Gail’s New Approach to the Gail Commandments

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Gail’s Skype to her men on November 20, 2023

7:26 AM
Allergies are bad today. Even on Zyrtec, one side of my nose is stuffed and I feel like I have mild asthma.

Apparently, a lot of my recent decisions to strengthen the Gail Shield are freaking the Lizzo Jesuits, Satan and Baphomet out.

The bed bug humans are becoming very brazen and smelling more smoke than usual in the apartment the past couple days, too.

When I went to donate all the stuff I have been hoarding, some Lizzo Jesuits timed themselves to intersect with me on my walks and acted really rude and vulgar.

They seem intent on killing me and Brent and will do ANYTHING to that end.

I think their attitude is that once they get me and Brent off the scene, they WIN. So their focus seems to be on eliminating me and Brent.

They’ve tried everything else and it isn’t working, so their decision is to KILL ME AND BRENT. I can tell.

I am still going through my place and eliminating stuff I’ve been hoarding. Working a lot on the kitchen now. Checking for expired food items and throwing them out and have a new policy with grocery shopping. Only buying two weeks worth of stuff and am committed to using up some ingredients that I have been hoarding and if I don’t plan to use them like in the next month or so, to throw them out. The exception to this might be a grocery item that I know I will use for special occasions and that I didn’t buy with a hoarding mentality.

I think I figured out some of the rationale behind the ban on ziploc bags. Ziploc bags encourage hoarding in the kitchen.

We put stuff in ziploc bags to make them last, that is kind of a hoarding mentality.

Allergies are better now, so if you all did something, thanks.

The kitchen will take a while. I’ve been hoarding terrible in the kitchen. This includes stuff in the freezer, frig, cabinets, etc.

I also need to balance my time and do all the Gail Commandments, so I’ve already made a big dent in this, but I do have goals to stop all the hoarding and really clean this place out in all sections of the apartment.

Oh my God, this is really strange. I’m seeing the haze in the sky clear up before my eyes. And my allergies are getting suddenly better. Looks like the Gail Shield really likes what I just posted right now. I probably should mention this in a future YouTube video. Either that, or your ability to remove allergens and Jesuit pollution has REALLY improved.

I do have a fear/scarcity mindset in regard to Asian food items and tend to hoard those the worst, so that is kind of a tough one for me to stop hoarding.

Oh my God, the sun just came out and broke through the clouds.

It’s still pretty nasty polluted right now, though.

Well, regardless. . . I am certain that I’ve been hoarding a lot in the kitchen and am working on that now. But I will give myself time to do this. It’s a big project and also requires quite an overhaul in my thinking about food items.

These old posts from Jesus have been really helpful to me. I just left out all the stuff where we talked about his sexual desires and stuff, out of respect for Jesus’s new policies.

The sun just came out again. Perhaps I’m getting obsessed about this sun business. I better be careful.

Either way, I’m certain Jesus doesn’t mind my commitment to eliminate the hoarding.

8:09 AM
I’m also trying to be better about only spending money on food and bills. For instance, I told myself I needed to buy a new wall calendar for 2024. But I know if I said this to Jesus in 2018, he would have scolded me for violating the only food and bills rule. So I said, you know what? I bet I could find a way to have a calendar on my computer and I looked and noticed that I already had a calendar app in my computer, and I’m using that now.

So I won’t be buying a new wall calendar for 2024.

With Jesus gone, I thought that with Buddha, we had new rules for the Gail Commandments, but that idea may have come from Baphomet. What has been really happening is that Jesus and Buddha have the same policies. A lot of the Gail Commandments could have been written by Buddha, if you know what I mean. . .So I need to follow the Gail Commandments pretty much the way I would expect of Jesus when He was with us, since Jesus and Buddha are very much alike, any ways.

As far as Baphomet, he probably let me think he was gone, because he was working undercover and planned a catastrophic hit after we had really blown it on the Gail Commandments. So we need to be sure and be diligent about doing all of them.

Like I thought this obsessions business was purely a Buddha thing. But Jesus said a lot about obsessions in this post.

In fact, the Gail Commandments FROM JESUS are designed to help us overcome obsessions. Someone doesn’t like what I’m posting, because my computer is acting up a lot now. LOL

You know, I don’t think I’m imagining things. That sun is super bright right now. Hmmm. . . I better heed all the stuff I just posted this morning and take it very seriously.

Ugh, the bed bug just started smoking, too. It seems they get worse, the better I do with the Gail Commandments. I wish we could eliminate them.

8:30 AM
I’m going to make this a website post. I’m convinced Jesus would want this.

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