Lizzo’s Mites Cause Green Tongue After Antibiotics

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Can watch above video HERE.

UPDATE on Nov. 15, 2023: It appears these shape shifter “mites” can take the form of bone cells, nerve cells or other normal body cells and actually embed themselves into “normal” human tissue or structures and then transform into malignant organisms on Lizzo’s command. So, the reason the antibiotic treatment for Gail’s lower left molar has not been successful with Amoxicillin is because the “bone” cells underneath that molar where the dentist did his root canal and put on a new crown, have now come to the rescue of the destroyed “mites” (from antibiotic treatment) and are transforming into new cannibal mites or yeast in the same area from bones cells that suddenly turn into malignant mites or yeast. It will be a long, slow process, using our own “antibiotics” specifically designed to deal with the ever changing mites as we also deal with dormant mites (disguised as normal body cells) that suddenly come alive and turn malignant. This also explains the bone loss all over Gail’s mouth, despite excellent dental hygiene. The hygienist said there was very little tartar when she cleaned, but she found a lot of bacterial “pockets”.

As a result of forgetting to take my Zyrtec on time tonight, I noticed my nerves felt irritated and strange, which leads me to speculate that the “mites” are pooping allergens into my nervous system and causing my nerves to be inflamed, this would include nerves in my spine and in the roots of my teeth. I noticed that the sensitivity in that right rear molar was worse than usual. I theorize that part of the sensitivity in my tooth is that the nerves in the root of that molar are suffering ALLERGIC INFLAMMATION. Perhaps we need to remove allergens in my body as well. Our shape shifter antibiotics need to be programmed to remove allergens and to know which substances the person is allergic to.

They should be programmed to detect all the allergens of the person they inhabit, probably by getting a “memory” read of the person that shows when the body released histamine and which substances caused this.

This would explain why the molar is more sensitive at night since allergens tend to be worse at night.

Also, sometimes I forget to take my Zyrtec on time and that usually happens in the evening.

The “mites” probably ingest allergens, which accumulate in the blood during the day, especially when I go outside, and then they “poop” the allergen into the cells they infest, this includes nerve cells.

Regardless of how they are doing it, it does appear the “mites” are allergen carriers and they deposit the allergens in the most unlikely places in the body when they visit parts of the body. Basically, anywhere that the mite can inhabit is in danger of allergic inflammation. Another possibility is that the mite can shape shift into an allergen.

Can also view the above video HERE.

In the photo above, you are seeing how my tongue looks first thing in the morning, before eating any food that could stain the tongue. I always go to bed with a clean mouth, after brushing and flossing, including brushing my tongue.

Keep in mind that in the photo above, the right side of the photo would be my left side, and the left side of the photo would be my right side. My left side is where the dentist did the root canal and that side has been swollen. My right side is the side with the sensitive molar with holes deep enough to have exposed root. THE IMAGE OPENS UP TO A LARGER VIEW IF YOU CLICK ON IT.

I am not a doctor but am highly intelligent and offer this page to assist physicians and dentists who are treating people infected with Lizzo’s genetically engineered mites. Amoxicillin does seem to work, but if the patient has allergies they need to be on medicine for allergies during treatment. Also, it’s important to drink a lot of water and do the Gail Commandments.

I just finished a 7 day course of Amoxicillin 500 mg three times a day. Starting about 3 days ago, my lower bowels felt burny (probably caused by mite die-off filled with my allergens and acid). And my lymph nodes, especially in extremities (like fingers and ankles) are more swollen than usual. Also, nerve tissue all over my body, especially in the head area (and around or in my teeth) are more sensitive and seem more inflamed than previously. Like I have a sensitive molar on my right side, with holes caused by my former Jesuit yeast infection and the holes in that molar have worsened with Lizzo’s mites eating away at my bone the past two years.

If you look at my tongue in the picture above, you can see it is swollen a bit on my left side. The mites love the left side of my mouth where, it appears, they’ve been camping out for the past two years or so. This is the side where the dentist did a root canal and put in a new crown. Right after that root canal treatment in May 2023, the entire left side of my tongue swelled up, as the mites escaped to a new location after being chased out by antiseptic in the root from the root canal procedure. In the last 3 days or so, a molar on my right side (with deep mite holes) has gotten more sensitive. You have to realize that this mite infection is SYSTEMIC (all over my body). But then it seems to come and go, depending on how the mites are behaving. According to the dentist, some of those “mite” holes have exposed root (caused by the mites eating away at my teeth). It’s no wonder that molar on my right side (toward the very back) is so sensitive!

No, the holes are not caused by bruxism. They are too tiny, deep and narrow for that.

What appears to be happening is that the mites are killed by amoxicillin and they are escaping to extremities and to nervous tissue to get away from the antibiotic in the blood. They seem extremely intelligent and seem to know how to cause maximum damage to my body in areas where my body is most vulnerable to them, which leads me to suspect that Lizzo is orchestrating their movements and behavior somehow–almost like she controls their movements and behavior so that they cause maximum damage to my body like how she wants.

Previous to antibiotic treatment (Nov. 1 – 8, 2023), I often suffered from mite bloating and gas in the abdomen (so that I often looked pregnant) and very sensitive teeth as the mites are eating away at my bones. I also suffered from swollen lymph nodes in my extremities. Brent, my doctor husband, seems to be working with my dentist to deal with the damage caused by the mites and to get them out of my body. The mites worsened the bad recession and bone loss I already had in my teeth from the Jesuit yeast, also. This seems to be improving somewhat with antibiotic treatment. I also suffered from mite-caused nerve tissue inflammation. The mites also have caused my skin to be dry and itchy, worsening wrinkles and aging in the skin. It appears their “poop” could be some sort of astringent. Not sure if this is mite-related, but I seem to have gained an extra five pounds since I’ve been tormented with mites. I imagine all the inflammation could cause some weight gain. I seem to have lost a couple pounds on antibiotic treatment and my diet is the same as before. Another symptom I’ve noticed has been a feeling that some gluey substance coats my eyes causing my vision to be fuzzy, requiring me to use a magnifying glass to read small print. Sometimes when I blink my eyes and remove the coating by blinking, the vision improves. I also suffer from urinary frequency, probably caused by mite allergens and irritants being filtered from the blood into the urine making the urine nasty to the bladder. I also suffer from irritable bowel and sometimes the stool is hard and sometimes it’s soft, but I rarely get full-blown diarrhea. I have noticed that I poop more than I used to. Perhaps all that gas makes me feel like I have to poop all the time. I have constant post-nasal drip (not sure if that’s a mite problem though). Sometimes I get an “attack” in my throat by the mites, where they target a part of my throat and I get a nasty cough spasm (out of the blue) from their poop and irritants as they gather in parts of my throat. Never have a fever though. The mites don’t cause fever. Another symptom is loss of muscular strength, so that even when you exercise those muscles, like your leg muscles (for instance), it is harder to do activities that require strong muscles, like lifting oneself off of the floor, after one has knelt all the way down to the floor. So, it appears, these mites eat muscle tissue.

The mites’ affinity for nerve tissue has caused swelling in my left wrist’s median nerve in my left hand (my writing hand), which has worsened carpal tunnel syndrome causing my fingers to cramp up as I try to write. I’ve had problem with this median nerve swelling since about 2002 and it comes and goes depending on how swollen the median nerve is that travels through my arm and wrist. But within the past year, that median nerve has been constantly swollen and my left hand’s fingers, especially the forefinger curls up and doesn’t work right. Thus far, it has not affected my ability to type. It mainly causes problems with use of my left hand’s forefinger, which is important for hand writing. So, because of the carpal tunnel, I can only hand write very slowly. The left hand’s forefinger dysfunction actually went away (from about 2013 to 2019) when I was cured of my yeast infection on Seroquel, but has relapsed after being infected with mites (from about 2020 forward). It has gotten worse since being infected with Lizzo’s mites. Loree McBride, when she was bad, started the mite business and Lizzo has improved on what Loree did with mites. Being small boned and having a tiny wrist does not help this problem.

Another weird symptom, is that I cannot wear a watch because the mites seem attracted to the metal backing and the metal backing to the watch causes my skin to itch from the mites attracted to the metal. So if I want to tell time, I leave the watch in a clear pocket in my fanny pack so I can see the time. Also, it seems I have a lot of wear around the teeth that surround my gold crown, with one molar adjacent to the gold crown, very sensitive right now. It does appear that these mites are attracted to, or “eat”, metals.

My theory on why Lizzo would create mites that “eat” metal is that they are some type of conductors to enhance her brain control signals in the body. Metal would probably amplify her brain control signals making them more powerful, enabling Lizzo to do stronger brain control on her victims. For this reason, I try not to wear too many metals (especially near the brain) or to at least not wear them all day. I even wear a smaller metal clip to hold my hair and have noticed I seem to do better against Lizzo’s satellite signals when I don’t have a large metal clip on my head. This is speculation and could be “off”. Jesus once instructed me to wear a tin foil hat and when I do so, it seems to help a bit with the brain control. I think the aluminum foil acts as a deflector by absorbing the satellite signals and preventing them from “entering” the brain. Whereas a metal clip would attract the mites to the area of the clip and, therefore, they could line up (like an electrical cord) and help Lizzo control brain signals and Lizzo would then program the mites to “line up” and help her direct her signals where she wants. The mites are far too intelligent to be operating solely of their own volition. Lizzo is definitely programming them and they seem to enhance her ability to do brain control, which is why they have metals in them and probably explains their affinity for nerve tissue (causing nerve tissue inflammation). I did notice that when I eat iron rich foods, I seem to make the mites happy. This is not to say to avoid iron-rich foods. But it is an interesting observation. The metallic mites near nerve tissue, enhance Lizzo’s ability to do brain control. It’s also possible she has different types of mites for different purposes. The “calcium, bone eater” mites are there to destroy bone tissue. The nerve-metallic mites are there to assist Lizzo with brain control. Other mites may specialize in eating muscle to weaken muscles.

In fact, the mites may play a crucial role in how Lizzo is able to use music (sound waves infested with metallic mites) to enhance brain control. Sound waves act as “ships” to carry Lizzo’s “mite phone line” of signals. I’m certain the sound waves are infused with metallic mites that are programmed to do Lizzo’s bidding via her thoughts. Flutes are usually made of metal. So when Lizzo plays her metal flute the mites in the atmosphere saturate the sound waves going to Lizzo’s target. Lizzo can actually direct her electronic brain signals going through her metal flute to work in sync with metal mites in the air saturating the sound waves from her music, causing the sound waves to become conductors of her brain signals and thoughts, her thoughts literally become “commands” working with metal mites inside the target. It’s almost like Lizzo uses mites in the atmosphere in combo with mites in the target’s body to create a “phone line” from Lizzo’s brain to her target where her brain signals can travel and do her bidding. “Thoughts” are actually electricity in the body, they travel through the electrical nervous system. Lizzo needs her metal mites to be the brain control monster that she is!! We may be able to use magnets to mess up her brain control by causing the metal mites in the air to go to our magnets and mess up Lizzo’s sound wave signals to the brains of her targets–that would be like scrambling her phone line so it doesn’t work! In fact, I have noticed very strong electricity flowing through my body in the past year, to the point that I often get a strong electrical shock by merely touching anything with any metal in it. So my theory that metal mites are creating a “phone line” for LIzzo (her thoughts going to our brains and directing them) is probably RIGHT ON TARGET.

This “phone line” Lizzo creates using metal mites may also enhance her ability to use her brain signals to program the mites in that “phone line” to do her bidding.

The reason phones are dangerous to Gail and Brent and her men, is that Lizzo is obsessed with Gail and her men and can work with mites in her target’s bodies to obey LIzzo’s brain signals through phones that absorb her thought electricity and work with metallic mites that exist near the ear (which is near the brain). LIzzo can literally use her thoughts to command signals and command brain signals. working in sync with her metallic mites. This is kind of complex, but she basically creates a “phone line” using metallic mites to force her thoughts and desires into her targets, the signals flowing from her brain to her targets through a “phone line” of metal mites from her brain to the target’s brain. THIS IS WHY SOME OR ALL OF THE MITES ARE MADE OF METAL AND SOME OF THEM EAT METAL and WHY THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO METAL.

It also appears these mites are shapeshifters and can change to different forms, depending on their purpose, so one minute it could be a metal mite, another minute a bone eater mite and another minute, a muscle eater mite, etc. They may change forms in different dimensions, so that we never figure this stuff out. Lizzo seems a master at multi-dimensional warfare.

The metallic mites probably play a prominent role in interfering in any technology run on electricity, especially technology that use signals a lot, like phones, cameras, etc. Most cameras today are set up to work with WiFi, a perfect set up for Lizzo to do her bidding! Our own magnetic forces in the air could absorb the mites (or at least scramble their ability to act as a phone line for Lizzo) and then we could destroy them, or at least mess up Lizzo’s signals so that they can’t form a “phone line” from her thoughts to her targets. Even better, we could “jam” her signals with our own thoughts. Apparently, the reason Lizzo can’t brain-control automatons is because they are made of so much metal, the metal in them absorbs her signals and messes them up, almost acting like magnets or tin foil hats. We could create metallic shields made of our own programmed mites that interfere with Lizzo’s programmed mites. The possibilities are endless!! It would be fun to jam her signals or impose our own thoughts into her “phone line” and send them to Lizzo and/or her Jesuits. Perhaps, we could make cannibal metal mites that eat her mites. This would only work if our cannibal mites are programmed to jam her signals though. If we don’t program them to jam her signals, they would only enhance Lizzo’s ability to do brain control, by putting more metal in the air to be a “phone line” for her.

It also appears that mites like to eat “new” bone or bone tissue that has regenerated after bone damage, and this may explain why they seem to have an affinity to parts of the body they have already camped out in and why these areas never seem to get better, but are continually inflamed and attacked by the mites, even after antibiotic treatment. This may explain why they love my teeth, because there is considerable bone loss there and also bone regeneration and they are attracted to new bone tissue (apparently new bone tissue is easier to “eat”).

Another interesting symptom I have, which actually started with the yeast (from about 2004 and forward), is that when I eat and my gallbladder releases bile for digestion, something from the bile in my small intestines (helping to digest my food) actually enters my bloodstream causing nasal post nasal drip, which indicates that there are allergens in the bile entering my bloodstream causing an allergic reaction as the bile-infused blood gets to my sinus area. Obviously, not all the bile enters the bloodstream during digestion, but SOMETHING from the bile is being absorbed into my blood during digestion. Whenever I eat oily foods and my bile is loaded with allergens, I often get a runny nose as I eat an oily food for this reason. Lately, my bile has been full of stuff that makes my nose run. I can tell when parts of the bile enters my bloodstream as an oily food is being digested in my small intestines. This “bile” symptom gets worse when the mites are acting up and causing a lot of inflammation in my body. I’ve just “learned” to expect a runny nose often when I eat anything that has oil or fat in it. It’s not that irritating, but does seem to indicate that my blood is being infused with some sort of allergen while I eat an “oily” food or food with fat in it.

Bile is made by the liver and the liver is the detoxifier of the body, so if this bile is loaded with allergens or toxins, the bile is getting it FROM THE BLOOD which is flowing through the liver to be purified. The liver then releases some of this toxicity into the bile. This would seem to indicate that the liver is full of something that gets into the bile and causes the bile to become an “irritant” during digestion, so that the “irritant” from the bile actually enters the bloodstream during digestion (being absorbed from the small intestine) causing a system wide reaction. Sometimes, when the bile is especially infested with the allergen or irritant, it will cause my bowels to be bloated when the contaminated bile (with the food eaten) reaches my large intestine during digestion. I often am bloated on days when my allergies are acting up, due to a combination of infested bile and swallowed post nasal drip (with allergens in it). The bile could also be picking up allergens from inhaled allergens getting into the blood from the lungs. The mites could be adding to the problem by their “poop” getting into the blood from mite-infected cells.

The mites, when they die, seem to release (or explode) a green liquid that is acidic and caustic (possibly also allergenic) and because they are flocking to my head to avoid the antibiotic in the gut and are dying and exploding literally in my tongue tissue, this explains the “green” tongue. I wouldn’t be surprised if these genetically engineered mites are also filled with my allergens. I am also on Zyrtec, which my husband prescribed for me back in May 2023. If not for Zyrtec, it would be very possible I would not have been able to endure the 7 day course of Amoxicillin.

When I had the Jesuit yeast infection (Candida auris), before Jesus put me on Seroquel (prior to 2012), killing the yeast did no good, because the Jesuit yeast, when they exploded, would create more yeast food for any remaining yeast in the vicinity. With the mites, it appears, when they explode, they also create mite food, but they seem to multiply by sexual reproduction (and need another “live” mite around in order to reproduce), so killing them can be an effective way to get rid of them. But it is never a piece of cake to kill a Jesuit engineered germ. Jesuits make sure of that. They create these “germs” to be resilient and deadly.

The weather is very warm for November 8th and I had to wear shorts for my walk today. Lizzo is probably doing this so that any mites she puts in the air will not die because of freezing cold weather. She is concerned that the antibiotic has killed so many of the mites she has put into my body from her biological warfare against me.

Amoxicillin does appear to work on Lizzo’s mites, for now, but you do need to drink a lot of water to deal with mite die-off. Also, be prepared for the mite rebound reaction, which is what I’m experiencing now. The surviving mites will go to the areas of the body where they feel they can survive, possibly where there are already a lot of mites so that they can bury themselves among large numbers and survive the antibiotic onslaught against them.

The mite rebound reaction I have suffered has been swollen and sensitive nerve tissue (causing some teeth to be very sensitive because of exposed nerve tissue from the cannibal mites), swollen lymph nodes (especially in extremities), worsening of allergies and allergic reactions in the body’s tissues (because the dead mites release allergens and acid), irritated and burny and inflamed bowels as the mites die off in the intestines releasing their caustic green liquid interiors. I am also experiencing a burny “sore throat”, rather strange after antibiotics–but it makes sense if that is caused by mite die-off (probably filled with allergens and acid). The burning tissue feeling is “everywhere”–in my nerves, my genital area, my bowels, inside my ear canals, my bladder, my throat, my tongue, my gums, EVERYWHERE–the mite “die-off” is truly systemic (body-wide). The burning tissue feeling in the stomach and esophagus makes you slightly nauseated. This has happened rarely (fortunately) but sometimes inflammation from yeast or mites causes enough inflammation in the heart to cause arrhythmias. Even the eyes feel burny. That’s why it’s important to drink a lot of water. I get a mild headache that comes and goes, probably from slightly inflamed nervous and brain tissue.

Crest gum detoxify toothpaste seems to help the tooth sensitivity, probably because it’s killing mites attacking my nerves in the teeth.

Unfortunately, this is more of a medical problem (caused by a systemic and body-wide infection of mites) than a dental problem, so the solution seems to be a combination of medical and dental treatment. My husband Brent is a brilliant doctor and I’m in great hands.

My current strategy at the end of antibiotic treatment is to continue my current diet, which is balanced and healthy and I love my kefir, so that will continue. Kefir is a probiotic dairy drink that I enjoy and won’t hurt me after antibiotic treatment. I also plan to drink plenty of water.

I believe the antibiotic Amoxicillin I was on, was a time-release formula, so it will continue to work on the mites even though I won’t be taking the Amoxicillin anymore after finishing my 7-day course of treatment. Unfortunately, the mites have not been licked. The area the dentist wanted treated by the Amoxicillin is still swollen (though it has somewhat improved). These mites are resilient and it doesn’t help that Lizzo keeps adding them to the air through bombs and various methods.

Lizzo is truly the war criminal from hell and is a master at biological warfare. She targets innocents with glee and delights in being evil, while gas lighting you if you accurately assess what she’s doing and expose her biological warfare.

There may be a connection between the semen pollen Lizzo is doing and the mites. Perhaps the semen pollen is a food or fertilizer for the mites in the atmosphere, and, therefore, enhances her ability to do brain control and multiply the mites. Another possibility is that human semen can impregnate mites. If this is the case, there may be a connection between mites and bed bug humans. We should definitely study the reproductive and eating habits of both bed bug humans and these genetically engineered mites!

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