Jesuit Worms Won’t Have Sex In Hell

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The current Jesuit leader is like Commodus from the movie Gladiator (2000), a cowardly, sneaky and deadly psychopath, who will continue to be monstrous and evil unless he/she sees SERIOUS consequences. When I watch this end scene from Gladiator I see myself and Brent Spiner in the Maximus character and I see my sister (or whoever the current Jesuit leader is), in the Commodus character. I also see Jesus Christ in the Maximus character. Jesus did almost die permanently in March 2022.

NOTE OF INTEREST: The movie Gladiator was made in 2000 and I told Brent Spiner I would divorce my husband Jesuit agent David Schuler and marry Brent in December 1999, when Jesus told me in a still, small voice during prayer that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent and I realized that she was forced upon Brent because of his relationship with me. Throughout the year 1999, Jesuits poisoned my supplements, used my naturopath physician to damage my neck and tried everything to kill and harm me. That’s when I began to realize I was up against an EMPIRE. At that point, Brent became like Jesus Christ to me and I worshiped him as a hero like Maximus in the movie Gladiator.

In January 2000, I recommended that Brent go on public television in Los Angeles and expose Loree as a Vatican agent (Loree turned good in Jan. 2022). The next day an Alaska Airlines jet flying from Mexico to Seattle crashed in the Pacific Ocean right off of Port Hueneme, California (very close to the place, Oxnard Baptist Temple, where I accepted Christ as my Savior on Sept. 19, 1971).

Because Satan gets Jesuit loyalty by rewarding them with all types of sex, including rape and evil sex, they will be punished with worm bodies in hell incapable of sex. In the cancelled Bible, Jesus’s original plan mentioned the rebels at the end of the 1000 year reign who would side with Satan. They rebelled I believe because Jesus refused the mortals sex, so their punishment would be worm bodies in the Lake of Fire incapable of sex. Satan rebelled against Jesus because Jesus turned him down for sex I believe, so this seems a common theme with Jesuits.

Jesus once stated that Sandra might go to hell, but she wouldn’t stay there. Jesus’s goal I believe is to eradicate hell eventually. It is a purging place to remove cancers in Jesus’s multiverse.

Jesuits have created a new mite that specifically attacks the nervous system. It seems to eat magnesium from cells, which causes epilepsy like spasms and it also increases their ability to do brain control. It also appears to cause imbalances in the chakras, which can make the victim really sick. It appears the goal is to prevent effective meditation, which Satan realizes would seriously weaken his forces. Brent Spiner and Gail’s men are working on fixing the problems caused by this nasty “epilepsy” mite. Two nights ago, as a result of this mite, Gail experienced mild “epilepsy” symptoms that were so uncomfortable and disruptive, she felt pain in the nerves to all her teeth and had spasms throughout her body. Though she has felt mild pain in her teeth, this felt more like the nerves were infected. Gail has never had symptoms like this before. This is caused purely by the monstrous Jesuit epilepsy mite, which we inhale through the chem trails and bombs they release over our heads. They are programmed to act on signal, which means the victim only feels symptoms when the programmer signals the mites to act up.

Satan appears to have gotten my sister Sandra Metcalf’s loyalty by having sex with her. She and the new group of Jesuits seem addicted to sex. Satan, apparently, is not discriminating. He will have sex with anyone if it suits his purposes. Though Satan himself is not a sex addict, he does have a big ego and will probably experience a sadistic/masochistic sexual satisfaction if his sex makes him feel important regardless of the attractiveness of his sexual partner. It’s also possible he may have given Sandra a remake and she looks physically attractive now. But regardless, my sister appears to have a serious sexual addiction which Satan is feeding. It appears this new group of Jesuits are all sex addicts. Jesuits, in general, have a history of sexual excess and tend to be very imbalanced about sex.

When Sandra, who I suspect is the current Jesuit leader, does monstrous things, like creating the epilepsy mite, Satan rewards Sandra with violent and excessive sex, which she seems to love. This makes her even worse.

Therefore, I think an appropriate punishment for her would be for her to turn into a worm body incapable of sex that burns in the Lake of Fire. She will have no sex at all, but will just feel the fires of hell. This is what I think her future is, if she doesn’t get right. And no, Satan will not be her companion, because she’d probably like that, in a sadistic, masochistic sort of way.

By the way, Buddha has acknowledged that hell exists. He said Yoritomo went there. You can learn about Yoritomo at the mini-series Japan made about my ancestors. The password to view it here is Oshu Fujiwara. Yoritomo is in the last third of the mini-series.

The Jesuits are aware that I tend to be asexual, which, to them, as catastrophic sex addicts, is something they would dread for themselves. I don’t think there are any asexual Jesuits. They falsely believe that people with asexual tendencies are all unhappy, not understanding that it is possible to be happy without sex. I mean, look at Jesus, he is having no sex right now and he is very happy.

People with asexual tendencies get happiness from living a life with loving-kindness, generosity and giving. It’s called the joy of giving, which Jesuits seem to know nothing about. So I can offer my vagina to my husband, when I’m in an asexual mood and it doesn’t matter whether I get an orgasm or not (to me), I am just happy that I am able to meet his needs. I am not a full asexual, but when I get in asexual moods, this is how I handle it. Brent is happy with this arrangement. Because I’m lackadaisical about sex a lot of the time, but tend to be poly-amorous sometimes (if I get a strong emotional connection with someone) and he is monogamous, this works out great for him. I just don’t have the energy or desire to have it with others besides him!

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