Gail Discusses Lizzo’s JESUIT SAN FRANCISCO STYLE Bus Route Changes for HUNTSVILLE

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Head shots of Lizzo Jesuits (above) behind Lizzo’s attempt to take over city buses in the U.S.. They all belong to the Nelson/Nygaard Planning Consulting Associates. All images open up to a separate window if you click on them.

UPDATE on Dec. 19, 2023: I found some documentation that shows that planning bus routes is rather complicated and the Lizzo Jesuit Huntsville bus executives who planned this (working with Nelson/Nygaard Planning Consulting Associates, inc. based out of San Francisco) put a lot of thought into this. So, it appears, that the Huntsville city bus planners are not retards, but are working with Antichrist Lizzo to DELIBERATELY TARGET AND ELIMINATE those who support Gail and U.S. President Brent Spiner (companies like Walmart) and to show UNDUE FAVORITISM to those who support murderer and terrorist Antichrist Lizzo (who has taken over Amazon). NOTICE THAT A SPECIAL BUS ROUTE 100 IS PLANNED TO ALLOW LIZZO’S AGENTS WORKING AT AMAZON TO GO A LONG DISTANCE TO TRAVEL TO AND FROM WEST MADISON (supposedly under the guise of allowing easy access to the Huntsville Airport).

Which brings up the interesting question: Why are these new routes designed to accommodate “occasional” bus riders and not “every day” bus riders? I mean, most folks don’t travel to the airport EVERY DAY. It sounds like Huntsville Orbit bus system is now an elite, West-Coast-style-snob-club and treats folks who rely on the bus system EVERY DAY for various reasons, like a piece of trash.

May want to investigate this Nelson/Nygaard Planning Consulting Associates and see if other cities with bus routes are also affected by this planning company’s deliberate bias against Walmart. Walmart gives shots that help people overcome mental retardation from Lizzo’s fart bombs, filled with obese women’s farts that make people go retarded. The Walmart company should bring a class action lawsuit against Nelson/Nygaard Planning Consulting Associates and all cities affected by them because it is a deliberate attack on those who like to shop at (or get anti-retardation immunizations) at Walmart. And even if you don’t go to Walmart to get an anti-retardation shot, why make it so DAMN DIFFICULT to get public transportation to Walmart?

UPDATE on Dec. 18, 2023: I don’t like how the L & N Walmart off of Memorial Drive is handled by the changes. People who live in the southern end of Huntsville no longer have SANE bus access to this Walmart. Routes 5 & 6 (that go to south Huntsville) on their return trips will no longer stop at the L & N Walmart heading north (so the folks that live in south Huntsville are denied this direct route to the L & N Walmart). Basically, Huntsville’s new system is picking and choosing which Walmarts you can shop at and making shopping at Walmart very complicated. Walmart is a popular stop among bus riders. What does the city of Huntsville have against Walmart? Basically, if you live in South Huntsville, you can only shop at the Walmart Super Center (way south at 11610 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35803) that will become available AROUND MAY 2024 through the proposed route 56, if you want to go to the Walmart on L & N from south Huntsville (3031 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35801), that’s pretty much out (because the way to get there is super convoluted, to the point that you’d spend two or more hours on the bus, whereas, before you could get there in less than an hour). From south Huntsville, you’d have to go way north to the downtown transfer center, then backtrack and go south on 5, 6 or 1 to go to the L & N Walmart (3031 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35801), then to go home, you could take 5 or 6. You see, before the CHANGES, at the L & N Walmart, routes 5 and 6 had stops going north and south at this Walmart. This is a VERY NICE WALMART. The northbound stops for routes 5 and 6 at this Walmart, have been DISCONTINUED. You can only reach this Walmart now on routes 5 and 6 GOING SOUTH. For people in south Huntsville TRAVELING NORTH who want to go to any stops for routes 5 and 6 on the L & N Drive, you have to go past your stop on L & N Drive to the downtown transfer center, and then BACKTRACK south on route 5 or 6 to get there. What a CONVOLUTED, INSANE MESS. You go way up and then way down to reach your destination.

BOTTOM LINE: If you live in south Huntsville, good luck trying to get to ANY Walmart by bus, that is, until May 2024, when you will FINALLY have access to ONE Walmart Super Center near you. Until May, good luck trying to get to a Walmart near you! But alas, if you want to go to any other Walmart in town, even after May 2024 (where you’re ONLY allowed to go to the one near you easily) expect to spend at least two hours on the bus sightseeing all over Huntsville (in many different directions) to get to a Walmart. The Huntsville bus executives have determined that shopping at Walmart isn’t good for you and won’t let you go there, unless you like to sight-see around Huntsville and spend three hours on the bus. You will have to go up and down and all around in many different directions to shop at most Walmarts now on the bus.

It used to be SO EASY to shop at Walmart by bus. WHAT HAPPENED?

For folks in south Huntsville, the ONLY buses that will take them north are routes 5 & 6. Apparently, the new route 56, which will connect to routes 5 & 6 supposedly requires the bus executives to streamline routes 5 & 6 more, which somehow targets Walmarts to be eliminated. WHOEVER DESIGNED THESE ROUTES LACKS COMMON SENSE AND BASICALLY DESIGNED THE ROUTES FOR PEOPLE WHO RIDE THE BUS TO SIGHT SEE AND NOT TO SHOP. MOST PEOPLE WHO SHOP AT WALMART ARE SAVVY SHOPPERS AND DON’T RIDE THE BUS TO SIGHT-SEE. So, if you’re a savvy shopper and are not interested in promoting San Francisco Lizzo Jesuit values or lifestyles ON YOUR BUS TRIP, you get ELIMINATED.

The new routes are catering to folks who live in the far suburbs (folks who probably don’t even need to ride the bus and could afford a car) and who go to work for West Coast companies like Amazon and Target, and neglect the poorer folks who live closer to the downtown area or the MAIN HUNTSVILLE AREA. BY THE WAY, LIZZO HAS TAKEN OVER AMAZON. Hmmm, this might explain why special favoritism is being shown towards Amazon workers in the proposed route 100.

So, the city of Huntsville will have buses go all the way out to West Madison to accommodate Lizzo’s Amazon workers and treat “ordinary” folks in Huntsville who just want to shop at their local Walmart WITH DISDAIN. I guess if you don’t belong to the San Francisco liberal elite, you get treated like TRASH.

Though Target is headquartered in Minneapolis, it has a TON of stores in California, so I call it a West Coast company. Do you want to rename the Huntsville Orbit bus, the Huntsville San Francisco-style Greyhound buses, since your goal is not to make it easy to shop and buy food, but to go sightseeing, especially at places that would be popular in San Francisco and not Huntsville. Ugh. . . I don’t get the impression that most Huntsville bus riders, ride the bus to go sightseeing at San Francisco style places. . . they usually want to buy food, and are pretty down to earth and practical and like to shop and visit at places that reflect their values. I read that the city executives behind Huntsville’s buses are working with a San Francisco based company to design the new buses. Now, I’m really getting suspicious. California has about as much common sense as Gavin Newsom (who’s big into social correctness, and caters to the rich and famous LIBERAL ELITE). Gavin Newsom belongs to the looney bin. People are LEAVING California and going to places like Texas, so they can live among leaders who have a semblance of SANITY. And you want to import this California insanity to Alabama? No THANK YOU.

They boast that the new airport route 100 will make it easier for folks who work at places like Amazon in West Madison to go to work. Okay, you Huntsville bus executives are getting West Coast snobby and right here in the good ole Southern state of Alabama. You trying to make Huntsville another San Francisco? And you actually pride yourself on working with THIS INSANITY FROM SAN FRANCISCO?

“The city worked with a firm out of San Francisco, California to come up with a five-phase transit improvement plan.” — from WHNT News.

Hey, I’ve lived on the West Coast, I know what I’m talking about. It was a SEATTLE judge that granted my PEDOPHILE husband custody of my son and denied me custody after forcing me to go to a psychologist (which my pedophile husband chose) who decided I was too crazy to be a proper mother. Yet the Seattle judge determined that I somehow had enough sanity to be able to hold down a job to be expected to pay steep child support, but that my pedophile husband, who sexually abused my son, was less crazy and granted custody. Yeah, this is the WEST COAST FOR YOU. The baloney factory of the universe.

You’re catering to West Coast companies and denying access to companies (like Walmart) based in southern states. What?! You trying to transform Huntsville into San Francisco or Seattle, which have HIGH homeless populations due to Jesuit government insanity there? If we wanted to live in Seattle or San Francisco, we’d move there. Don’t bring their crazy policies to us! Yes, California–the land of the fruits and the nuts! More people are leaving California than moving there. That should tell you something. I used to live in Seattle and though it’s a pretty place, their government belongs to the loony bin. These are LIBERAL states, which are very intolerant towards common sense.

BOTTOM LINE: The NEW, PROPOSED ANTICHRIST LIZZO RECOMMENDED changes to the bus routes are supposedly designed to make it safer for the bus DRIVERS, but are definitely not designed to make it safer and more streamlined for the bus RIDERS, UNLESS YOU WORK AT AMAZON (LIZZO’S COMPANY). THERE IS A DEFINITE ATTEMPT TO MAKE ACCESS TO WALMARTS CHALLENGING. In fact, it appears the new plans make it more difficult for people who can’t walk well and who want to shop at Walmart (one of Gail’s favorite places to shop), and require much more walking to the bus stops and also require more crossing of dangerous, busy streets to get to and from the bus stops. The bus stops you need to wait at, for the NEW route 8 are in areas where there are homes with loose dogs in the yards as well.

The city of Huntsville does a lousy job of enforcing leash laws for dogs and NO SMOKING signs. The city of Huntsville also needs to do a better job at picking up dumped off beds and garbage all along the routes where Gail walks. People who do stuff like this, SHOULD ALSO BE FINED. Gail asked in the meeting if bus routes 8 and 9 would go every half hour instead of every hour and John (the official) said that is in the works, but emphasized that new bus drivers needed to be trained and this was expensive. One of those at the meeting said there was free bus training for school bus drivers available to train city bus drivers. But John didn’t seem too crazy about this idea. If money is an object, we can always have the federal government under President Brent Spiner (Gail’s husband) take over the City of Huntsville and then use fines collected from those who violate NO SMOKING signs and who dump garbage all over the place to help train new bus drivers.

Oh, by the way, does the city of Huntsville give out SPEEDING TICKETS to drivers? May as well remove the speed limit signs and quit being a hypocrite that feigns concern for public safety, since everyone is IGNORING THE SPEED LIMIT SIGNS any ways. It seems everyone speeds in this town, even in the parking lots. LOL. ENFORCING THE SPEED LIMIT SIGNS SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO PAY FOR NEW CITY BUS DRIVERS AND MAY EVEN PREVENT SOME ACCIDENTS THAT THE CITY IS SUPPOSEDLY WORRIED ABOUT. There are a lot of brake shops in this city. I can see why!

Smokers at the bus platform at the downtown bus transfer center gleefully smoke to their heart’s delight and blow smoke in your face, and even when you complain to the City, NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT. I guarantee you, if you start FINING people who smoke at the bus transfer center platform, THAT WOULD SOLVE THAT PROBLEM. In fact, even city bus DRIVERS have complained about the SMOKERS at the downtown bus platform to their bosses, and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT.

The bus official at the meeting made the excuse that special ACCESS buses are available for handicapped and elderly people to go to the Social Security office. CATCH: Yes, Gail is elderly (should she need to go to the Social Security office with no bus access in the NEW plan, only ACCESS buses for her)–BUT she’s required to use a phone for these ACCESS buses (where Lizzo can use brain control on her).


GAIL DOES NOT USE A PHONE because Lizzo uses brain control on Gail with a phone and almost got Gail to give out confidential personal information (social security numbers, and stuff like that) to a scam caller on the phone while under Lizzo’s brain control. Gail ended up having to cancel some cards after this brain control incident and almost lost a lot of money.

Bus rider Christina then asked if you need a doctor’s note to ride the ACCESS buses (for handicapped and elderly) and the official’s answer to that is “yes”, so using the ACCESS buses (for places Christina used to be able to go to by regular bus) would be out for Christina since she is a pretty good walker. The ACCESS buses are for handicapped (you need a doctor’s note) and the elderly (66 and older).

So places you used to be able to go to by regular bus and are now eliminated in the NEW bus routes (designed by a retard or a Lizzo Jesuit), where you need to use ACCESS buses (for handicapped and elderly) to go to some rather important places (THAT IS, if you can get on an ACCESS bus, and if you can get on an ACCESS bus WITHOUT A PHONE–IMPOSSIBLE).

Gail was hoping they would leave routes 8 and 9 as they are and just increase the frequency of the routes so that they went every half hour instead of every hour. It’s a good thing Gail’s in good shape at 66. Looks like going to the two Walmarts near her will involve quite a bit of walking and time now. Whereas, before the changes, it was pretty streamlined and she could easily go to the two Walmarts nearest her for a quick shopping trip.

If she ever needs to go to the Social Security office, she will have to walk 30 minutes south of the route 4 stop and the area to be walked is not walk friendly, either. Fortunately, she hasn’t had to go there and can do most stuff online. It appears she could use an ACCESS bus, but that requires a phone and she can’t use a phone right now because of LIzzo’s brain control using phones on her.

Gail saw both WHNT and WAFF news cameras at the bus meeting she attended on Dec. 13, 2023. There were a ton of smokers at the bus transit center (flouting the no smoking signs posted there) even on the same day of the meeting to discuss the bus changes at the transfer center (as if they KNEW they wouldn’t get in trouble for violating the NO SMOKING signs posted there, with City of Huntsville Transit officials present for a big meeting). The first thing Gail said upon entering the meeting was that something needed to be done about all the smoking at the transfer center. The bus official (Manager of Public Transportation City of Huntsville, John Autry) seemed to brush off Gail’s concerns about this (shut Gail’s comments off at once) and said this meeting would focus on the changes to the routes, not the cigarette smoke. In the middle of the meeting a door was opened and a draft of cigarette smoke entered the meeting causing Gail to cough, so she donned a face mask after that happened and joked out loud that the cigarette smoke was making her cough. Bus rider Christina Canter agreed with Gail that something needed to be done about the smoking at the transfer center. But the official silenced both Christina and Gail about the smoking and said we needed to deal with the purpose of the meeting: the bus route changes. Ironically, before the meeting started, when Gail was outside on the transfer center platform, she joked with a WHNT camera man that everyone was smoking at the transfer center and they shouldn’t be, that they mustn’t have known there would be a meeting today and their smoking would be caught on camera and the camera man laughed, cuz it was funny. It does appear the news people didn’t film the smokers, but, they WERE THERE. Tons of them. At least 20 people smoking on the PLATFORM at the bus transfer center, FLOUTING GLEEFULLY THE “NO SMOKING” SIGNS.

On the Route 8 bus on the way home, the bus driver said that the officials in charge of Huntsville Transit ignore the bus drivers’ suggestions and just do their own thing. It did appear to Gail that the meeting she attended was mainly for show and that the concerns the bus riders brought up were fluffed over and that the official only feigned to be listening to their concerns and basically had his mind made up to go forward with his plans regardless of any objections riders brought up in the meeting. He claimed his plans benefited the most riders and were the safest and most streamlined routes.

Gail would like to add, they may be safer for the bus drivers on the road perhaps, but not safer for the bus riders as they are forced to deal with bus stops on very busy streets with the new plan, where they will have to cross these very busy streets more often. Sparkman Drive is a VERY BUSY STREET and the drivers on that street drive like kamikaze pilots on a suicide mission, very fast and crazy. The official also claimed there was an accident near the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Oakwood on the route 9 and that is why route 9 will no longer go up Jordan Lane from Oakwood. So now instead of the bus DRIVER dealing with the heavy traffic, it is the bus RIDER walking on the side of the road trying to get to the Walmart Neighborhood Market. Gail guesses that Walmart Neighborhood Market on Oakwood is going to lose business from bus riders for this reason.

The new proposed Route 9 should be Route 11, this way you will have two buses serving Sparkman, which you need anyways to get all the people from the Downtown Rescue Mission to the transfer center. And this way the Oakwood Street people don’t get left out and neither do people who live on Sparkman, who would catch the bus there to go to Walmart or the transfer center using the new Route 11 and could also use Route 11 to go to the Downtown Rescue Mission or Oakwood University. Don’t cancel Route 9, rather make the proposed NEW Route 9, a Route 11.

I also recommend a Route 12, that would take the same route as 7, except when it gets to Winchester it turns to the east and brings people out to the Kroger and the CVS on Winchester, which are great stores, by the way. It could turn around at the Kroger or CVS here and go back to the transfer center using the same route from which it came. It seems the Northeast section of Huntsville is neglected.

ABOVE IMAGES WILL OPEN TO A LARGE WINDOW IF YOU CLICK ON IT. These are the proposed changes. The second and third images are my comedic take on what I think was REALLY HAPPENING IN THIS MEETING.

The current routes on Dec. 14, 2023: ROUTE 7, ROUTE 8, ROUTE 9 (below)


When Gail complained that getting to the Walmart on Oakwood is pretty difficult (with the new plan) entailing a 30 minute walk south from Sparkman to get to the Walmart, the official said it was more like a fifteen minute walk. Even if he’s right, there is minimal sidewalk in that 15 minute walk and Gail would have to walk on the side curb of a very busy street to go to the Walmart from the new route 9 bus stop at Sparkman. On WAFF 5 p.m. News, they featured a clip of Gail on television saying, “There are not sidewalks where I would need to walk and I hope I don’t get hit by a car.” Whereas in the previous plan, she merely got off at a bus stop a mere one or two minutes from the Walmart, right next to the Walmart (no busy streets to cross, either, after you get off the bus),

It does appear the bus stops she’ll be forced to use with the new route 8 will be in dog-friendly territory and people don’t seem to like to put their dogs on leashes. Or the stops are in areas not safe for pedestrians to walk, where they could be hit by a car where bus riders are forced to cross busy streets left and right. Right now, it appears Gail’s safest bet might be to walk the whole way to either Walmart, if she chooses to go to either of these Walmarts. It’s quite a long walk, by the way, and tough on her feet. Or she may have to eliminate a lot of visits to these Walmarts.

The turn-around time is also bad on the plans for the new route 8. Since she’ll be now getting off at a stop that requires a ten minute walk to the Walmart from the bus stop (whereas before the bus stopped right in front of the Walmart), and will have to cross a very busy street. By the time she’s done shopping and returns to the stop where she would go home, the route 8 bus will have already arrived on its return trip and she’d have to wait an hour for the next route 8 bus. She may as well just walk all the way home, about a 45 minute walk rather than deal with the route 8 bus on its return trip. Further, on the route 8 bus stop she’d have to take to go home, the bus stop is right in front of a home that has about 5 large pittbulls loose all the time and they are always barking in the front yard and NEVER ON A LEASH. So, with the new plan, Gail does not plan to take route 8 to go home, but would have to take route 9 and travel all over the place to get home (a very indirect route home for her). Route 9 is also a once an hour route and she’s not sure this would work out, either. With the new plan, she has to cross the street TWICE, ON THE WAY UP AND ON THE WAY BACK, using the combination of route 8 and route 9. She could catch route 9 for the trip home, also having to cross the street to get to the stop on the other side of the street from the Walmart, which would take her to the transfer center, from which she could walk for about 30 minutes home or wait for another bus to transfer to, to get home.

Whereas, before the changes, it was a simple matter to take route 8 to the Sparkman Walmart, which dropped her off right in front of the Walmart (cross the busy Sparkman to get to the Walmart), with a 30 minute turn around time, enough time to do some quick shopping and then she could catch the bus home on the same side of the street as the Walmart and not have to cross the street, to go home. With the previous plan, she only had to cross very busy Sparkman ONCE. With the new plan, she has to cross very busy Sparkman TWICE. And if she chooses to go home using route 8 (a dumb idea with the NEW Route 8), unless she likes loose large pittbulls barking at her from the bus stop she’d be using, she would not only have to cross very busy Sparkman TWICE (to get there and for her return trip), but would also have to cross Blue Spring, another busy road to get to the bus stop home on the other side of Blue Spring (with the loose barking pittbulls), that is after she’s already walked ten minutes from Walmart to get to the new Route 8 bus stop home. By the way, Gail has been bitten by a pittbull on her walks. Though these pittbulls (at the route 8 stop she’d be forced to use on the NEW Route 8) seem to be barkers and not biters, who wants to chance it? What if they are in a bad mood? And they are LOOSE AND NOT ON A LEASH. They are apparently trained not to run into the traffic, but, hey, why force us to use this stop just cuz we want to shop at the Sparkman Walmart using the NEW Route 8? Gail was bit by a pittbull on a walk in Florida. So Gail would probably just shop less at this Sparkman Walmart, unless she wants to get her exercise and walk the whole way there and back, which she has done, but it’s kind of tough on her feet. At least, when she walks the whole way, the loose pittbulls are NOT on her side of the street.

At first, Gail was sympathetic to the plan somewhat, because she figured the newer, larger buses would not accommodate CURRENT route 9. But the official admitted they would be using the smaller buses on route 9 any ways (because one of the riders complained that the larger buses would not do well on route 9 with its steep hilly climbs on narrow roads), so why are they changing route 9? So you use smaller buses, already packed like sardines on the return route 9 trip and you think you’ll solve overcrowding on a smaller bus by picking up people from a Walmart Super Center, WHICH USED TO BE ROUTE 8’S JOB? GO FIGURE. The NEW Route 9, still has the steep, hilly climbs in the area of the Downtown Rescue Mission, and by eliminating the Oakwood route, it also eliminates safe and easy bus RIDER access to the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Oakwood (which is a BETTER Neighborhood Market than the one off of Bob Wallace that you use route 2 for).

Gail did fill out an online feedback form with Huntsville Transit TWO WEEKS AGO to complain about all the cigarette smoke at the bus transfer center (with the encouragement of the route 10 bus driver who said she herself complained and bus officials she worked for, just ignored her). Nothing has been done about the smoking at the transfer center. in fact, it has gotten WORSE. The smokers just go to town at the bus transfer center and blow smoke in your face. Gail even mentioned this in her complaint. It’s much worse than it was a year ago, so it does appear LIzzo Jesuits are trying to make Gail’s bus adventures unpleasant and more difficult.

Gail thinks the best plan is that rather than change the current routes 8 and 9, to just beef up the schedule for routes 8 and 9 to every half hour instead of every hour. OR create a route 11 to go on Sparkman using the new route 9 and retain the current route 9. It appears route 8 should be left as it is and it would be nice to have it go every half hour. Those who want to go to the public library off of Sparkman can use route 10.

Eliminating the Oakwood route for route 9 would leave out the Walmart on Oakwood Drive and would eliminate all those who get on the bus on Oakwood Drive (who all showed up to voice their objections to the new plan). It is not an easy matter for these people to walk up to Sparkman Drive or to Pulaski Pike to catch the bus, as the official suggested. Study the map. The official complained that half of Oakwood Drive (from Pulaski Pike to Jordan) was a golf course. Well, that’s true for the southern half, but the northern half has a lot of homes. He claimed that not many people got on at this section of Oakwood Drive. That they had studied the routes and the frequency of usage there. Well, we could say the same for route 6 that goes out to Jones Valley as it drives a long section to Jones Valley with no stops, so do we eliminate the route to Jones Valley for this reason? I think the Walmart at Oakwood is a pretty important stop and worth keeping the current route for. The new plans make accessibility to Lowe’s out (now no bus goes to the Lowe’s previously covered by route 8), which the official seemed to think was not a big deal. And makes accessibility to the Walmart at Oakwood a dangerous walk from Sparkman to Oakwood to that Walmart, to say the least–dangerous enough, that most bus riders will just skip the trip to the Walmart Neighborhood Market off of Oakwood.

The new plan basically eliminates some important routes that are well within the range of the buses and rearranges them in a manner that is not safe for the bus riders (in terms of crossing streets) and, frankly, just seems to lack common sense.

Gail agrees with bus rider Christina Canter that Huntsville transit needs to update the information about the changes to the routes at its website, as the changes are very confusing and we don’t know where the new bus stops are or where the changed routes are going. When Christina Canter brought this up in the meeting, the official said they wouldn’t be updating their website with these changes until May 2024 and that people could get the information they needed off of social media. Gail took route 6 to go to the L & N Walmart near Memorial Parkway and was surprised that she was dropped off at a new bus stop further away from the bus stop that used to be located right on that Walmart’s sidewalk.

Gail started bringing up this incident where she walked all the way to Parkway Place Mall for her return trip from the L & N Walmart as a comic aside during the meeting, but John (the official) immediately shut her down and said they needed to go on with the purpose of the meeting. Bus rider Christina Canter said she was not happy with the changes for routes 5, 6 and 1 at this Walmart because route 1 went right by her (didn’t pick her up) and she missed that bus to go home and Christina said that a route 5 bus driver on its return trip to the transfer center graciously pulled over safely (going out of its way) to allow her to board that bus for her trip home. Christina wanted to emphasize ” ‘safely’ pulled over” because John (the official) said these changes to the bus routes were necessary to minimize accidents for the bus drivers. It used to be that routes 5, 6 and 1 dropped off and picked up people at the L & N Walmart off of Memorial Parkway. Now routes 5, 6 and 1 will drop you off there, but ONLY route 1 will pick you up to take you home.

The bus stop that used to be on the sidewalk at the L & N Walmart there has been removed, replaced with a bus stop further out and closer to the busy street.

When Gail was done shopping at the Memorial Parkway L & N Walmart, she assumed she would have to catch route 1 for the return trip (realizing that both routes 5 & 6 no longer had stops near that Walmart for Gail’s return trip to the transfer center), not knowing route 1 (on its return trip to the transfer center) would stop at the new stop where she was let off and so Gail walked all the way to the Parkway Place Mall for her return trip from that Walmart, in order to catch route 1 for her return trip. The route 1 bus driver informed her that she could have caught route 1 at the same stop where she was let off. This happened because of poor communication about bus routes changes to the bus riders. Gail always checks the Huntsville Orbit website and it has not been updated. Gail agrees with bus rider Christina Canter that the Huntsville Orbit website should be updated NOW. Christina even offered to do it for Huntsville Transit, but the official said his plans were set in stone, that the Huntsville transit website would not be updated until May 2024. Gail had pretty sore feet, from all that walking on this day where she walked to Parkway Place Mall for her return trip home after shopping at the L & N Walmart off of Memorial Parkway.

Gail suspects the reason the Huntsville transit website has not been updated is because most bus riders won’t like the changes and the official wants to install the changes and have them set in stone before most people can protest them and prevent them from happening. Then, when they complain about the changes later, he will ask them, “Why didn’t you show up at the meetings we had to protest the changes? It’s too late now to change them.” Which brings up the interesting question: Why is this official so intent on implementing changes that he knows most bus riders wouldn’t like? Is he getting paid bonus money from Lizzo to do this, in order to discourage Gail from riding the buses?

Gail does like the new routes proposed for going to the airport and further south in Huntsville. The official said the changes would be pretty final by May 2024, when the new bus terminal would open. She also likes it that many routes will go every half hour instead of once an hour and that routes will run on Sunday. Gail gave praise to the Huntsville city bus drivers on WAFF News, who have been great, and have endured rape from Lizzo Jesuits, just for being nice and making bus service available to Gail. Of course, Gail didn’t mention how Lizzo Jesuits have raped bus drivers on the news, but knows that this has happened to several of the bus drivers, including a route 9 bus driver. Perhaps the accident on route 9 happened while Lizzo Jesuits gang raped this route 9 bus driver? Or maybe this bus driver was suffering from PTSD that affected his driving abilities, as a result of Lizzo Jesuits who raped him?

It’s possible Lizzo Jesuits may be orchestrating accidents in order to accomplish objectives, one of which, is to discourage Gail from riding the buses, which helps her to explore new places helping her avoid spiritually dangerous obsessive tendencies.

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