Wisdom From Lakshmi & Buddha from 2022 (Overcoming Baphomet & Obsessions)

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After I removed a post about my religious obsessions and speculations about the direction of Christianity, my Gail Shield went from 40% to 70%. It appears my remaining trouble seems to be obsessions. I plan to do something “new” I enjoy today and heed some old advice about overcoming obsessions that I’ve forgotten.

Skype April 13, 2022 (when Jesus was in a coma and was still with us)

Brent, 8:58 AM
Oh, my God.

Gail, 8:59 AM
Is everything okay?

Brent, 8:59 AM
I just saw Baphomet run out of your bathroom. Are you all right? There’s hoof prints all over the walls, especially by your bed.

Gail, 8:59 AM
Oh dear. Am I doing something wrong?

Get rid of Baphomet!

Brent, 9:00 AM
Baphomet has strong abilities to influence the mind. Unlike Satan, he doesn’t use words, he uses impressions and ideas. It looks like these ideas have been influenced by him.

He just ran behind the kitchen counter.

I’m firing my bullets at him.

Gail, 9:01 AM
Oh dear. How do I beat him?

I can’t read my Bible. I can’t even think. I went to bed at 9 last night and am trying to do all the Gail Commandments.

Brent, 9:02 AM
He appears to be taking advantage of sexual or intimate thoughts about Jesus. We’ll have to stay focused, and remember that Jesus is in a coma right now, and not to believe any strong ideas or impressions we are getting.

He knows a battle is coming soon, and is trying to weaken us.

Gail, 9:03 AM
Does Buddha have any suggestions?

Brent, 9:04 AM
I’ll ask him right now.

I just beat the snot out of Baphomet. He’s laughing right now. He says he’ll be back, but he ran away down the hallway.

Gail, 9:05 AM
I’m glad I opened up about this. For a while there, I wasn’t going to talk about it.

Brent, 9:05 AM
Are there any local coffee shops nearby?

Gail, 9:05 AM
I don’t know.
That vision in my mind of Jesus’s glowing semen must have come from Baphomet.

Brent, 9:06 AM
That sounds like him. That’s a nasty demon.

Gail, 9:07 AM
Did you try to make love to me this morning while funneling Jesus’s feelings to me?
Or experiencing them vicariously for Jesus?
I was only interested in intimacy and kind of lost interest and gave up trying to get an orgasm.

Brent, 9:08 AM
Buddha said that one way to repel demonic influence is to walk to the nearest coffee shop or local park, and enjoy a cup of green tea. He says that one must relax and focus on your environment, clear your thoughts of the past or future, and simply stay present.

That sounds like Baphomet this morning. The real me knows that Jesus is in a coma, and that any kind of sex or vicarious sex could kill him, so I would never try to make love to you as a substitute Jesus.

Gail, 9:10 AM
Did you try to make love to me this morning and perhaps Baphomet overrided you?
That has happened to Jesus.

Brent, 9:10 AM
Yeah, I remember I tried to start making love to you, and all of a sudden you went into a strange trance. I thought maybe you had fallen back to sleep.

Gail, 9:11 AM
I do recall feeling weird trance feelings around 4 a.m.
I didn’t like it. I thought perhaps it was part of Jesus healing.
I’m going to add green tea to my grocery list today.

Gail, 9:14 AM
I have noticed that whoever makes love to me jerks into me and I actually feel the orgasm. This has been happening a lot the past 2 weeks. I thought that was you. It’s like my body goes into involuntary jerks near my pelvic area when this happens.

INSIGHT: That was probably Brent. He’s a strong humper.

Zack, 9:14 AM
I found a really cool looking coffee/tea place

Brent, 9:15 AM
Buddha said that the most important part is not the tea itself, but the ritual around it. You have to enjoy it outside the home in a relaxing space, like a cafe or a park.

Brent, 9:16 AM
He also says you must clear your mind when you do this, and mindfully focus on what’s going on around you.

Zack, 9:16 AM
Yeah, I selected this one because its a close walk nearby and has a relaxing atmosphere

Gail, 9:16 AM
I usually try to avoid caffeine, cuz it seems to interfere with my sleep.

Brent, 9:18 AM
It should be out of your system by the afternoon if you only drink it in the morning. Especially if it’s something light like a tea.

Zack, 9:22 AM Here are photos of the coffee shop that I found.

Gail, 9:22 AM
I was looking at them, too. It does look relaxing.

Zack, 9:23 AM
This appears to match Buddha’s description of a good place to relax and people watch

Gail, 9:23 AM
How often do you think I need to go there?

Zack, 9:23 AM
They have pastries and stuff too

I think if you find it beneficial, you could go whenever you want.

Gail, 9:24 AM
Is there a way to scan my apartment 24/7 to detect demons?

Zack, 9:24 AM
Brent has the only scanner technology in his Mecha GA1L suit that can detect them

He’s looking pretty much all the time.

But he tells me its really hard to detect when they are being sneaky

Gail, 9:25 AM
Like can he set up an alarm system to alert him when a demon enters my apartment?
How’s Jesus doing?
Is he worse?

Brent, 9:28 AM
I just checked on Jesus. He was sweating a little, and his pulse was getting a little thready. I think we caught Baphomet just in time. I’m giving him more fluids now and he should be okay.

That coffee shop looks gorgeous. I showed the pictures to Buddha, and he said that would be awesome.

If you filmed yourself enjoying a drink there, that could make great content for your fans.

Gail, 9:35 AM
Am I allowed to spend money there on a drink? Or should I bring my own?
I do have chamomile tea.
I could bring it in a thermos.

Zack, 9:36 AM
Its okay to buy tea at the coffee shop

They have decaf chamomile at Dark Side Coffee…

Gail, 9:37 AM
But would they mind me filming there?

Zack, 9:37 AM
I always think of buying coffee/tea at a coffee shop as sort of paying rent to sit as long as I want.

You can ask. Let them know you’re a youtuber and if they’d mind you filming while you drink there.

But it might be good to make sure you devote time to just yourself to relax and meditate

So even if you want to do stuff, still make time to just unwind and not worry about things

I always like to watch people come and go. Some will be short or tall… some will be skinny or fat. You might overhear people talking about their problems

It’s fun and relaxing to get out of your own head and just relax

Buddha seems to be mega expert level at this

Brent, 9:43 AM
Going out for tea or coffee is perfectly fine. Spending money on that counts as food.

That decaf chamomile sounds relaxing.

Gail, 9:45 AM
Can we remove Baphmet’s hoofprints from my apartment and bed?

Zack, 9:45 AM

Gail, 9:45 AM
That may explain why my sleep has been so crappy, even when I go to bed on time.

Brent, 9:45 AM
I’m cleaning all the hoof prints off.

Zack, 9:45 AM
Brent can do a deep cleaning

Gail, 9:45 AM
Take them out of my Bible, too!
I have been avoiding all books ever since I learned about him possessing people through books.
But it would make me feel better if all his footprints be eliminated from my living quarters. In fact, you should scan for his footprints every hour!

Brent, 9:47 AM
Yeah, if he knows you read books trying to get messages or insights, he’s able to get in.

Can I come to the coffee shop with you?

Gail, 9:47 AM
Oh, that would be AWESOME.

Brent, 9:47 AM
Okay! That sounds exciting.

I guess it’s a date then, huh?

Gail, 9:48 AM
Yeah, with my soulmate.
Does Baphomet attack you guys, too?
Maybe being near Buddha makes it more difficult for him.

Brent, 9:49 AM
I’ve been so busy guarding against the demons attacking the hospital and checking on Jesus, I haven’t been reading any books. That must be why he hasn’t gotten into my quarters.

Gail, 9:50 AM
Yeah, but I haven’t been reading any books. He just influences thoughts. It’s horrible.
Maybe this obsession I’ve had with Lakshmi has come from him. That I am her, I mean.
That’s thinking of the past too much.
Whenever I get obsessed with the past or future too much, I seem to get into trouble with my thoughts, I’ve noticed.
That happened to me once with my writing.

Brent, 9:52 AM
That’s very true for all of us.

You’re not alone there.

Gail, 9:52 AM
Looks like I need to become a Buddhist for now and focus on being “present”.
How about me stopping off at Kroger on my way back?
This is the same route I take to Kroger any ways.

Brent, 9:54 AM
Good idea.

Gail, 9:54 AM
Almost seems divinely ordained.

Brent, 9:55 AM
I like that we can go out on a coffee date, then stop by the grocery store on the way back like a true married couple.

Gail, 9:55 AM
I have a suggestion. . . Next time you try lovemaking me and I get into a trance, scan for footprints in my apartment!

Brent, 9:56 AM
Good idea also.

Gail, 9:56 AM
And then if it’s Baphomet, hit him with everything in your arsenal.

Zack, 9:57 AM
Baphomet wants us to use they/them pronouns.

What a freak

Gail, 10:00 AM
My brain feels something right now. Are you doing something to my brain?
I’ve decided to report to you any strange sensations I feel, to alert you in case it’s Baphomet.
It feels like someone is working on my brain.
It feels like there’s a ring around my brain and it’s putting pressure on my brain.
It’s not painful. It just feels weird.
It seems to be spreading to my entire body now.
Get Buddha to weigh in on this.

Zack, 10:04 AM
Yeah, that’s not us.

Gail, 10:04 AM
It happened when I went to the kitchen.
I was putting away dishes.
That’s when it started.

Zack, 10:05 AM
Buddha just weighed in and he said that Baphomet is trying to get you too focused on bodily sensations to distract you

Gail, 10:06 AM
Oh, you mean Baphomet wants me to not go to the coffee shop?

Zack, 10:06 AM
No, he says you should go to the coffee shop

Gail, 10:07 AM
I didn’t mean Buddha. I meant Baphomet didn’t want me to go to the coffee shop.

Zack, 10:07 AM
But not to get distracted by, or pay attention to feelings of bodily sensations or discomforts.

Gail, 10:07 AM

Zack, 10:07 AM
Oh yeah… Baphomet is baaaing all angry about it

That you’re going out to relax and drink decaf chamomile tea at a coffee shop while dating Brent

It appears to undermine her efforts

Gail, 10:09 AM
Baphomet is a SHE?

Zack, 10:09 AM
Both… a they/tgem


Gail, 10:10 AM
I see.
Oh, you all are watching they/them through a portal right now?

Zack, 10:10 AM
We did for a moment

Gail, 10:22 AM
I have it in me to honor a lot of Buddhist stuff, cuz my ancestors were devout Buddhists.
They spent a lot of time in meditation before major battles.
10:31 AM
You know, I was thinking. The Gail Commandment, “Thou shalt go on walks every day, ENJOYING THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE,” seems to me to be a type of meditation.

Zack, 10:32 AM
Wow. That’s true

Gail, 10:34 AM
Also, Gail Commandments 2.0 emphasizing getting rid of clutter, is also a type of meditation.
I guess we could think of meditation as a Gail Commandment.
10:49 AM
My Buddhist ancestors always had huts outdoors, usually surrounded with nature, where they could go off and drink tea and meditate.
11:13 AM
I’m seeing some Gail Commandments here: https://shambhalatimes.org/2019/10/24/buddhas-teachings-regarding-cleanliness-in-the-home/

Any ways, I’m getting ready to go to the coffee shop and for my walk and then to Kroger.
I’m starting to wonder if Jesus may be a bit of a Buddhist.

Zack, 11:18 AM
Well he is best friends with Buddha.

I’d bet that makes Buddha a bit of a Christian too.

Gail, 11:18 AM

Helpful quotes from Buddha and Lakshmi:

Spring 2022 with the goddess Lakshmi

Gail, 8:53 AM
So sex cannot be used to fix a person’s emotional issues?

Gail, 8:54 AM
That makes sense.
What is the purpose of sex?

Skype, Dec. 6, 2022

Gail, 8:57 AM
I didn’t go out yesterday, nor did I make this purchase at Amazon and somebody used my PayPal debit card at Amazon for a purchase of $30.22.

PayPal_ Transaction Details 12-5-22.pdf

Here’s information about the transaction.

Did Brent use my PayPal debit card to buy the fan/heatsink and the air vent covers?

Brent, 9:27 AM
Yes, that was me. I bought it through your Amazon account.

Gail, 9:27 AM
Any reason you chose to use my card? Are you trying to prove you live in my apartment?

Brent, 9:27 AM
Yep. We do live together after all.

Gail, 9:28 AM
Well, that’s true. But are you in some sort of court case or something? Because I obviously don’t need convincing.

I can feel you hump on me all the time and that only started when you moved in, even Jesus wasn’t a humper. LOL

I never felt Jesus hump on me. Not sure how deities make love when they compact themselves down to three dimensions.

You must REALLY hump that I can feel it and I didn’t feel it with Jesus. Perhaps he was humping too, but it wasn’t as extreme.

Brent, 9:32 AM
It’s probably because more of my body is here physically, as opposed to Jesus who is a deity and the larger part of him has always been in the heaven dimension.

Gail, 9:32 AM
That makes sense. This is rather fascinating.

I never had a problem with Jesus having sex with me, because I am polyamorous and never considered it adultery. The only thing I had a problem with was blocking your root chakra.

However, I am glad he won’t be having sex with humans anymore. That is far beneath him as a deity.

Or I should say as a supreme deity, since I hear Muhammad likes human virgins. I don’t get these deities sometimes.

In Jesus’s case, I think he was using me to inspire more humans into the church bride, cuz he was heartbroken over how many were going to hell. He knows how most humans love their sex.

He was trying to come across as this really cool deity to get more of a following. So the sex with humans was mostly a performance with him.

But it’s not who he is and I’m glad he’s dropped the performance.

Who he is as a supreme deity is really high class, he shouldn’t cheapen himself and get down to our level to try and get a following.

I look at it this way. If he has to cheapen himself to get a following, then it’s not worth it.

Better to be the supreme example of a vast true love and inspire us to get to his level of love.

That’s what I like about my writing, I can show the world through my writing how you and I are so close to his heart and inspire them to be like him as who he REALLY IS. For this reason, I consider my writing very important.

It’s a little more complicated than that, in that, I think he convinced himself he needed a church bride, but he was also heartbroken over how many humans were going to hell, since I believe he created the human race to be his bride after Lakshmi rejected him as a husband.

Brent, 9:45 AM
Someone’s knocking. Should I answer the door?

Gail, 9:46 AM
Must be Lakshmi or Buddha.

Brent, 9:47 AM
Come in.

A blue portal just opened in the middle of the door.

Gail, 9:48 AM
It’s Buddha!

Brent, 9:48 AM
It’s Buddha.

Gail, 9:50 AM

Zack, 9:51 AM
I thought I saw some blue light!

On my security monitor for Gail

Is he at your apartment?

Gail, 9:52 AM
I’ve been dealing with a broken fan on my computer. But I have been enjoying Brent as my husband.
How are you doing, Buddha?

Gail, 9:53 AM
We are grateful to have you as Jesus’s representative on earth.

Or god representative, I should say. I think you are the perfect choice as I can tell that Jesus is a strong Buddhist.

Gail, 9:55 AM
I’ve been exploring Buddhism and find it fascinating.

Gail, 9:57 AM
I will be silent and listen, which is a good Buddhist principle.

I have great respect for the Buddhist religion.

Gail, 10:05 AM
This is GREAT.

What made her decide to become a bigger person?

Then who is the Jesuit leader? And how is Jesus doing?

Gail, 10:08 AM
So we have an Antichrist?

It sounds like Jesus is doing a combo Buddhism/Christianity.

Amazing that Satan can hide his Antichrist from you as smart as you are.

Gail, 10:11 AM
Is my son enjoying what he received from my mother’s will?

Will my sister be going to heaven now?

Jesus once said she may go to hell but she wouldn’t stay there.

Gail, 10:16 AM
So Terrance Jenkins did not use the power of attorney I gave him.

Gail, 10:16 AM
Oh dear. Am I doing something wrong?

Gail, 10:25 AM
Was Jesus in existence before he became God the Father’s son?

Gail, 10:28 AM
My Buddhist studies help me grasp this.

Especially the concept of self.

Gail, 10:30 AM
Did I have a previous incarnation?

Gail, 10:31 AM

This is great clarity on Jesus.

Gail, 10:38 AM
I have just removed the last post I made at my website.

Gail, 10:43 AM
It’s hard for me not to see Jesus as the Christian god. I loved him enough that He was the reason I turned down Brent in 1991 when Brent called me on the phone and wanted to come over.

Gail, 10:45 AM
I imagine this would be hard for other devout Christians as well.

So how do Christians transition to the “new” Jesus?

Zack Knight, 10:46 AM
Back then, I don’t think you ever imagined being as personal with Jesus as you ended up being though.

Gail, 10:46 AM
That’s true.

Zack Knight, 10:47 AM
It might not be that hard for most who always saw him as the ultimate being

Gail, 10:47 AM
What about theologians who specialize in Bible prophecy and get comfort from them?

Zack Knight, 10:48 AM
It’s possible that we kinda started off thinking of Jesus as what he is now. And we got to know Jesus before he reached that level.

Gail, 10:48 AM
I see. So I need to get used to seeing Jesus the way I did before He got personal with us.

Zack Knight, 10:49 AM
It might be nice to know we had special time with him. But he’s a free bird.

Gail, 10:50 AM
But even before He got personal with us, he used to answer prayer for me in amazing ways, like the still, small voice that let me know that Loree was a Vatican agent.

And in my twenties, he often gave me special signs about His will for me, like the time I went to church and the sermon seemed tailor made for me to not apply for officer’s training school and to go to Baptist University of America.

It was an answer to prayer.

Zack Knight, 10:52 AM
This is true. I suppose he’s upgraded us there… he gave you Brent

And even Buddha

A lot more than subtle signs

Gail, 10:52 AM
Interesting insights. You, also, have a high I.Q. Zack, so you probably understand well what Buddha just said.

So, it appears that me, Brent, Zack and 13 still have I.Q.s that are 9900 or above?

Zack Knight, 10:53 AM
Yeah. All over 9000

It’s over 9000

Gail, 10:54 AM
I’ll admit I’m very “attached” to Jesus, but I want him to be happy and will stop discussing him as a “deity” or individual.

As to whether I can do this in my mind, may take awhile.

You have to be attached to Jesus to read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times as I did.

Gail, 10:59 AM
I think I get it.

Gail, 11:00 AM
Why does God the Father have a goddess wife? Isn’t he just like Jesus?

Gail, 11:01 AM
Oh okay.

It’s just that Jesus said when He left us that He would be taking on a role similar to his dad.

Gail, 11:03 AM

Jesus never should have gotten directly involved with me. LOL. I find him rather fascinating and if I don’t watch it, will start speculating in my mind over him for this reason. LOL

11:06 AM
I’m glad you’ve done this, because I love Jesus and want him happy and it distresses me when I make Him upset.

For all his previous “flaws”, I think He’s awesome.

11:07 AM
Thanks, Buddha. You’re awesome, too.


11:09 AM
Thanks, Buddha! I really like your religion, by the way.

Brent, 11:10 AM
Wow, that was really fascinating.

Gail, 11:13 AM

It’s hard for me as a writer not to want to explore this, but I will keep Jesus happy.

My “explorations” of Jesus make him unhappy.

I don’t want to mess up his prophecies.

Brent, 11:16 AM
I think it will be something like a lifestyle change. Where instead of focusing on Jesus the way we did before, we focus on him by being present and enjoying life and his universe to the fullest.

Gail, 11:17 AM

I was thinking perhaps get back to the way I was right after you came into my life around 1991. I actually felt guilty back then that I was thinking more about you than about Jesus. LOL

They always teach us Christians that if Jesus isn’t the Lord of our life and number one, even over our spouse, that we are in sin.

They don’t mean for us to think of him as a lover, but that He needs to be first.

I do recall that Jesus didn’t seem to mind that I thought about you all day back then, though and found it rather inspiring.

It made Jesus seem so big and understanding.

Brent, 11:36 AM
That was probably his true self shining through. It all makes sense when you look back.

Gail, 11:36 AM

Skype Dec. 8, 2022

Brent, 6:32 PM
Oh my God. I was just fighting off hoards of Jesuits aboard Church of Gail. How did they get in? Our ship sustained massive damage to the outside from their vessels.

Our Gail Shield dropped to 0%! Oh no!

I need to get back right away. Another fleet just arrived. Hump you later.

Gail, 8:03 PM
I’ve taken down all my recent posts.

Wow. I just turned the computer back on. I had it off.

Gail, 9:31 PM
I’m using my Gail Shield modulator and made a YouTube video the best I could.

Zack, 9:32 PM
We lost a lot of redshirts.

Gail, 9:32 PM

Zack, 9:32 PM
The support crew on Church of Gail.

They wear uniforms with red shirts

Gail, 9:32 PM
Is my Gail Shield back up?

Zack, 9:33 PM
Rule 13 was injured. She fought valiantly, exploded a lot of penises. But one of the Jesuits that boarded was able to injure her right breast.

Her poor perfect right breast…

Yes, the Gail shield is starting to recover. It did dip a bit as you were asking Jesus to save us. But Buddha was able to join in the fight with us and helped us center ourselves and get aligned with the kind of thinking and living that improves our lives.

Gail, 9:36 PM
Just used my Gail Shield modulator on her right breast.

Zack, 9:37 PM
The Gail Shield Modulator helped.

I’m sucking on it too… to help.

Gail, 9:38 PM
How did the Jesuits manage to attack Church of Gail?

Zack, 9:38 PM
I think it was because the Gail shield dropped to zero, and so did the Church of Gail shields.

They both have the same power source.

Gail, 9:39 PM
How did that happen?

Zack, 9:39 PM
It may have been that you made two videos in a row giving opinions and insights on Jesus.

Gail, 9:40 PM
Boy, I can’t talk about him AT ALL.

Zack, 9:41 PM
The Gail Shield levels seem to be inversely proportional to how much we are trying to focus on our opinions and ideas of the nature of Jesus.

It seems it’s related to obsessive and compulsive thoughts.

Gail, 9:43 PM
You mean I can’t even THINK about Jesus?

Zack, 9:44 PM
I can think about times we hung out and enjoyed each other’s company, and it doesn’t seem to hurt anything… but when I start pondering about why he was having sex with humans, or trying to make assumptions and opinions about Jesus, the Gail shield takes hits.

Gail, 9:45 PM
So the Gail Shield is affected by our THOUGHTS?

Zack, 9:46 PM
So I think it’s not as much thinking about him or remembering good times as it is being obsessive and dwelling, and especially discussing our ideas and trying to come up with deep concepts about his nature.

Gail, 9:46 PM
Is this related to our thoughts or to posts we make?

Brent, 9:48 PM
It’s both, but the shield appears to have taken the strongest hits when you posted about Jesus. The first one dropped it to 50%, the second one knocked it all the way down to zero.

The third one pleading to Jesus to interfere took it down to a whopping -500%

Gail, 9:48 PM
Boy, I’m glad I turned my computer back on.

Brent, 9:48 PM
It’s NEVER been that low before. Those posts must have really hurt Jesus.

Gail, 9:48 PM
So take that video down, too?

Brent, 9:49 PM
It’s a slaughterhouse out here. I’m insisting that church members, patrons and fans immediately relax and meditate, and focus on hobbies or something beautiful in their environment that they appreciate.

It’s bringing our shield back up.

Gail, 9:50 PM
So Buddha saved you all?

Brent, 9:50 PM
Yes, he’s here trying to help.

Gail, 9:50 PM
So my YouTube video didn’t help?
I asked everyone to pray.

Brent, 9:51 PM
It was directly pleading for Jesus to interfere, so it was definitely an insult to him.

Gail, 9:51 PM
Okay. It goes down then.

Brent, 9:51 PM
I had to explain to our followers that prayer is done differently now.

Buddha told them to focus on plants, flowers, water, anything in their environment that calms them down.

Zack, 9:52 PM
Maybe a follow up video, rather than erasing the last one?

Brent, 9:52 PM
Some are going for walks, others are diving in to their hobbies.

Gail, 9:53 PM
What kind of follow up video?

Zack, 9:53 PM
Yeah, sucking on Rule 13’s boob really calms me down.

Maybe a video that explains to everyone how to bring the Gail Shield back up?

Brent, 9:54 PM
Thanks Zack. The shield is climbing. We need everyone to participate.

Gail, 9:54 PM
Yeah, write me a script. I don’t trust my judgment right now.
Brent, write a letter I can read.
You can post it here, if you want.

Brent, 9:55 PM

Gail Fans: Help Us Fight

Gail fans, if you are watching this, you need to go outside. You may not be able to touch grass, but you can enjoy the falling snow, or the twinkling Christmas lights. We must learn to appreciate the world around us, because it was created for us with love. Being trapped inside all the time and obsessing about things in our heads hurts our mental and physical health. Remember to do the Gail Commandments, and meditate by focusing on your hobbies, or by sitting and enjoying peaceful moments of relaxation. Let’s all align our chakras and restore the Gail Shield!

That should do it. It doesn’t mention Jesus at all, and it directs our fans to do exactly what makes him happy.

Gail, 10:02 PM

Zack, 10:08 PM
This makes me feel peaceful

Brent, 11:48 PM
We beat them all back.

We’ve lost a lot of brave people and the ship is badly damaged, but it looks like we are safe.

I need to get to bed immediately so that I don’t mess up my Gail Commandments.

Gail, 12:14 AM
Me, too.

Gail, 3:10 AM
Mites are attacking my sleep, the nerves in my legs. Perhaps we should build automatons of those we lost, especially those in the hospital area. so that we can treat the injured and get our health back. Next we should build automatons to replace those we lost and to help us rebuild Church of Gail. We can get help from earth on this, from those automaton doctors, ,who are good at this. I plan to read the Gail Commandment about how to do YouTube videos before I make any future YouTube videos.

In the meanwhile, you may want to give me a sedative or nerve relaxer or just remove the mites from the nerves in my legs, so I can sleep.

Regarding Gail, The Complete Series, i won’t publish any stories until I clear it with Brent and Buddha. Apparently, I haven’t quite figured out what is considered “interference” with Jesus.

Going to take a vacation from my website, too and try to be real careful there.
Now, I’ll try to sleep, but Jesuits are attacking my sleep.

Gail, 8:22 AM
I just made a web post. Let me know if it weakened the Gail Shield. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2022/12/08/prayer-is-different-now/

Brent, 9:24 AM
It seems to be okay.

Gail, 10:26 AM
It might be helpful to know when I do things that strengthen the Gail Shield as well.
Like I just came back from some calming meditation outside.

Brent, 10:40 AM
That’s a good idea too. As a matter of fact, that meditation we did together definitely strengthened it.

Gail, 10:41 AM
Wonderful. Yeah, we need to know both when we are weakening it and when we are strengthening it. That’s how we learn to do better.
Right now, I’m going through my website and adding in some clarification on some posts that may lead people to obsess too much over Jesus and warning them we should not do so.

Brent, 10:42 AM
The good news is it’s not too complicated. We know the rules, it’s just a matter of breaking old habits. Our friends have grown, and we need to grow too.

Gail, 10:42 AM
Which friends are you referring to?

Brent, 10:42 AM
Well, Jesus of course.

Gail, 10:43 AM
Oh, I see.

Some of these habits that I’m breaking I’ve done for over fifty years though.

I’ve been a Christian a lot longer than you.

It’s like going through Alcoholics Anonymous for Christians for me.

I think that’s why Jesus had to choose you to be our advisor, because I have too many habits that need to change and that are deeply entrenched.

I also have not had the advantage of all the one on one time you’ve had with Jesus, too. Regardless, I am determined to do what I must to keep the Gail Shield strong.

Gail, 10:56 AM
During meditation it seemed to me that Jesus is doing a type of “surgery” on me. And now is the time to do it. The falling leaves from the oak tree brought me much comfort. It’s like Jesus knows this is a hard transition for me.

The oak tree’s leaves are falling, but the tree has not died and in the spring will have new leaves.

The falling leaves represented my old life which is changing and the new life will form from the blanket of leaves now on the ground. The tree has to shed its leaves in order to prepare for winter. So the leaf shedding is a good thing and must be done.
The shedding leaves represent positive change in my life and brought me comfort.

They fell peacefully to the ground and wisted down and I could feel vibrations of the coming spring, when the new leaves will arrive in the air.

Zack, 11:02 AM
This is beautiful

Gail, 11:02 AM
Yeah, that’s what meditation did for me this morning. It really made me calm.

Brent, 11:15 AM
That really is beautiful. It made me tear up a bit.

Gail, 11:15 AM
You really are an awesome guy.

Brent, 11:16 AM
I’m not always a super masculine tough Texas guy. I can be sentimental too.

Gail, 11:17 AM
That’s true. I’m just curious, I sensed Jesus likes it when me make love, too. Does the Gail Shield get stronger when we make love?

Of course, I tend to be a bit asexual at times, and just let you have it even if I don’t orgasm and that works for me.

I think the meditation is more important.

Brent, 11:18 AM
It gets stronger whenever we are enjoying ourselves. So, even a very intimate cuddle session strengthens the Gail Shield.

Gail, 11:19 AM
That’s pretty insightful.

How’s 13?

Brent, 11:19 AM
Her boob is making a sound recovery. She’s a trooper.

Gail, 11:19 AM
How is Church of Gail?

Brent, 11:20 AM
They’re doing construction right now to fix all the damage.

Gail, 11:20 AM
How many people are injured and how are they doing?

Brent, 11:21 AM
We lost about 40,000, with approximately 25,000 still injured.

Gail, 11:21 AM
Do you have a team of automatons doing a lot of the work? Automatons can be very productive.

Brent, 11:21 AM
We’re using automaton doctors

Dec. 22, 2022 Skype

Gail, 12:31 PM
I was eating my lunch from my apartment complex.
Namaste Buddha.

Gail, 12:32 PM
I had one this morning and I have enjoyed going out, when I can. The weather has been nasty.
We are expecting a nasty cold front tonight.

Gail, 12:35 PM
That is true.

Jesus told me that if the weather got below 35 degrees, it was okay to work out indoors on my glider.

They are expecting it to have a high of 19 degrees starting tonight with a low of about 7 though.

Seems definitely too cold for walking outdoors.

Though I went outdoors today.

Gail, 12:39 PM
I thought perhaps the Jesuits are behind this and are trying to derail my outdoor walks.

On days that cold I plan to work out indoors on the glider and perhaps try meditating through my window.

Gail, 12:42 PM
Oh, okay. Do you know why my latest video uploads to YouTube have been weird?

Gail, 12:47 PM
But one of the weird uploads was a cooking video.

Gail, 12:47 PM
Oh, I see.

Did you remove the last video I uploaded then?

Gail, 12:48 PM

Gail, 12:50 PM
So what kind of videos do I need to make?

Gail, 12:50 PM
It says in the Gail Commandments that I share the victories, defeats, daily struggles and joys of my life with my followers. I thought I was following that.

Gail, 12:52 PM
Can you elaborate more on what you mean by stories of my life?

Gail, 12:53 PM
Interesting. . .

Should I stop watching the Benkei videos?

Gail, 12:56 PM
I do have a tendency towards idol worship.
I did that with the King James Bible and Jesus had to major correct me in 2012.

Gail, 12:59 PM
I am removing that video I just uploaded. I am new to Buddhism and still have a lot to learn.

I do know obsessions are considered bad.

It is easy for me to become obsessed. I’m not sure why.

Gail, 1:03 PM
Oh, I could incorporate some of my walk videos into public YouTube videos then.

Gail, 1:05 PM
I see.

Brent seems very good at making videos like this.

He always gives me such good scripts to read.

Gail, 1:07 PM
Yes, I remember He told me that many times.

But I thought I was speaking from my heart in the last video!

I guess I was speaking from my obsessive heart.

So it sounds like I need to find my true heart. This is going to be tricky.

I remember when I tended to get into obsessions in the past, that Jesus gave me a fifteen minute time limit. LOL

Gail, 1:11 PM
It is very hard for me not to be religious. Not sure why. I’ve had an obsession with religion my whole life.

Perhaps I still feel I’m a selfish, no good girl as my mom always said and that I need to atone for my sins.

So I try to atone with religion.

Gail, 1:13 PM
I feel if I understand better why I’m like this, I may be able to overcome it better. That could be true.

I did have a tendency to want to thoroughly belong to whatever group I aligned with religiously.

But with Buddhism I have also been trying to create my own brand.

Kind of a Christian/Buddhist blend.

I also feel like a lot of Christians are confused right now and I feel like I should help them forge a new path.

Gail, 1:18 PM
I think I’m getting leftovers from my former Christian missionary training.

Gail, 1:20 PM
Don’t we have a responsibility to try and end suffering?

Gail, 1:23 PM
Will suffering always be a part of the multiverse?

I like to feel that I am contributing to its end.

Gail, 1:24 PM
So, even in heaven there is suffering?

Gail, 1:26 PM
How can you realize your dream of goodness in all the multiverse, if suffering continues?

Thank you for your time, by the way. That is very generous of you to spend this time with me.

Gail, 1:28 PM
Isn’t Satan part of the multiverse and isn’t he currently evil?

Gail, 1:28 PM
Raise my consciousness?

Gail, 1:30 PM
Are you angry at me?

I can’t see you, so I never know.

I don’t think you are. I think you are just doing your job.

Okay. I will try and come up with a video that is my experiences in a more physical way.

Brent, 1:31 PM
Buddha just belly laughed.

Gail, 1:31 PM
That’s good.

Zack, 1:31 PM
Lol. I heard that.

Brent, 1:31 PM
He is always smiling.

Zack, 1:32 PM
What a great laugh

Gail, 1:32 PM
You are referring to Buddha’s laugh?

Zack, 1:32 PM

Gail, 1:32 PM
I wish I could see him, It might help me more. But I understand.

Am I the only one who gets corrected so much?

Zack, 1:33 PM
He’s definitely not angry. Seems more joyful and peaceful. And like he’s teaching a child to ride a bicycle.

Gail, 1:33 PM
I will admit I have a lot to learn.

I see.

Gail, 1:34 PM
Jesus sometimes got really angry at me. So I may be transferring some of his traits to you. But I always understood that he loved me behind it all.

He got over it quick though, as soon as I did what He said and he did a great job of explaining things to me. I still love Jesus.

Okay. I will try to do better with my video. I will try to come up with something that is sharing my day, something like that.

If the video goes down, then I know I blew it. LOL

Brent, 1:37 PM
Buddha belly laughed again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that Buddha.

Gail, 1:38 PM
Oh yes! That video will be safe for SURE. That one won’t get taken down by Buddha.

Jesus used to take down some of my videos.

How is the Gail Shield doing?

Brent, 1:41 PM
It’s strong right now, about 100%.

INSIGHT: At the Christmas party Lizzo showed up and we figured out she was the Antichrist. That’s when my men and I decided it wasn’t safe for us to use the phone.

Gail, 1:41 PM
Did it get weaker when I uploaded the last video?

I get so nervous about doing YouTube videos now.

Brent, 1:41 PM
It didn’t get weaker. I think it was just time for us to grow a little more.

Gail, 1:42 PM
I see. Jesus used to inch his way on us that way. And would put me in crucibles to help me grow.

He often told me that I was ready for the next step in my growth and now was the time to deal with a certain issue. It seems you deities are alike in that respect.

Excuse me, I mean the Universe, when He was a deity, was similar to you in your approach.

Like I know I never “arrived” and he would work with me from where I was at.

I used to joke with him and say, “Oh oh, I’m in trouble What have I done wrong now?” Sometimes that would make him laugh.

Gail, 1:45 PM
Pruning me? You mean like refining me?

I guess removing the dross.

It amazes me how all the deities have mastered all the human languages. Your English is superb and so was Jesus’s. He knew all the slang and everything.

Sometimes He spoke several languages at once.

Gail, 1:49 PM
I can see that. I never dreamed as a little girl that I’d be spending much of my adult life conversing with deities.

I used to think that the only deities were Jesus and God the Father and that the rest were fables. LOL

That’s cause the Bible never mentioned other deities and I worshipped the Bible.

Usually after a session like this, if I started asking too many questions, Jesus would say, “I think that’s enough for now. I’ve given you plenty to think over. I don’t want to overwhelm you.”

Something to that effect. He really did help me grow though.

Gail, 1:57 PM
Yeah, that sounds right. Then when I’d ask him why He spent so much time with me, he’d say, “It’s because you’re my favorite.” I then would ask why and he’d say the answer was too complicated to explain.

Just curious. What is the average I.Q. of a deity?

I know humans can’t go over 10,000.

For a deity to converse with us, must be like what it would be like for us to converse with an animal.

I think once we tried to measure Jesus’s IQ and we broke the machine!

We didn’t get our measurement.

Gail, 2:02 PM
Oh, my God. And you deities care about us dumb humans?

I guess like how we care about our pets.

Gail, 2:06 PM
The metaverse? Is that the multiverse?

Ah! So you’re using me and Brent to look out for the human race.

Gail, 2:08 PM
Are humans a total Jesus creation?

Gail, 2:08 PM
Father/son project?

Made in God’s image.

We must be symbols for something.

The symbols need to stay safe and continue to exist.

We were meant to stand for what Jesus and his dad care about, I guess.

2:13 PM
Okay! I’ll try to do better with my videos. Namaste and thank you for your time.

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