as King James only believers.

Can’t you see Zack’s in rehearsal for this grand antichrist performance in the future, where he will claim that the King James Bible is God and those who don’t worship it as himself, must DIE? When the real Jesus comes to rescue the world from the antichrist, guess what He calls himself in Rev. 19:13. THE WORD OF GOD (Singular and capitalized).

When Jesus shows up in Rev. 19:13. He says, “Here I am to rescue you from Zack Knight who claims to be the King James Bible, and who claims to be ME… Only I am Jesus Christ or the Word of God in John 1:1. The Word of God, singular, is a PERSON, not a Bible. No Bible can be God, because no translation can perfectly capture with words what I have to say.” In John 1:1, the Word of God is Jesus Christ Himself.

In fact, Jesus will be so angry about everyone worshipping the King James Bible as Himself, thanks to Zack Knight, that the WAY he will destroy the antichrist Zack Knight will be with Himself with the TITLE– the Word of God. That’s why he uses a sharp sword that comes from His mouth to conquer the antichrist as THE WORD OF GOD—using the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17) which is the Word of God, coming from his mouth. Yes, the Word of God or Jesus Christ will defeat Zack Knight at the battle of Armageddon as the Word of God (capitalized and singular). Jesus will destroy the fake Word of God Zack Knight as the real Word of God (the real Jesus) in all the good translations –Rev. 19:13 at the final battle.

The King James Bible is a great translation that contains the words of God (Psalm 12:6-7), but it is not the Word of God (who is Jesus Christ Himself). Why does Jesus defeat Zack as THE WORD OF GOD? It must be that Zack will claim to be the Word of God of Rev. 19:13, with the King James Bible his official Bible. Oh, will that make him believable. I challenge Zack to refute that he sponsors the King James only criminals, under lie detection. You know, to have a respected Bible, like the King James as your official Bible, will make Zack seem so Christ like and awesome

I have actually had several of these King James only Jesuits call me the wife of Jesus Christ as they attempted to trick me through email, because Zack knows that I will receive Jesus’ semen in the millennium and he’s going to claim to be that Jesus who will give me His semen, and that I am Zack or Jesus’ wife, that’s the real reason he wants to have the legal right to rape me. If he can convince everyone that I am his wife, then he can convince everyone that he’s the real Jesus. The antichrist is the fake Christ in Bible prophecy. Also, I won’t be Jesus’ personal wife. I will only be His wife as part of His bride, the church. I get His semen, but the millennial sexual act will all be Brent Spiner.

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