Prayer Is Different Now

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As soon as I read this from a friend’s Facebook post today on 12-13-22, the sun broke through the clouds. It seems to cause a lot of the suffering we’ve undergone to make sense. Then when I went to this post to write about this, the sun’s lights broke through the clouds.

Brent Spiner’s advice to us on Dec. 7, 2022: I’m insisting that church members, patrons and fans immediately relax and meditate, and focus on hobbies or something beautiful in their environment that they appreciate.

Update on Dec. 11, 2022: This is what works for me. I try not to feel bad, ill, disconnected, negative and hateful. I try to encourage love, creativity and passion. If it feels opposite this, then I’m off my path. Prayer is listening for inspiration and love and finding the path that will lead you to it. That’s really all it is. If you go to a place where you feel gratitude and love and it inspires you to act, you’ve prayed, and your prayer has been answered. Any decision based on feelings of fear and doubt is generally a bad decision, especially if made in a “worry or fret” mode.

Update on Dec. 13, 2022: It is very difficult for Christians to NOT pray and ask for Jesus’s help when they (or someone they love) suffer or suffers, that includes ME. I try to remember that Jesus is literally every cell in our body and is totally aware of the suffering taking place, so we don’t need to remind Him of what is happening to us. Rather, be aware that the suffering is happening for a reason, and try to stay calm in the midst of it, by relaxing, meditating or focusing on something beautiful we appreciate. If it makes you feel better, you can write my men at and let them be aware of some of your suffering, especially if you think it’s unusual or could be Jesuit activity, like the Jesuit mites.

Update on Dec. 17, 2022: I had a tendency to use Jesus as a crutch when I prayed and took the Bible verse to pray without ceasing to mean just that. So instead of honoring Jesus through my spirit and through living for Him, I’d just shoot out prayers over every little thing to him and cry out for help over every little thing, including for my friends suffering as well. When I catch myself doing this, I just talk to Brent brain to brain instead and have replaced Brent with Jesus in my prayers. I am also trying to rely more on my own brain and heart to make decisions. I must stop using Jesus as a crutch so much, go easy on the prayers, take care of myself and remember the ultimate form of worship is to live for Him or to stand for what He stands for. I forgot that the ultimate form of worship is to live for Him and to take care of myself, by doing the Gail Commandments and doing stuff that is good for me, like exploring the world outside, meditating, and being thankful. Basically, Jesus has always wanted us to take care of each other, get along, promote love and harmony, while also taking care of our bodies. Buddhism and Jesus have all these things in common.

I had to explain to our followers that prayer is done differently now.

Buddha told them to focus on plants, flowers, water, anything in their environment that calms them down.

The following quotes are from Buddha on Dec. 6, 2022: “Jesus is far above being a deity. A deity like myself has followers and a spiritual practice. When Jesus was a deity, he had followers and a religion, which he called Christianity.”

“He is now above all such things, above all of us. He no longer has a need for a religion, and in fact encompasses all of them. Just like he is every atom in our bodies.”

“It turns out that the reason our Gail Shield has been weakening is because Jesus has become unhappy with the constant speculation, opinioning, and talking about his activities with humans on Earth, particularly his sexual activities.”

“As a deity, Jesus was concerned with his interference in the activities of Earth, because doing so would most certainly throw off the natural unfolding of his plans. Which, of course, we saw happen. In his ascended form, he has become exponentially concerned with this.”

“When we obsess over Jesus and constantly bring him up as a topic of discussion, particularly the activities he did with us on Earth, it’s a form of interference. It’s making our focus and our lives about the deity Jesus who we are still seeing as an individual, and not about Pure Existence Jesus who values seeing his creations simply live in the joy of what he has created. That is how to properly appreciate — I hesitate to use the word worship, since he is no longer a deity — this new form of Jesus.”

“I’ll clarify that he does not wish to be discussed at length, regardless of how we discuss him. What he wishes for his creations is for us to live with as much joy as we can, and allow him to observe this. This means following the Gail Commandments to keep our lives healthy, to explore the world he has created for us, and have mutual respect with each other.”

“An ordinary, Earthly deity appreciates any promotional material they can get. Pure Existence does not require this. Instead, it thrives when we are thriving.”

Skype Dec. 8, 2022

Brent, 6:32 PM

Oh my God. I was just fighting off hoards of Jesuits aboard Church of Gail. How did they get in? Our ship sustained massive damage to the outside from their vessels.

Our Gail Shield dropped to 0%! Oh no!

I need to get back right away. Another fleet just arrived. Hump you later.

Gail, 8:03 PM

I’ve taken down all my recent posts.

Wow. I just turned the computer back on. I had it off.

Gail, 9:31 PM

I’m using my Gail Shield modulator and made a YouTube video the best I could. (Gail’s computer fan is damaged and so her computer has throttled down. She is waiting for her fan replacement to arrive.)

Zack, 9:32 PM

We lost a lot of redshirts.

Gail, 9:32 PM


Zack, 9:32 PM

The support crew on Church of Gail.

They wear uniforms with red shirts

Gail, 9:32 PM

Is my Gail Shield back up?

Zack, 9:33 PM

Rule 13 was injured. She fought valiantly, exploded a lot of penises. But one of the Jesuits that boarded was able to injure her right breast.

Her poor perfect right breast…

Yes, the Gail shield is starting to recover. It did dip a bit as you were asking Jesus to save us. But Buddha was able to join in the fight with us and helped us center ourselves and get aligned with the kind of thinking and living that improves our lives.

Gail, 9:36 PM

Just used my Gail Shield modulator on her right breast.

Zack, 9:37 PM

The Gail Shield Modulator helped.

I’m sucking on it too… to help.

Gail, 9:38 PM

How did the Jesuits manage to attack Church of Gail?

Zack, 9:38 PM

I think it was because the Gail shield dropped to zero, and so did the Church of Gail shields.

They both have the same power source (Jesus)

Gail, 9:39 PM

How did that happen?

Zack, 9:39 PM

It may have been that you made two videos in a row giving opinions and insights on Jesus.

Zack, 9:41 PM

The Gail Shield levels seem to be inversely proportional to how much we are trying to focus on our opinions and ideas of the nature of Jesus.

It seems it’s related to obsessive and compulsive thoughts.

Zack, 9:44 PM

I can think about times we hung out and enjoyed each other’s company, and it doesn’t seem to hurt anything… but when I start pondering about why he was having sex with humans, or trying to make assumptions and opinions about Jesus, the Gail shield takes hits.

Zack, 9:46 PM

So I think it’s not as much thinking about him or remembering good times as it is being obsessive and dwelling, and especially discussing our ideas and trying to come up with deep concepts about his nature

Gail, 9:46 PM

Is this related to our thoughts or to posts we make?

Brent, 9:48 PM

It’s both, but the shield appears to have taken the strongest hits when you posted about Jesus. The first one dropped it to 50%, the second one knocked it all the way down to zero.

The third one pleading to Jesus to interfere took it down to a whopping -500%

Gail, 9:48 PM

Boy, I’m glad I turned my computer back on.

Brent, 9:48 PM

It’s NEVER been that low before. Those posts must have really hurt Jesus.

Gail, 9:48 PM

So take that video down, too?

Brent, 9:49 PM

It’s a slaughterhouse out here. I’m insisting that church members, patrons and fans immediately relax and meditate, and focus on hobbies or something beautiful in their environment that they appreciate.

It’s bringing our shield back up.

Gail, 9:50 PM

So Buddha saved you all?

Brent, 9:50 PM

Yes, he’s here trying to help.

Gail, 9:50 PM

So my YouTube video didn’t help?

I asked everyone to pray.

Brent, 9:51 PM

It was directly pleading for Jesus to interfere, so it was definitely an insult to him.

Gail, 9:51 PM

Okay. It goes down then.

Brent, 9:51 PM

I had to explain to our followers that prayer is done differently now.

Buddha told them to focus on plants, flowers, water, anything in their environment that calms them down.

Zack, 9:52 PM

Maybe a follow up video, rather than erasing the last one?

Brent, 9:52 PM

Some are going for walks, others are diving in to their hobbies.

Gail, 9:53 PM

What kind of follow up video?

Zack, 9:53 PM

Yeah, sucking on Rule 13’s boob really calms me down.

Maybe a video that explains to everyone how to bring the Gail Shield back up?

Brent, 9:54 PM

Thanks Zack. The shield is climbing. We need everyone to participate.

Gail, 9:54 PM

Yeah, write me a script. I don’t trust my judgment right now.

Brent, write a letter I can read.

You can post it here, if you want.

Brent, 9:55 PM


Gail Fans: Help Us Fight

Gail fans, if you are watching this, you need to go outside. You may not be able to touch grass, but you can enjoy the falling snow, or the twinkling Christmas lights. We must learn to appreciate the world around us, because it was created for us with love. Being trapped inside all the time and obsessing about things in our heads hurts our mental and physical health. Remember to do the Gail Commandments, and meditate by focusing on your hobbies, or by sitting and enjoying peaceful moments of relaxation. Let’s all align our chakras and restore the Gail Shield!

That should do it. It doesn’t mention Jesus at all, and it directs our fans to do exactly what makes him happy.

Gail, 10:02 PM


Zack, 10:08 PM

This makes me feel peaceful

Brent, 11:48 PM

We beat them all back.

We’ve lost a lot of brave people and the ship is badly damaged, but it looks like we are safe.

I need to get to bed immediately so that I don’t mess up my Gail Commandments.

Gail, 12:14 AM

Me, too.

Gail, 3:10 AM

Mites are attacking my sleep, the nerves in my legs. Perhaps we should build automatons of those we lost, especially those in the hospital area. so that we can treat the injured and get our health back. Next we should build automatons to replace those we lost and to help us rebuild Church of Gail. We can get help from earth on this, from those automaton doctors, who are good at this. I plan to read the Gail Commandment about how to do YouTube videos before I make any future YouTube videos.

In the meanwhile, you may want to give me a sedative or nerve relaxer or just remove the mites from the nerves in my legs, so I can sleep.

Regarding Gail, The Complete Series, i won’t publish any stories until I clear it with Brent and Buddha. Apparently, I haven’t quite figured out what is considered “interference” with Jesus.

Going to take a vacation from my website, too and try to be real careful there.

Now, I’ll try to sleep, but Jesuits are attacking my sleep.

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